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The greatest heroes in the galaxy are back for one more adventure to celebrate their 10th anniversary. Full Frontal Assault is a little different than all other Ratchet & Clank games. While it is still a great 3rd person action adventure, it now incorporates a Base Defense style game that encourages online/offline multiplayer to succeed. You get to play as 1 of 3 different characters that should be familiar to any Ratchet fan, but since this is their anniversary here they are again.

Ratchet is a Lombax who was abandoned by the rest of his species, in the war against the Cragmytes. He got to grow up on the planet Veldin, where he met Clank for the first time. Ratchet and Clank have since been on many adventures to save the galaxy. They’ve defeated a planet destroying fiend named Chairman Drek, stopped a dangerous invention, the Protopet, from destroying the galaxy, and beat the evil Dr. Nefarious on multiple occasions. Ratchet is a guy of simple premises. He works as a part-time engineer part-time intergalactic hero. He loves technology, long walks on the beach and loads of different weapons and gadgets.

Clank, also known as XJ-0461, is a small robot Zoni. He was born on Quarto, originally meant for the evil Chairman Drek’s army. Clank, having none of that, escaped to planet Veldin where he met Ratchet. Later Clank discovers that he was actually descended from the Zoni leader Orvus. Clank being the so-called “chosen one” finds out that he is actually able to manipulate time, slowing it down and rewinding it. Clank is mostly using Zoni techonolgy with a few tweaks from Ratchet and Big Al. Clank is also the lead in the holovid series “Secret Agent Clank”, where he goes about saving the galaxy with his trusty sidekick Ratchet.

Growning up on Kerwan, Qwark had many great things ahead of him. He became a celebrity Superhero known for saving the world from Dr. Nefarious. He unfortunately ended up being a henchman for Captain Chairman Drek and used in the first two games as an antagonist. He eventually cleared his name in the third game, by “helping” defeat the villain Dr. Nefarious (again). Being the president of the Polaris sector and the founder of the Q-force, a team of superheroes, Qwark is mostly known for his daring plans and escapes, usually evolving insane danger, small chance of survival and a lady outfit.


Players: 1-2 co-op (offline or online) 2-4 competitive (online)
Online Trophies: 3-Custom Job , Fear Does Not Exist , Hero Academy
Online Pass Required: No
Estimated Time to Platinum: 10-15 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1 and then replay missions
Collectible Trophies: No-but there is grinding
Missable Trophies: No-you can replay missions
Glitched Trophies: No

[top]Tips & Strategies

-Find yourself a boosting partner. This game will go from to if you do.

-Always hover and glide whenever you can. You will be grinding this out in the end anyways so you might as well help yourself out early.

-The Pyro Blaster is one of the strongest weapons in the game and you get a lot of ammo for it. Use it to take down Tanks and Bombers quickly.

-Leave some Dopplebangers where drop ships come in. That way they can start killing enemies before you get there.

-Here is the location of all the Major Weapon Nodes. These give you Warmongers and Plasma Bombs and are essential to winning the game.

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[top]Mines, Turrets and Barriers

Shopping for Turrets

Pyro Turret
Price: 1250
Description: A short-ranged flamethrower. Good for a barrage of smaller enemies. Place it at the front as often as possible.

Fusion Turret
Price: 2000
Description: Weak turret, that shoots plasma bullets, but it has the longest range. Place it at the back of the base.

Warmonger Turret
Price: 3000
Description: Powerhouse of a turret, that shoots missiles. It doesn’t shoot that fast though. Good for tougher enemies.

Cryo Turret
Price: 3500
Description: Freezes and slow enemies, often killing them. Short-ranged so place it at the front of the base.

Shopping for Mines

Chrono Mine
Price: 300
Description: A mine that makes all the enemies slower. Mostly used while in a pick due to it’s low price.

Plasma Mine
Price: 600
Description: Sets nearby enemies on fire. Best used for a barrage of smaller enemies.

Groovitron Mine
Price: 1200
Description: Makes all the nearby enemies dance. It continues on for pretty long, so this is a really good mine to set up pre-fight as a trap, especially for big enemies.

