Players: 1 Player
Online Trophies: None
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: No, but they do not really add anything.
Estimated Time to Platinum: 12-18 hours.
Minimum Playthroughs: 2 (One playthrough on Legend Difficulty and one Challenge mode playthrough), more are recommended.
Collectible Trophies: Yes (5) In Case of Zombies... ,Armored and Dangerous ,Gold Rush ,Greed ,Precious Metal ,
Difficulty Trophies: Yes (3) A Walk in the Park , The Adventurer ,The Legend
Difficulty trophies stack?
Yes, Difficulty trophies stack
Missable Trophies: Technically 3 (The Adventurer ,The Legend , and Your Worst Nightmare )*
Glitched Trophies: None

*You can beat the game and render these impossible to unlock, but in the case of Your Worst Nightmare you do not need to reacquire the previously collected bolts or scared enemies, just the ones you need. This is because of challenge mode.

[top]Tips & Strategies

Strafing is a great way to dodge enemy attacks. There is also cover at times so be sure to take advantage of that. You should also find a 'go to' weapon that you feel comfortable with that you can use during the tough sections. Also during combat there are usually an ammo crate or two, always be on the lookout for them if you are running low on ammo. Sidestepping and strafing seems to work wonders on projectiles.
For full success on your Legend run we recommend the weapons Temporal Repulser, Nether Blades, Warmonger, Netherbeast and of course the RYNO VII.
We also recommend to prioritize your money first and foremost on new armor.

Upgrading Weapons
Try to focus on one to three weapons at a time when trying to upgrade it. Use one till it runs out of ammo and move onto the next one. Also be sure to use your raritanium, there are useful upgrades available and it would be a waste not to use it. When a weapon reaches level 3, stop using it and replace it with another weapon. Always prioritize so you can use a strong weapon (Netherbeast, Temporal Repulser, Warmonger) but always use weak weapons (Winteriser, Nightmare Box, Vortex Grenade) when possible to spare as much time as possible.


It's not only fun but it is also beneficial to your adventure. A lot of times you can find loads of bolts and the occasional raritanium if you explore the area you are in. You may just stumble upon a gold bolt or a RYNO plan...
We strongly recommend to go get the Treasure Mapper by completing the Gold Cup in the Destructopalooza, which is available after the finishing Thram. This will map out all of the collectibles (that is Gold Bolts, RYNO VII Holo-plans, Vault Keys and Gargathan Horns).

[top]Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits

If you get skill points (which aren't required for the plat.) you unlock cheats. These do not really do anything helpful (like giving Ratchet a big head etc.) but you can safely apply them without making the trophies impossible to unlock.


Step 1: Legend playthrough:

Go through the game on the hardest difficulty, getting the collectibles and what not, or just play for fun. We recommend you do go for the RYNO VII holoplans so you can use that to kill the last boss.

Step 2: Challenge playthrough(s):

Clean-up the rest of the trophies by continously going through the game leveling up your weapons. You need to complete the game at least twice, since there is a trophy for challenge mode.

Alternatively you can play through the first playthrough on cadet difficulty, acquire the RYNO VII, and go through the game in challenge mode on legend difficulty and use it to basically destroy everything.


The Pride of Fastoon
Collect every trophy in Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus.

Collect all other trophies to earn the platinum trophy

Leap for Your Life
Grav-Leap to the Thug ship circling the Nebulox Seven.

Story Related Trophy - Cannot Be Missed
Near the end of the first part of the game you will grav-leap across several magnetic platforms and eventually Ratchet will grav-leap into a tunnel like structure where the Thugs will attempt to ram Ratchet. When the Thug ships tries to ram him, you will notice a magnetic platform on the side of the ship, grav-leap onto it to hitch a ride to the next planet and earn the trophy.

Sweet Justice
Defeat Neftin Prog.

