Head to the early 1900 Americas with John Marston, a former outlaw, who travels across the country to either bring law and order to the land or to return to his corrupt roots. Take part in epic gun duels, train and bank robberies and more in a GTA style old west frontier brought to you by the Rockstar games.


Players: 1

Online Play: Yes
Online Trophies: Yes 9 Multiplayer and 5 cumulative MP and SP
Cheat Codes: N/A
Trophy Difficulty: 6/10
Time To Platinum: 40-50 hours
Suggested Playthroughs: 1
Most Difficult Trophy: Most Wanted
Most Time Consuming Trophy: How the West Was Won
Collectibles: Redeemed, Unnatural Selection
Missable Trophies: Spurred to Victory

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[top]Tips and Strategies

  • Trophies are listed in XMB order.
  • Use your Dead Eye aiming with the button to maximize head shots and make battles faster and easier. The red meter on the left of your mini map shows how much Dead Eye power you have and it refills a little when you kill someone. You can also find and purchase items for immediate refills such as moonshine (which also will give you 10 seconds of infinite Dead Eye use before the meter starts draining again), and chewing tobacco.
  • After Rickett's mission "The Mexican Wagon Train" you will be able to move freely between the U.S. and Mexico.
  • You can Fast Travel to different locations and even save your game from the campsite located in the menu if you press the button while in the open wilderness
  • Tip from Elicitor: MAKE SURE YOU DO NOT TURN OFF AUTO-SAVE WHEN YOU PLAY THE ONLINE MULTIPLAYER OR THE GAME WILL NOT SAVE YOUR STATS FOR YOU!!! Unlike most MP games this game shares some of its offline trophies iwith the online mode, because of this the games online stats are saved to your PS3 hard drive instead of to an online server.
  • After breaking one of the best horses such as the Hungarian Half-Bred, head over to any General Store and you can purchase a deed for that horse type. This is very useful because if your horse dies for any random reason, such as bears, if you press the and then press the on the deed you can get a new one immediately. These deeds don't go away with use so you can keep them forever!
  • You cannot turn in Bounties you have completed if you have a wanted level. Clear that first then turn in your bounty.
  • Once the game ends you can play Free Roam to finish off all the side missions and challenges and replay levels. HOWEVER replaying levels does not count towards the Spurred to Victory trophy so if you miss this during the game you will have to start over!!!
  • IMPORTANT TIP FROM KAOLLA_SU!!!! Patch 1.02 will change the amount of EXP you can earn from Hideouts online to a third of their original values! If you are working on the Online portion of the game, DO NOT download the patch! Play the game on an online LAN Game that no one else can enter to get to your level 50 rank then download the patch to get the other online trophies with other players.
    Quote Originally Posted by SpaghettiMonster View Post
    If you have a save file from before patch 1.04, and you play it without having your bounties and map locations finished, it will bug up your 100%/On the Trail of De Vaca trophy. Here is more info:

    Rockstar Games - Help - Inability to get 100% completion due to incorrect stats for Areas Discovered and/or bounties after Title Update 1.04

    EDIT: Apparently this might also affect people who start with 1.04 save files as well.


2010 Trophy Guide Of The Year

Legend of the West
You've become a true legend of the west

The highly coveted Red Dead Redemption platinum trophy will unlock after all other trophies have been obtained. Once you have obtained platinum click the link below and join the Red Dead Redemption Platinum Club.

That Government Boy
Complete "Exodus in America"

This is a story based trophy.

Once you get off the train on the first level of the game, head through the station and into the saloon. Inside the saloon you will meet your guide, Jake. A tutorial on horse riding will ensue as you follow Jake to Fort Mercer. Once you get to Fort Mercer walk into the yellow "X" on the screen and a cutscene will follow ending the first mission and the trophy will sound.

Land of Opportunity
Complete "The Assault on Fort Mercer"

This is a story based trophy.

The last Marshall Johnson mission in Act 1 is "The Assault on Fort Mercer". You will ride inside West Dicken's carriage with the gatling gun and after a small cinematic unleash the fury on the inside of the Fort. Once you have killed everyone in the first section. Marshall Johnson and his Deputies will run into the fort. Follow them through the fort taking out the stragglers until you get the prompt to rendezvous together. Once you do this there will be another short cinematic followed by the last part of the level which puts you outside the walls fending off a final attack by the enemies with the gatling gun. This wave is larger than the other one and includes two wagons with gatling guns of their own. When you see the gatling gun wagons shoot directly behind the driver and there will be an explosive crate to take out the entire wagon before it can cause too much damage. After you finish off the wave, the level ends and the trophy is yours.

