Players: 1-4
Online Trophies: All trophies can be earned online, but only two require that you do so: Waiting Room and Connected.
Online Pass Required: Yes
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to Platinum: 15-20 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1+
Collectible Trophies: No
Missable Trophies: No - there is chapter select in both Online and Offline modes.
Glitched Trophies: Waiting Room


This isn't your older brother's Ratchet & Clank game. Qwark has somehow managed to become the Galactic President, and our heroes are working with Dr. Nefarious instead of against him. What's this galaxy coming to? Find out in Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One, the newest entry in the wildly popular PlayStation exclusive Ratchet & Clank series.

Just like every other Ratchet & Clank game, you'll have a huge arsenal of fun and interesting weapons to use. Unlike previous games, however, you'll be able to use them in conjunction with up to three other players in an all-new cooperative style of gameplay that is sure to shake things up. Try out each character to see which is your favorite, and be sure to try combining your firepower with that of your teammates - you never know what strange and wonderful effects you might produce.

[top]Required for Platinum

  • Although it wasn't really publicized, this game requires an online pass to play cooperatively over the PlayStation Network, and since there are trophies that have to be earned online, it is required to earn the platinum trophy.
  • You must also have at least two controllers for this platinum, since there is a trophy for playing a 2-player offline game.

[top]Tips and Strategies

  • Be sure to use to lock on to your target when shooting (you don't actually need to aim), and try to coordinate the fire of multiple team members on the same target whenever possible to maximize damage. In a single player game, your AI teammate will generally go for whatever you're shooting at automatically.
  • Don't worry about conserving ammunition - there are plenty of ammo replenishment stations (the big green circles with the ammo icon hovering over them), and ammunition is free. You will, however, want to make sure you are using the right weapons at the right time. There are certain fights where you will empty several weapons, and if you waste the good stuff on the easy enemies, you'll really mess yourself up.
  • When playing with a team, the game continues as long as at least one team member is still alive, with everyone else respawning on them. If all team members die, you'll all restart at the last checkpoint.
  • Once you acquire them, the Critter Strike and Omegatech Frost Cannon are single shot kills on almost every enemy in the game, and are especially useful if you use co-op overload with them.

[top]Cheats, Glitches and Exploits

There's an easy way to gain access to every level and segment of the game straight away.
  1. Play through the first chapter of the game.
  2. Exit out and go back to the main menu.
  3. Find a friend who has beaten the game and have them invite you to their game while they are on the last level.
  4. Go on then to finish that level, then quit and head back to the main menu.

Now, when you go to select your level in either offline or online, you'll have every single chapter and level up to your co-op partner's unlocked.


  1. Play through the game once in the manner of your choosing. You can earn most of the trophies regardless of whether you play solo or co-op (online or off), so it's really up to you to decide how you want to play the game, although choosing a character other than Ratchet will make step #3 quite a bit easier, so you may want to think about that.
  2. Use chapter select to clean up any trophies you still haven't earned.
  3. Grind for bolts to get The First Million is Always the Hardest, and then buy any weapons and/or upgrades you still need for Upgraded.


A huge thank you to antoniosbandana for providing all of the videos included in this guide.

Special thanks also go out to the following members who helped in the development of this guide:


4 Play
Get all of the Trophies in the game.

Earn all of the other trophies listed below and this suggestive platinum name will be yours. Obviously.

Keep the Meter Running
Don’t let the air taxi take damage in Luminopolis.

This trophy will be easier to earn in a single player game, but even playing co-op it shouldn't be difficult with a little bit of coordination.

Very early in the first level you'll come to a section where you'll have to hit a bell to call a taxi. While riding the taxi, you'll need to move back and forth to avoid the hazards in one tunnel and then the other sky cars in another.

If you're playing in a group, all members need to move together to get the taxi going in the right direction, which is why it's easier to do on your own. It's a very short section, though, so it's certainly not impossible to do as a team.

Once you get through both tunnels, the Z'Grute will smash your taxi and you'll begin a rail grinding section. As long as you didn't hit anything with the taxi before that happens, the trophy will pop as you start grinding.

Video Walkthrough

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Intergalactic Tool of Justice
Defeat the Z'Grute.

This is a story-related trophy and cannot be missed.

This is the first boss fight of the game, and it takes place over several sections.

During the first section, the Z'Grute will slam his hands down, causing the floor to electrify in different patterns - left to right, right to left, front to back or in random individual squares. He will also slam both of his hands down on the platform in front of himself occasionally, but all of these attacks are easy to dodge if you stay on the opposite side of the platform from the Z'Grute and jump over the moving electrified sections as necessary. Concentrate fire on his head to take huge chunks of his health with Overloads, and then take out the generator when he goes to recharge himself on it, and you'll breeze through the first section. Sprint across the collapsing bridge (stopping to collect bolts if you have time), and then activate the launching platform on the other side to begin the second section.