Story Related Trophy - Cannot Be Missed
On Planet Silox, Ratchet will battle Neftin Prog. Neftin is not that hard of a boss. He uses his double flails to trip you up. If you keep circling around him he will have a hard time hitting you, unless he uses the attack where he sends shockwaves to the ground. You will have to jump over those. There will also be a train segment where enemies will jump out of incoming trains. Once Neftin is defeated the trophy will pop.

Shaky Truce
Form an alliance with Neftin Prog.

Story Related Trophy - Cannot Be Missed
On planet Thram there will be a cutscene where Ratchet will meet up with Neftin Prog and form an alliance with him. The trophy will be earned after the cutscene. Before you can do this you will have to retrieve 10 Gargathan horns for the Smuggler.

Cross the Streams
Defeat the Nether Leader and banish his kind.

Story Related Trophy - Cannot Be Missed
On planet Igliak you will have to defeat the last boss, Mr. Eye. On Legend difficulty in the first playthrough this guy can be a bit of a nuisance. He has some annoying attacks, but if you focus on dodging rather than just blast him they should be fair enough. The fight is segmented by a few Clank sections. Mr. Eye also flips Ratchet around while fighting him getting a few new attacks, but overall if you prioritize weapons like the Warmonger or RYNO VII you should be fine.

A Walk in the Park
Beat the game on Cadet difficulty.

See: "The Legend " for more information.

The Adventurer
Beat the game on Hero difficulty.

See: "The Legend " for more information.

The Legend
Beat the game on Legend difficulty.

Upon starting the game it will ask you to choose a difficulty, there are three options Cadet, Hero, and Legend. The difficulty trophies do stack so if you play through on Legend all three trophies will pop at the end of the game. There is an option change the difficulty in game but as the game warns you that will nullify the ability to earn the trophy.

The difficulty trophies can be earned during challenge mode, so if you didn't playthrough on Legend the first time around crank the difficulty up before starting challenge mode. However the enemies will be extra tough then because challenge mode increases the difficulty as well.

The Show Off
Beat the game in Challenge Mode.

After defeating the final boss on planet Igliak the game will give you the option of returning to before battling Mr. Eye or start challenge mode. If you choose to return before fighting Mr. Eye you will have to beat him again to enter challenge mode.

Once you start challenge mode you will start the game over again but you will retain all of your weapons plus their experience level and upgrades, health level, and raritanium as well as bolts and gold bolts.

Omega weapons and the Nether armor are available during challenge mode. The Destructapalooza platinum Cup is also available to complete.

Thug Life
Win the Destructapalooza Bronze Cup.

See: "Thug Champion ".

Thug Rookie
Win the Destructapalooza Silver Cup.

See: "Thug Champion ".

Thug Champion
Win the Destructapalooza Gold Cup.

There are three Destructapalooza cups avaliable the first time you play through the game. If you defeat them all you will be rewarded with some nifty prizes as well as the following trophies Thug Life ,Thug Rookie ,Thug Champion .

Each cup consists of several challenges that need to be completed to earn the Cup. You will receive bolt and raritanium prizes for each individual round and a prize for defeating the whole cup.

Bronze Cup - The Bronze cup is available for completion after planet Yerek. The prize for beating it is the GrummelNet Jetpack which is needed to move on in Planet Silox.

Silver Cup - The Silver Cup is available after completing the bronze cup.

Gold Cup - The gold cup is avaliable after planet thram and completing the silver cup. Tou will get the Treasure Mapper as a prize. It will make finding collectibles much easier.

During the bronze cup there will be a challenge called Pest Control, you can earn the trophy Exterminator during that challenge.

Vault Cracker
Unlock the vault on planet Thram.

Planet Thram is the 4th planet. Here you will meet the Smuggler. You will need to find 10 Gargathan horns for him to progress the game, although if you bring him 40 he will unlock the jetpack machine. Now that you can fly around you should be looking for vault keys. There are six, they are all on Thram, and they look like some weirdly futuristic USB-port.