Sons of Mexico
Complete "The Gates of El Presidio"

This is a story based trophy.

This is the second to last mission with Abraham Reyes in Mexico. You will start the mission by riding shotgun on a wagon with Abraham to a Fort where he says Escuela is located. Once you get there, he will light a fuse and tell you to crash the wagon into the gates. The fuse looks short but you have plenty of time. Use the to pick up speed and just before you hit the doors jump off the carriage to break into the Fort. Once inside let the rebels battle the guards and head straight to your left and up the stairs to find Escuela in a room at the marker. After he runs chase him down on your horse, lasso him, and bring him back to the Fort. You can always shoot the horse he's riding if you are having trouble. Then you will need to defend the Fort from a wave of attackers. Follow Abraham up the stairs and into the building. He will then climb a ladder, BUT you need to head out the door and to the ladder leading up to the wall of the Fort where you will find a cannon. Use the cannon, which is very easy and fun to use, to take out all the attackers then head back down to the yellow "x" to trigger the last cutscene and end the level.

No More Fancy Words
Complete "An Appointed Time"

This is a story based trophy.

This is the very last mission in Mexico for Abraham Reyes. Ride into town and you will immediately be place into a duel with Captain Zubieta. Defeat him and untie Reyes and he will tell you to free his comrades from the jail. On your way shoot any Mexican Army members you see who are about to execute peasants and they will help you. Make it to the jail and take out the guards, then shoot the locks on the cell doors to free the prisoners and slowly move your way up to the villa. When you get close to the Villa they will have setup a Gatling Gun so use caution. Once you have taken them all out, Reyes will instruct you to mount the Gatling Gun and they will place TNT in front of the door. Once they finish and move well out of harms way, shoot the TNT then open fire inside the doorway to take out the first wave of attackers. Keep firing until the rebels move up, then dismount the gun and move inside and take out the inner guards. When they are all dead, Reyes will tell you that more are coming up the road. You can either kill them from inside OR move outside to the Gatling Gun and get some kills towards your Gatling Gun trophy.

Once they are all dead, there will be a short cinematic and you must chase down Williamson on horseback taking out all the guards and most importantly the guard in the mounted gun on the modified tank of a carriage. Once you take out the drivers, there will be another short cinematic and the level will end and the trophy will sound.

A Savage Soul
Complete "At Home With Dutch"

This is a story based trophy.

This is one of the first missions available in the North from Professor Harold MacDougal. Ride with MacDougal and Nastas to Cochinay and begin to climb the mountains. Nastas will lead you most of the way but after he is wounded you are on your own to climb the mountain. On the first open area be prepared as you will face a Grizzly. When you get to the dead animal at the next plateau of the mountain, a cougar will attack stealthily. Once you get to the top, take out the guard quietly with a throwing knife and take his Binoculars. After the cinematic the level ends and the trophy is yours.

The Benefits of Civilization
Complete "And the Truth Will Set You Free"

This is a story based trophy.

This is the last mission for Agent Edgar Ross. When you first start out you will be in the back of a modified armor truck taking out baddies with a mounted turret gun. Watch the mini map to see where they are and rack up some easy kills. After the cinematic where the truck gets blown up, hop on your horse and ride to the yellow indicator in Cochinay. You don't have to wait for anyone so go as fast as you will then move with the Army storming through Dutch's camp. When you get near the end you will need to protect the soldiers planting dynamite on the gates. Several enemies will be on walkways above shooting down at them. After the gates are destroyed head into the last part and carefully take out Dutch's henchman while staying in cover to avoid his mounted machine gun fire. Once they are dead use your sniper rifle to shoot one of the two lamps hanging up on the ledge near him to start a fire chasing him away from his gun. Once he runs away, chase him through the caves to the final cinematic and the level will end.

Into the Sunset
Complete "The Last Enemy that Shall be Destroyed"

This is a story based trophy.

This is technically the last story mission for the game. Head to the "J" icon to start the mission. Hide behind the cart with Uncle and take out the first wave of soldiers. Then move up to the porch of the house for the next wave. After that move up the corn silo and cover your family as they cross the field, then finally meet them at the barn for the final showdown.

