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Players: 1-2
Online Trophies: N/A
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to Platinum: 20-30 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1 (+ Free Fishing)
Collectible Trophies: None
Missable Trophies: Friendly Angler, Good Sportsmanship
Glitched Trophies: None
Special Equipment (Optional): Playstation Move, Game with Rod bundle
Platinum Difficulty: - The Official Platinum Difficulty Discussion Thread

Trophy Guide brought to you by bmj14772

[top]Tips & Strategies

  1. Additional Resources - I have added a special section (bottom of the guide) with all the Lake Maps and a Fish Locations table. This section will be referenced at several points throughout the guide. The 1st Lake Map in each Lake sub section shows only the Challenge Locations and the Monster Fish Spawn Spots to make it less cluttered with all the fishing spots for your convenience.
  2. Fish-o-Pedia - This thing is an absolute wealth of knowledge. The Fish-o-Pedia contains everything you need to know about each fish species and where they are (including Monster Fish). I have done my best to include resources that will add to this information and make life a little easier.
  3. Special Action Bar - While you are reeling in your fish there will be a light "box" in the center of the screen. If you keep the fish in this "box" your Action Bar will fill up. Once the Action bar is full, a special move will become available to you; this move will be one of three things:
    • Attack - available while reeling in a fish when it's 23ft or greater from your boat. The on-screen prompt will appear at the top center. Press to initiate the Attack; this will then be followed by another on-screen prompt requiring you to move your in a particular direction. This indication will be in the form of an arrow pointing in the direction you need to move. Do that and you will fast reel the fish for several feet.
    • Flip - available while reeling in a fish - weighing less than 6lbs 10oz - and within 22ft of your boat. Press button when prompted.
    • Escape Save - as you progress through the tournament and/or free fishing mode, this will become a regular issue. The fish will perform a jump (or dive) maneuver in an effort to escape. When this happens, a Red Bar appears accross the top of the screen. There will be a section of Blue in the middle of this bar (the size of this blue bar depends on the weight/length of the fish) and a small circle that moves from right to left to right. The object here is to press the button while the circle is in the Blue section. This will prevent the escape and bring the fish much closer to you.

  4. Cutting your Line - You can cut your line at any time (during a cast, while reeling in, etc...) by pressing - this is handy for timed events/challenges.
  5. Choosing your Tackle - The fish have a range of sizes. Each size has a preferred Lure size and Line weight. You can try to force larger fish to bite by selecting heavier/larger tackle. Conversly, you can attract smaller fish by choosing smaller Tackle. Use this to your advantage on the Lake Challenges.
  6. Fishing Line - The fish will be much easier to reel in with a heavier line. You may not always want the heaviest line possible (as in the case of the previous tip). You should always use 80lb line for Monster Fish (unlocked by completing the Legendary Season).
  7. Pitch Casting - This is much harder to master than overhand casting but, can be quite useful for casting under tree branches, under rock protrusions, and for some of the casting challenges (for shorter casts).
  8. Additional Help - If you get stuck, or have a specific question about this game, please use the Discussion Tab or PM/VM me. I will be happy to assist you in any way.


  1. Print the Lure Checklist (See Lure Master ) and start using it. Mark every lure as you use it;
  2. Free Fishing for Seeing Spots ;
  3. Tournament Mode (all 3 Seasons) - This will unlock essential equipment (i.e. Boats, Lures, Reels, and Rods). Be sure to avoid any penalties during this step as you could miss Friendly Angler and Good Sportsmanship ;
  4. Free Fishing Challenges (this will be the "grind" portion of the game);
  5. Catch all 30 Monster Fish - See the True Legend and the Additional Resources section for more information on the specific Monster Fish and where they spawn. There is a "Monster Hunt" challenge on each lake so if you plan accordingly, this step could only be "Catch the remaining 23 Monster Fish".
  6. Cleanup for anything you may have missed.


Expert Angler
Unlock all Trophies.

As with any other Platinum, earn all other trophies to unlock this one.

Rookie Angler
Enter a Tournament mode event.

Once you enter your first tournament, this trophy will unlock.

First Catch
Catch 1 fish of any species.

Reel in your first fish (any fish) and you will earn another easy trophy.

Something's Fishy
Find and cast into a fishing spot on any lake.

There are fishing spots all over each of the lakes; in tournament mode they are green dots. In free-fishing mode they are orange dots. Cast into one of them for an easy trophy. Make sure your casting circle is Green (this means you are over a fishing spot). If your casting circle is Yellow, it won't count.