Key 1:
From the starting jetpack machine. Fly forward and into the hole in the wall to the left and enter a new area. Continue forward and land onto a small island with a jetpack machine next to a crane. There is a bolt crank here. Turn it and get the shown critter back before time runs out to get this key. This one is the hardest to get. I recommend to use the jetpack to get to the critter, but use the hoverboots and the ramps to get back.

Key 2:
From the beginning station, fly to the southwest corner. Here will you find another crane, around some big cadavers. There is a bolt crank on the small platform next to the crane. Turn it, and get the critter. This one is way easier.

Key 3:
From the beginning station, fly northeast until you see the third and final crane. Turn the nearby bolt crank, get the critter and get back. This one is pretty easy too.

Key 4:
From the last key, fly a bit west and you will see this key on a round platform next to a big tree root.

Key 5:
From the last key, fly a bit northwest and you will see this key around a crashed ship.

Key 6:
You need to get all 100 Gargathan horns for the smuggler, and return them. For this I strongly recommend you go get the treasure mapper you get for beating the gold cup. This will map out every collectable on the map, including Gargathan horns. You can then use your map to locate them.

After you've gotten all of the keys, you can return to the vault and open it. Inside is the Plumber, and that is the guy you need to return to after you've gotten all of the RYNO VII holoplans.

In Case of Zombies...
Purchase all weapons.

See "Up Your Arsenal " for more information.

Armored and Dangerous
Purchase all armor.

Better armor means you can take more damage. I recommend you buying them as soon as possible. Armor can be purchased by designated armor vendors, which can be found on the planets Kragg, Thram and Igliak. There is a total of 4 armors, where 3 of them you have to buy. The last one is quite expensive, and may require grinding a bit for bolts to acquire. Hereunder you will see a full list of all of the armors, when you unlock them, what they cost, and how much percentage of damage they reduce.

Nebulox Armor:
Unlocks: Gotten by the start.
Cost: Nothing
Damage Reduction: 0%

Thug Armor:
Unlock: when you visit the Arena.
Cost: 10.000
Damage Reduction: 10%

Terachnoid Armour:
Unlock: After making a deal with Neftin on planet Thram.
Cost: 75.000
Damage Reduction: 35%

Nether Armour:
Unlock: Challenge mode
Cost: 1.500.000
Damage Reduction: 75%

Going Commando
Upgrade 1 weapon to level 6.

See "Up Your Arsenal " for more information.

Up Your Arsenal
Upgrade all weapons to level 6.

This will most likely be your last trophy before the plat. There is a total of 12 weapons in the game. In your first playthrough you can buy the weapon and upgrade them. You upgrade them simply by using them. You can upgrade the weapon to level 3 in your first playthrough. When you start challenge mode, you can pay a certain amount of bolts plus a gold bolt to upgrade every level 3 weapons to level 4. This is the omega upgrade. Once you've bought the omega upgrade you can level your weapon up to level 6. Do this for all of the weapons.

Below is a list of all of the weapons, including with their initial price, when they are available for purchase, their omega upgrade price and a short description of what the guns do:

Dual Omniblasters:
Unlocks: At the start of the game.
Cost: Nothing
Omega Upgrade Cost: 40.000 + gold bolt.
Description: The standard quick-fire gun. This is a pretty good gun to start off with and one of the better in the game. It quickly fires small rounds of fire.

Fusion Grenade:
Unlocks: Later at the beginning prison level.
Cost: Nothing.
Omega Upgrade Cost: 50.000 + gold bolt.
Description: A glove that sends out grenades, with a huge explosion. Perfect for big groups of enemies, especially because it has so little ammo.

Temporal Repulser:
Unlocks: At Yerek.
Cost: 10.000
Omega Upgrade Cost: 60.000 + gold bolt.
Description: This weapon has some weird properties. It has a decent amount of ammo, small range but also a small spread. The thing that makes this weapon good is the knockback. This weapon sends enemies flying. This weapon is only good when you upgrade it, but then it's really good.