Nurture or Nature
Complete "Remember my Family"

This is actually the last story mission in the game but it's disguised as a Stranger Mission. Head to the Railroad Station in Blackwater AFTER you've completed "The Last Enemy That Shall be Destroyed" to find the question mark for the mission. I don't want to spoil anything for you so I won't tell you more.

High Roller
Win over 2,000 chips in a hand of Poker

Poker is played at almost every saloon in the game. It is represented by a poker chip on the world map. The rules are simple. There's a small buy in to start the game, then everyone is dealt two cards after which another round of betting takes place. Then 3 community cards are placed on the table for everyone to play there hand cards off of, followed by another round of betting. This process continues until either everyone folds and there is a winner, OR there is 5 community cards at the table after which a winner is named.

Your first step towards getting this trophy is to press and go to the menu. Next move down to Social Club and follow the onscreen instructions to link your gamertag to the Rockstar social site. Doing this will unlock the Gentleman's Attire for you which allows you to get into the High Stakes Poker Table in Blackwater. Once you are in Blackwater, change into your suit, then head down to the Blackwater Hotel which is just down the street from the Blackwater Saloon where your Safehouse is located. Once you are there head to the second story and through the doors to find the table. This Table has a buy in of $250.00 more than twice any other table. You must win a profit of more than 2000 chips in one hand for this trophy, which means you can't bet 2000 and have everyone fold and expect to get the trophy. The pot has to be at least 2000 chips more than all your bets, but I personally saw pots go over 7000 chips on one hand so it should be easy.

While you are playing, be smart only start betting big if you have at least a pair or more. Try not to bid too big all at once otherwise the computer usually folds. If the computer starts bidding A LOT all at once the computer is cheating for itself and is usually a good time to fold, for instance, I had the computer bet its entire chip bank on the first bet from the two hand cards you are dealt. So I played along because there were still 5 more cards to go and the computer got a straight flush. As soon as you win one pot with 2000 profits the trophy will sound and you can walk away.

No Dice
Complete a game of Liar's Dice without losing a single die

Liar's Dice is a game of counting more than anything else and is available where you see the die icon at most of the saloons. You and two to three players take turns shaking up 5 dice to start with in a cup and then putting them on the table under the cup so only you can see what you have. Players take turns around the board saying how many dice they think there are of a specific face value under each persons cup for the entire table. For instance if you see that you have 2 4s under your cup you might guess three 4s assuming that someone else may have another 2. While the guessing is taking place, you have to bet equal or greater value then the previous bet, but you can change the die face value you are betting on. SO lets say someone bets 2 4s like before, your next bet can either be 2 of any other face value other than 4, OR 3 or greater of any die face value. When you think someone is making something up you can call their bluff. So if someone say 5 6s and there aren't at least 5 6s on the table they lose a die. Now if you call the bluff and they are correct you lose a die.

Now that you know the rules here's the strategy. This is really only tough in the beginning because everyone has so many dice. I have found the computer will usually call one more of any die face value than they actually have. Try to keep your calls limited to what you have under your cup in case of a bluff, and try to let them bluff each other and whittle down each others dice. If the computer starts with something small like 2 3s and then on there next turn jumps it up to like 5 3s and you don't have any of what they are calling its a good time to call a bluff. After you take one of them out it should get a lot easier. Pay attention to how many dice they have left. When they get down to one or two they usually only call what they have. It's easier to undercall when you get down to this point. So if you look under your cup and have 3 2s, only call 1. when it comes back to you bump it up to the real number and the computer will usually call a bluff and you of course will be right and they will lose a die. Remember you only lose if the table has less than the number, so if there are more than the number called you still win! If you can make it through the game without losing a single die you will get the trophy.

What About Hand Grenades?
Get a ringer in a game of Horseshoes in any game mode

This is one of the most irritating and difficult trophies in the game. The only reason being is that it is basically pure luck. Head to any of the Horseshoe pits on your map after you unlock them by completing the mission "Women and Cattle". The Horseshoe pits will be represented by a horseshoe on your map. Press the button to begin play and bet 1$ otherwise the game will go by too quick and you will have less chances. Hold the to aim and aim so that the stake is in between the prongs for your horseshoe then use the right stick for your throwing motion. Now this is the tricky part. How fast you move the right stick will determine how hard you swing your arm. Too hard and a good throw will sail right over the pit, too slow and a good throw will be extremely short. Now the meter on the right shows the optimal release point. You want to try to release the shoe between the white arrow and the second black arrow towards the top of the screen. Press the to throw the horseshoe. Get a good swinging motion going with the right stick then press the at the right time to throw it. You can press the to view the pit to see what you need to adjust. For this trophy the stake in the middle of the pit MUST BE INSIDE THE HORSESHOE!! Once you get it once the trophy is yours.