The second section is a very simple rail grinding section where you just have to avoid the electrical charges the Z'Grute sends up the rail at you, either by dodging left or right or jumping over them.

After stopping at a weapons vendor and picking up the newly available Plasma Bomb Launcher, then taking out a few more enemies, the third section will begin, and once again you'll need to jump over electrified plates on the floor while concentrating fire on the Z'Grute. There is an ammo pad here, but be aware that each player can only use it once, so you'll most likely end up needing to use both of your weapons during this part of the fight.

At this point you'll be taken to the top of a tower, where you'll have to work together to take out several more robotic enemies before jumping onto some turrets to attack the Z'Grute once again. There are four field generators you'll need to take out before you can get to the Z'Grute himself. Concentrate fire on them while also being sure to shoot down the glowing yellow projectiles he shoots at you. Once all four generators are down, you can finally attack the Z'Grute directly. He'll be knocked off of his pedestal and hanging off the edge of your platform - use the jumping melee attack (+) on each of his hands to finish him off for good.

Bomb Disposal
Blow up 85% of the exploding crates in Aldaros Plains.

To earn this trophy, you must destroy 85% of the exploding crates in this level, and that means you or your teammates must physically destroy them yourselves. If the ground underneath them collapses and they fall down, they do not count, and if that happens more than once or twice, you cannot get to 85%. You also cannot just walk by them and let them explode on their own - you have to forcefully cause them to explode, preferably with the wrench throw (+).

Make sure you are exploring the level thoroughly, because there are several groups of crates that are hidden in out of the way locations. Also keep in mind that if you die, all of the crates in the entire level will respawn, making it impossible to earn the trophy, so you need to go through the entire section without dying.

This trophy will pop as soon as you get over 85%, so if you don't get it by the time you get to the Octomoth, back out and restart the Outside Receiving Station checkpoint to try again.

If you're having trouble with this one early on, come back to it after you have a fully upgraded Critter Strike. That will make the Gravoids - which are the only challenging part of the entire process - an easy kill, and make earning this trophy much less frustrating.

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Anyone for Sushi?
Defeat the octomoth.

This is a story-related trophy and cannot be missed.

The Octomoth is the boss for Aldaros Plains, and fortunately it's a much quicker fight than the Z'Grute was.

You'll find yourself on a platform with the Octomoth looking over you, but you can't initially shoot the head. Instead, concentrate your fire on the tips of the tentacles as they come up through the ground, and be quick about it - if you don't shoot them quickly enough they will pull apart the platform you're standing on. After taking out enough of the tentacles, the Octomoth will be stunned and you'll notice the head pop up a little bit - this your chance to concentrate all of your fire on the head and so some real damage.

After you fire on the head for a while, the cycle will repeat again. Simply continue the pattern until it's dead.

El Matador
No one gets hit by a grove beetle in the Deadgrove.

You'll be introduced to the Grove Beetles during the first section of the Deadgrove level. They are very large beetles that charge at your group very quickly. There are six beetles in total, and to unlock this trophy, you need to be sure that no one in your group gets hit by any one of the six. This does not include your AI partner if you are playing solo, so that may be the easiest way to knock this one out.

When the beetle charges, it hits the opposite wall of the area and is stunned, making it vulnerable to a one-hit kill from your jumping melee attack (+), but the trick is avoiding the attacks. You have to be make a very quick double jump over their heads to avoid them, and you'll probably need to play through the section a few times to get used to each beetle's timing, because it is different for each one, and you really need to be jumping right as they start charging at you if you hope to miss them.

There are a couple of things you can do to make this easier:
  • Use a decoy - For the 1st, 5th and 6th beetles, tossing a Dopplebanger (or Clank if you're playing solo) will eliminate any chance of getting hit, because the beetle will go after the decoy while you're not even in the danger zone, allowing you to swoop in for an easy kill.
  • Only have one person drop into the area - If you're playing co-op, whomever from your group is most comfortable with the timing should be the only one to take on the challenge, while the others stay out of harm's way. Again, this cannot be done on all of the beetles, but you should do it whenever you have the chance.
  • Stay as far away from the beetle as you can. This will give you a split second more to react once they start moving.

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Now We Need a Really Big Tissue
Defeat the Wigwump.

This is a story-related trophy and cannot be missed.

The Wigwump is a giant, toothy, worm-looking thing that you meet during one of the jetpack segments of the Deadgrove.