Lightning Catch
Be the first competitor to catch a fish in a Tournament mode event.

I would suggest you knock this trophy out early. The Rookie season is ridiculously easy so in one of the first couple events just get to the first fishing spot you see and reel in a fish as quick as possible.

TIP: Bring up your tacklebox by pressing and choose a lure that give the most attractiveness for any available fish. You can cycle through the different fish by pressing . Once you have a setup you like, press to commit the changes. The time spent in your tacklebox does not count against you (it’ similar to having the game paused).

First Steps
Finish a Tournament mode event.

Finish your first tournament event and this trophy is yours. You don’t have to win - or even place in the event; just finish it. Yep, it’s that simple.

Perfect Form
Perform a perfect cast.

You will get this very early. You will know you’ve made a perfect cast because the camera changes to an in-flight view of the lure.

There are 2 types of casts you can perform:
  1. Overhand Cast - While holding down move the down; once you get to the bottom quickly move the Up and release once your reaches the top (There will be a small green “bar”... if you release before the green “bar” goes away, you should get a perfect cast.
  2. Pitch Cast - This is the same as an overhand cast except you move the left and right. The pitch cast can be handy for shorter casts and getting under tree limbs for those hard to reach fishing spots.

Perfect Hook
Get a fish on your line with a perfect hook.

A perfect hook is accomplished by moving the in the direction the of the on-screen prompt when a fish bites your lure/hook. You will know you got a perfect hook when the hook icon (bottom right of the screen) has all 3 prongs blue/silver in color. The first time you do this, you will earn this easy trophy.

Flying Fish
Catch a fish of any species by flipping it into your boat.

You will unlock the Flip technique during the Walleye Triumph event in Tier One of the Rookie Season. Once you have this technique you can activate it by pressing when prompted on screen (See Tips & Strategies for more info on the different Techniques and how they work). The first time you successfully Flip a fish into your boat this trophy will be yours.

Weigh in early during a Tournament mode event.

Once the event begins, go catch a fish (any fish). Drive your boat back to the blue square icon before the event timer expires and press to weigh in. You will be awarded with another trophy.

TIP: You do not need to win the event but, you can easily take first for the event if you catch a Record Fish.

Complete any Challenge in Free Fishing mode.

The Challenges are bright Red Circles with an oval emblem floating above them during Free Fishing. Choose a challenge and complete it for this very easy trophy.

Tip: Lake Minnetonka is the 1st and easiest lake in regards to the challenges. Use the maps in the Additional Resources section for all Lake Challenge locations.

The One That Got Away
Lose a fish.

You simply hook a fish and set the controller down for about 10 seconds. The fish will swim to the side of the screen; if you do nothing, it will get away and land you a trophy for your "trouble".

Isn't She Cute!
Raise a lure's attractiveness to its maximum during a retrieve.

Each lure has 2 different reel-in techniques that it can perform. Use to cycle between the 2 techniques. You will have a coach on the right side of the screen (unless you turned it off in the options) showing you how to move the for the selected reel technique. Simply mimic this movement and your lure’s attractiveness will increase. Once it reaches maximum attractiveness, a special music will start to play and the lure will start “sparkling” with little gold stars.

Tip: If you get a perfect cast, you gain a bonus to your lure's attractiveness.

Original Feeling
Catch a fish with the Rapala® Original Floater® lure.

Easy. Equip the Rapala Original Floater lure by pressing to bring up your tacklebox. Cycle through the different lures to locate the Original floater and press to select it. Now go catch a fish, any fish.

So Close, Yet So Far
Finish a Tournament mode event in 2nd or 3rd place.

This can be somewhat tricky. My suggestion is to do this on an event that is based on total number of fish caught. Take your time and let one of the AI get a couple catches and move into 1st place. Now catch enough fish to put yourself 1 less than the leader and keep it that way until the event timer runs out. If the leader catches a fish, you do the same and remain 1 back. When the event ends, go weigh in and you should nail 2nd place along with this trophy.

Is That Who I Think It Is?
In Tournament Mode, begin fishing alongside each competitor on the lake while they are fishing.

This is a cumulative trophy. During your rookie season pull up next to each competitor you can and cast into the water while your boat is parked next to them. You will have plenty of time for each event so get yourself into 1st place and use the remainder of the event’s time to fish next to your competitors. Once you have fished along side each competitor you will earn yourself this trophy.

