Players: 1
Online Trophies: None.
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: Cheats earned by getting skill points do not disable trophies.
Estimated Time to Platinum: 20-25 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1.5
Collectible Trophies: More Bolts? , Be a Moon Child , Bolt Scavenger II , Heal Your Chi , Yay Carbon , Bolted Down , Now its time... , BFG , Nice Ride , Nano to the Max , Platinum Power , Super Skilled , Destruction Time , I Got Bolts to Trade
Missable Trophies: None, everything can be gotten by traveling back to each planet.
Glitched Trophies: None

[top]Tips & Strategies

  • Hold down / when shooting to strafe
  • Collect the Nanotech Boosts as early as possible, they'll keep you alive longer.
  • Find the Box Breaker as soon as possible. You'll need the Gravity Boots to enter the hidden door at the back of the MegaCorp Store. Inside is a mini-boss with a lot of health, so come prepared.Once you defeat the beast, you'll earn the Box Breaker, which will destroy any breakable object within 10 feet when you perform a hyper strike ( + )
  • Use all of your weapons! Not only does this give your attacks greater variety, but it will also make your weapons stronger!
  • Find the mapper early! This small gadget with save you a ton of time when looking for the final Desert Crystals and Moonstones, as well as highlighting where Platinum Bolts are located on your map in green.
  • There are two pieces of equipment that are a must-have: Carbonox Armor and the R.Y.N.O. II. With 90% damage reduction and the supreme firepower, you'll be almost impossible to stop.
  • Attempt all 30 Skill points before entering Challenge Mode. The difficulty will receive a noticeable spike.
  • Enter Challenge Mode when you are done with your collection quest to starting boosting your bolt income up to twenty-fold!


Welcome to Ratchet's next adventure. After defeating the evil Ultimate Supreme Executive Chairman Drek, he is recruited by MegaCorp in the Bogon Galaxy to recover a new species that has been taken hostage by mysterious bandits. This walkthrough will help outline how to survive this new threat and earn the platinum trophy.

Step 1: Complete the story.
Play through the game normally, picking up bolts as you go. Throughout the course of this step, you should pick up:
  • More Bolts?
  • Bolt Scavenger II
  • Bolted Down
  • Mutation Complete
After defeating the final boss, you are presented with two options: warp back in time to before you fought it, or move into Challenge Mode. At this point, you should warp back to before the fight, then begin your collectible run.

Step 2: Platinum Bolts, Skill Points, and Nanotech.
Now you are free to focus on earning all of the Skill Points and collectibles without the risk of enemies being twice as strong. You will earn the majority of the game's trophies during this step, including:
  • Moving Violation
  • Try to Sleep
  • You're My Hero
  • Bye Bye Birdies
  • You Can Break a Snow Dan
  • No Shocking Developments
  • Operate Heavy Machinery
  • 2B Hit or Not 2B Hit
  • Be a Moon Child
  • Prehistoric Rampage
  • Speed Demon
  • Robo Rampage
  • Clank Needs a New Pair of Shoes
  • More Vandalism?
  • Safety Deposit
  • Heal Your Chi
  • Wrench Ninja: Blade to Blade
  • Midtown Insanity
  • Nice Ride
  • That's Impossible!
  • Nano to the Max
  • Wrench Ninja II: Massacre
  • Destruction Time
  • Super Skilled
  • Platinum Power
Step 3: Challenge Mode and Weapon Leveling
Now that you have cleaned up the majority of the game, feel free to move on to Challenge Mode by re-defeating the Protopet Boss. Once in Challenge Mode, enemies are stronger and you now have access to the Bolt Multiplier, which makes purchasing the final weapons and armors a cinch. Begin working on leveling up remaining weapons and make a visit to the museum. You should earn:
  • Yay Carbon
  • Museum Tour
  • BFG
  • Now its time...
  • I Got Bolts to Trade
  • He Went Commando


He Went Commando
Obtain all Ratchet & Clank 2: Going Commando trophies

You got 'em all! Ready for the next one?

