1 player
Online Trophies: No
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: No
Estimated Time to Platinum: 15+ hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 2 (Well 1 and a bit)
Collectible Trophies: Platinum Power Super Skilled Destruction Time I Got Bolts To Trade Nano to the Max Nice Ride Bolted Down Heal Your Chi Bolt Scavenger II Be a Moon Child More Bolts?
Missable Trophies: Just about every trophy is missable as most of them are tied to a specific planet, and planets are unavailable until you progress in the story to them again in Challenge Mode. Below is a list of trophies in XMB order that will require you to play through the game again in order to obtain should you enter challenge mode before getting them.

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Glitched Trophies: No
Special Equipment Required: No
Online Pass Required: Not Applicable


Most of the trophies in this game are tied to skill points (SP). Those familiar with Ratchet and Clank games will know what these are, but for those who don't, skill points were a system of in-game achievements to collect before trophies came about. None of them are particularly hard, meaning that you can collect them as progress through the game will little effort for the most part. Only ones that will cause trouble or be time consuming are the collectables and the arena / hoverbike related SP.

There is no emphasis on actually getting any trophies until you defeat the final boss. Once you kill the final boss a screen will appear asking you if you want to warp back in time to before the boss fight or if you want to enter challenge mode. Choose the first and warp back in time. Then head back to your ship and start working your way through the planets and obtain the skill points, platinum bolts, and nanotech upgrades as demonstrated below. I recommend you do these now rather than when you enter challenge mode because you currently have all the gadgets needed, the best wrench, and hopefully the Map-O-Matic which is obtained by completing the Giant Clank section on Planet Damosel.

Below is a world by world walkthrough for platinum. Items listed in Blue are non-trophy related skill points but are still needed for platinum. Clicking on each name will bring you to a description and how to obtain it. Click Platinum Power to see the location of platinum bolts and Nano to the Max to see the location of Nanotech Upgrades.

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Once you obtain the skill points available to you, the platinum bolts, and the nanotech upgrades, begin challenge mode to earn bolts. In challenge mode you're given a bolt multiplyer. The bolt multiplyer is a feature that will multiply every bolt you get by a number that is determined by how many enemies you have killed without being hit. It ranges from X1 (what you've experience so far) to X20. The objective is to be at X20 for as long as possible as you really rack up the bolts this way. This will help you get I Got Bolts to Trade as well as get you enough bolts to get all the guns and in turn Desctuction Time, Now It's Time..., BFG, and finally you'll be able to get the Carbonix Armour, giving you Yay Carbon. Doing this will also net you the remaining skill points you need for your glorious


He Went Commando
Obtain all Ratchet & Clank 2: Going Commando trophies

The basic Platinum trophy. Get every the other 34 trophies to unlock this.

Platinum Power
Obtain All 40 Platinum Bolts

Platinum Bolts are found on most levels and are used to purchase weapon mods from Slim Cognito. Before you go hunting for them I suggest you pick up the Map-o-Matic. The Map-o-Matic highlights areas on your map where you can find collectables which makes it much easier than any written guide to find Platinum Bolts. You can pick it up by doing the Giant Clank battle in Allgon City on Planet Damosel which is in the room off to the left of the large dome that you enter when you get off your ship.

In the spoiler below is description of where to find each Platinum Bolt. Alternatively, you can check out this playlist on YouTube by BenGunPS3 in which he shows you both Platinum Bolts and Skill Points.

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Super Skilled
Attain All 30 Skill Points

There are certain challenges on most levels that when complete award you with a Skill Point. Most of these are relatively easy and are tied to the trophies you see in the rest of this guide. See the spoiler below for descriptions of how to achieve each Skill Point. Alteriatively, you can check out this playlist on YouTube by BenGunPS3 in which he shows you both Platinum Bolts and Skill Points.

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Destruction Time
All Weapons, all fully upgraded

By "fully upgraded" they don't mean *fully upgraded*. This trophy requires you to obtain every gun and upgrade them all once so that their icon turns orange. Guns are upgraded through using them, gaining experience for each hit on an enemy. The most efficient way to unlock this trophy is to simply use one gun and only one gun at a time. Use it on all the lesser enemies throughout the levels, moving onto a new one when it is upgraded.

There are some guns that cannot be upgraded. These are ones that you buy from the Gadgetron shop on Planet Barlow, the Zodiac, and the RYNO II. Simply buying these will count as having a fully upgraded weapon.