TIP: You do not need to waste your time by reeling your lure all the way back in. Once you cast and your lure lands in the water, start to reel it in for about 2 seconds and press to cut your line and move on to the next guy. Avoid driving over their line and bumping into them; you don’t want any penalty points if you are going for Good Sportsmanship. You should get a warning prior to getting any penalties; if this happens, just back off for that event.

Finish a Secondary Objective in a Tournament mode event.

During any event, press and look at the Objectives. You will see the current tournament event winning condition on top and a secondary objective on the bottom. Complete the requirement for the secondary objective to earn this trophy.

The Big One
Catch a record fish of any species.

You will most likely catch several Record Fish throughout your tournament events. Once you catch your very first Record Fish you will earn this trophy.

The 10th Grade
Catch a total of 10 fish.

No need to farm this one or even worry about it. You will get this trophy at the end of your 1st or 2nd event. If not, just keep fishing.

Finish in 1st place in any event in Tournament mode.

You will probably earn this on your first event. Simply win an event by completing the primary objective and earn the most points. When you weigh in at the end of the event you'll have earned yet another trophy.

Drive for more than 5 minutes in a Tournament mode event and finish in the top 5.

Again, do this on an event in your Rookies Season. Once the event starts just hold down and keep driving around for 5:00. Once your 5 minutes (plus 3 seconds, to be safe) have passed, go win the event (or place in the top 5 but, you should still be able to win easily).

Tip: Each event is 17:00. You will have more than enough time to do this and still place in the top 5 (you will more than likely take 1st in the event... the Rookie Season "competition" is laughable).

Intermediate Angler
Complete a tier in the Rookie Season of Tournament mode.

You will get this with Driven if you complete all 3 events in the 1st tier of your Rookie Season.

Tip: If you earn 8 or more points in the first Event of Tier 1, you could skip directly to Tier 2. I however, would not recommend doing this.

Complete all events in the first tier of any season in Tournament mode.

The 1st tier of Rookie Season is 3 events. Once you complete all 3 events this trophy will ding.

Advanced Angler
Complete the Rookie Season in Tournament mode.

You will need to have the most overall points for the season when you complete the Final event. I highly recommend you participate in all events in all tiers. You should have no difficulty getting 1st in all events and winning the overall Rookie Season.

Friendly Angler (Missable)
Finish the Rookie Season in Tournament mode with less than 3 penalty points.

Avoid interfering with the AI competition. You can receive penalty points for ramming into their boats, running over their lines, and other things of that nature. You will usually receive a warning prior to a penalty so just be sure to back off if you get warned.

Fish Lover
Catch 5 fish of different species during any Tournament mode event or in Free Fishing mode.

This is best accomplished in Free Fishing mode. There are 4 fish species available at any given time/season of any lake. Monster fish are treated as a separate species. Catch the Monster fish for the season and time of day you are in; then catch one of each available regular fish species (for a total of 5 different species).

Tip: You must do this in a single session. When you gain control, hit to pull up your tacklebox and cycle through the available fish with . You should have 4 different species and a Monster Fish (5 total) available; the Monster Fish will be named (i.e. Lou) where the other four will be species names (i.e. Largemouth Bass). If you don't have 5 total, then Quit and choose a different Season/Time combo; see True Legend for more details on where/when the Monster fish are available.

I Do Attract!
Keep a lure's attractiveness at 90% or higher for more than 30 seconds.

This will be easier once you have unlocked some equipment that allows for longer casts. It is possible right away but, you will have to reel in very slowly. The button is pressure sensitive; in other words, the harder you press it, the faster you will reel in your line.

Find a location with little to no fish in your fish finder ( changes between your GPS and the Fish Finder). Choose a lure that no available fish is interested in and - to make it easier - has Fast Cranking as a reel technique. Set your casting ring as far out as possible (preferably 100+ ft.) and reel in slowly. Keep the lure “twinkling”, and the special music playing, for 30+ seconds and you’re good to go.

Flap Jack
Perform the Flip in Boat maneuver 20 times.

You will unlock the Flip technique during the Walleye Triumph event in Tier One of the Rookie Season. Once you have this technique you can activate it by pressing when prompted on screen. The Flip move will be available while reeling in a fish - weighing less than 6lbs 10oz - and within 22ft of your boat. Press button when prompted (See Special Actions under Tips & Strategies for more info on the different Techniques and how they work).

Do this 20 times total and the trophy is yours.