Platinum Power
Obtain All 40 Platinum Bolts

The Gold Bolts from Ratchet and Clank make their more-valuable return as Platinum Bolts in Going Commando. There are 40 of them hidden throughout the worlds of the Bogon Galaxy, just waiting for some brave adventurer to find. They can then be traded to Slim Cognito for weapon modifications like auto-lock and acid/shock mods. They can be found:

Planet Description
Oozla Use the newly acquired Tractor Beam to move the two columns about. Form a set of steps out of them to reach the Bolt on the right.
Oozla Take the right path from your ship and cross the first swamp. On the other side, you'll see a loch-ness monster looking thing in the water. Hop on its back to be transported to the next Bolt.
Maktar Resort After the space limo, you'll be in an area with cranes. Up on the right side platform is the next Bolt. Either climb the crates or glide to it with Clank later.
Maktar Resort After traveling to the Jamming Array (that very small round world with all the antennae), you'll be able to see the Bolt floating high above when you open the map. Make your way to the top of the nearest tower and uses the jump pad to reach the Bolt.
Endako In the second crane section, go to the end of the track and pick up the metal crate. Bring it back to the previous room and drop it near the back wall. Now pick up the TNT crate and drop it onto the metal one. It will reveal a hidden room with the Bolt.
Endako After a quick skirmish with a chopper, keep going straight instead of turning right. Drop down the ledge to find the Bolt.
Barlow During the Hoverbike race, turn left right after you go over the second pool to find the Bolt.
Barlow After swimming up through the pipe, turn around and grab the ledge to the right side of the entrance. Move along it until you reach a new platform and grapple across to a cave. The Bolt is in the middle of the cave system.
Feltzin Space System You must beat Ace Bunyon in a ring race. The Platinum Bolt is awarded for flying through all 50 rings.
Notak On the left path from your ship, fight your way to the large MegaCorp sign and blast through it. The Bolt will be floating behind it.
Notak Cross the first bridge and head left. The Bolt is behind the buildings.
Notak Activate the Dynamo target as you are climbing up to the next area. If you are fast, you can get to the Bolt before the door to it locks again.
Siberius After taking the elevator down, you'll see a tractor beam pillar. Bring it back up the elevator and take it to the ledge. Now jump across to where the flamethrower bots jumped down from to see the Bolt.
Siberius Head back to the elevator and run to the ledge on its right. Jump and glide down to the house below. The Bolt is floating in the yard.
Tabora A Bolt is floating out in the open near the Northeast edge of the desert.
Tabora A Bolt is given at the end of the Momentum Glider Course.
Tabora When you have to freeze the platform in the water, do so in the wrong direction. This will allow you to climb into the wall pipe to grab the Bolt.
Dobbo During the Momentum Glider run, you'll see this Bolt near the ceiling in the final room between the supports.
Dobbo After a group of enemies steps out of a small room before the long grapple path, there is a small opening in the wall. Send a spiderbot in and follow the duct down to a button. Step on it to open the door to the Bolt.
Joba After the first turret, take the ladder up and use the swingshot targets to your right. Follow the path to find a Bolt at the end.
Joba After buying the Levitator, use it to fly straight up to the tower on your left. The Bolt is near the top.
Hrugis Cloud Another ring race against Ace Bunyon. This time you'll need to fly through all 65 rings for the Bolt.
Todano Follow Fizzwidget through the door before it closes to find this Bolt.
Todano Use the tractor beam targets to build a staircase to a ledge. Follow it past Qwark's #1 fan to find the Bolt in the building near him.
Todano After going down an elevator, you'll see a room with a conveyor to the right side. At the end is a small duct. Send in a spiderbot and step on the button at the end. You can now reach the Bolt.
Boldan At the left/right fork, send a spiderbot up the left side. Once up the steps, make a right and go through the glass wall to hit the button, revealing the Bolt.
Boldan After walking down a wall, you'll come to a room that has an elevator on the far side. Take it up to the next level and look out over the area, the Bolt is on a platform above the room.
Boldan Go back to the very end of this area to where you got kidnapped earlier. Use the swingshot target to reach the Bolt on the ledge.
Aranos In the final room with your ship, look through the glass floor to see a platform far below. Glide down to it to grab the Bolt.
Gorn Another ring race. 53 rings this time, don't miss any and you'll get the Bolt.
Snivelak On the large bridge, turn around and see a large wall covered in dynamo targets. Glide down to the bottom and begin climbing the dynamo platforms as they appear.
Smolg When you get to the crate on a conveyor belt, activate the dynamo and climb onto the crate. Jump up to the next ledge and wall jump up to the top. Once there, long jump across the the Bolt on the next ledge.
Smolg On top of the platform above the third Levitator pad is the Bolt.
Damosel When in the bank, freeze the water in the fountain to make an ice slide to the Bolt.
Damosel Use the hypnomatic on one the robots atop the pyramid. Have him jump down and explode near the face closest to you to reveal the Bolt.
Grelbin The Bolt is floating out in the center of the icy tundra.
Grelbin In the part with a pool, swim down through a large pipe. The Bolt is at the end in a small room.
Grelbin Use the hypnomatic on the robot near the armor vendor. Have him open the door and climb the ladder to the Bolt.
Yeedil At the end of the bridge, turn around and jump on the left bridge support. You'll grind up to the Bolt.
Yeedil After the tank battle you;ll see a room with a tractor beam pillar. move it out of the way to reveal a few steps leading to a rail. Hop on and ride to the bolt at the end.