At the beginning of the fight, you're making your way down a long pit, and you need to blast into the white bubble on top of the Wigwump's head using , while being careful to avoid the bile he spews out at you, as well as the thorny plants that block your path on the way down. Use frequently to make sure you don't drop down too far or too quickly.

During the next segment of the fight, you'll have to make your way through a zig-zagging path around several thorny vines while avoiding the Wigwump as it charges out of holes on your path. The best strategy is to make your way down as fast as you possibly can - this will normally result in him charging out of a hole into an area you've already vacated.

The same principle applies to the next section, where the Wigwump will be coming straight down the pit after you - keep moving back and forth as quickly as you can, ignoring the tempting crates of bolts along the side walls, and only getting the Nanotech if you absolutely need it.

Once you reach the bottom, you'll have to use to blast through a pane of glass to your right, and then you'll fall into the Wigwump's den, where the real fight begins. Concentrate fire on the Wigwump's head and be sure to pay attention to where he's getting ready to spew, because he'll superheat the ground in either the left, center or right sections of the area, and you'll want to make sure you're not in the section he's heating. After a bit of that, you'll see a blue panel on the ground to the left. Step on it and you'll be launched in the air, where you can once again use your blast with the jetpack to smash the white bubble on his head, stunning him. Concentrate all of your fire on him at this point to take a huge chunk of his health.

The pattern will start over again, except that this time he'll superheat two of the three sections (either left + center or right + center) at the same time, so make sure you sprint to the other side as soon as you see him leaning that way, and then continue to fire away at him once you get over there. The blue panel will appear again - this time on the opposite side - so use it to enable your jetpack once again and finally finish off the Wigwump with your blast.

Spog 2.0
Defeat Commander Spog.

This is a story-related trophy and cannot be missed.

Commander Spog is a giant floating robot who attacks you at the end of the N.E.S.T. level, and he has three basic attacks.

First, he will shoot two laser beams at you, and you'll want to jump over the beams as they swing around the platform. You can try to shoot him during this time, but your only really good option is to use some of your heavier weapons, like the Warmonger or Plasmabomb Launcher. You can also deal him some damage with co-op overloads, but those can be kind of challenging to pull off while avoiding his attacks.

Second, he'll throw little bombs down on you. You can easily avoid these as they come down, and then you'll want to pick them up with your Vac-U and throw them back, because that is your best option for dealing consistent damage to Spog.

The third attack comes in the form of spinning blades that slide around the platform in different directions. They are easy enough to miss except that they are usually mixed in with one or both of the other attacks, especially as the fight wears on.

This can be a difficult fight, especially if you're playing solo, but you get plenty of ammo and Spog's bombs, so just fire away as much as you can until you wear him down enough to finish him off.

On Some Planets They’re a Delicacy
Shoot all of the slorgs back into the waters of Octonok Cay.

There are Slorgs all throughout the Octanok Cay level, and they are extremely annoying. They are electric creatures that will zap you if you get too close, and once you start attacking them they bounce around all over the place, making things very tough in the limited space available on the Octanok docks. To make things worse, there are armored versions where you have to knock off their armor with overloads or heavy weapons before you can knock them off.

To earn this trophy, you must knock every single Slorg into water to kill it, and although it's a very annoying process, it's not that difficult as long as you keep two things in mind: You have to get through the entire level without having everyone on your team die - if you have to restart a checkpoint, you can't get it - and you can't kill the Slorgs by any means other than knocking them off of the platform into the water. Accidentally killing them is pretty hard to do, but it is possible if you hit unarmored Slorgs with overloads or heavy weapons. The best bet is to try to use the Pyro Blaster to take out the armor and then use your wrench throw (+) or careful shots with the Pyro Blaster or Combuster to knock them into the water.

Toward the end of the level, you'll come to a few areas where you have to knock Slorgs into small circular pools of water, and these are also part of the trophy.

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Now That's a Big Fish
Defeat King Sepiad.

This is a story-related trophy and cannot be missed.

King Sepiad is the boss of the Octanok Cay level, and he's pretty simple to defeat. The first segment of the fight has you and your companions water-skiing (huh?), and there are only two things you have to do: avoid Sepiad's attacks - either with his tentacles or when he comes up from under the water - and lock onto the electric towers to damage him a few times. This you do by hitting when you get close to them and then rotating to charge them up. After you've done that a few times, you move on to the next section.

The next section is a little more difficult (and annoying), but not overly so. You'll be on a platform surrounded by tubes that release Slorgs at you from time to time while Sepiad is outside of a glass dome. Put enough of the Slorgs into the toilet bowl in the middle of the platform and the dome will go away, at which point one player can walk up to Sepiad and press to open his mouth, into which the other players can then knock the Slorgs.