Austin Overpowered
Complete Twin Rocks, Pike's Basin, and Gaptooth Breach Hideouts in Single Player

Gang hideouts are side missions hidden throughout the game that will earn you not only extra fame, money and weapons, but they are also necessary for the 100% completion trophy. Hideouts are small towns or forts that are overrun by outlaws. You must complete certain story missions to unlock each one and then you must raid the fort and kill all the enemies inside.

Twin Rocks
Twin Rocks, becomes available after completing Bonnie's mission, "New Friends, Old Problems". Twin Rocks is located north of Armadillo, past Cholla Springs. As you approach you will see a yellow "x" on your screen and you will be prompted to meet the rancher behind the rock where the "x" is located. He informs you that a gang has taken his daughter captive in the small hideout. First take out the snipers on each of the two rocks, then move forward into the camp. Take out all the enemies and enter the house where the daughter is located. The head gang member will use the girl as his shield. Use your Dead Eye mode with the to take him out with one shot to the head and save the daughter to finish this easy hideout. You will receive the Volcanic Pistol and find several chests to loot for your reward.

Pike's Basin
Pike's Basin becomes available after you complete Marshall Johnson's mission, "Justice in Pike's Basin". You can get into the canyons leading into Pikes Basin if you head north of Armadillo to the Hanging Rock, then follow the road to the right of the rock into the opening of the canyon. Once inside the canyon, you will be prompted to meet up with the rancher behind some rocks with a yellow "x" indicated. He tells you that the gang stole his herd of cattle. Fight your way through the canyon until you come to the camp. Just before you get to the camp if you have already activated the Funny Man stranger mission you will find him tied up on an upper road on the right side if you take the path to the right from the beginning. Free him and listen to him then continue on. Take out all the gang members in the hideout and the rancher will ask you to escort him part of the way out of the canyon. Whistle for your trusty horse and lead the way. He will tend to the herd and you take out any members until the cinematic displays that you are victorious. You will receive the Sawed off Shotgun for completing this hideout.

Gaptooth Breach
Gaptooth Breach, will be available after you finish Irish's mission, "Man is Born Unto Trouble". Gaptooth Breach is a small mining tent hideout that is located on the left side of your map just to the left of where it reads Gaptooth Breach. Approach the hideout from the road to the south and you will get the prompt to meet the injured man behind the crates at the yellow "x". He informs you that his partner was taken captive and that he's badly wounded and must leave to a doctor. The partner is located in a building on the left side but before you save him move to the right side and move counter clockwise through the camp taking out all the gang members. Once they are all dead take out the remaining couple at the hideout and cut the friend free. He then tells you he knows of a treasure in the mine and he will split it with you if you lead the way. Escort him through the mine and stick to the left passage. Down this passage if you have activated the Funny Man stranger quest you will find him hogtied behind some boxes. Free him and listen to his cinematic then continue on. When you get to the bottom, he finds out it was only one little treasure chest and then tells you that you can have it and he stays behind for some unthinkable reason. Fight your way back out of the mine and the hideout will be complete. You will receive the Springfield Rifle and Treasure Hunter Outfit Scrap 5 for finishing this hideout.

Evil Spirits
Complete Tumbleweed and Tesoro Azul Hideouts in Single Player

Gang hideouts are side missions hidden throughout the game that will earn you not only extra fame, money and weapons, but they are also necessary for the 100% completion trophy. Hideouts are small towns or forts that are overrun by outlaws. You must complete certain story missions to unlock each one and then you must raid the fort and kill all the enemies inside.

Tumbleweed is the first available Gang Hideout and is available once you compete "New Friends, Old Problems" story mission. Tumbleweed is located at Gaptooth Ridge. Head into the town first and free the sheriff who has been tied up in a small building to the left of the guy being hanged in the middle of town. Once he is free he will help you dispatch the rest of the goons in the town as you move around the town killing them. Once they are all dead head over to the mansion with the sheriff. Kill the guards on the porch then head around the left side of the mansion and head down into the basement. Kill the two rogues in the basement then move upstairs and take out the remaining enemies. Once the mansion is clear you will be rewarded with some money and the Winchester Repeater rifle.

