Players: 1
Online Trophies: None
Online Pass Required: Nope
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: There are no cheat codes
Estimated Time to 100%: 15-25 hours heavily depending on skill
Minimum Playthroughs: 1 + cleanup
Collectible Trophies: 4
Missable Trophies: There is a level select
Glitched Trophies: None seen so far

[top]Tips & Strategies

This is tips and strategies for 100% levels

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1. Collectables run
Simply go through the game to get all the collectable and hopefully all of the 100%'s too.

2. Arcade fun
Play all of the bonus games, you hopefully have unlocked by now.

3. Clean up
Use the chapter select to go back, and get any 100%, collectable or misc. trophy you may have missed in the first playthrough.


Where is my Andy?
Complete all the chapters.

This trophy is story-related, and can not be missed!
You just need to complete the game. The game itself isn't that hard, with only a very few tedious places.

Perfection needs no arms
Complete every chapter with a perfect score.

To perfect a chapter (or acts as I like to call them), you have to get a big amount of points and make it to the end of level.A yellow gem gives 10 points, a red gives 50 and a green gives 1500. Enemies can also give you points (from 30 to 250 points). In the tips and strategies guide there is a few hints to how to do it.


Hero of the Teensies
Save every teensie in the game.

Teensies are those big-nosed fellas you save by punching the cage they're trapped in. Unlike all of the other collectables, you can see how many you've got in the menu screen. It even says how many there is in each chapter. The teensies are the easiest collectables to find. Some of them is even unmissable. There is a total of 60 teensies in this game.
For a guide of all collectables see "Green's so in"


Pest control
Find and get the bonus score of every Matuvu.

Matuvus are small blue lizards, that can hang on walls or ceilings. They emit a form of whistle, if you get close to one. To get the bonus score from the Matuvu you need to go into look mode (press and hold ) and then look at it. There is a total of 40 Matuvus in the game.
For a guide of all collectables see "Green's so in"


Flower power
Find and get the bonus score of every Tribelle.

Tribelles are red little leaf-like critters. They glow a little and can be confused with a red gem. To get the bonus score from a Tribelle walk in to it, but do it slowly. If you are approaching the Tribelle too fast, it will go away, and you have to reload the chapter or kill yourself. There is a total of 13 Tribelles in the game.
For a guide of all collectables see "Green's so in"


Green's so in
Get all the Green Jewels.

The green jewels are really rare gems, that gives a score of 1500. They are found at the end of disco trip levels and in secret places. These can be crucial for obtaining: "Perfection needs no arms". There is a total of 41 in the game.

Below is a list of all the collectables in the game. Acts means the stages, in the chapters. The acts are separated by a loading screen and the percent of points accomplishment screen (where they rate you in stars). The descriptions of the different collectables can be found in their own trophy descriptions (NOTE: The teensies will be referred to as "cage"):

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Coin-op gamer
Unlock and play all the arcade games.

You need a total of 300,000 points to unlock all of the minigames (so get started). The minigames can be found under the "bonus" sub-menu under the menu. You do not need to complete all of the minigames. Heck, you don't even need to really play. You can start a new game, and then quit by selecting a new game from the menu. There is a total of 9 minigames.

For fun, I will write a little about the minigames:

2D Madness:
A little throwback to Rayman 1. The objective is simple; get to the end with as many gems as possible. There is enemies, Moskito's and spiked fruit.

Racket Jump:
Two Grim Keepers playing tennis.... I don't get it. Make the other lose to win.... I guess.

The title describes the main focus of the game. Use Razoff's big boulder to crush the poor little froggies. That's basically it.

Razoff's Circus:
A first person shooting gallery... Nice. Shoot the targets, without shooting the targets that looks like Razoff. Move through the corridors to proceed.

Sentinel:You are a Hoodboom on a platform keeping Knaaren away from you. The longer you hold the button the further you throw. The Knaaren will attack you from 4 different angles.

Missile Command:
Steer the missile through the level.... yup.

Jump from balloon to balloon, collecting all green jewels, without the time running out. Everytime you collect a gem, you get more time back.

Special Invaders:
Not a Space Invaders clone... but a driving bonus level. Get to the end before time runs out to win this one.

A top down shooter starring Razoff.... again. Shoot the Hoodlums and Hoodbooms, and get to the end of the stages. This one is pretty hard to beat.

Hands on the prize
Retrieve Rayman's hands from Globox.

This trophy is story-related, and can not be missed!
This is on the second stage of The Fairy Council. You will see a plum barrel that tries to get away from you. Chase the barrel and make sure to hit the switch. A door will close and the barrel can't move any further. Kick the barrel until it breaks, and reveal Globox. After the cutscene you should have your hands and this trophy.

Taste All the Superpowers
Collect every superpower.

This trophy is story-related (kinda), and can not be missed!
These power-ups gets activated through natural progression. There is five in total. Once you get the yellow power-up in the beginning of The Bog of Murk, the trophy will pop up.

Here is a quick rundown of the different power-ups:

(Green power-up)
This is the first one you acquire. Not only does the tornado fists unscrew platforms, but it is also very effective against enemies, shrinking them in size. The power-up last long and it is one of the only two upgrades I recommend using for gem-combo uses.

Heavy Metal Fist
(Red power-up)This sucker punch of a power-up, can kill enemies easily and knock down doors. It has a relatively short lasting time, and can only really be used for combo's if neither a Vortex or Lockjaw is around or if there is a lot of PigPots around.

(Blue power-up)
The Lockjaw can hang in rings to help you swing over gaps or grab enemies and electrocute them. This is also the longest lasting power-up, making it the best for combo's. Use it often.

Shock Rocket
(Orange power-up)
My personal favourite; armed with a giant remote controlled rocket, this have the longest range of any power-up. It has a very limited lasting time, and if you see this power-up, always look around for hidden cages.

Throttle Copter
(Yellow power-up)
A gadget that makes you fly for a little while. It has the shortest lasting time, and really has no other uses, than progressing through the game itself.

Patience pays off
Watch the real ending.

Once Reflux and André has been defeated, don't skip the very last cutscene. The trophy should pop up, when the credits start.

Junior Journalist
Take your first picture in the game.

To take a picture, press and then . Then you have to confirm that you want to take a picture. Give the picture any name you want, and then save. The trophy should then pop up.

Disco Trip Master
Complete any disco trip without retrying.

There is a total of 3 disco trip stages. In these stages you are using a hoverboard of some sort to ride rails. To get this trophy you need to get from start to finish, without falling off the rails. I found the second disco trip stage the easiest, and I did it on my first try. It is easiest not to try to get this while going after a 100% score run.

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