Players: Up to 16 (online)
Online Trophies: Yes, all but Axe Master
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: Yes
Estimated Time to 100%: 2-10 hours*
Collectible Trophies: No
Missable Trophies: No
Glitched Trophies: No

The Legends and Killers pack is the newest DLC released for Red Dead Redemption. It was released on August 10th, 2010. The pack includes 9 new multiplayer map locations, 8 characters from Red Dead Revovler, a new weapon (the Tomahawk) and 10 new trophies.

*If you have already achieved level 50, it will take 2-10+. If you have NOT hit level 50 yet it will add a significant amount of time as you have to grind to 50 and pass into legend mode for a trophy.

[top]Tips and Strategies

  • All Trophies are listed in XMB order.
  • This guide only covers trophies contained in the Legends and Killers DLC pack. Click here for help with the main game: Red Dead Redemption Trophy Guide
  • Most of the Trophies can be done in Private Free Roam to make it easier.
  • To make things easier, do NOT legend right away. Keep your guns from the previous levels until you have finished the other Trophies.
  • You can achieve the trophies without other players having the DLC.
  • As always, if you have a suggestion that I can add to the guide, feel free to PM me or post in the guide and I will try my best to help you as quick as I can.


Call it a Comeback!
Come back from a 2-0 deficit and win a Hold your Own game.

This trophy requires a minimum of 3 people in a Hold your Own Game. Its going to take some time to get as you have to let yourself lose the first 2 bags. Once you go down 0-2, you must retrieve the bags and put them into your chest. Once you get 3 bags into your chest, you will have won the game, shortly thereafter the trophy will pop.

Who Needs Deadeye?
Kill 3 or more players in a standoff or showdown.

This trophy is VERY hard without help from friends. It requires, at minimum, 4 People (3 excluding yourself). Start by joining a Shootout or Gang Shootout game. Before the map starts, all players will be gathered in a circle in the classic stand off stance. Kill 3 people and the trophy is yours.
  • Once the shootout starts you CAN quickly dodge and move away.
  • If you die after getting 3 kills, you will still achieve the trophy.

Stick and Move
Get 3 kills with knives or throwing knives in a single competitive match.

Not as hard as its originally thought to be. Simply kill 3 people with the knife or throwing knife in any match.
  • It MUST be done in 1 match, the kills do not carry over
  • They do not have to be done all at once, as long as you get 3 kills by the end of the match the trophy will pop.
  • In my opinion, it was much easier to knife people in Free for All than in Gang matches

Double Bagger
Double Capture 3 times in a single Gold Rush map.

This trophy requires, at minimum, 3 people. If you try it with 2, you will NOT have 2 bags spawn thus eliminating the option to grab 2 bags. Simply enough, just grab 2 bags at once and run them to your chest. Do this 3 times and the trophy is yours.
  • This must be done in a Gold Rush map, not a Hold Your Own game
  • Make sure you grab 2 bags. Some people have grabbed one and thought because its doubled (A bag draped across the front, and a bag draped across the back) that it was a double. Each bag has 2 gold sacks. You will need a sack on each shoulder to perform a double bag.

Kill 5 players via Head shot in a single Shootout or Gang Shootout.

No real explanation needed, just achieve 5 head shots in a single Shootout or Gang shootout.
  • Its much easier to achieve the trophy in a free for all game. More targets = Greater chances to get a headshot.
  • They do NOT have to be back to back to back, etc. As long as you get 5 before the game ends the trophy will pop.

Reach level 50 and Pass into Legend.

Once you reach level 50, open the multiplayer window in the pause menu. Once there, you will see your character profile. Hit at this screen, and a prompt will come up asking if you are positive that you would like to move into Legend. Accept and ding theirs your trophy.
  • This trophy is retroactive, meaning if you have already passed into Legend, the moment you log on the trophy will pop.
  • To make things easier, I'd suggest staying at level 50 until you have achieved all the other trophies in the new DLC pack. This will make them A LOT easier as passing into Legend resets your guns/mounts back to starter gear.
  • If you want to get the trophy but not pass into Legend, copy your save file to a USB flash-drive. Afterward, go into LAN and pass into Legend there as the trophy can be achieved in LAN. Once this is done, replace the multiplayer save with the one you copied onto the Flash drive and tadda, your 50 again!

Tip from Pfirefly
For the silver, you don't even have to copy your save and do all that lan nonsense. All I did was turn off auto save, pass into legend, popped, then exited to SP. When I went back into MP, I was still level 50 and turned the auto save back on.

Hail Mary
Get a kill greater than 35 yards with a Tomahawk.