In addition to this, many of the guns you acquire will be able to be modded by Slim Cognito. Modding a weapon will give it a feature such as an improved lock on, acid damage, shock damage, etc. You do not need to add mods to your guns for this trophy to unlock.

Below is a table of the weapons you need in order to unlock this trophy.

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Mutation Complete
Defeat Mutated Protopet

The Mutated Protopet is the final boss of the game.. As you inflict damage it will break the floor beneath you and drop you to a new level, and on each new level it gets a new attack. This also makes using Megaturrets iffy as they'll disappear with each new level. If you can avoid its attacks then this won't be too hard of a battle. Use your most powerful weapons; Vaporizer, Plasma Storm, Tetrabomb, Heavy Bouncer, as well as the Tesla Charger as another line of defence. If you have the R.Y.N.O II then use that straght away as it will kill the Protopet in seconds.

Be sure to destroy all ammo boxes as well you see if you can as if you don't then the Protopet will eat them and regurgatate them as missiles fired at you.

I Got Bolts to Trade
Collect 2 Million Bolts

Bolts are the currency of this game. You earn bolts constantly as you play through the levels through many various means. These include:
  • Killing enemies
  • Destroying wooden boxes
  • Destroying the environment of levels
  • Winning hoverbike races
  • Winning arena challenges
  • Completing ship level challenges
  • Trading mined crystals in Planet Tabora and Planet Grelbin

This trophy requires you to collect two million bolts, but you do not need to have them all on your person at once. It is cummalitive meaning that even the bolts you have spent will still count towards your total collected. This will be one of the trophies that you don't need to focus on throughout the game. Just let it happen naturally. You'll collect perhaps 40% of the bolts required on your first playthrough with the rest coming much faster in Challenge Mode.

Once you enter Challenge Mode you get a bolt multiplier. This is a feature that multiplies every bolt you earn by a specific number that is determined by how many enemies you have killed without getting hit. It goes from x2 to x20, with x20 being the most desirable multiplier to have. If you play recklessly then you won't get a high multiplier. Play with caution, take out enemies fast, and dodge everything to maximise the amount of bolts that you gather.

Also in Challenge Mode you earn more bolts from the arena, hoverbike races, ship levels, and trading crystals. The increase in bolts here is immense, hitting ten times the reward you got in your first playthrough for most. If you do all the arena challenges on Maktar Resort and Joba then you could get to 2 million by that alone.

There are some items in the game that will help you gather bolts. The first is the Armor Magnetizer. You get this on Planet Todano in the weapons testing facility. This extends the magnetic field around you so that you can pick up bolts that are much further away. To get it you first need to complete the levitator section on Planet Aranos and buy the Qwark figure from the plumber. Once you have that head back to Todano. If you've been here before take the teleporter in front of you and head over the bridge to your right once you hop down onto the field. Once you come to the second room with move the two stacks with the tractor beam over to the far right corner so that you can jump up them and out the window at the top. There'll be one enemy here and a very dedicated Qwark fan who will trade you his Bolt Grabber for your Figurine.

The second item that will help you greatly is the Box Breaker. This upgrades your Hyperstrike ( + ) so that it will destroy all breakables within a certain radius of you. It is extremely handy to pick up bolts with as you can get a lot from destroying the environment if you have a high multiplier. To get this you first need the Magnet Boots (you get them after completing the first arena challenge on Planet Joba) and you will also need some powerful long range weapons and a lot of ammo. Once you have that make your way to Planet Oozla and teleport back to the Megacorp Outlet. Make your way down the corridor that previously had a series of walls moving towards you and turn left at the end. Walk up the magnetised wall there and prepare to face this beast. The best strategy for this in my opinion is to hold strafe and keep running / jumping backwards onto the pads while constantly firing at the beast. It will take some time as it does have a lot of health so waiting until the end of the game is probably the best option as you'll have much better weapons by then.

Wrench Ninja II: Massacre
Kill all enemies with a wrench and without dying on Planet Joba

Doing this the first time you arive on Joba, to me, is not a good idea. Instead finish the planet, leave, and the come back. When you return there will be far less enemies for you to kill and more importantly far less enemies to kill you. To make things even easier, leave and don't come back until after you've finished Planet Aranos and have gotten the upgraded wrench. This will make things much easier for you as most enemies will die from a single Hyperstrike ( + )

Another bonus of leaving and coming back is that the jumping section on the dynamo platform is removed when you return. You'll just be brought directly to the next part of the level instead of having to navigate the course.