Transmorpher Mine
Price: 1500
Description: Turns all nearby enemies into bunnies. It’s amazing for all occasions, but a bit waste of bolts if it is just small enemies. Remember these bunnies kill other enemies too (need for A Night at the Mansion )

Shopping for Barriers

Standard Barrier
Price: 600
Description: A wall that provides a barrier between the enemies and your base. It’s okay in the beginning of the game, but you should progress on to the better barriers late on.

Heavy Barrier
Price: 1000
Description: Same as the standard barrier, but waaaay tougher. This one is much better since it can actually hold bigger enemies out for more than 10 seconds.

Electro Barrier
Price: 2000
Description: This is definitely the barrier you want. It gives electrical shocks to the nearby enemies. So smaller enemies don’t become a problem.


1. First off beat the game normally (either in single player or co-op) and get used to the layout of the levels. Try to use Hover and Glide as much as possible and whenever you see a new enemy throw a Groovitron Bomb at it to make it dance. Also switch out your weapons often so that you can start powering them up to level 3.

2. After you beat the game go back to whatever level you haven't got all 3 medals in and work towards getting those. Do this in Co-Op to make it much easier on yourself (utilize the Boosting Thread to find a partner). By the end of this you should have all your weapons powered up to level 3 and after getting all the medals you should have the rank of Master.

3. Now that you are Master Rank with full weapons go and beat the developer's time on 3 levels (Level 1,2 and 5 are the easiest). Once again do this in Co-Op.

4. Head online and win/lose 5 rounds to earn the rest of the online trophies.

5. Now clean up any remaining trophies and begin the grind towards Ironmadman


The Collector
Collect all trophies

Thank you Cadet, you have done the Q-Force proud

Let's Set up Camp
The QForce has been re-established, now go save the Galaxy! (Campaign)

This is a story related trophy and will unlock after you beat the Rogue Cleaner Bots and receive a transmission from a mysterious stranger at the beginning of the game.

Smorgasbord of Destruction
Buy one of each available turret type in any level (Any mode)

To unlock this trophy you need to buy 1 of each of the 4 turrets in one session. You will need to wait until you reach level 4 for all the turrets to unlock, but once you have completed it you can use all the turrets in any level.

Turrets and Cost
-Pyro Turret-1250 bolts
-Fusion Turret-2000 bolts
-Warmonger Turret-3000 bolts
-Cryo Turret-3500 bolts

Hoverboot Madness
Cross the gap leading to the Major Weapon Node in Korgon Refinery wihtout touching the moving platforms (Campaign)

Exit your base on the right side and follow the red power cable. When the cable turns left, keep going straight and head up a small hill where you will see a blue jump-pad. Once you are on the higher platform you will see a bunch of moving platforms and 3 stationary ones. Hover (double tap, then hold ) to the stationary platforms until you reach the Weapon's Node at the end. You will have to time your jumps to make sure you don't accidentally touch one of the moving platforms.

Variety is the Spice of Life
Use every weapon in the game at least once

You unlock weapons by going to a Weapon Node and completing the lock puzzle. These are spread through out the level and the weapons you find inside are random (except for the starting Node, which contains the Combuster and Buzz Blades and the Major Weapon Node, which contains the Warmonger and Plasmabomb) Different weapons unlock throughout the game so by the time you beat Level 4 you should have found every weapon at least once.
  • Combuster
  • Buzz Blades
  • Pyro Blaster
  • Cryoshot
  • Mr. Zurkon
  • Sonic Eruptor
  • Thundersmack
  • Groovitron Glove
  • Doppelbanger
  • Warmonger
  • Plasmabomb
  • (Swingshot)
You will earn this as you go for Ready for Armageddon .

QForce, Activate!
Play Co-Op in split screen or online

When you select Campaign it will give you the option to play Local or Online. If you play local just hook up a second controller and the trophy will unlock when the game starts. If you choose to go online you will need to select a friend to play with you. If you don't have anyone to play with use the Boosting Thread

If you DO NOT have an HD TV you cannot play Local multiplayer and will have to find someone online to get the trophy.

Hero Academy
Play a ranked match

Head online and select ranked match. Just play a match to the end and whether you win or lose you will unlock the trophy.

You can use the boosting thread to find people to play online.

Custom Job
Play a custom match

Head online and either Host or Join a custom match. Whether you win or lose doesn't matter, as long as you finish the match.

You can use the boosting thread to find people to play online.

Fear Does Not Exist...
Play 5 pvp matches

Just play 5 ranked or custom matches online for this to unlock. You don't need to win any of them as long as you play until the end.