Tesoro Azul
Tesoro Azul is located in Mexico where the map says the same name and is available after you complete De Santa's "The Demon Drink" mission. When you approach the town, you will be prompted to meet the lawman behind the rock at the yellow "x". Once you are in position the doors will open and some guards will come out. Take them out then move inside and take out the remaining guards. After they have all been killed, move into the house with the yellow blip and use your Dead Eye aiming to take out the leader before he kills the officer. Once he is dead the mission ends. You will receive the Double-Action Revolver for completing this hideout.

Instinto Asesino
Complete Fort Mercer and Nosalida Hideouts in Single Player

Gang hideouts are side missions hidden throughout the game that will earn you not only extra fame, money and weapons, but they are also necessary for the 100% completion trophy. Hideouts are small towns or forts that are overrun by outlaws. You must complete certain story missions to unlock each one and then you must raid the fort and kill all the enemies inside.

Fort Mercer
The Fort Mercer gang hideout side quest will available after Irish's "We Shall be Together in Paradise" mission. After you regain access to the U.S. from Mexico head on over there and you will get a prompt to meet the gunslinger by the wall that is marked with a yellow "x". He will have you climb some boxes to infiltrate the fort. Once you have done that, kill the guys at the top then move your way to the bottom and open the doors for him and he will come in and help you. Next move around the fort killing all the gang members and then kill the gang leader when he decides to come out. Once the Fort is clear, the gunslinger will ask you to follow him to the treasure room ending the area. You will receive the Semi-Automatic Pistol for clearing the fort.

Nosalida becomes available after you complete Irish's mission, "We Shall be Together in Paradise". This fort is on the left side of the Mexican map where it says Nosalida. As you approach the prompt will tell you to meet the General of the Army behind the rock at the yellow "x". He will tell you to take some Fire Bombs to burn down their houses. Now the hard part is making sure you don"t hit any of the Mexican Army while killing gang members. Move through the hideout while making sure that your targets are the red blips to kill and take them all out. Once you are done use the Fire Bombs to set fire to the 2 boats and the 3 houses in the hideout, then return to the General to complete the mission. For your troubles he will give you the Henry Repeater rifle.

Fightin' Around the World
Knock someone out in melee in every saloon in the game in Single Player

For this trophy you must knock someone out with melee in every Saloon in the game. Before you head into any saloon make sure you press and hold the to bring up your weapon selection wheel and pick Fists. If you forget and pull a gun in the Saloon on someone everyone will run out of the Saloon. When you head into the Saloon find someone and hold the and then press repeatedly to punch. Keep punching until the enemy falls down. He will eventually get back up but that's OK. Once he's down there will be a gang of people looking for a fight , you don't have to fight them just head out and hop on your horse and run away. Here are the Saloons:
  • Armadillo Saloon
  • Rathskeller Fork Saloon
  • Thieves' Landing Saloon
  • Blackwater Saloon
  • Escalara Saloon
  • Chuparosa Saloon
  • Casa Madrugada Saloon

Strange Things Are Afoot
Complete a task for a Stranger

Stranger missions become available after you complete "New Friends, Old Problems" for Bonnie. The easiest ones to complete at the beginning of the game for this trophy are, Let No Man Put Asunder, and Jenny's Faith. For more info on the locations and strategies to complete these Stranger mission see the Redeemed trophy. You can check your active Stranger missions in the menu by going to Journal and then Stranger. If you want to review your completed Stranger missions from the start menu go to Stats and then Stranger. After you complete your very first stranger mission no matter what you choose the trophy is yours.

People Are Still Strange
Complete 15 tasks for Strangers

Stranger missions become available after you complete "New Friends, Old Problems" for Bonnie. For more info on the locations and strategies to complete these Stranger mission see the Redeemed trophy. You can check your active Stranger missions in the menu by going to Journal and then Stranger. If you want to review your completed Stranger missions from the start menu go to Stats and then Stranger. After you complete 15 stranger missions the trophy is yours.

Buckin' Awesome
Break the Kentucky Saddler, the American Standardbred, and the Hungarian Half-bred

There are multiple ways to get horses in the game. You can steal someone's , some are given to you, once you acquire the lasso you can catch them in the wild and break them, and finally you can purchase ones you've unlocked from any General Store. These 3 that you have to "Break" are the best of the horses. If you are wondering if you have found one of them head to any General Store and check the horse deeds that you can buy to see if they are unlocked. Here's how to spot them:

Kentucky Saddler
This little gem I unlocked while doing the horsebreaking jobs. After you do one of the horsebreaking jobs check back at the store and you will notice that he is unlocked.