Nightmare Box:
Unlocks: At Yerek.
Cost: 15.000
Omega Upgrade Cost: 90.000 + gold bolt.
Description: You throw a little box, where a creepy skeleton figure then proceed to jump out an scare the bejeezus out of the enemies. This will make all of the enemies around it shoot the skeleton rather than you. It's fun, but pretty useless.

Unlocks: At Kragg.
Cost: 30.000
Omega Upgrade Cost: 180.000 + gold bolt.
Description: This weapon is just plain amazing. While firing it, it plays... get this... Jingle Bells. Oh, and it also makes enemies transform into snowmen.

Plasma Striker:
Unlocks: At Kragg.
Cost: 45.000
Omega Upgrade Cost: 300.000 + gold bolt.
Description: Your average sniper rifle. It has few, but very powerful shots. You can zoom in on enemies with and change the zoom by pressing the right analog stick. Enemies will display small red areas. Shoot these to get inflict even more damage.

Mr. Zurkon:
Unlocks: At Silax
Cost: 20.000
Omega Upgrade Cost: 150.000 + gold bolt.
Description: Oh yeah, Mr. Zurkon is back again, and now with more insults than ever. Mr. Zurkon is a companion robot who shoots at enemies. You can have him equipped while having another weapon out for additional firepower.

Nether Blades:
Unlocks: At Silax
Cost: 16.000
Omega Upgrade Cost: 120.000 + gold bolt.
Description: We've seen these types of weapon in previous R&C games, all the way back to the second game. These are discs that you fire off, they will heatseek and hit multiple enemies. They're quite effective.

Vortex Grenade:
Unlocks: At Thram
Cost: 75.000
Omega Upgrade Cost: 420.000 + gold bolt.
Description: A cool but very useless weapon. It fires off a vortex that sucks enemies in and paralyzes them for like 20 seconds. In itself it's not very effective, but you can shoot the enemies while they're spinning on the vortex.

Unlocks: At Thram
Cost: 70.000
Omega Upgrade Cost: 360.000 + gold bolt.
Description: The Warmonger fires off some extremely powerful rockets. It's probably the second-best weapon in the game. It can really do some major damage. It also has a big explosion range, and can hit many enemies at once.

Unlocks: At Igliak
Cost: 85.000
Omega Upgrade Cost: 480.000 + gold bolt.
Description: This weapon unleashes a Nether that takes a bite out of an enemy. It might sound goofy, but it's actually quite a powerful weapon.

Unlocks: When you have all of the plans, and you return them to the Plumber.
Cost: No additional cost.
Omega Upgrade Cost: 1.000.000 + gold bolt.
Description: This is by far the most lethal weapon. It fires hundreds of small rockets that can really pack a punch. It also plays "Nightmare on Bald Mountain" as well.

Gold Rush
Collect all Gold Bolts.

Gold bolts have been with the Ratchet and Clank games since the very first game. They are big gold bolts that are hidden in various places throughout the game. There is a total of 12 of them in the game. They can be used to upgrade your weapons to omega mode in challenge mode.

Hereunder is a video showcasing all of the bolts:

Video Guide by Digitalman123

Hereunder is a list of all of the gold bolt locations (for those who prefer text guides):

Planet Yerek:

Gold Bolt 1:
After having returned to the starting area and using the Grav-Tether to reach a weapon vendor. There is a path on the left. This path leads to a pipe-like structure where you can use your magneboots. Instead of going on that pipe, turn around on the floating platforms to see this bolt in an alcove. You need to long jump to the ladder to be able to reach it.

Gold Bolt 2:
After the aforementioned pipe, there is a Grav-Tether segment. You'll first need the stationary cannon to shoot the loose gate. Then use the tether on the plate behind it and then on the plate on the sign. Jump on the stream, and then immediately jump on the alcove above the lower plate. The gold bolt is up here.