Video Walkthrough

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Super Skilled
Attain All 30 Skill Points

Skill Points are the major focus of the Going Commando trophy list, containing a trophy for 23 of the 30 available Skill Points. The table below lists the 30 Skill Points as well as the location you may earn them.

Name Location Requirement Trophy
Prehistoric Rampage Oozla Kill four Pterodactyls Prehistoric Rampage
Smash and Grab Oozla Destroy all items in Megacorp Store More Vandalism?
Wrench Ninja: Blade to Blade Maktar Nebula Defeat Chainblade with the Wrench only Wrench Ninja: Blade to Blade
Vandalize Maktar Nebula Destroy all breakable items ---
2B or not 2B hit Maktar Nebula Defeat B2 Brawler without being hit 2B Hit or Not 2B Hit
Clank needs a new pair of shoes Maktar Nebula Win the jackpot on a slot machine Clank Needs a New Pair of Shoes
Destroy all breakables Endako Destroy all breakable items ---
Operate Heavy Machinery Endako Kill ten enemies with the cranes Operate Heavy Machinery
Speed Demon Barlow Finish the race in under 2:10 Speed Demon
Planet Buster Notak Destroy the floating globe ---
You can break a Snow Dan Siberius Destroy the snowman You can break a Snow Dan
Heal your chi Tabora Collect all 100 Desert Crystals Heal your chi
Old Skool Dobbo Defeat all enemies with original Ratchet and Clank weapons ---
Dukes Up Dobbo (Orbit) Defeat the boss using only punches ---
Robo Rampage Dobbo (Orbit) Destroy all buildings during the boss fight Robo Rampage
That's impossible! Joba Win the Impossible Challenge That's impossible!
How fast was that? Joba Finish the race in under 2:27 ---
Wrench Ninja II: Massacre Joba Kill all enemies with the wrench Wrench Ninja II: Massacre
Bye bye birdies Joba Kill 12 purple birds Bye bye birdies
Nothing to see here Todano Destroy all 4 rockets ---
You're my hero Todano Protect all tourists from squirrels You're my hero
Try to sleep Todano Turn 16 squirrels into sheep Try to sleep
No shocking developments Boldan Grind the rail without taking damage No shocking developments
Moving Violation Snivelak Destroy 14 ships Moving Violation
Midtown Insanity Damosel Grind the rail without taking damage Midtown Insanity
Safety Deposit Damosel Protect all 4 Tourists Safety Deposit
Be a Moon Child Grelbin Collect all 101 Moonstones Be a Moon Child
Nano to the max --- Collect all 80 Nanotech slots Nano to the max
Weapon Envy --- Upgrade all possible weapons Destruction Time
Nice Ride --- Completely upgrade your ship Nice Ride

For the 7 Skill Points that do not have their own trophy, we'll cover in detail here. They are:

Vandalize: You must destroy all of the breakable items around the main area of the Maktar Resort. This is made much easier with the help of the Box Breaker Gadget.