Repeat this pattern again and then destroy the tentacle he's using to cover the crank, and Sepiad will be history, but he'll reward you with this trophy on his way to wherever it is giant fish kings go when they die.

It Was Like That When We Got Here
Destroy all of the towers in Gorthon Crater.

This fairly simple trophy is earned during the third checkpoint in the Terawatt Forest level, Gorthon Crater. As you're being carried around by the Guardian Bot and manning his turrets, you'll notice what looks like movie set floodlights on top of several towers. To unlock this trophy, you need to use your turrets to destroy all of them. It doesn't take much to knock them down, so it's just a matter of making sure you get them all before you move past them, and making sure you don't completely ignore the enemies that are trying to get at you at the same time. Refer to the video below if you're having trouble locating or destroying any of the towers.

Video Walkthrough

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Space Cadet
Complete Terawatt Forest.

This is a story-related trophy and cannot be missed.

There's nothing overly complicated here - just finish every section of the Terawatt Forest level and you can add this one to your collection.

A Moment of Reflection
Use only Reflectors to destroy the generators in Phonica Moon’s security tunnels.

As the trophy description says, this one requires two players (online or offline) to earn.

You are tasked with destroying three generators during the Security Tunnels segment of the Phonica Moon level, and you do that by directing beams of light at them with your newly-acquired Reflector. The problem is that there are glass panels around the generators that will also reflect the light beams, and to earn this trophy you must destroy all of the generator pods with a beam that only touches your reflectors - if a beam bounces off of one of the panels at any point on its way to destroy the generator, it will not count and you'll have to start over. Just hitting a panel with a light beam will not cancel it out, but if it is bouncing off of a panel when it destroys the pod, you're done.

The reason this requires two players is that the last two generators require the beam to be bounced in two different directions to avoid the glass and still get to the generator, meaning that you have to have two different players using their reflectors. If you play solo, you are forced to use the glass panels.

Check out the video below for the specific reflection angles needed to destroy each pod.

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Winter Wonderland
Escape the Polar Sea.

This is a story-related trophy and cannot be missed.

Again, nothing too dramatic or complicated. As soon as you finish the Polar Sea level, this trophy will pop.

Mission Improbable
Get through the laser walls at the end of Uzo City in 45 seconds.

In the City segment of the Uzo City level, there is a very quick section that starts when you slam open a forcefield to enter the section just after getting off of the elevator. To earn this trophy you simply need to get through that section with an elapsed time less than 45 seconds, and most likely you'll find that the easiest way to do this is with Quark and his Quantum Deflector.

Using that, you can ignore everything that's going on around you, sprinting through the area and only stopping to destroy the four laser turrets toward the back of the area with a cooperative slam attack on the button to your left. Once that's done, just sprint straight to the back of the area and this trophy will be yours.

Check out the video in the spoiler for an alternate strategy using Ratchet.

Video Walkthrough

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The Saviors of Magnus
Defeat the Loki Master.

This is a story-related trophy and cannot be missed.

The Loki Master is the final boss of the game, and you will earn this trophy after you have defeated him (go figure).

The first segment of this fight has you taking on the Loki Master in his disguise as "Mr. Dinkles." You'll alternate back and forth between arena-style matches where you fight waves of enemies (co-op overloads with the Critter Strike with some sprinkling of Thundersmack is a good option here) and a fight with Mr. Dinkles himself. You'll need to use your reflectors together to achieve a co-op overload on him with his own lasers to remove his shield, then just blast away with the Warmonger or any other heavy weapon of your choice while it's down. Repeat this pattern until you whittle his health down far enough to reach the cutscene.

After watching a short movie, the Loki Master will assume the form of the Grivelnok. This is a pretty intense fight, dodging all of his various attacks as well as the small enemies he throws at you, but you are given plenty of ammo, so hammer away at him with your heavy weapons (Warmonger, Plasmabomb, etc), mix in the Thundersmack, and use your Darkstar Fission Tether and/or Critter Strike against the smaller foes. The Grivelnok will move around to several spots on the platform, and after that pattern is repeated a few times, the next part of the fight begins.

Now you'll find yourself facing a couple of large monsters that are let out of their jars to attack you. An upgraded Critter Strike is your best bet here.

Just when you thought it was about over, the Grivelnok will completely recharge his health by draining electricity and you'll basically have to start all over. It hardly seems fair, but there you are... Blast away with the Warmonger, refilling on the ammo pads every time you run out, until you see the little cutscene talking about pinning him down with the pincers. Use the Warmonger and ammo refills again until about 1/3 of his health is gone, and you'll finally have the chance to pin him down.