If you feel like you're being overwhelmed then don't be afraid to run away. If you have the charge boots then use them for a quick escape. Then you can lure enemies towards you by stepping within their range for them to notice you and then throwing your wrench at then ( + )

For sections where enemies are on turrets, forus on the turret operator first. Get close to him and Hyperstrike him for a quick kill.

There is a section in this level where you need to use your swingshot to get a platinum bolt. There are there enemies that must be killed for this trophy to pop as you make your way to the platinum bolt so be sure you don't forget them. This section is to your right over a cliff drop after you go past the first turret and the rather long ladder. It is before you approach the second turret / dynamo platforming section.

To wrap things up, just keep jumping around and dodging, using Hyperstrikes to kill your enemies.

Nano to the Max
Max out Nanotech Upgrades

Nanotech is your health bar in the game, visible at the top of the screen. You can think of each upgrade as a Level, with Level 80 being the max. You can upgrade your nanotech in two ways.

1. Killing Enemies
Killing enemies will give you experience. Once you get enough experience your Nanotech will upgrade, causing a bright white light to fill the screen and inflict damage on surrounding enemies. You can see how close you are to an upgrade by looking at the thin red bar just under where your Nanotech is displayed. Upgrading via experience will get you to Level 70.

2. Finding Upgrades
There are 10 Nanotech boosts to be found throughout the game which will bring you to Level 80 in time. Some you will find naturally in your travels, but others will require certain gadgets and a decent amount of skill. Below is a guide to finding each one as you progress through the game.

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That's Impossible!
Beat the "Impossible Challenge" in the Megacorp games

The "Impossible Challenge" is a sixty (60) round arena challenge that can take you anywhere between 10 minutes to an hour. What's going to be hardest about this is rationing your ammo so that you don't run out when you need it. Use your wrench as often as you can without taking damage. Hyperstrikes ( + ) to take down enemies and then jumping away is a tactic that worked very well for me.

It is highly recommended that you have the best weapons and armour before starting. These will be a great help to you to minimise damage taken and maximise damage inflicted. Other useful weapons are the Sheepinator / Black Sheepinator as it uses zero ammo, the Decoy Glove for when you're under a lot of pressure, Shield Charger / Tesla Barrier, and the most powerful wrench found on Planet Aranos.

Take note that start from round 5 and then every 10 rounds after that you begin a cage series of rounds where you need to make your way to the centre of the arena and jump up to the cage at the very top. When this happens all Miniturrets, shields, Sythenoids, and basically every other long lasting weapon will disappear. So if you need to use them, use them after you enter the cage as they're still there when you jump down.

A nice little trick to help you out is to enter the challenge with your nanotech abour 70/80% upgraded to the next level so that you will get a boost about half way through that will replenish your health and damage enemies around you.

At the end of the challenge you will face Megapede. Having lock on mods for your weapons will help here but it's not necessary. If you have the Minirocket / Megarocket Tube then now would be a fantastic time to use it. It's also very handy to save one Shield / Tesla Barrier for this fight to protect you from the orbs that Megapede drops.

Nice Ride
Buy all weapons, shields, and upgrades for your ship

Upgrading your ship can be done at Slim Cognito's Ship Shack, which becomes available to you after you roughly half way through Canal City on Planet Notak. Slim Cognito will install upgrades on your ship but for a price. In return for his services / products you need to pay him in Raritanium, a substace that you'll most commonly find when fighting others in your ship.

There are 11 upgrades you need to purchase for your ship and you will need a total of 290 Raritanium to purchase all of them.

Upgrade Type Upgrade Name Cost (Raritanium)
Weapons Fusion Laser Cannons
Electro Mine Launcher
Mega Mine Launcher
Fast Lock Missile Launcher
Torpedo Launcher
Multi-Torpedo Launcher
Nuclear Detonation Device
Shields Advanced Shielding System
Ultra Charge Shielding System
General Triple Boost Acceleration System
Hyperspace Warp System

There are five places where you can get Raritanium throughout the game and they are listed below.