Destroy all breakables: Destroy all breakable items in Endako's City. Like before, this is much faster with the Box Breaker.

Planet Buster: On Notak, you will see a large globe floating above a pond when you take the first path t the left. You must shoot off all pieces of the ring that orbits it before you can destroy the entire thing.

Old Skool: On Dobbo, you will need to kill every enemy on the planet using only weapons from the first Ratchet and Clank game. The possible weapons are:
  • Wrench
  • Visibomb Glove
  • Decoy Glove
  • Tesla Claw
  • Walloper
  • Bomb Glove
These weapons can be bought on Barlow, or automatically obtained there if you have an R&C1 save where you own them.

Dukes Up: When you begin the boss fight in Dobbo Orbit, you will be in control of a giant Clank with rockets and power punches. Take down the boss by punching it to death.

How fast was that?: During the race on Joba, you will need to have a total time of 2:27 or lower. To do this, you'll need the shortcut that opens in Challenge 3 or later. It can be found on the right side of the swamp.

Nothing to see here: On planet Todano, you will see 4 large rockets as you walk along the tourist path. Destroy them in any way that you want, but be careful that one doesn't fall on you!

Video Guide for all 30

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Destruction Time
All Weapons, all fully upgraded

*Skill Point*

The main draw in the Ratchet and Clank series is the vast assortment of weaponry that you can find and purchase. In Going Commando, you can level up your weapons by defeating enemies with them. The bigger the enemy, the more weapon XP you get. Weapon XP is tracked by a colored bar below the weapon icon. When you reach the required XP level, you will see a quick cutscene of the weapon being upgraded and you're free to move on to the next one. Keep in mind that the Mega and Ultra purchasable upgrades in Challenge Mode do not count for this, so don't worry about stocking up on bolts. The weapons that must be bought/ upgraded for the trophy are:

Name Cost Upgrade
Lancer Starter weapon Heavy lancer
Gravity Bomb Starter weapon Mini-Nuke
Chopper 5,000 bolts Multi-Star
Blitz Gun 15,000 bolts Blitz Cannon
Pulse Rifle 20,000 bolts Vaporizer
Mini-Turret Glove 25,000 bolts Meg-Turret Glove
Seeker Gun 5,000 bolts HK22 Gun
Synthenoid 65,000 bolts Kilonoid
Lava Gun 25,000 bolts Meteor Gun
Bouncer 100,000 bolts Heavy Bouncer
Minirocket Tube 50,000 bolts Megarocket Cannon
Spiderbot Glove 15,000 bolts Tankbot
Plasma Coil 150,000 bolts Plasma Storm
Hoverbomb Gun 120,000 bolts Tetrabomb Gun
Sheepinator Discovered on Todano Black Sheepinator
Shield Charger 100,000 bolts Tesla Barrier
R.Y.N.O. II 1,000,000 bolts ---
The Zodiac 1,500,000 ---

Mutation Complete
Defeat Mutated Protopet

*Story Related*

The Protopet has been mutated rather than made harmless, and has now gobbled up poor Mr Fizzwidget . Time to knock it down a notch. For the easiest possible battle, you can purchase the R.Y.N.O. II and end the fight in a few seconds. If you don't have access to this weapon, you'll need to slowly wear down his health in any way that you can,all while avoiding his attacks. When you damage him enough, he'll crash through the floor to a lower level, bring you with him. Simply repeat the process of damaging him until the health bar runs dry. Congrats! You saved the galaxy!

*Note* After defeating the protopet, you are given the option to warp back to before you began the battle or simply move into Challenge Mode. The former will allow you to go back and collect any Platinum Bolts, Nanotech Boosts, or Skill Points. If you have completed everything else, feel free to move on to Challenge Mode and get to work on those bolt multipliers.