This trophy is the easiest trophy to achieve in the new DLC pack (unless you've already hit 50). Once you have the tomahawks bought, head to any town/area with an NPC and start throwing. Once you hit an NPC from 35+ yards the trophy is yours.
  • Locking on with the Tomahawk will just have you fall short of the target. What you need to do is lock on and then aim a little higher than the target. It will take a bit of trial and error, but once your used to how the tomahawk works, it will come quickly.
  • This can be done against real players as well, it does not have to be an NPC.

Axe Master
Complete all Tomahawk challenges in Single Player.

There are 5 steps to achieving this trophy. Progress can be viewed just like you would view any other ambient challenge. Press , scroll down and select the Journal entry.

Rank 1) Purchase a Tomahawk at the general store in Manzanita Post
  • Simple enough, fast travel or call your horse and make your way towards Manzanita Post. Once there, make your way to the general store and buy a Tomahawk. This essentially starts the Journal entry

Rank 2) Kill one enemy with a thrown tomahawk, one with a tomahawk melee kill and one while on horseback.
  • Some people have had trouble with this part as they throw the tomahawk from horseback thinking it counts as both. To finish this step I'd suggest going to the Twin Rocks hideout. While on your horse, throw a tomahawk to start the Gang hideout. Once this is done, jump off your horse and finish the other two objective kills.
    Note: You have to get fairly close to get the melee kill, as the tomahawk has a tendency to lean towards wanting to be thrown.

Rank 3) Kill a flying bird without the assistance of Deadeye.
  • MUCH easier than it sounds. When you are in Twin Rocks completing the Rank 2 challenge, clear out the rest of the camp (either with the Tomahawk or Guns). Once this is done, Vultures will start circling near the middle house. Climb up to the top and just follow their patterns, once your comfortable aim and fire.
  • I found Twin Rocks to be the easiest area as the Vultures have a VERY predictable flight pattern.

Rank 4) Kill 5 Enemies in a row with the tomahawk, without missing.
  • Rank 4 and 5 go hand in hand if you do it the suggested way. First, go to Manzanita Post and re-stock so you have 20 tomahawks. After this go to the Solomons Folly hideout. Once there start throwing and get 5 kills without missing. There's not a lot of pointers I can give, as getting used to the tomahawk is all trial and error.
  • The reason I pick Solomon's folly is pretty straightforward. The camp only has 10 or so enemies, and once they are cleared you jump on the cart and ride to Armadillo. What I found made this easy was not having to do much killing while riding to Armadillo, thus eliminating the chances of me running out of Tomahawks and having to restock and try again.
    Note: I've recently learned that it may be possible to retrieve your Tomahawks by looting the bodies of the dead gang members. Thanks to PFirefly for clarifying that it is possible to retrieve your tomahawks.

Rank 5) Clear a gang Hideout using only Tomahawks.
-See Rank 4-

Original Gunslinger
Get 25 Deadeye kills with Red.

To start with, go into the multiplayer menu and load up the Outfitter. Once you have the option, select Characters - Red Dead Revolver. Select Red Harlow, save and exit and now you may begin. You can do this multiple ways: Free Roam (killing other players), and Free for All Shootouts. Simply enough get 25 deadeye kills while wearing the Red Harlow skin and the trophy is yours.
  • This WILL NOT work in gang shootouts. You must either get this in a multiplayer game that lets you use your own costumes or in free roam. Doing a gang shootout does not let you use the Red Harlow skin
  • The kills are cumulative, meaning you can get them in Free roam, Free for all Shootout, etc.
  • NPC's do not count towards this, it must be done on human controlled players.

Reeeeal Good
Get 25 Dynamite kills with Pig Josh.

This trophy is a bit harder than the deadeye kills, but not much. What makes it harder (but also a little easier at the same time) is getting the timing down on when to throw the dynamite at your targets. If your lucky, you will get multiple kills with 1 dynamite stick, making the kill count go a bit quicker. To start, enter the multiplayer tab and select Outfitter. Once in, select Characters - Red Dead Revolver - Pig Josh, save and exit. After this is done, proceed to get 25 Dynamite kills while wearing the Pig Josh skin.
  • Like the deadeye kills, this cannot be done in any match that does not let you use your selected Skin.
  • The kills are cumulative, meaning you can get some in Free Roam, some in Free for all shootout, etc.
    Note: I found this much easier to boost then to do in game modes. Load up a Private free roam, have you and a buddy go to a set area and start throwing dynamite at him. It will take a bit to finish, if you want to go a bit quicker have more people join the free roam.

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