Wupash Nebula
You'll get Raritanium here by destroying enemy ships and by destroying rocks. By the time you finish all the challenges here you should have built up enough for one or two upgrades, which isn't very much. This isn't a great place to farm Raritanium either.

Deep Space Disposal - Hrugis Cloud
You'll earn Raritanium here the same way you do during other "ship levels" by destroying opponents. You'll earn a moderate amount here but not nearly enough to consider it worthwhile to farm.

Thugs-4-Less Fleet - Gorn
This planet is great for farming Raritanium. After you complete all the challenges keep repeating the first one where you've to destroy four large ships. If you've already upgraded your weapons start by destroying three of the large ships quickly and then focus on the smaller ships. If not then simply skip the large ships, and then focus on destroying the many small ships that are attacking you. There's a nice spot in the middle of the map that you can simply fly from one end to the other over and over while destroying ships. Keep moving, barrel rolling, whatever you need to do to stay alive, and you can rack up a serious amount of Raritanium each time you attempt this. The ships will not stop coming no matter how long you spend at this so you've an endless supply of ships to destroy and get Raritanium from.

Mining Area - Tabora
There's a decent bit of Raritanium buried in this desert that you can find using the mining craft. You need the magnet boots to get to the craft which is located to the right of your ship on the map atop a large rock. When inside the craft an arrow will point you towards buried Raritanium. Be somewhat careful though because some enemies will still attack you in the craft and it can break meaning you'll have to go back to its spawn point and pick up a new one. Once all the Raritanium has been dug up though it won't be replaced so you'll have to move onto another way of getting it.

Tundor Wastes - Grelbin
Similar to Tabora there's a lot of Raritanium buried in the white wasteland of Grelbin. The same mining craft is available to you after you lower the bridges leading up to the rest of the desert. You'll see the craft when you lower the bridges, but if you've forgotten then you can find it by running along the right hand side of the desert from your ship where you'll find a bridge leading up to it. The same method applies for this as it does for Tabora. An arrow will point you towards the buried Raritanium and you'll have to dig it up using the craft. Beware though, the enemies here are much more hostile and formiddable than on Tabora and they can easily destroy the craft.

Bolted Down
Collect 1 Million Bolts

See I Got Bolts To Trade

Midtown Insanity
Grind the train rails without taking any damage on Planet Damosel

The train rails in question are to your right in the large dome room you come to once you land. Before you go for the no damage run, I suggest you simply go through the train rails a few times so that you know when to jump and what's around each turn. While you're on the rails you've the possibility of taking damage from Protopets, small obstructions in the form of rings around the rail, trains, and by simply falling off. It is entirely possible to get this trophy with no additional aids, but to make life easier for you I suggest having the Shield Charger / Tesla Barrier on at all times to kill the Protopets (Tesla Barrier preferred as it actively attacks them) and Synthenoids / Killenoids out to shoot the Protopets that are in front of you. Together with these your only issue should be avoiding falling, trains, and obstructions. So long as you time your jumps well you should have no problem grinding the rails without taking any damage.

Wrench Ninja: Blade to Blade
Defeat Chainblade in the Arena using only the wrench

I highly suggest waiting until you get the upgraded wrench from the Flying Lab / Prison on Planet Aranos. This wrench is a total beast when you use it on Chainblade. Literally three or four hyperstrikes ( + ) and he's down.

If you're slightly impatient and don't want to wait that long to get the upgraded wrench then you'll have to take a more tactical approach. Of course no guns allowed, but that also means no shield barrier. You must do it all solely with your wrench. Using Hyperstrikes will do the most damage to him and it's easy to pull one off in the middle of dodging his swings. The classic three hit combo ( + + ) will do a moderate amount of damage but you're a much easier target to hit, same goes for using + You want to take as little damage as possible because Chainblade will take off a decent amount of healty with each hit, so standard dodge, duck, dip, dive, and dodge tactics apply.

Now its time...
Obtain R.Y.N.O. II

The R.Y.N.O II is available pretty early in the game in Vukovar Canyon on Planet Barlow but at the price of 1,000,000 (1 Million) Bolts is will be inaccessible to you for a long time. The only way to get it that early in the game is to have a Ratchet and Clank 1 save game on your user account in which you have the original R.Y.N.O already purchased. Otherwise you'll have to save up, see I Got Bolts to Trade for tips on how to quickly get more bolts. Note that in your first playthrough the R.Y.N.O II is only available for purchase on Planet Barlow. When you enter challenge mode it becomes available from every vendor.

