Players: 2-4 (online)
Online Trophies: Yes (all)
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: Yes
Estimated Time to 100%: 4-5 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 2
Collectible Trophies: No
Missable Trophies: No
Glitched Trophies: No

Get ready to saddle up again with the new DLC for Red Dead Redemption. The DLC features 6 new Co-op missions that can be played with up to 4 people. It is available to download today for FREE.

If you are looking for the trophy guide for the main game, it can be found here: Red Dead Redemption Trophy Guide

[top]Tips and Strategies

  • When picking classes I found Soldier or Marksman to be the two best classes but it all comes down to preferance.
  • On Advanced missions if you have good weapons unlocked do not be afraid to use the "No Holds Barred" class as it will greatly help. For other Advanced mission/Gold Medal Tips see The Mother Lode below.
  • I have heard of people having difficulties getting the DLC to work, not sure why, but the way i downloaded it was through the Download menu in the game. Once in the download menu select "Go to PlayStation Store" and from there you can download the DLC. It was the way I downloaded it and I never had any issues with it.
  • Finally, if you need any more help or have any suggestions I could add to the guide feel free to PM me or post in the guide and I will be more than happy to help


Well done
Complete a Co-Op mission.

Simple enough, just complete any of the 6 missions and you will receive what should be your first DLC trophy.

Have posse, will travel
Complete all Co-Op missions.

You have to complete all 6 Co-Op missions. It really is not all that hard just be sure to keep track of the ones you completed because you don't want to forget and have to replay a few if you don't have to. The 6 missions are:
  • The Herd
  • The River
  • Ammunition
  • Walton's Gold
  • The Escape
  • The Kidnapped Girl

2 guys, 1 Coop
Complete a Co-Op mission with just 2 people.

Pretty simple if done properly. Set up a private match with a friend because it can be annoying when randoms interfere. It doesn't necessarily matter which mission you pick because they are all relatively easy but if you do find yourself having trouble with a specific mission switch to another one. The strategy here is to stick together because if one of you falls your partner is right there to save you. You don't have a time limit either so just stick together cover and take all the time you need. Simple as that.

Stake a claim
Gold medal any Co-Op mission.

Refer to The mother lode below.

Struck gold
Gold medal all Co-Op missions.

Refer to The mother lode below.

Friends indeed
Complete a Co-Op mission without anyone dying.

This trophy sounds harder than it really is. When you fall in battle it does not count as a death, you either have to bleed out (your on the ground for too long before someone revives you) or get hit by an explosion for an instant death. The best way to get this trophy done is if you do it at the same time as 2 guys, 1 Coop simply because it is just the 2 of you so you don't have to worry about some randoms running off into the open. You already will be using the strategy to stick close to one another and take your time so quite frankly combining the 2 (or 3 with Bulletproof if you haven't already gotten it) would be the smartest choice. Remember to watch out for explosives and dynamite throwing enemies as explosives will cause an instant death ruining the trophy for both of you.

You rule!
Complete all Advanced Co-Op missions.

First off, you need to complete all 6 regular Co-Op missions before you unlock the Advanced missions. Ok so the only real difference in advanced is the expert aim which may make this, never mind it's predecessor below, seem impossible, but really it's not that hard it just takes a little getting used to. On the positive note there is a class called "No Holds Barred" that lets you use every weapon you have unlocked in free roam which, if you are at a high level (around 35-50), will really help. It's not impossible with the other classes since i was able to complete every single mission with "Soldier II" but it will make your life a lot easier using "No Holds Barred", provided you're at a high level of course. Just keep trying the missions, replaying them if you fail, and you should find yourself getting more and more comfortable with expert aim, completing the levels quicker than you thought you would. Also dead eye can be a real life saver in advanced. Just be sure to keep track of the missions you have completed to avoid repeats. For some tips on specific missions check The mother lode.

The mother lode
Gold medal all Advanced Co-Op missions.

This is the hardest trophy on the DLC without a doubt. I will do my best in describing requirements for gold medals but they will be advanced requirements only and for a full game of 4. For requirements on regular or with less than 4 players I have not found very much info but they will be less than what is posted so if you follow my tips and strategies you should be fine. Some things to keep in mind when trying to get gold in either of the difficulties are:
  • Unlike SP missions time does not matter in obtaining a gold medal nor does accuracy so take advantage of that.
  • To rack up big points in Co-Op you are going to want to focus mainly on getting your kill chain up for score bonuses and HEADSHOTS. I can't stress it enough, headshots will make the difference between gold and silver in most missions. Headshots give you about double the points as a regular kill making them worth while and since there is no time requirement take your time and focus on what matters.
  • If you are near the end of a mission and you know your score won't be high enough to obtain gold have your friends and yourself kick the random person on the bottom of the score board to reduce the score requirement for gold. If you are playing with all friends then either finish the mission and try again or negotiate a deal where you kick the lowest scorer and play it again having that player do most the work and kicking another friend who already has the gold.
  • I would highly recommend that you do the advanced gold medals in either 3 player or 4 player games. 2 players is extremely hard and unless you and your buddy really want to be challenged, save yourselves the headache and frustration and play it in a larger game.

Level Specific Tips:

Toggle Spoiler

Dodge this
Achieve a kill chain of 10 or more in any Advanced Co-Op mission.

Before you try this make sure you have the Advanced Co-Op missions unlocked because as the description says you can only do this on an Advanced mission. There are two ways to do this:

1) The first, being the harder of the two, is to just play in a private match with a bunch of buddies and tell them to lay off the kills as you want to get a 10 kill streak for the trophy. Once you get it you can then tell them you got it and return to normal gameplay. Of course this method still requires skill in expert aiming and quite possibly some patience.

2) The second method, the easier one, can only be done on the mission "The Escape". After you steal the gold carriage and are asked to make your way to tumbleweed, instead of fighting the bandits with your guns immediately run to the cliff on the left with all the cannons. There should be about 4-5 enemies up there so kill them all before you do anything else. Next make sure one of your buddies watches the flank down below while you take out the two gatling gunners. There is one on top of the 3 closely placed buildings to the left of the center of town, and one to your very far left right beside the barn. You will then be fine to hop on a cannon and start blasting up the town. As soon as you see the word checkpoint appear on your screen after killing a couple of the enemies, aim right at the front door of the mansion atop of the hill and you should immediately receive a 12 kill chain with a nice chunk of bonus money followed by the trophy and that beautiful ding sound.

Another method from stevemoore08:

Quote Originally Posted by stevemoore08 View Post
Great guide man, another hint for dodge this is use marksman or no holds barred (depends on ur level) and get a m8 (or m8s) to lay low at the start of the herd mission as there is enough guys to get the trophy in 1 go, that's how I got the trophy

Complete a Co-Op mission without dying.

Refer to Friends indeed above.

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