You can use the boosting thread to find people to play online.

No Tank You
Defeat a Grungarian tank before it reaches your base in any level (Any Mode)

The Tank appears in Level 3 and will begin making its way to your base in the first invasion. To destroy it in time you will probably want to wait until your weapons are at level 3 or you are playing co-op with a partner. Use your Groovitron to slow it down and then switch to the Warmonger or Pyro Blaster to take it out as fast as possible.

There are lots of tank in Level 3 so you will get more than enough chances to obtain this.

Zurgo's Revenge
Restore all Planetary Defense Centers and discover Zurgo's intentions (Campaign)

This is story related and will unlock after you finish the 3rd level and watch the cutscene.

Rack 'em and Hack 'em
Successfully trigger all bonuses on 5 hacker puzzles in a row

There are no Grummelnet vendors in Full Frontal Assault, instead you have to hack open Weapon's Nodes to get your firepower. These can be found Offline or Online and are usually accompanied by several enemies that you need to kill before you can use them. Once you have cleared away all the enemies press to initiate the hacking puzzle.

The hacking puzzle is very easy. You have to stop the cursor in the blue portion (not the red) and after you have activated all the blue parts the Node unlocks. To get all the rewards you have to stop the cursor on the line in the blue part. Finally to earn the Trophy you need to do this on 5 Nodes in a row, but the good news is this carries over from level to level (or match to match if you are online). The cursor moves very slow so just take your time and make sure you are lined up before pressing

Intergalactic Dance Party
Get at least 1 of every enemy in the game to dance by using the Groovitron (Any Mode)

The Groovitron Bomb unlocks in the 3rd level and is one of the most useful weapons in the game. It stops everyone (including the final boss) in their tracks so they can showcase their dance moves for you. To earn this trophy you need to make at least every enemy dance once.

Check out the Bestiary at the bottom of the guide for a list of all enemies in the game.

A Night at the Mansion
Get 8 transmorphed bunnies to dance on screen at once

You earn the Groovitron Bomb in Level 3 and the Transmorpher Mine in Level 4. Once you have both of these weapons, head back to level 1 to get this trophy.

What you want to do is earn 1500 bolts and the Groovitron Bomb as fast as possible. It is random when a Weapon Node will give you the Groovitron so if you don't get it by the 4th Node restart the level. For the Nodes; there is one in your base, then head out to the left and stay close to the wall to find the 2nd one. Now turn around head past the Planetary defense center to find the 3rd one. Finally take the warp back to your base and then take the right path to find the 4th Node.

By this time your base should be under attack and you should have a bunch of Grungoids attacking a generator. Quickly place a Transmorpher mine next to them and when they transform hit them with a Groovitron Bomb. If done correctly you should have a bunch of dancing

Crushed Ice
Shatter 25 frozen enemies

To freeze an enemy you need the Cryoshot weapon. With it equipped just keep shooting the enemy until it is frozen and then hit it one more time to shatter it (most enemies take 3-4 shots to freeze).

You will get this while obtaining Ready for Armageddon

Hoverboot 112 Miles, Run 26.2 Miles and Hoverboot Glide for 2.4 miles across all game modes

This will be the last trophy you unlock. To earn this you need to move the required distance by running (use the left analog stick), hovering () and gliding (hold while jumping). After you have completed all the time trials and miscellaneous trophies go to the first level and grind this out. As long as you don't kill any enemies or open any weapon nodes then no one will attack your base and you can just run, hover and glide in peace.

You can kind of track your progress by looking at the skill points. There is a skill point for Running 26.2 miles, Hovering 100 miles and Gliding 1 mile. Unfortunately you need an extra 12 miles Hovering and 1.4 miles Gliding to unlock the trophy so you will just have to keep going until it unlocks.

Finally a great place to grind out gliding is if you go out your base to the right and head up towards the Major Weapon Node (see Hoverboot Madness for directions) you can jump off the platform and glide a good distance. Then just keep going back up and jumping off again.

QForce Master
Unlocked for earning the rank of Master

There is a machine on the Phoenix (right behind your ship) that trades medals for promotions. You need to earn all of the medals to promote yourself to Master. Medals are earned three ways, completing a level, completing a level within the time requirements and completing a level with all your generators still operational.