It's a Monster!
Catch a Monster Fish of any species.

There are 30 different Monster fish (one for each fish species in the game) available. Each one has a specific lake, time of day, and season they will spawn in. See True Legend for details on all Monster Fish

False Hope
Catch 5 fish during any tournament event Weigh In interval of time.

The wording on this one is a little goofy. Let me clarify... Tournament events have a time limit of 17 minutes. When the 17 minutes have expired, you get a notification to drive back to the start position and weigh in. At this point a new timer of 10 minutes starts. During this 10 minutes, you need to catch any 5 fish and make it back to the dock to weigh in.

Quick Catch
Catch a fish of any species in under 1 minute from the start of any event in Tournament mode.

Simply put, haul to a fishing spot ASAP. Pull up your tacklebox with and select a lure that gives you 5 stars (or as many as possible) for Largemouth Bass. Cast your line around 45-60ft and start reeling in. Try to get your lure’s attractiveness maxed out by performing the reel-in technique properly. You should get a bite vey quickly. Reel in the fish and if you did all that in <60 seconds the trophy is yours.

TIP: The time spent in your tacklebox does not count against you (it’s similar to having the game paused)

Cast Master
Cast 500 times.

Cast your line 500 times for a very easy trophy. The casts can be of any quality; in other words, it doesn’t matter if they are good, bad, or perfect casts. They all count toward this trophy.

There’s no need to worry about this trophy; it will come in normal progression. You will probably be casting a couple thousand times throughout your journey to the Platinum.

Location Scout
Find and cast into 5 different fishing spots in any event in Tournament mode.

During any tournament mode event there are green dots on your GPS (use to cycle between the GPS and the FishFinder) at the bottom left corner of your screen. These Green Dots are Fishing Spots. Cast into 5 different Green Dots.

TIP: In order to cast into a fishing spot you must pull up to it in your boat. Press to go into “Fishing Mode”. Use your Left Stick to position your Casting Ring; when the casting ring is Green, you are over the fishing spot. If the casting ring is Yellow, you are over “nothing”. Position your casting ring until it turns green and make sure you have a little room in front of and behind it (1-3ft of room). This allows a little room for error in your casting distance. Perform a perfect cast to land your lure within 3 feet of the casting ring and this will count toward your 5 needed fishing spots.

Top Challenger
Complete all the Challenges on any lake in Free Fishing mode.

The easiest challenges are located in Lake Minnetonka. Complete all 8 challenges in this lake. If you need assistance with any of the challenges, please refer to Master Challenger below.

Need a Bigger Boat?
Catch 30 fish during any event in Tournament mode or during a single session in Free Fishing mode.

Catch a total of 30 fish on the same lake (in the same session) to earn this trophy. This is best accomplished in Free Fishing mode. While free fishing, you don’t have any kind of a time limit or pressure. I would recommend you do this in conjunction with the Lake Challenges since you’ll already have to catch fish to meet some of the challenge requirements. Once you decide to go for this, you must not leave or restart the Lake.

The Captain
Accumulate 1 hour of boat driving in any game mode.

This trophy is Real Time. You must accumulate a total of 1 hour driving the boat. You can check your progress for this from the Main Menu under Extras | Statistics | Other Statistics.

You will no doubt get this through natural gameplay if you are navigating the lakes for Lake Challenges and Monster Fish. If you just can’t wait to earn this, turn on the game go to free fishing, set your controller down and walk away for an hour. When you come back, you’ll have this trophy.

Too Perfect!
Accumulate 30 perfect casts in any game mode.

As stated in the description, get a total of 30 perfect casts. This is a cumulative trophy across all game modes. You can increment your total perfect casts in Tournament mode, Free Fishing, or 2 player mode.

You can check your progress from the Main Menu under Extras | Statistics | Casting Statistics.

Hooking Perfection
Accumulate 30 perfect hooks in any game mode.

As stated in the description, get a total of 30 perfect hooks. This is a cumulative trophy across all game modes. You can increment your total perfect hooks in Tournament mode, Free Fishing, or 2 player mode.

You can check your progress from the Main Menu under Extras | Statistics | Fishing Statistics.

Veteran Angler
Complete the Pro Season in Tournament mode.

Veteran Angler is to Pro Season as Advanced Angler is to Rookie Season; you must have the most points overall after completing the Final event in the Pro Season.

Good Sportsmanship (Missable)
Complete all seasons in Tournament mode with 0 penalty points.