I Got Bolts to Trade
Collect 2 Million Bolts

Bolts have always been the currency of the Ratchet and Clank universe. In order to purchase and maintain the best weapons and armor, you're going to need to learn how to stockpile them. During your first playthrough, you can find bolts in a multitude of ways, such as:
  • Killing enemies
  • breaking objects
  • winning at the slot machines
  • winning races
  • completing arena challenges
  • completing ship challenges
Though you can earn a large sum of bolts in these ways, it is very arduous. Because of this, you will likely hit the 2 million mark in Challenge mode. Why, you ask? Because in Challenge mode, you earn bolt multipliers for certain amounts of enemies you kill before being hit, with a maximum multiplier of x20! If you can get a high multiplier and avoid being hit, you can rack up thousands of bolts in a short period of time. The multiplier does not affect the bolts earned from arenas and races however, or it would be far too easy.

Wrench Ninja II: Massacre
Kill all enemies with a wrench and without dying on Planet Joba

*Skill Point*

this has the potential to be one of the more annoying Skill Points in the game. If you have the best wrench upgrade and Carbonox armor, it shouldn't pose too much of a challenge, but I do not recommend trying this during Challenge mode, as the enemies are much stronger. The main threat during this run are the mounted turrets that enemies will jump into. They shoot fast and can quickly overwhelm you, so take them out ASAP! You can even use these turrets to your advantage, as shots from it don't count against this Skill Point!

Once you have cleared the main path to the Arena with just your wrench or turrets, take the cab back to the start of the level and go back to where the first turret was. After going up the ladder behind it, there will be a grapple target off to the right. Grapple across the gap to find the last few remaining enemies. Take them all out with your wrench and you should be done here.

Nano to the Max
Max out Nanotech Upgrades

*Skill Point*

Nanotech is the substance that keeps Ratchet and Clank alive. You can earn up to 80 Nanotech slots throughout you adventures, thus giving you 20 full health slots. You can earn new slots by either killing enemies and filling up the Nanotech bar (70 slots), or you can find one of the 10 Nanotech Boosts out in the wild. The Boosts can be found:

Planet Description Gadget Required
Endako Behind an infiltrator door in the second crane section Infiltrator
Feltzin System When flying through the hangars during the Ring Race, you'll see this in a hole in the ground. N/A
Notak From your ship, follow the path to your left. After fighting through the swarms of enemies, you'll find this after taking the final elevator up. N/A
Tabora During the Momentum Glider section, on top of the fourth tower. You can also double jump/glide to the Boost from the edge of the path. Momentum Glider
Dobbo As you begin the glider course here, you'll see the Boost up near the ceiling to your left. Unfortunately, you can't reach it yet. You'll need to follow the course until right before you enter the hole in the wall. Pull up as far as you can while starting to turn yourself in a 180 spin. As you begin to drop back down, level yourself off and begin flying back to where you started. Right as you enter the first room, pull up and to the right to reach the Boost. This will likely take a lot of practice before you get it right. Momentum Glider
Joba During the Hoverbike race, you can find this Boost along the shortcut from the right side of the swamp. N/A
Joba Before going through the hallway with all the moving walls and pistons, look to the right side of the door outside to find a dynamo target. Activate this, and make your way to the end of the aforementioned hallway. It will be in a now unlocked alcove to your right. Make sure you get there fast enough, or the door will lock again. Dynamo
Todano After surviving the mine field, you'll find yourself in a large room with a rocket in the middle. Take out all of the enemies and then head to the left side of the door to the next room. Use the Infiltrator to unlock an elevator that leads to the Boost. Infiltrator
Boldan After taking the right fork, you'll enter an area with a bunch of enemies and a fountain. The Boost is located atop the fountain. Occasionally the Boost will not appear. If this happens, you'll have to wait for the sound of a clock chime before it appears. N/A
Snivelak When swinging across the grapple targets, you'll see this on a ledge far above you. To reach it, you'll need to get as much momentum as possible before you release the final grapple point. When you hit the top of your jump, begin gliding until you get near the ledge, and hyper strike ( + ) to land on it. Swingshot