Obtain the Zodiac Gadget

The Zodiac Gadget is actually simply a weapon. It costs 1,500,000 (1.5 Million) Bolts to buy and is first available after you revisit the Flying Lab on Planet Aranos later in the game. Similar to the R.Y.N.O II and Clank Zapper, you won't be able to buy it straight away because of the price, but see I Got Bolts to Trade for tips on how to quickly get more bolts.

Heal Your Chi
Collect 100 Crystals in the desert of Tabora

On Planet Tabora there is a fairly big desert in which you can find a total of 100 crystals. These crystals are found encased in a small protective structure on the surface of the desert, and also found inside large insects that fire lasers from their eyes at you. To get the crystals simply break them out of the small casing, or kill the large insects. The large insects erupt from the desert floor if you get too close to a pile of bones while wondering about.

Finding all of the crystals on your own will be difficult as you never know what ones you have and what ones remain. To help with this you need to get the Map-o-Matic which will display on your map where each of the crystals are located. You can pick up the Map-o-Matic by doing the Giant Clank battle in Allgon City on Planet Damosel which is in the room off to the left of the large dome that you enter when you get off your ship.

Safety Deposit
Protect the 4 civilians in the bank from robots on Planet Damosel

The bank is located at the top of a jump wall roughly two thirds way through the level. The goal here is to make sure that the civilian robots in the bank remain unharmed as it is invaded by enemies. You need to take out the enemies quickly to minimise the risk of either them or you killing a civilian. Using targeted weapons to kill the enemies will help with you not harming the civilians. Big explosive weapons are a no-no as the blast radius could easily hit a civilian. If you take out the enemies quick enough then everything should be fine. If you are unsuccessful then you'll have to elave the planet and come back to try again so that everything can respawn. They'll be a ship waiting by where you land that will take you to the bank should you need it.

More Vandalism?
Break all breakables inside Megacorp Store on Planet Oozla

The Megacorp Store is found by taking the left parth after leaving your ship on your first arrival. This trophy requires you to literally break all breakables. Everything you see on the wall, glass, light, everything. While this can be obtained on your first time to the planet it is easiest to wait until you get the Magnet Boots on Planet Joba and get the Box Breaker before you attempt this. The Box Breaker supercharges your Hyperstike ( + ) so that it creates a shockwave destroying everything within a certain radius of you. With this you can simply run through the store doing a Hyperstrike every few steps to ensure you get everything. If you reach the end and haven't got the trophy you likely missed something small. Just run back through the store checking everything to see if it's broken.

To get the Box Breaker you first need the Magnet Boots (you get them after completing the first arena challenge on Planet Joba) and you will also need some powerful long range weapons and a lot of ammo. Once you have that make your way to Planet Oozla and teleport back to the Megacorp Outlet. Make your way down the corridor that previously had a series of walls moving towards you and turn left at the end. Walk up the magnetised wall there and prepare to face this beast. The best strategy for this in my opinion is to hold strafe and keep running / jumping backwards onto the pads while constantly firing at the beast. It will take some time as it does have a lot of health so maybe waiting until the end of the game is probably the best option as you'll have much better weapons by then to take it down.

Clank Needs a New Pair of Shoes
Play slot machines until you win 300 bolts and the skill point

This is perhaps one of the easiest to obtain, or at least one that requires some of the least amount of effort. The slot machines are located on the Maktar Resort in the Maktar Nebula to your left once you descend the slope from your ship. There are four slot machines immediately in front of you, six in a room further on, and a futher three just before you enter the arena. Hitting the jackpot, three bars, on any of these will net you the trophy. Simply hit the machine with your wrench to activate it and hope for the best. For quickest results hit multiple machines in a row so that you can have as many as possible running at the same time.

Just be a little careful though. If you get three danger signs then the machine will blow up and a few enemies will pop out. You should hope to avoid this as that's one less machine to use to get the trophy.

Robo Rampage
On Planet Dobbo, destroy every building in the city during the boss battle.

The boss battle here is on the Testing Facility Moon were you take the role as Giant Clank against a giant Thugs-4-Less robot. On this moon is an entire city for you to destroy using either your fists,rockets, or bombs. The buildings aren't that sturdy but will still take a few hits to level so this trophy is likely to take you a bit longer than you'd expect, maybe up to 10 minutes of simply destroying buildings.