As the description states, complete all seasons of tournament mode without receiving any penalty points. During the events you must not interfere with the AI competition. In other words, don't run over their lines or smash into them. You should receive a WARNING prior to a Penalty so if you see the message come up as WARNING!... try to avoid the AI until that event is over. You can check your penaly points from the Main Menu under Extras | Statistics | Other Statistics.

Show Off
Win any event in Tournament mode without casting into a fishing spot.

For this trophy you will need to win the event by never casting into a fishing spot. What you want to do is drive to a fishing spot and press to go into "fishing" mode. Move your Casting Ring out over the Fishing Spot until it turns Green. Move your Left Stick Up (Forward) to move the Ring all the way out. You want to position the Casting Ring just outside of the fishing spot so keep holding Up (you will begin to troll forward if you are at the max casting distance) until your Casting Ring becomes a Yellowish color. If you can Perfect cast into the Yellowish Casting Ring you will then be reeling in through the entire fishing spot but, still maintaining the proper status of not casting into it.

Enter into all categories of the Fish-O-Pedia.

You must enter each "branch" of the Fish-o-Pedia to unlock this trophy. Start at the top and work your way down each item and as deep as you can in each Category. Use to select the item and "enter" into it for more information; once you have reached the "bottom" of the branch, back up and go to the next one. Once you have made it all the way through each category, you will get this trophy.

Elite Angler
Complete the Legendary Season in Tournament mode.

Finish the Legendary Season with the most points overall and you will get this trophy. In comparison to other games and their Hard (or Extreme) difficulty, this season is probably on more of a Normal difficulty level.

  • Equip the Ranger 621V5 Fisherman (it's the fastest boat you have).
  • Focus on the Primary Objectives and get to a fishing spot quickly
  • If you cast out to 60ft and reel all the way in without any interest, try casting 1 more time around 75 ft. If you don't have any interest by 30ft, press to cut your line and go to the next fishing spot quickly.
  • Use your tacklebox to determine the best lure/line combo for the target fish in your current event with
  • I would recommend against weighing in early on any of these events. Just keep catching fish and extend your lead (if you have it). The time spent casting, perfect casting, etc... will be counting up toward the other cumulative trophies (so it's not a waste to just keep fishing and utilizing all your time).

True Legend
Catch all 30 Monster Fish.

Monster Fish are a grossly overgrown version of the regular fish in this game. There are 30 different fish species; therefore, there are 30 different Monster Fish for your fishing pleasure.

Tip: There are a couple of general rules when it comes to the Monster Fish.
  1. You must catch 1 of the regular fish species for the Monster Fish (of that species) to become available
  2. Each Monster Fish has a particular lake they live in
  3. Each Monster Fish has a preferred Lure (See the Fish-o-Pedia) but, will bite at almost any lure.
  4. Monster Fish will spawn in any 1 of 5 spots on each Lake; these spots are always in the same location but, the spawn sequence differs.
  5. Monster Fish don't care what line size you use, so use 80lb line!
  6. See the Lake Maps section in Additional Resources at the bottom of this guide for the Monster Fish spawn spots.
  7. See the Fish Locations section in Additional Resources at the bottom of this guide to locate specific fish species.

Tip: There is a trick for finding the Monster Fish "quickly". If you don't have the required driving time for The Captain then, you should use the Lake Maps section under Additional Resources and drive to each Blue Dot to look for the Monster Fish. This will give you a few extra minutes of driving time toward that trophy as well (Multitasking, haha).

If you still want to try the trick, here it is:

Toggle Spoiler

Quote Originally Posted by bmj14772
Below is the list of each Monster Fish with the following format:
Name the Species (Season / Time) [Weight]
.....Lure: Lure Name | Lure Size

*The Lure listed above is a respectable Lure that will work (Not necessarily the best lure)
Lake Minnetonka
  • Ludwig the White Bass (Autumn / Evening) [11lbs 8oz]
    .....Lure: Rapala Husky Jerk | Medium
  • Cryer the Smallmouth Bass (Spring / Evening) [19lbs 3 oz]
    .....Lure: Rapala Flat Rap | Medium
  • Dottie the Largemouth Bass (Spring / Morning) [32lbs 10oz]
    .....Lure: Rapala Skitter Pop | Medium
  • Lou the Lake Sturgeon (Autumn / Morning) [285lbs 10oz]
    .....Lure: Rapala Max Rap | Large