Use your Vac-U to pick up your partner and toss him up onto the switch on the left side. Now the Grivelnok will start shooting a light beam at you, but once you jump over it the first time, stay on the far right side of the platform for the next two Vac-U tosses - one to get the arms on the other side and then another to pin down the right side of the head. From this point, you should be able to walk to the other side of the head and hit the final switch with another Vac-U toss.

The final part of the fight is the spirit that is pulled out of the Grivelnok. Use your Vac-U's to help pull it out, and then blast away at it with your Warmonger and then whatever other weapons you have left to finish it off and end the game.

Night Lights are for Wimps
Get through Rossa Fields without using any of the energy repositories.

During the Rossa Fields segment of the Terawatt Forest level, you take charge of a Comet Shard that you need to drag through the level with your Vac-U, and you need to do so while maintaining its charge. The charge level is displayed in a meter at the bottom right corner of your screen as you're making your way through the level.

The good news is that there are energy repositories scattered through this level that will recharge your shard to 100%. The bad news is that you can't use any of them (except the one that is used during the cutscene in the middle) if you want to unlock this trophy. Instead, you can pick up the shard fragments laying around (what game is this again?) with your Vac-U and toss them into the Comet Shard to charge it up a little bit at a time.

You're going to need to move fairly quickly to get to the end with some charge left, but there are a couple of things to keep in mind:
  • You must make it through the entire level without dying, so you have to exercise caution, even while trying to move things along.
  • There are giant Venus Flytrap-looking things that will instantly kill you if you wander off into the darker areas, so make sure you stay close to the shard at all times - as long as you're in the light, they will stay in their holes and leave you alone.
  • Obviously this isn't just a walk in the park - there will be enemies coming after you, and you'll want to make sure you have some really good weapons at the ready to take them out. The Critter Strike and the Darkstar Fission Tether are two good choices.

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The Mad Plasmabomber
Kill eight enemies with one shot.

The first and easiest opportunity to earn this trophy comes right after you complete your Vac-U training during the second level. You'll be moving on a floating platform and Suzie will bring you over to dock with the platform she is on. At that point, the door will open and you'll see a boatload of small enemies waiting for you.

Fire your Plasma Bomb Launcher into the crowd a few times, and you should be able to kill 8 with one shot.

If you haven't already earned it, you will also get Quick Killer for your efforts.

If you're playing in a co-op game, make sure the other players stay back on the platform, and after the first person gets both trophies, you can all jump off of the edge at the same time to restart the checkpoint, allowing everyone to get them in turn.

Barbecue four enemies at the same time using the Pyro Blaster.

As the trophy description says, to earn this one you'll need to kill four enemies at once with the Pyro Blaster.

This is probably a bit easier after you acquire the power upgrade for it, but it's fairly simple in any case - just use it as much as possible any time you see large groups of weak enemies and you should get it with no troubles. If you're looking for a quick and easy spot to head to from the chapter menu, try the N.E.S.T. Entrance checkpoint in the N.E.S.T. level - there are about 30 small enemies that spawn right as you begin that segment.

Knockout Artist
Kill three enemies with one attack using the Blitzer.

The Blitzer is a weapon that looks like a pair of boxing gloves and provides a powerful punch that can be used to take out larger enemies than your standard melee attack. To unlock this trophy, you'll need to take out several enemies at once, which is extremely easy to do in a crowd of any size.

In fact, you can earn this trophy right after the Blitzer first becomes available, if you also have enough bolts to purchase the Power upgrade. Right after acquiring it, you'll be bounced up to a small ledge with two groups of Deadbeetles. Simply equip your Blitzer and hit when you get close to them, and you should easily take out at least three of them. If you miss it here for some reason, don't fret - you can restart the checkpoint to try again, or just try to get it later on - there will be plenty of opportunities.

Fine, But You’re Cleaning Up After Them
Get 10 critters on screen at once.

The Critter Strike is a weapon which you can purchase at the beginning of the N.E.S.T. level, and which turns your enemies into cute little piggies early on, then fire-breathing warthogs after being upgraded. In order to add this trophy to your collection you need to have 10 enemies turned into pigs and walking around at the same time. They don't actually have to be on your screen at the same time, despite the trophy description, so if you use it exclusively on all of the small enemies you see from the time you get it, you'll earn this trophy in no time.

As with most other kill-based trophies in this game, you can use the N.E.S.T. Entrance checkpoint to farm it if you miss out on it during normal gameplay.

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Eight Seconds
Kill eight enemies in eight seconds using the Darkstar Fission Tether with two or more teammates.