Gold Bolt 3:

Later on at the part with the robot mini-boss and the television screens. There is a ramp next to the merry-go-round. You need to get the hoverboots and then return to this planet to get it. Jump from the ramp and you will get to a small floating platform where this bolt is located.

Planet Kragg:

Gold Bolt 1:
You get this by completing the last challenge in the silver cup.

Gold Bolt 2:
You get this by beating the first challenge in the gold cup.

Planet Silox:

Gold Bolt 1:
After hacking the computer, instead of continuing the level turn around and take the right path. Here you will see two Grav-Tether plates covered by signs. Destroy the signs and use the Grav-Tether to get up to this gold bolt.

Gold Bolt 2:
In the big open space before the sewer segment, this gold bolt will be slightly hidden in an alcove at the most northeast corner.

Gold Bolt 3:

In the sewer segment, as you progress the long hallway with the fans, you will get to a midpoint. Here there are some crates on a small platform. Use the nearby cannon to destroy them and get the bolts.
NOTE: To get back into the tunnels after completing Silox, just turn the bolt cranks you turned to get out.

Planet Thram:

Gold Bolt 1:
You need to get the jetpack machine back in order first. You will have to return a total of 40 horns to the smuggler. It's behind the sign on the small tower at the beginning area.

Gold Bolt 2:
You need to get the jetpack machine back in order first. You will have to return a total of 40 horns to the smuggler. This one is on one of those giant arching roots, northeast of the starting area.

Planet Igliak:

Gold Bolt 1:
After having taken a ride with the taxi, take the rightmost path and go through the small corridor. In the next area, make an 180 degrees turn and look up to see a slingshot target. Use it and jump on the small platforms to reach this gold bolt.

Gold Bolt 2:
Climb up the big tower and look over the scenery. Around the towers there are pathways. One of the pathways have a long line of crates. Hover to it and follow the crates to find a gold bolt behind the tower.

Collect 1,000,000 bolts over the course of the game.

Bolts are the standard currency in the Ratchet and Clank games. You get bolts by killing enemies, breaking things and finishing arena challenges. This trophy is cumulative, meaning you need to collect 1,000,000 bolts in total, but you don't need to have them at one time (though you still have to, since you need 1.5 million for the armor). This is easiest in challenge mode, since there is a multiplier.

Your Worst Nightmare
Scare at least one of every type of enemy using the Nightmare Box.

The nightmare box is the weapon that makes the enemies afraid of a skeleton like creature that jumps out of a box. It is available for purchase early on (on Yerek). You basically need to have every type of enemy see this creature and having it attack it. Here is a full list of all of the enemies in the game. Notice that the ones with the asterisk may not be required, but you cannot be too careful since some people have had trouble getting this trophy. Also notice that a few are missable.

The enemies (sorted by appearance):

Thug4Less Melee Thug: The standard enemy for Yerek and most of Silox. Easily found in the arena.
Thug4Less Ranged Thug*: Same as last but with a pistol rather than a club.
Thug4Less Jetpack Thug*: Same as the previous, but this one flies.
Thug4Less Demo Thug: Red enemy that throws grenades at you. Pretty rare enemy, so get it when you see it.
Bladeballs: The small balls with blades coming out of it.
Serathoid: Small hermit crab-like creature.
Serathoid Spawner*: The "flowers" serathoids come out of.
Electrobot: This one is missable! A mini-boss you fight at the playground on Yerek.. A big robot.
Thugs4Less Dropship: This one is missable! A mini-boss, which is just a spaceship. There are 2 of these in the game, specifically on Silox, so get it, while you can.
Neftin: This one is missable! Boss on Silox. Remember to give him a scare.
Netherbeast Warrior: A Nether, kind of like a thug, but glowing purple and teleporting around the room.
Netherbeast Flier: A Netherbeast that flies. Hard to miss.
Bursting Blekko: Exploding critters that can only be found on Thram.
Gargathan: This one is missable! Just remember to get one of the big Gargathan before you kill them all for their horns.
Netherbrute: This one is missable! There are four of these on Igliak. These look like Netherbeast Flier but they're bigger and have a health bar.
Mr. Eye: The final boss. Remember to scare him too.
Blazebot*: Like Electrobot, but you can only fight it in the last round of the bronze cup in the arena.
Rabid Gargathan*: Arena version of Gargathan. Last round of the silver cup.
Progbot*: Arena version of Neftin. Last round of the gold cup.