Lake Lanier
  • Lighterthe White Crappie (Autumn / Evening) [9lbs 7oz]
    .....Lure: Rattlin' Rapala | Medium
  • Amp the White Perch (Spring / Noon) [61lbs]
    .....Lure: Blu Fox Classic Vibrax | Large
  • Arrow the Rainbow Trout-Steelhead (Autumn / Morning) [65lbs]
    .....Lure: Rapala Clackin' Crank | Medium
  • Eyesup the Flathead Catfish (Spring / Morning) [215lbs 4oz]
    .....Lure: Max Rap | Large

Lake Casitas
  • Starlad the Yellow Perch (Autumn / Morning) [7lbs 11oz]
    .....Lure: Rapala Clackin' Rap | Medium
  • Umbra the Black Crappie (Summer / Morning) [9lbs 9oz]
    .....Lure: Rapala Fat Rap | Medium
  • Pickwick the Sauger (Autumn / Evening) [13lbs 9oz]
    .....Lure: Rapala X-Rap | Medium
  • Charlie the Brown Trout (Summer / Evening) [67lbs]
    .....Lure: Rapala X-Rap | Large

Lake Champlain
  • Annublu the Bluegill Sunfish (Summer / Evening) [7lbs 15oz]
    .....Lure: ???
  • Champ the American Eel (Summer Noon) [14lbs 1oz]
    .....Lure: Trigger X Flappin' Bug | Medium
  • Freezner the Arctic Char (Autumn / Morning) [54lbs 7oz]
    .....Lure: BlueFox Classic Vibrax | Large
  • Mekong the Channel Catfish (Summer / Morning) [94lbs 8oz]
    .....Lure: Rapala ThunderBeast | Large
  • Ralph the King (Chinook) Salmon (Autumn / Evening) [164lbs 10oz]
    .....Lure: X-Rap | Large

Lake Fork
  • Annure the Redear Sunfish (Spring / Evening) [9lbs 8oz]
    .....Lure: Rapala Husky Jerk | Medium
  • Ferdinand the Brown Bullhead Catfish (Summer / Morning) [9lbs 9oz]
    .....Lure: VMC Jig Series w/ Trigger X Frog | Medium
  • Lost the Burbot (Summer / Evening) [32lbs 11oz]
    .....Lure: Storm Live Kickin' Shad
  • Deepner the Lake Trout (Spring / Morning) [119lbs 12oz]
    .....Lure: Rapala X-Rap | Large

Lake Erie
  • Icy the Arctic Grayling (Summer / Morning) [6lbs 13oz]
    .....Lure: Rapala Countdown | Medium
  • Golden the Chain Pickerel (Autumn / Evening) [20lbs 6oz]
    .....Lure: Rapala X-Rap 14 | Medium
  • Piton the Northern Snakehead (Autumnn / Morning) [39lbs 6oz]
    .....Lure: Rapala Skitter Pop | Medium
  • Headless the Cutthroat Trout (Summer / Evening) [66lbs 1oz]
    .....Lure: ???
  • Jewel the Silver Carp (Summer / Noon) [114lbs 13oz]
    .....Lure: Rapala Shad Rap RS | Large

Lake Mead
  • Uboat the Walleye (Spring / Evening) [41lbs 14oz]
    .....Lure: Rapala Clackin' Minnow | Large
  • Jack the Northern Pike (Summer / Evening) [93lbs 14oz]
    .....Lure: Blue Fox Classic Vibrax | Large
  • Murphy the Muskellunge (Summer / Morning) [113lbs]
    .....Lure: Rapala X-Rap Jointed Shad | Large
  • Blaze the Stiped Bass (Spring / Morning) [116lbs 5oz]
    .....Lure: Rapala X-Rap Jointed Shad | Large

*The Monster Fish are sorted by size under each Lake

Seeing Spots
Find and cast into at least 60% of all fishing spots across all the lakes in any game mode.

There have been reports on various sites that this trophy is glitched. I can neither confirm nor deny this statement. I do know you can earn the trophy and I recommend (as stated in the Roadmap) that you earn this trophy first.