This is best done in Co-Op as that will allow you to beat the level faster and guard the base better. If you cannot find a co-op partner here are some tips to guarantee success.

-Make sure your weapons are powered up to Level 3. This will allow you to kill enemies faster and will give you more bullets to work with.
-Whenever you hear a drop ship is coming, hightail it back to your base to defend it.
-Buy the best barriers you can and purchase a lot of mines and turrets to defend the outside of the base (don't waste money putting turrets inside the base)
-Go out and meet enemies head on, do not wait for them to come to your base. The faster you kill off enemies the faster the invasion will be over and you can get back to beating the level
-Enemy drop ships usually spawn a bit back from your base, so have some Dopplebangers waiting there so that they can start killing things before you arrive.
-Spend money repairing broken generators so that they can withstand the next attack.

Complete a level other than Zurgo's Lair of Doom without purchasing any base defenses (Campaign)

This is best done on the first level and after you have upgraded your weapons to level 3. It will also help if you do this with a co-op partner which you can find in the Boosting Thread

What you need to do is not purchase any Turrets or Mines. This means that when you are defending your base you must do it just by using whatever weapons you find throughout the level. Since this is the 1st level the enemies aren't overly tough and there aren't any Tanks to worry about.

You are going to want the Warmonger which can be found by following the directions in Hoverboot Madness and to find the rest of the weapons follow the directions given in A Night at the Mansion Now that you are Fully Loaded, simply complete the level as normal. Whenever you get a warning about a drop ship arriving, take a warp pad back to your base (found next to all Weapon Nodes) and kill off all the enemies. Since this is the first level the enemies are quite slow, so go out and meet them instead of waiting for them to come to the base.

As a final note, it doesn't matter if a generator gets destroyed, as long as you have at least 1 left at the end of the level.

Peace through Ridiculous Firepower
Land the killing blow on 10 Grungarian tanks

Grungarian Tanks are first found in Level 3 trying to destroy your base. To earn the trophy you need to destroy the tank before one of your turrets or mines do.

The best way to accomplish this is to go out and meet the tank, before it gets near your base, and throw a Groovitron Bomb at it. While the tank is dancing simply unload all your firepower on the Tank until it goes down (the Warmonger and Pyro Blaster work best). If you do this in Co-Op with level 3 weapons it makes it even easier.

This trophy is cumulative so just keep playing the level over and over until it unlocks.

Save Ammo, Smack a Fool
Defeat 50 Grungarian Brawlers using your melee weapon

The Grungarian Brawler is a very common enemy and you will encounter tons of them before even finishing the second level. When ever you see one just make sure to finish him off with a melee attack () and after 50 the trophy will unlock.

Ready for Armageddon
Upgrade all weapons to level 3 (Campaign)

This might sound like a grind, but as long as you are constantly switching weapons during your playthrough then it shouldn't be that bad. If you have beaten the game and gotten all the medals/time trials and you are still not fully powered up, simply pick a level you like and just keep killing enemies until you are at level 3.

Here is a full guide of all weapons:

Toggle Spoiler

Back to the Basement
Complete the campaign

This will unlock after beating the final boss Zurgo. As long as you have been powering up your weapons he is an extremely easy boss. Don't forget to use a Groovitron Bomb on Zurgo for Intergalactic Dance Party

Getting to Zurgo

You have to go up a small walkway littered with enemies and Weapon Nodes. When getting weapons make sure you pick The Warmonger, Plasma Bombs, Pyro Blaster, Buzz Blades, Mr. Zurkon, Dopplebanger, Groovitron and Thundersmack. Anything else you take will be helpful as well, but those are the most important.

Stage 1

Just dodge Zurgo's attacks while you unload your Pyro Blaster, Warmonger and Plasma Bombs on him. For extra damage use a Mr. Zurkon, Thundersmack and Doppelbanger.

Stage 2

Now you will have to deactivate bombs around the stage. This is done by going to them and activating the Timing Puzzle. After you deactivate a bomb go back to hitting him like in Stage 1.

Stage 3

Now the floor starts giving way and Zurgo starts unleashing a plethora of missiles. Now is the time to use the Groovitron Bomb to slow him down and focus on only using the Warmonger and Plasma bombs (he is too far to use the Pyro Blaster anymore). He is almost out of health at this point so just give him all you got until he gives up.