The main thing to do though is to stay alive. If you die the moon resets and all the buildings are there again. This isn't too hard to do though as every now and then you'll pick up some nanotech from a destroyed building to repair any damages you've taken. If you feel like you're being swarmed by the helicopters you can either simply punch them away or leap to safety and keep on destroying buildings. If you've destroyed everything and the trophy hasn't popped yet hit to see a zoom out and get an arial view of the level and search for something you haven't destroyed yet. Every building means everything, it has to be a smooth surface once you're done smashing.

Bolt Scavenger II
Collect 100,000 Bolts

Speed Demon
On Planet Barlow, get a time of 2:10 or less in the hoverbike race

You gain access to the hoverbike races on Barlow towards the end of the level. 2:10 isn't an easy time to achieve on your first few races as not all of the shortcuts are open and you're still getting a hang of the track. Challenge 3 is perhaps the easiest race to achieve 2:10 as the main shortuct, the cave, is open and no other riders attack you. In challenges 4 and 5 there are other shortcuts open but the other riders attack you making it more difficult to get the target time.

Prehistoric Rampage
Shoot down the pterodactyls on Planet Oozla

The aim for this is to shoot and kill the 4 pterodactyls that are circling the skies above you. You can see them by looking towards the mountains over the railings directly in front of you once you land and get off your ship. You can get this trophy on your first time to the planet by buying the Chopper (5,000 Bolts) from the vendor beside the railings and using that to kill the pterodactyls but it will take you a while to get all four of them because of the time it takes for the Chopper to reach the pterodactyl and their flight pattern. You'll likely end up running out of ammo and needing to buy more before you kill the four pterodactyls.

For an easier time doing this, wait until you pick up the Pulse Rifle / Vaporizer. Bullets from this are fired much quicker and the gun itself is much more accurate. Simply take aim and once a pterodactyl enters your crosshair, fire. It shouldn't take you long to kill all four using this gun.

Museum Tour
Gain access to the Insomniac Museum

There are several ways to get to the Insomniac Museum, of which only 2 are "legit" and don't involve glitches. The first way is to get all the skill points or weapon upgrades or platinum bolts in the game. (Please somebody correct me on this. I have heard reports from several different locations and none seem to agree on this) When you get them all simply go to the Shortcuts menu from and use that to get to the museum.

The Insomniac Museum can also be accessed at 3am on Planet Boldon If you don't feel like staying up that late, simply change the time on your PS3 to roughly 2:50 or 2:55 and start the game. The museum itself can be accessed from Planet Boldon afte you complete the Levitator sequence at the beginning. Shortly after you start the level you'll come to a room that has a left path and a right path. The right path will lead you futher into the leve, and the left path brings you to a small cliff area with a fountain. At 3am a teleporter will appear at the top of the fountain and that will take you to the museum.

Be a Moon Child
Mine all 101 crystals in the ice fields on Grelbin

This is very similar to what you did on Planet Tabora. There are 101 crystals to be found in the ice fields and how you get them is very similar to before. There are many of them that are encased in small protective structures, and the rest are found inside a large creature which in this case is a Hydra. The Hydra is much stronger than the large insects of Tabora. It's attacks are much more powerful and it takes much more to kill it. While finding the crystals you will also be attacked by many yetis who pack quite the punch.

Again, finding all of the crystals on your own will be difficult as you never know what ones you have and what ones remain. To help with this you need to get the Map-o-Matic which will display on your map where each of the crystals are located. You can pick up the Map-o-Matic by doing the Giant Clank battle in Allgon City on Planet Damosel which is in the room off to the left of the large dome that you enter when you get off your ship.

2B Hit or Not 2B Hit
Defeat B2 Brawler without a scratch

This is best left until you're near the end of the game and have upgraded your more powerful weapons. The best strategy for this is to take him out quick because if you don't then you leave yourself vulnerable to being hit from one of his many attacks, the most likely to hit you being when he lies down and spins his legs. Weapons such as the Bouncer / Heavy Bouncer will deal a lot of damage straight away, as will the Plasma Coil / Plasma Storm. If you fire fast enough you can take him out within 10 seconds of starting the challenge.

If you are hit you can either simply kill him and try again or go to the start menu and quit the challenge and try again then.