Precious Metal
Collect 200 raritanium over the course of the game.

Raritanium can be found by destroying raritanium crystals. You retrieve them and then you can use them at the weapon vendor to upgrade your weapon. To get this trophy over and done with quickly, I recommend that you get the raritanium upgrades. This will cause weapons to sometimes give raritanium when you kill an enemy with it. This makes it faster. You will most likely have collected 500+ raritanium when you have the plat.

Beat Pest Control with just the Omniwrench.

Pest Control is the third challenge in the Destructapalooza Bronze Cup on Planet Kragg. It consists of a bunch of Serathoids (little crab-like enemies) and the creatures that produce them by spitting them out.

For this trophy you can only use your wrench to defeat the Serathoids. In order to have enough time to defeat them all, focus on the producers that spit them out and ignore the Serathoids in the beginning until all of the producers are destroyed. To destroy the producers double jump and hit to perform the most powerful wrench attack. Use that attack on all of the producers and once they are all destoryed just finish off the remaining Serathoids. It shouldn't take more than a few tries to succeed.

Beating Pest Control is easier on lower difficulty levels. So waiting till your second playthrough is an option if desired.

Video Guide by Digitalman123

Into the Nether Region
Complete all Netherverse segments.

Story Related Trophy - Cannot Be Missed
Netherverse segments are 2D platforming puzzles. In order to enter a the Netherverse segments a rift must be found and entered. Once in the Netherverse Clank will make his way to the Nether and then bring it back to the portal he came from.

There are six total segments and the first of them will be on planet Yerek and the last segment is during the final boss. None of the segments are missable.

[top]Holo-Plans for RYNO VII

Video Guide by Digitalman123

Nebulox Seven:

Holoplan 1:
Impossible to miss. After meeting Vendra Prog, you will see the holoplan when exiting the room.

Planet Yerek:

Holoplan 1:
Hard to miss. While on the path to the orphanage, you will enter a cave, where this is very plainly showing in front of some stalagmites. This also the place where you need to turn a bolt crank and quickly use the Grav-Tether.

Planet Kragg:

Holoplan 1:
This one is awarded by completing the 5th challenge in the gold cup.

Planet Silox:

Holoplan 1:
When you reach the very first vendor, take a left and jump over the platforms to the small alcove on the other side. The plan will be behind the crates, in a small room that might be an easter egg for something.

Holoplan 2:

This can be found in the sewers. After having survived the rising water and the swirling fans, use the jetpack to get to the top of the room and you will see this on an upper catwalk.

Planet Thram:

Holoplan 1:
You will need to unlock the jetpack stand to get this one. You unlock it by giving the smuggler a total of 40 horns. In the northeastern part of the map there is a pretty big island with a huge set of bones on top of it. On the lowest "floor" of the platform look between the small cracks in the wall to locate this holoplan.

Holoplan 2:

You will need to unlock the jetpack stand to get this one. You unlock it by giving the smuggler a total of 40 horns. This can be found in the southeastern part of the map. It's on a small hidden island inbetween the roots of a big tree.

Planet Igliak:

Holoplan 1:
While in the museum you will come across a model of a large creature from "Ratchet and Clank: Tools of Destruction". Here you can turn a bolt crank and the creature will move. Do that, and jump its head. Wait for around 30 seconds for time to run out and the creature will move its head back. Now you can jump on the small alcove. The holoplan is here.

Holoplan 2:
After arriving at the new area with the taxi, there will be small tower in front and slightly to the right of you. It's in there. You can reach it by jumping and hovering off the big tower.

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