Video Guide

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That's Impossible!
Beat the "Impossible Challenge" in the Megacorp games

*Skill Point*

The final event in the Megacorp Arena is the Impossible Challenge. You're going to want to be well prepared for this fight. You will face 60 waves of enemies of all types, both on the main arena and in the air. If you can clear out the first 59 waves, you'll be tasked with killing the Megapede. I highly recommend obtaining either the R.Y.N.O. II or Carbonox armor (both would be best) before attempting this. Another piece of advice would be to make sure you only try this BEFORE entering Challenge Mode, unless you really want a headache (or just want those bolts ). If you can manage to survive the impossible, you'll unlock the Skill Point and win 200,000 bolts (2,000,000... that's right, 2 Million bolts in Challenge Mode).

Nice Ride
Buy all weapons, shields, and upgrades for your ship

*Skill Point*

Slim Cognito will upgrade various aspects of Ratchet's ship for a small fee. However, the man isn't interested in Bolts like the "normal" denizens of the Bogan Galaxy. Instead, he demands payment in the form of Raritanium, a precious mineral that can be found in only a handful of locations. You can find Raritanium in:
  • Space Battles: destroying enemies, ice chunks, asteroids.
  • Tabora: Drilling out in the desert
  • Grelbin: Drilling out in the tundra
You will need 290 Raritanium to purchase every required item. Keep in mind that upgrades like ship color and wing/nose shape are not needed, so don't waste your Raritanium on them!

Item Name Cost
Triple Boost Acceleration Engine 15
Fusion Laser Cannons 30
Electro-Mine Launcher 10
Mega-Mine Launcher 20
Fast-Lock Missile Launcher 20
Torpedo Launcher 10
Multi-Torpedo Launcher 20
Advanced Shielding System 20
Ultra-Charge Shielding System 40
Nuclear Detonation Device 60
Hyperspace Warp System 45

Bolted Down
Collect 1 Million Bolts

See I Got Bolts to Trade for ways to earn bolts.

Midtown Insanity
Grind the train rails without taking any damage on Planet Damosel

*Skill Point*

This is one of the more difficult grind sections in the game. Not only do you have to deal with moving rails and standard obstacles, there will also be multiple Protopets blocking your way and high-speed trains that will run you down if you don't switch lanes quickly enough. For help with the Protopets, you can either shoot them once they are within range or deploy a Synthenoid to shoot them automatically. The less jumps you have to land, the better. If you can manage to make it all the way to the end without being hit/falling, you will be awarded with the Skill Point, a Hypnomatic part, and the duo's best Jak & Daxter impersonation.

Wrench Ninja: Blade to Blade
Defeat Chainblade in the Arena using only the wrench

*Skill Point*

This could be difficult in the early part of the game. I recommend coming back with either the 1st or 2nd wrench upgrade before attempting this, as they deal significantly more damage than the one you start with. Initiate the Chainblade challenge and begin whacking him with the wrench. Hyper strikes ( + ) do much more damage, but can leave you vulnerable upon landing. Take him down without using a different weapon for the Skill Point.

Now its time...
Obtain R.Y.N.O. II

The R.Y.N.O. II is the second-best (in terms of pure power) gun in the entire game. The R.Y.N.O. II fires auto-targeting rockets at your enemies, killing most in one hit. This weapon is especially useful during boss fights, making them last just a few seconds. But sitting at a low 1,000,000 bolts and only being available in one location (unless in Challenge Mode) makes the legendary weapon difficult to obtain. Your first chance to purchase this beast is during your visit to planet Barlow, at the old Gadgetron kiosk. You'll likely need to come back very late in the game or once you start Challenge Mode to buy it, as those bolts don't add up very quick on your first visit.

Obtain the Zodiac Gadget

Surpassing even the R.Y.N.O. II in terms of pure destructive ability, the Zodiac is a force to be reckoned with. By firing one shot of this mighty weapon, you can destroy all enemies on screen in a flash of white light. The only downside is, the ammo costs 10,000 bolts each, and the weapon itself weighs in at 1,500,000 bolts . You may want to save this purchase for your Challenge Mode run, as the bolt multipliers are a necessity.