Over the Top
Beat 3 or more of the Insomniac Challenge Times (Any Campaign Levels)

You only need to beat 3 out of 5 developer's times to earn this trophy. This should not be attempted until you have all weapons to level 3 and you have obtained Master Rank. Also to make this extremely easy, find yourself a Co-Op partner and you can tackle the trophy together (use the Boosting Thread to find a partner).

I recommend doing levels 1, 2 and 5 for the trophy. The reason for this is 3 + 4 are very similar to 2, but take twice as long to finish. That means if you screw up, then you have to spend even more time getting the trophy.

Here are some tips for getting the times (assuming you have found a Co-Op partner)

Level 1-Time to beat-7 minutes 43 seconds

-Player 1-Quickly dash over to the Weapon's Node in the base and get the Buzz Blades. Now quickly dash over to the right and go towards the Major Weapons Node to get the Warmonger. Now your job is to defend the base and continue to collect weapons. Once the first Node is down head to the Planetary Defense Center and help Player 2 destroy it. Once it is destroyed warped to the base again and defend the right side. Go out and meet the enemies as they drop (don't wait for them to come to you)

Player 2-While Player 1 is finding weapons, follow the red cord out the right side of the base and take out the Node. You will keep receiving more and more weapons as time goes on so just lay waste to everything. Once it is destroyed head out towards the Planetary defense Center and start destroying things (hopefully Player 1 will have met you by this time). Once it is destroyed head back to base and defend the left side (once again go out to meet the enemies).

Level 2-Time to beat-12 minutes and 54 seconds

Very similar to Level 1. Player 1 keeps finding weapons and Player 2 goes after the Nodes. There are 2 Nodes this time so follow the red power cable out the right side and after that is destroyed take the warp pad back to the base and go out the left side.

Player 1 should have found all the weapons by the time you are ready to take on the second Node so you should have help there. Once that Node is destroyed Player 1 should head back to base to defend it and then head out to the Planetary Defense Center to help out Player 2.

Once that is destroyed both of you head back to base and defend either the right or the left side (don't forget to go out and meet the enemies).

Level 5-Time to beat- 8 minutes and 26 seconds

First off choose someone who will be responsible for opening the Weapon Nodes. Then together clear the screen of enemies and once they are all dead, one of you head off to kill the next batch of enemies, while the other opens all the Nodes.

Once you get to Zurgo use the tips found in Back to the Basement and take him down as fast as possible. Only use 1 person to deactivate all the bombs, that way there is always a constant barrage of fire on Zurgo.

If you want to go for every Skill Point, then you will need to beat Level 3 and 4 as well. Just follow the same strategy as Level 2 and you will be fine.
Level 3-Time to beat-20 minutes and 31 seconds
Level 4-Time to beat-19 minutes and 28 seconds

[top]Gold Bolt Guide

Gold Bolts are not required for the but if you want to achieve everything in the game here is a list of how to find them all.

Korgon Refinery

1. At your base, there is a slope going up to a note. Get to the note and go jump to up ledge to the left of you. There should be a jump-ramp that takes you to this gold bolt.

2. On the path from the base to the first objective (the note), there should be a slope and a blue jump-pad. Use it and get to the end of the small course of moving platforms and you will get to a weapon note. Look behind it. There is a platform in the distance with the gold bolt on it together with a helluva lot of crates. Hover to it.

3. Between the two mission objectives (the note and the refinery) there is a note station, behind that is a tower. On top of the slope at the tower is a jump-pad that will get you to the top of the tower where the gold bolt is.

4. If you look at the map, there is this small middle section with three entryways. You can only enter the pathway to the west though. When you get there you will see it over a green puddle of acid.

5. Continuing from the last bolt, there should be a jump-ramp right in front of you. This will take you to the next gold bolt.

Hidden City of Balkai

1. From the base take the path to the right until you come to a Y-junction. On the left path there should be a start of a ramp. Take the ramp all the way up to get this Gold Bolt.

2. Around the middle of the map is there a regular weapon note. Behind it is a ledge with a Demolitionist on it. Kill him and go up the ledge. The Gold Bolt is behind all of those crates.

3. From the base, take the left path and follow it until the road splits up in four. Take the path on your immediate left (it has a jump-ramp), follow this path to get a Gold Bolt.