The Darkstar Fission Tether is an energy chain weapon that first becomes available at the beginning of the Rehabitation Center segment of the N.E.S.T. level, right after you defeat Mr. Perkins, and comes at a cost of 15,000 bolts.

This trophy is extremely easy to obtain as long as you use the Tether on a crowd of weak enemies, at the same time as your teammates (AI or real). As with many of the trophies in this game, the best place to get this one if you somehow miss it during normal play is at the N.E.S.T. Entrance in the N.E.S.T. level.

Zurkon the Legend
Kill 100 enemies with Mr. Zurkon out.

Mr. Zurkon should be familiar to anyone who has played a Ratchet & Clank game in the past. He's a floating robotic ally who will hover around and help you with any enemies you come across - in essence, he's another teammate you can carry around in your pocket.

This trophy should come during normal gameplay, as long as you get in the habit of having a Zurkon up any time you're in a big fight, but if you get to the end of the game and don't have it, head back to the N.E.S.T. level - specifically the N.E.S.T. Entrance segment. There is a very large group of enemies right out of the checkpoint, so you can kill them, quit, and restart it again until you have the trophy.

Melee Legend
Kill 150 enemies with melee.

Any time you kill an enemy with Ratchet's trusty wrench, it counts as a melee kill. Try to use melee ()on every small enemy you see during the game and you'll earn this trophy very easily.

It doesn't matter whether you swing your wrench while standing on the ground or perform a jumping melee attack (+), as they both go toward your count.

Q-Force Legend
Kill 50 enemies in a row using melee without taking damage.

This trophy can be pretty tricky if you try to do it outside of a few choice areas. The best place to try and get it is at the Vertigus Cliffs checkpoint of the N.E.S.T level. You'll need to do this in a co-op game, because there are exactly 50 enemies that are able to be easily melee killed in this section and the AI will kill them for you. If you can't find a good partner online or on your couch, it is easy enough to navigate yourself through this section using two controllers, or to save time you can kick the second controller for the parts with no enemies, and then join them back in (by pressing twice) when the enemies show up.

There is only one enemy in this section that really needs to be shot, but if you let your teammate (AI or real) take him out for you while you stand back, this otherwise frustrating trophy becomes a piece of cake. For all of the other enemies, stand back and use your wrench throw + to take them all out with no danger of getting hit, and once you take care of the five enemies that pop up in the little area down the ramp right after the larger minion, you should unlock this trophy.

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Doppelbanger Legend
Destroy 30 enemies while they’re distracted by the Doppelbanger.

This trophy must be earned while playing as Ratchet.

The Dopplebanger is a weapon that can only be purchased while playing as Ratchet, and it is a dummy Ratchet that draws the attention of your enemies while also spouting witty one-liners. To earn this trophy, you just need to hit to toss one out any time you're near a crowd of enemies and then dive in and take them out while they are swarming around your decoy, rinse and repeat.

It is easiest to rack up kills for this trophy if you use the Dopplebanger when faced with large crowds of weak enemies, so the N.E.S.T. Entrance checkpoint is a great place to get this if you don't get it during normal gameplay.

Note: The cost for this weapon is 5,000 bolts, so if you haven't played with Ratchet at all, you'll have to earn those bolts before going for this trophy.

Quantum Deflector Legend
Absorb 500 shots with the Quantum Deflector.

This trophy must be earned while playing as Quark.

The Quantum Deflector is a weapon that can only be purchased while playing as President Quark, and it is a shield that will protect you from most enemy fire. To pop this trophy, you simply need to stand around, with the Deflector enabled, long enough for it to absorb 500 shots. The first couple of sections in the Deadgrove are a great place to farm this if you use it every time you face the Proton Turrets. Playing co-op makes it even easier, because you can be the one to draw the fire of the turrets while your partner(s) make sure not to kill them before you get to 500.

Scout Minions are also great for this, due to the sheer number of shots they fire your way.

Note: The cost for this weapon is 5,000 bolts, so if you haven't played with Quark at all, you'll have to earn those bolts before going for this trophy.

Zoni Legend
Kill 15 enemies that have been slowed down by the Zoni Blaster.

This trophy must be earned while playing as Clank.

The Zoni Blaster is a weapon that can only be purchased while playing as Clank, and it is a gun that uses Zoni technology to slow down your enemies, allowing you to kill them much more easily. To unlock this trophy, you simply need to slow down 15 enemies with the blaster and then kill them while they are still under its affects.

It is easiest to rack up kills for this trophy when faced with large crowds of weak enemies, so the N.E.S.T. Entrance checkpoint is a great place for this if you don't get it during normal gameplay.

Note: The cost for this weapon is 5,000 bolts, so if you haven't played with Clank at all, you'll have to earn those bolts before going for this trophy.