Heal Your Chi
Collect 100 Crystals in the desert of Tabora

*Skill Point*

On planet Tabora are 100 crystals that you can discover out in the desert. They can either be found out in the open or be obtained by killing the Desert Dune Monsters that hide beneath piles of tree branches. After repairing your ship, you can sell them to the Mystic for 1,000 bolts each (or 10,000 in Challenge Mode!) If you are having trouble finding the last few crystals, you may want to find the Mapper gadget on Planet Damosel. It will show the location of every crystal as a diamond on your map.

Safety Deposit
Protect the 4 civilians in the bank from robots on Planet Damosel

*Skill Point*

When you enter the bank area, you'll notice 4 civilian robots scurrying about among the attacking forces. In order to take out the attackers without harming the civilians, I recommend deploying multiple mini/mega-turrets as they only target hostile NPCs. The same method works with one shot from the Zodiac, but it isn't very cost efficient. If you can clear out the enemies without losing a civilian, you'll unlock the Skill Point.

More Vandalism?
Break all breakables inside Megacorp Store on Planet Oozla

*Skill Point*

Throughout the Megacorp store are shelves and displays full of merchandise. You must destroy every item in the store. I recommend finding the Box Breaker gadget underneath the store (Gravity Boots required) to make this easier, as a Hyper strike with it will destroy all items within about 10ft of Ratchet.

Clank Needs a New Pair of Shoes
Play slot machines until you win 300 bolts and the skill point

*Skill Point*

At the Maktar Resort, there are rows of slot machines for you to use. Charging a mere 10 bolts per spin, it can be a quick way to make money early on. There are 5 potential outcomes for each spin:
  • no matching icons: No prize
  • 3 nanotech: health pickup
  • 3 bolts: 15-20 bolt prize
  • 3 TNT: machine explodes
  • 3 BAR: Jackpot, 300 bolts and a skill point
Because the outcomes are completely random, you can earn this on your first spin or after 200. It's all up to how lucky you are.

Robo Rampage
On Planet Dobbo, destroy every building in the city during the boss battle.

*Skill Point*

During your mech fight with the Thugs-4-Less boss, you'll be on a small planet covered with skyscrapers. Hidden inside some of these buildings are items like ammunition and health pickups. You'll simply have to punch or jump on top of every building to smash it. When the planet is barren, the Skill Point will unlock.

Bolt Scavenger II
Collect 100,000 Bolts

See I Got Bolts to Trade for ways to earn bolts.

Speed Demon
On Planet Barlow, get a time of 2:10 or less in the hoverbike race

*Skill Point*

This will be possible in Race 3 or later in the Barlow Circuit. In this race, there will be two shortcuts that have opened up. The easiest one to use is found in the right side wall in the the second turn after the water ramps. This path does have a few obstacles, so be careful. The second shortcut is a bit more difficult to enter, but allows for a much faster lap time. This shortcut is concealed in the left side wall directly across from the first shortcut. If your total race time is under 2:10 after 3 laps, the skill point is yours.

Prehistoric Rampage
Shoot down the pterodactyls on Planet Oozla

*Skill Point*

This the first skill point/trophy you can earn. When you land on Oozla, you'll see a few pterodactyls flying in a lazy circle over the swamp. Take them out with your lancer for an easy skill point.

Museum Tour
Gain access to the Insomniac Museum

This trophy will likely require you to edit the clock on your PS3, unless you regularly play games at 3am. The Insomniac Museum is a level that is only available via a teleporter on Boldan between 3:00am and 3:59am. The teleporter can be found atop the fountain up the stairs to the left. Have fun looking at designs that didn't make it into Going Commando.

Be a Moon Child
Mine all 101 crystals in the ice fields on Grelbin

*Skill Point*

Very similar to Heal Your Chi , you'll need to roam around the frozen tundra, breaking apart stones and defeating Arctic Leviathans that pop out of the many iced-over pools. These are an even bigger monetary value than the desert crystals, as each moonstone is worth 3,000 bolts (and 30,000 in Challenge Mode!) As with the desert crystals, you may want access to the Mapper when hunting down the last few moonstones.