4. After having taken over the west most shield node, use the nearby ramp to land on a wooden platform with this Gold Bolt.

5. Right before the defense center there is a bridge with pairs of flames on it (you see it in the cutscene after taking down the shield). Right before that bridge is a small area with a swingshot target to the western side (you need to get the swingshot first). Use it to get to some circular platforms above. Continue on the path to the right to get to the north most platform. There should be a hole in the fence here. Jump from the ledge at the hole and hover slowly down the pillar with the Gold Bolt on it.

GrummelNet Plasma Harvester

1. From the base, take the left path until you get to a three-way-junction. Take the middle path and notice the crates on your right. Climb them to get to this Gold Bolt.

2. In the middle of the map, there is a small passage with a rail going over it. Go to this passage and stand in the middle of it (there are jump-ramps, but don’t use those). Look around you to see a small passage where this Gold Bolt is located.

3. To get to the Swingshot Note you have to go through another cargo ship. You do this by going to the junction between the four cargo ships in the lower right corner. Look around to see a jump-pad. Use it and get into the cargo ship. To get to the Swingshot note you have to climb the boxes. Don’t do that though. Find a hole between all of the crates. Look out of the hole and look to your right to see this Gold Bolt. Hover to it.

4. Go back to the junction between the four cargo ships. Now go southeast, and then southwest. There should a swingshot target. Use the swingshot on it and climb up the crates to your immediate left to find this gold bolt.

5. Look at your map. See those red dots at the top right? Go to the junction right before the red dots. Go southeast and look to your right for a jump-ramp. Hoverboot it, and grapple the swingshots to get this Gold Bolt.

Hidden City of Balkai, Snow Storm

1. From the base, take the left path and follow it until the road splits up in four. Take the path on your immediate left (it has a jump-ramp) (yes this should sound familiar). Take the jump-ramp and you will see the Gold Bolt on the right-hand side.

2. From the base, take the left path and follow it until the road splits up in four (again). This time though, take the rightmost path. Jump the first jump-ramp, but not the second one. Look to your left to find a jump-pad. Use it and go through the rail section. This Gold Bolt should be in clear view at the end of the rail section, but you can’t jump off the rail. Finish the section, turn around and hoverboot jump and hover to get it.

3. Go back to the base and take the right path and follow it until you see a regular weapon note. From there take the path to the right to find this Gold Bolt in the relatively open spot.

4. The next two Gold Bolts are on the path to the Shield Disabling notes. If you remember those segments from the first time you were here, this gets easier. One of these segments is right next to (to the right) main enemy base (you have to jump some crates to get there). You should see this Gold Bolt on one of the raised platforms. To get it you have to jump on the smaller platform in front of the platform with the Gold Bolt, and then jump to the Gold bolt.

5. The other Shield Disabling Notes segment is at the 4-way junction. It’s the path to the left of the path to the first Gold Bolt. Get to the end of the segment and locate the ramp. Don’t jump off the ramp. Use the ramp to reach the platform to the left of the ramp. You should able to see the Gold Bolt. Use a hoverboot jump and hover to get it.


Description: Small critters that use their spiky tail to damage you.
How to beat: Just give them a good whack.
Useful weapons: Omniwrench, Combuster, Buzz Blades

Grungarian Brawler
Description: Grungoids in a suit. They have tentacle arms and uses melee attacks.
How to beat: You can melee attack them, but there are also other varieties of ways to get them.
Useful weapons: Omniwrench, Combuster, Buzz Blades, Sonic Eruptor, Mr Zurkon, Pyro Blaster, Cryoshot.

Grungarian Turret
Description: These guys are stationary. They sit behind a turret and just keep shooting at you.
How to beat: Strafe and shoot would probably be your best bet. Don’t melee.
Useful weapons: Combuster, Buzz Blades, Cryoshot, Sonic Eruptor.