Follow these steps exactly:
  1. Start a New Game
  2. Customize your character to your liking
  3. Choose Free Fishing from the Main Menu
  4. Choose Lake [LakeNameHere](leave all settings as Random) and Start Fishing (I would recommend you work your way through the lakes from left to right).
  5. Once you gain control, press to change to the GPS.
  6. You will see 1-3 Orange Fishing spots from the Starting Position.
  7. Slowly navigate to each spot, in turn.
  8. At each fishing spot, position your casting ring until it is Green with a couple feet of room all the way around it. Cast into the fishing spot 2 times at different distances. If you get 2 perfect casts then you are good on that fishing spot.
  9. Do the above step for each fishing spot that’s visible on your GPS. If a Fishing spot appears while you are navigating between the 1-3 you saw when you started the lake, you must cast into it also. Follow the same step above to get 2 casts.
  10. Once you have cast into each fishing spot, immediately press and Quit to Main Menu
  11. Go back to Free Fishing and choose the next lake in line.
  12. Repeat this processes for each lake.
  13. When you cast into the 1 (the only) fishing spot in Lake Mead, you will get this trophy.
This tip was originally posted on GameFAQs by fivefatninjas. I simply expanded upon the details of how to accomplish this.
Fishing Spots Reference Table

Tip: Don't panic if you don't get the trophy; all you have to do is start a brand new game from the Main Menu. This whole process only takes about 15 minutes. I got this on my 3rd try following vague instructions; you should be able to nab this on your 1st try with the above steps.

Pro Bass Angler
Catch at least 50 fish of any of the Bass species in any game mode.

You should get this through normal gameplay. More specifically catch 50 Bass fish; as long as they are Bass (White, Striped, Largemouth, Smallmouth, etc...) they count toward this trophy. When you reach a total of 50... you guessed it, ding!

TIP: See the Fish Locations Table in the Additional Resources Section

Unlock every single clothing item for your male or female character.

The majority of the clothing items will come from completing the Lake Challenges. There are a couple unlockable items in the Tournament Mode events. Once you have unlocked all clothing items (for your character - whether male/female), you will unlock this trophy. All game Unlockables can be found under Extra | Unlockables from the Main Menu; This will not only list the items but, also tell you how to unlock them.

Tournament Mode:
  • Pro Season - White Bass Rumble
  • Legendary Season - Northern Pike Giants and Sturgeon Legends

Free Fishing Challenges:
  • Lake Minnetonka
    • Meet the Fish - Woodland Shorts (Men) / Cut-Offs (Women)
    • Strength in Numbers - Sun Glasses 2
    • Just Perfect - Rapala Tournament Shirt 4 (Men) / Rapala Tournament Shirt 19 (Women)

  • Lake Lanier
    • Marksman - Rapala Tournament Shirt 11 (Men) / Rapala Tournament Shirt 26 (Women)
    • 10 Times Perfect - Rapala Tournament Shirt 10 (Men) / Rapala Tournament Shirt 25 (Women)
    • Under Pressure - Rapala Tournament Shirt 7 (Men) / Rapala Tournament Shirt 22 (Women)
    • A Certain Catch - Khaki Shorts (Men) / Black Jeans (Women)

  • Lake Casitas
    • In Between - Rapala Tournament Shirt 3 (Men) / Rapala Tournament Shirt 18 (Women)
    • Correct Assessment I - Straight Leg Jeans (Men) / Cut-Offs Black (Women)
    • Humble Hooks - Rapala Tournament Shirt 14 (Men) / Rapala Tournament Shirt 29 (Women)

  • Lake Champlain
    • Better than Perfect - Sun Glasses 3
    • The Real Deal Reloaded - Khaki Pants (Men) / Red Leather Pants (Women)
    • Target Practice - Rapala Tournament Shirt 12 (Men) / Rapala Tournament Shirt 27 (Women)

  • Lake Fork
    • More Decisions, Decisions - Rapala Tournament Shirt 13 (Men) / Rapala Tournament Shirt 28 (Women)
    • Expert on Perfection - Rapala Tournament Shirt 5 (Men) / Rapala Tournament Shirt 20 (Women)
    • The Smaller Catch - Rapala Camo Cap (Men) / Rapala Trucker Mesh Black Cap (Women)
    • Three Assessments - Rapala Tournament Shirt 6 (Men) / Rapala Tournament Shirt 21 (Women)

  • Lake Erie
    • Correct Assessment II - Rapala Tournament Shirt 8 (Men) / Rapala Tournament Shirt 23 (Women)
    • Strength in Huge Numbers - Sun Glasses 4

  • Lake Mead
    • Monster Hunt - The Arrrr (Men) / Headband (Women)
    • Final Catch - The 10-Gallon (Men) / Rapala Black Visor (Women)
    • A Very Specific Target - Gym Pants (Men) / Camo Capris (Women)

Catch a fish in every one of these conditions: morning, noon, evening and sunny, overcast, rainy.