2B Hit or Not 2B Hit
Defeat B2 Brawler without a scratch

*Skill Point*

The B2 Brawler is the strongest opponent in the Gladiator Challenge at the Maktar Resort.This mechanical tripod-ish enemy will make quick work of you if you don't pay attention to his leg sweeps. The challenge can be made considerably easier if you have access to the R.Y.N.O. II, as 2-3 shots with it will bring this behemoth down. If you can defeat him without taking damage, the skill point will unlock.

Operate Heavy Machinery
Destroy 10 robots on Endako using the cranes

*Skill Point*

After using the Electrolyzer to unlock the first crane on Endako, you'll be able to pick up the crate in the next room. Hover the crate above the small sweeper bots and drop it on them. At the next crane section, you can repeat this technique using the normal crate at the end of the course, drop the explosive crate on the robots, or use the laser sweep of the first room's robot to kill the others. After killing ten by any use of the crane, you'll get the skill point,

No Shocking Developments
Grind the power cable and lumber yard without taking damage on Planet Boldan

*Skill Point*

At the highest point on Boldan, you'll find the beginning of a grinding course. You'll need to make your way to the end without taking any damage for the skill point. The key here is the watch where the lines are connected to the generators. You want to steer clear of these lines, as they will send an electric shock every few seconds. Aside from that, just practice the timing of your jumps and you should get this in a few tries.

More Bolts?
Collect 50,000 Bolts

See I Got Bolts to Trade for ways to earn bolts.

You Can Break a Snow Dan
Blow up the snowman on Siberius

*Skill Point*

At the start of this level, you will come across holes in the ground that spawn Blade Balls. After taking them all out, look left to the garage. A few Flamethrower bots will appear from the now open door. After you cool them off, head around to the back of the building to find a snowman with a rather odd face. Smash him for the skill point.

Bye Bye Birdies
Kill 12 birds on Planet Joba

*Skill Point*

Across planet Joba are around 20 purple birds. Try not to scare them off, as they'll begin to fly upwards in a circle until they're out of range, forcing you to restart. You'll need to kill a dozen of them without dying for the skill point.

You're My Hero
Protect all tourists on Planet Todano from the squirrels

*Skill Point*

When you first land on Todano, you'll see a Fizzwidget robot leading a tour group through Megacorp's missile testing facility. Throughout this area are around 10 squirrels that will attack the robot tourists. Go through and defeat every squirrel to clear the path for the group. If one of the members of the tour is killed, don't fret. The tour bus will cycle back to the beginning with a full complement of tourists after the first trip ends. Just wait for the group to make it over the final bridge safely to unlock the skill point.

Try to Sleep
Turn 16 Squirrels into Sheep on Planet Todano

*Skill Point*

After you make your way up onto the dam, you can take the right path the end in order to find the Sheepinator. This weapon uses no ammo and can tun any enemy into a harmless sheep if caught in the ray for a long enough time. Warp to the beginning of the area and start transforming the squirrels. After you change the 16th squirrel, you'll earn the skill point.

Moving Violation
Shoot down 14 ships on Snivelak

*Skill Point*

When you land on the planet, you will notice about 15 ships flying in a circle around the area. Begin shooting them down (preferably with a lock-on weapon) as they get near. Knock 14 of them out of your airspace for the skill point.

Yay Carbon
Obtain Carbonox Armor

Carbonox Armor is the best set you can buy in the game, absorbing 90% of enemy attacks to keep you alive longer and a bonus of looking cool. This extraordinary piece of equipment has a steep price however, costing a modest 1 Million bolts. You can purchase this armor from any Armor vendor (orange) after visiting the vendor on Planet Grelbin. This armor is almost a necessity in Challenge Mode, as enemy attack strength is doubled.


Thanks to ERICVOLTAGE for yet another banner.
TheCODBrothers for their video walkthroughs.

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