Cloaker Legend
Kill 15 enemies while using the Cloaker.

This trophy must be earned while playing as Dr. Nefarious.

The Cloaker is a weapon that can only be purchased while playing as Dr. Nefarious, and it makes you temporarily invisible, allowing you to sneak up on your enemies and take them out with an enhanced melee attack. To unlock this trophy, you need to take down 15 enemies while under the affects of the Cloaker.

It is easiest to rack up kills for this trophy when faced with large crowds of weak enemies, so the N.E.S.T. Entrance checkpoint is a great place for this if you don't get it during normal gameplay.

Note: The cost for this weapon is 5,000 bolts, so if you haven't played with Nefarious at all, you'll have to earn those bolts before going for this trophy.

Quick Killer
Kill eight enemies in two seconds.

This one is completely self explanatory, and chances are you'll earn it through normal gameplay without even trying.

See The Mad Plasmabomber above for the earliest chance to get it out of the way.

Overload Legend
Use the Co-op overload to kill 60 enemies.

When two or more teammates concentrate their fire on one enemy, their rate of fire will gradually increase until the enemy finally goes down in a slow motion explosion - this is the Co-op Overload.

You should be trying to concentrate fire as much as possible during the course of the game (and your AI teammate will normally do it automatically in a single player game), so you should earn this trophy naturally.

Life Support
Revive a teammate with one second left on their timer. (2P +)

This trophy must be earned in a co-op game with at least one other player.

When one of your teammates gets killed in a co-op game, they will go down to the ground and a timer will appear over their head, starting at 10 seconds. You can revive them by walking over to them and pressing to pick them up with the Vac-U 4000, and to unlock this trophy you'll want to wait until the timer reaches 1 before picking them up. Luckily the timer slows down for the last three seconds, so this is very easy to do. Once you have picked them up, just hold them there until the meter fills up and they'll be revived.

The best place to get this trophy is during the first segment of the Aldaros Plains level, when you are first shown how to do it. Each player in your game will be zapped and downed one by one, giving everyone else in the group a chance to revive them with no enemies around to complicate things. Just make sure each person in your group gets a turn and waits until the timer hits 1, and you'll all get this one out of the way at the same time.

Friendship through Firepower
Buy your first weapon.

This is a story-related trophy and cannot be missed.

After you defeat the first set of Cleaner Minions in Luminopolis, you'll come to a weapons vendor, which is a pole with a satellite dish on top. Walk up to it and press to enter the store, where you can acquire your first weapon, the Combuster. Lucky for you, this one's free.

Upping your Arsenal
Buy half of the weapons.

To earn this trophy, you simply need to purchase half of the weapons for one character. See Upgraded below for a full list of the available weapons for each character.

If you buy each weapon as it becomes available, you'll unlock this trophy when you purchase the Blitzer, about halfway through the Deadgrove.

For the Zombie Apocalypse
Buy all of the weapons.

To earn this trophy, you simply need to purchase all of of the weapons for one character. You do not have to get all of the different character-specific weapons. None of the weapons are overly expensive, so if you play all the way through the story with one character, you should earn this trophy the first time the Thundersmack becomes available, in Octanok Cay.

See Upgraded below for a full list of the available weapons and their costs.

Tricked Out
Fully upgrade one weapon.

There are three upgrade levels for each weapon - Ammo, Power and Elite. Purchase all three for any one weapon in the game and you can add this trophy to your collection. Keep in mind that new weapons become available at certain points in the story, and then their upgrades become available later, so you will most likely earn this trophy by upgrading one of the first weapons you get.

The cost to fully upgrade one of the early weapons is 45,000 bolts (plus the cost of the weapon itself), and the costs gradually get higher for the ones unlocked later.

Fully upgrade all weapons.

You'll visit weapons vendors all throughout your time in All 4 One, and to earn this trophy you'll need to purchase every weapon available for one character and all of the upgrades (Ammo, Power and Elite) for each of those weapons. The full list of weapons, the cost to purchase them and the cost of their upgrades is below. To be clear, you do not need to purchase and upgrade all four character-specific weapons. Simply complete the list with one character and this trophy will pop.

The RYNO is not required for this trophy.

Earning bolts is not overly difficult, so feel free to purchase whatever weapons and upgrades you need to get yourself through the game, but once you've finished it, concentrate on getting to 1,000,000 bolts for The First Million is Always the Hardest before going back to buy the rest.