You should get this by the time you complete the Pro Season in Tournament Mode. If not, don't worry. You can go to Free Fishing and read the spoiler for detailed steps and a checklist.

Here's a handy checklist to keep track if you are having trouble.

Toggle Spoiler

Lure Master
Catch at least one fish, any fish, with every lure.

You will end up using 70-90% of the Lures throughout Tournament Mode and the Lake Challenges in Free Fishing (depending on your style and experimentation). I would highly recommend you print the checklist below and mark down each lure as you use it right from the beginning; this way by the time you are done with all the Tournaments and all Lake Challenges in Free Fishing, you will have very few lures left to use. The fish in Lake Minnetonka will bite at almost any lure you have. Don't forget to use the options in your Tacklebox (i.e. Lure Size & Line Size).

TIP: A general rule of thumb is the lure and line size are directly proportional to the fish size. The larger the fish, the larger your lure should be and the heavier your line can be.

Here is a checklist of each lure:

Toggle Spoiler

Like a Sturgeon
Finish the Sturgeon Legends event in the top 5 using only the 10 lbs. (4.5 Kg) fishing line.

This will be available in Tier 2 of your Legendary Season. When the event starts, immediately press to pull up your tacklebox. Cycle through the available fish with until you locate the Lake Sturgeon. Choose the appropriate lure and size for a 4-5 star rating. Now, make sure you go to your line and set it to 10lbs.

Once you are all set, find a fishing spot and cast away. If you win the event without changing your line, you will get this trophy.

  • Set your Casting Ring about 45-60 ft. out - This will typically allow you time to get your lure to maximum attractiveness and hook a fish right around 35-40 ft (if this timing isn't working for you, change your Casting Ring distance appropriately).
  • If you hook the Sturgeon too far out, they will perform at least 1 escape move (the blue area on the attack bar is very small for these bad boys) - try to avoid this.
  • If you hook the Sturgeon too close to the boat, they will run the line out to 35ft (wasting valuable time); this is preferred over casting too far though.
  • Try to keep the Sturgeon in the middle of the screen (in the "box"); they will reel in faster from the middle
  • When reeling, never let go of (ignore the coach's bantering about only reeling in when the fish is in the middle)
  • Once you get to 22ft, the screen changes from Underwater PoV to a 1st person PoV from the boat. Once you hit this "stage" the fish no longer tries the escape actions. Simply keep reeling in with and keep the fish in the middle. At 2ft you will lift them out of the water.

Master Challenger
Complete all Challenges on all lakes in single player Free Fishing mode.

There are 67 Lake Challenges in Free Fishing. You must complete all of these to earn this . This will be where you spend the majority of your time in this game. Each lake gets progressively harder. The challenges can be spotted as bright red circles on the lake with a floating Rapala Logo over their center. You really can't miss them but, if you are having trouble finding them or wan to skip to a specific challenge, see the Lake Maps in Additional Resources for each challenge location.

Tip: When you complete a Lake Challenge the game will auto-save and the Challenge Timer will disappear. There isn't any kind of celebration or fanfare, so just be on the lookout. You can check the status of your challenges by pressing and look under Challenges.

Lake Minnetonka

Toggle Spoiler

Lake Lanier

Toggle Spoiler

Lake Casitas

Toggle Spoiler

Lake Champlain

Toggle Spoiler

Lake Fork

Toggle Spoiler

Lake Erie

Toggle Spoiler

Lake Mead

Toggle Spoiler

[top]Additional Resources

This section will contain some additional resources to help you along your path to platinum; here you will find Maps of each lake detailed with all fishing spots, monster fish locations, and challenge locations.

[top]Lake Maps

Lake Minnetonka

Toggle Spoiler

Lake Lanier

Toggle Spoiler

Lake Casitas

Toggle Spoiler

Lake Champlain

Toggle Spoiler

Lake Fork

Toggle Spoiler

Lake Erie

Toggle Spoiler

Lake Mead

Toggle Spoiler

[top]Fish Locations

Below is a table of each fish species and where/when you can find them in each lake.

Toggle Spoiler


Special Thanks to:
  • antoniosbandana - For getting me interested in writing my first guide and answering my many many questions along the way.
  • fivefatninjas (from GameFAQs) - for the tip/trick on Seeing Spots. I found several references to this very process but, his was worded the best for me. I took his explanation and tried it... then, I added my own experience to it.

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