Operate Heavy Machinery
Destroy 10 robots on Endako using the cranes

The cranes on Endako are found in the first few rooms of the left path after getting off your ship. After a quick Electrolyser puzzle you'll have control of a crane. The enemies for you to kill are the small three legged robots and the large laser wielding robots. The easiest way to accomplish this is to use the crane to pick up one of the large robots. When you do its laser will be pointing to the floor so you can use that destroy all of the other robots in these three rooms. Once you've killed them all, drop the robot from the crane and pick up the large metal block and drop that on the final robot.

No Shocking Developments
Grind the power cable and lumber yard without taking damage on Planet Boldan

The power cable in question begins atop the ladder by your ship which becomes accessible once you complete the Levitator sequence at the start of the level. This grind rail features no enemies on it so it's all about timing your jumps. I suggest doing it a few times first while not really caring about the trophy so that you can know when to jump and what parts you struggle with. Sections to look out for are the masts at the joining of power cables and bits where the power cables become electified. Getting hit by either of those will force you to start again to get the trophy. So long as you know what's coming up and can react good enough to them you should be able to get this in no more than a few attempts.

More Bolts?
Collect 50,000 Bolts

See I Got Bolts To Trade

You Can Break a Snow Dan
Blow up the snowman on Siberius

The Snow Dan is simply a snowman that is hidden at the beginning of the level. From your ship advance until you get to the first bunker full of enemies. Kill them and then simply run around to the back of the bunker. Do a double jump around the first corner if you're worried about falling off. The Snow Dan is right there smiling at you and a simple wrench hit will break him.

Bye Bye Birdies
Kill 12 birds on Planet Joba

Throughout this level there are little birds perched on top of railings, standing on the ground, and circling in the air. The birds that are located close to ground level will fly away if you get too close so have a mid to long range weapon handy with decent accuracy, such as the Vaporizer / Pulse Rifle.

There are 4 perched on the railings by the vendor at the beginning, 3 flying about in the distance before you enter the first tunnel just after the vendor, 4 on the pathway after the large lader after the second tunnel, 3 just across from the previous 4 over to the right (where you find a platinum bolt) and a few more flying above you once you swing over.

You're My Hero
Protect all tourists on Planet Todano from the squirrels

When you arrive on the planet you'll see a bus arrive that's full of tourists to be led around the area by a robotic Mr. Fizzwidget. It's your goal here to ensure that none of them die while they're on the tour, either through being attacked by a squirrel or by falling over the edge. Start by clearing the area of all squirrels to minimise risk and then follow the tourists and watch them to make sure that none of the fall over the edge. If one does then you've to wait for this pack of tourists to leave and for another pack to arrive on a new bus. The delay between tours isn't long so you can try again pretty soon. The main area to keep an eye on the tourists is when they're crossing a bridge. Some get a little too excited and try to push their way through, forcing another over the edge.

Try to Sleep
Turn 16 Squirrels into Sheep on Planet Todano

The Sheepinator is found for free on Planet Todano. To get it head right over the bridge from the observation deck (the area where you took a long elevator and there's a tonne of lights followed by a weapon vender) and get to the end of the path. Once you have the Sheepinator make your way back to the beginning of the level where the tourists are and simply turn every squirrel you see into a sheep. It should take a few seconds for each squirrel to change and note that if you stop firing at the squirrel then the meter on the right will reset back to zero so be sure to keep firing the gun until they change.

Moving Violation
Shoot down 14 ships on Snivelak

Throughout this level you can see ships flying about in the sky the whole time, making this a relatively easy trophy to unlock. The ships all follow the same flight path which makes them very predictable and easy to shoot down. I suggest using the Pulse Rifle / Vaporizer to shoot them as one shot from that will destroy a ship. Simply take aim and fire at the ships as they enter your line of sight. It's slightly harder to shoot the ships that are flying horizontally across your screen, so if you're looking for an easy method try to shoot the ships as they either fly away or fly towards you. It's best to do this while near a vendor as you'll run out of ammo before you can hit 14.

Yay Carbon
Obtain Carbonox Armor

The Carbonox Armor is the final suit for you to purchase in the game. It is available once you complete Planet Boldon at a cost of 1,000,000 (1 Million) bolts and it absorbs up to 90% of damage taken so it's a pretty good investment. You probably won't have enough bolts to purchase it when it first becomes available so see I Got Bolts to Trade for tips on how to collect more.

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