Grungarian Soldier
Description: Tougher versions of the Grungarian Brawler. They have a gun stuck to their arms.
How to beat: You may bring out a bit bigger guns with these guys.
Useful weapons: Buzz Blades, Sonic Eruptor, Plasmabomb, Warmonger

Grungarian Engineer
Description: There is not much difference between the engineer and the soldier with the exception of their attacking preference. Unlike soldiers, engineers, don’t give a damn about you. They’re only trying to shoot down your generators
How to beat: Standard shooting like the soldiers, but target these first, since the soldiers can easily be distracted.
Useful weapons: Buzz Blades, Sonic Eruptor, Plasmabomb, Warmonger

Grungarian Demolitionist
Description: These guys throw bombs at you. They’re pretty sturdy and can deal a lot of damage, if you’re not careful.
How to beat: You’ll basically have to focus on avoiding their attacks, then finding an opening to take them down. They’re pretty darn slow, but they deal great damage. They’re tough so use your powerful weapons.
Useful weapons: Buzz Blades, Plasma Bomb, Warmonger

Grungarian Beserker
Description: Grungarian Soldiers… now with jetpack.
How to beat: Same as the Grungarian Soldier, you just have to aim up a bit.
Useful weapons: Buzz Blades, Sonic Eruptor, Plasmabomb, Warmonger

Grungarian Wrecking Drone
Description: Ugh…. These guys. These are red enemies with a big glass bulb as a head. They run to your base and can blow up a barrier or generator in one swoop. This will kill them though. They’re pretty weak, but if you kill them they blow up.
How to beat: You don’t have to use powerful weapons, since they’re pretty weak, but if you use the Cryoshot to total freeze them, they wont blow up. Melee is out of the question unless you feel the need to sacrifice yourself for the base.
Useful weapons: Combuster, Buzz Blades, Mr Zurkon, Cryoshot.

Elite Grungarian
Description: These are the Grungarian Brawlers, but they have a ton of extra armor on them. You see them on the Snowstorm level.
How to beat: You may need a bit heavier weapon than the original Brawlers.
Useful weapons: Buzz Blades, Pyro Blaster, Sonic Eruptor, Plasma Bomb

Missile Minion
Description: This is the first mini-boss styled enemy you will encounter. It’s a big flying turret that shoots at you with gatling guns. It has a health meter.
How to beat: BRING OUT THE BIG GUNS!!! Strafing helps a ton in this battle. When you see it focus on it and forget about the other enemies.
Useful weapons: Buzz Blades, Pyro Blaster, Groovitron, Doppelbanger, Thundersmack, Plasma Bomb, Warminger.

Grungarian Bomber
Description: And you thought the Missile Minion was bad? This hover crafting idiot has a good arrangement of different attacks. It’s tough armor makes it hard to beat, and it drives really fast.
How to beat: The best method is a nice combination of Groovitron, Thundersmack, Doppelbanger, Mr. Zurkon and the Warmonger.
Useful weapons: Groovitron, Thundersmack, Doppelganger, Warmonger, Buzz Blades, Plasma Bomb, Mr. Zurkon (if you use other weapons too).

Grungarian Tank
Description: This is it, the toughest regular enemy in the game. Look at that colossus of metal blocking your way. But wait, it doesn’t exactly do much. That’s because it’s harmless until it enters your base, where it will transform into a giant robot, and begin destroying your base at a very fast rate. You only have the transport time from the starting point to the base to get rid of this blasted thing. It’s tough as nails though, and it requires a lot of firepower to deal with it.
How to beat: Cast a Groovitron to distract the Tank, and then cast all your Thundersmacks and Doppelbangers, summon a Mr. Zurkon and shoot the big giant of scrap metal with the Warmonger. This will only drop around 25-33% of the Tanks health so keep up with that procedure.
Useful weapons: Groovitron, Thundersmack, Doppelganger, Warmonger, Plasmabomb, Pyro Blaster, Mr. Zurkon (if you use other weapons too).

Description: A big beast that appears in the revisit to the Hidden City of Balkai. These will run after you and punch you in the face at given chances… and that’s not very nice. Using your hover boots frequent in this battle is a good idea, since the Grongoth runs faster than you.
How to beat: This guy is tough, so get out your big gear, but please take something mobile to help kill him. Remember to use your hoverboots a lot.
Useful weapons: Warmonger, Plasmabomb, Buzz Blades, Mr. Zurkon, Sonic Erupter, Pyro Blaster

Description: Small Critters that only appear on Korgon Refinery. They pop up from the ground. They look like snails/bugs.
How to beat: Just hit ‘em with the Wrench.
Useful weapons: Omniwrench, Combuster, Buzz Blades

Description: The final boss in the game. Take him down to save the universe (again)
How to beat: See Back to the Basement

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