Weapon List
  • The Combuster (Free)
    • Ammo - 5,000
    • Power - 10,000
    • Elite - 30,000

  • Plasma Bomb Launcher (500)
    • Ammo - 5,000
    • Power - 10,000
    • Elite - 30,000

  • Arc Lasher (4,500)
    • Ammo - 5,000
    • Power - 10,000
    • Elite - 30,000

  • Character-Specific Weapon - list below (5,000)
    • Ammo - 10,000
    • Power - 10,000
    • Elite - 30,000

  • Warmonger (5,000)
    • Ammo - 10,000
    • Power - 25,000
    • Elite - 60,000

  • Blitzer (6,000)
    • Ammo - 10,000
    • Power - 10,000
    • Elite - 50,000

  • Critter Strike (10,000)
    • Ammo - 5,000
    • Power - 10,000
    • Elite - 30,000

  • Mr. Zurkon (10,000)
    • Ammo - 5,000
    • Power - 10,000
    • Elite - 30,000

  • Pyro Blaster (10,000)
    • Ammo - 5,000
    • Power - 10,000
    • Elite - 30,000

  • Darkstar Fission Tether (15,000)
    • Ammo - 10,000
    • Power - 25,000
    • Elite - 60,000

  • Omegatech Frost Cannon (25,000)
    • Ammo - 10,000
    • Power - 25,000
    • Elite - 60,000

  • Thundersmack (25,000)
    • Ammo - 10,000
    • Power - 25,000
    • Elite - 60,000

Character-Specific Weapons
  • Ratchet - DoppleBanger
  • Clank - Zoni Blaster
  • Quark - Quantum Deflector
  • Dr. Nefarious - Cloaker

Galactic Hero
Kill 500 enemies.

This trophy is self-explanatory, and should be easily earned during normal play, unless you're just sitting around and letting your teammates do all of the work. Simply kill 500 enemies in any way you see fit, and this trophy will pop.

Note that your stats are cumulative across all playthroughs, even when you quit and restart different levels or checkpoints.

Vac-U Legend
Kill 50 enemies with the Vac-U 4000.

You'll earn the Vac-U 4000 right after you are captured at the end of the first level and then rescued at the beginning of the second. Use it to kill 50 enemies by sucking them up and throwing them and you'll unlock this simple trophy.

If you somehow miss out on it during normal gameplay, head over to the N.E.S.T. Entrance segment of the N.E.S.T. level and farm kills there. You shouldn't have to quit and replay the section more than once, even if you didn't manage a single Vac-U kill before then.

The Bolt Banker
Have 100,000 bolts banked.

You will unlock this trophy the first time you have at least 100,000 bolts in your possession.

See The First Million is Always the Hardest below for more information.

The First Million is Always the Hardest
Have 1,000,000 bolts banked.

Just as the trophy description says, you will need to have no less than one million bolts in your collection at some point.

Unfortunately, bolts are specific to each character, so you'll need to concentrate your bolt grinding efforts on the one of your choosing. Fortunately, you can rack up huge numbers of bolts fairly quickly if you do it right.

Generally speaking, the later levels in the game are going to give you the most bolts and, even though it seems backward, having more players in your party makes a huge positive difference to the number of bolts you can garner during one playthrough. If you have three friends and you're all playing different characters, it's easy, but otherwise you'll have to try to search for games online, and that's why it's better to play as someone other than Ratchet - the vast majority of players seem to favor him, so you'll have an incredibly difficult time finding full games while playing as him.

Fire up the online and search for a game in the Polar Sea or Uzo City, and try to focus on ones that only have one or two open slots. If you have a hard time finding ones that meet that criteria, you're better off playing earlier levels in a full game than playing later ones on your own or even with one other player.

Don't forget to change your settings to only search for games where you can play as your chosen character.

Waiting Room
Reach the lobby. (2P +)

This will be one of the easiest trophies you ever earn. From the main menu, just choose "Online," then click on either "Create Game" or "Join Game," and the trophy will pop as soon as you get to the next screen.

This trophy can be glitched!

This trophy glitched on me when I was trying to load up a lobby. It seems that if you wait for too long before someone joins you won't get it. All I can say is that you should keep trying until it pops.

Play an online game. (2P +)

Despite the trophy description, you don't actually have to have two players in your game to earn this one. As soon as you get past the opening cutscene of your first online game, this trophy will pop, even if you're hosting a game with no one else in it.

Play a single-player game.

Just like Connected above, this trophy will pop as soon as you reach the end of the opening cutscene - the only difference is that you need to choose "Offline" from the main main when beginning the game, and you need to begin the game with only one player in your party.

Couch Potato
Play an offline-only game. (2P +)

From the main menu, choose "Offline" and make sure there are at least two players in your party (requires two controllers) before you begin your game. With that done, simply watch the opening cutscene (again), and you will earn this trophy at its conclusion.

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