American Standardbred
This Horse is Pure Black. If you've seen the movie Black Beauty, that's the horse you are looking for to complete this. I found one of these roaming around the North territory on the Great Plains. He took off in a bolt when I approached him but fortunately I head my trusty steed Shadowfax to chase him down. He puts up a good fight but it should be no problem.

Hungarian Half-Bred
I found the Hungarian Half Bred while roaming around in Mexico. This horse is white with dark markings on his face and feet. If you see one that looks like Shadowfax that is most likely one of them. Whip out your Lasso and be prepared for a fight. He will run and he is fast and when you do catch him and get off your horse he likes to be funny and yank you off your feet. Once you finally catch him and "Break" him tie him to a Hitching Post to make him yours.

Clemency Pays
Capture a bounty alive

Bounty missions become available after you complete Marshall Johnson's mission, "Political Realities in Armadillo". They are represented in the towns by a white skull icon. Head over to the icon and you will see a wanted poster pinned to a wall. Press the button to accept the mission and John will rip the poster off the wall and you will be told of his location and a red skull will appear on your map for the target. For this trophy you will also need to have completed Bonnie's mission, "Wild Horses, Tamed Passions" to have access to the lasso. Head to the red skull and dismount your horse just before you get there. Now take out all the henchman which are the red dots on your screen so it is just you and the target left. He will most likely try to run if he does shoot him in the leg to slow him down. If he gets on a horse shoot the horse and the horse will throw him off. Take out your lasso and press the to start swinging then press the to lasso him. Make sure you hold down the until you move over to him then press the to hogtie him. Whistle for your horse then press the to pick him up and then put him on the back of your horse. Now mount your horse and it will tell you which jail to take the criminal too. Set a waypoint marker on your map and then be prepared because as soon as you ride away more henchman on horseback will come to try to take you out and get back their leader. After you take them out you will be attacked several times on your way. Once you make it back to town head to the yellow "x" at the jail and the trophy will be yours along with double reward money for a live capture. For a list of Bounty Hunter missions check the Redeemed trophy.

Place a hogtied woman on the train tracks, and witness her death by train

Once you complete the "Wild Horses, Tamed Passions" level with Bonnie you will gain access to the Lasso. At any point after this you can get this trophy. Now you can either search for a woman roaming around the frontier OR you can just head into a town pick one out that's givin you a dirty look. To lasso someone press and hold the to start swinging the rope and to aim, then press the just like any other weapon to throw the lasso at her. Once you catch her continue to hold the until you get close enough for the prompt to hogtie her with the . After James hogties her press the to pick her up then head over to your horse and press the again to put her on your horse. Now head to the pause menu and go to your map. Find the red train icon, set a waypoint marker, and head towards it. Periodically check your map so you can find out which direction the train is heading. Once you catch up to it, get a very good distance away and stop your horse with the . Now press the again to take her off the horse and head to the middle of the train tracks and press the to drop her there. Now stand back like the dastardly scoundrel you are and watch the train come. After the "splat" the trophy is yours.

Exquisite Taste
Purchase a rare weapon from a gunsmith

There are 5 Rare weapons in the game. The first one will become available in Escalara when you are in Mexico. Purchase any of these 5 rare weapons from any weapons dealer to get this trophy. Check the Redeemed trophy below for a complete list of the rare weapons, their locations and their costs.

Bearly Legal
Kill and skin 18 grizzly bears

Grizzly Bears can be found in the Tall Trees area of the North. They usually like to hang out in pairs so if you see one coming after you make sure you look around for a second one. They aren't hard to kill unless you are using a knife. Just equip a rifle, I prefer the shotgun, and open fire on them. After you kill them make sure to press while you are standing by them to skin them. After you have killed AND skinned 18 of them the trophy is yours. If you want to check your progress go to the start menu, then head to Stats and finally Misc to see your Bear kills.

He Cleans Up Well!
Obtain the Elegant Suit

The Elegant Suit will allow you to cheat at any of the Poker tables in the game. Once you make a little money head over to the Tailor shop in Thieves' Landing and you can purchase this suit for $70 which will also unlock an easy trophy.

More Than a Fistful
Earn $10,000 in Single Player

This trophy is cumulative for your total amount earned in the game. You DO NOT have to have $10,000.00 all at once for this trophy so feel free to buy whatever. You should have no problem getting to this number from story missions, Treasure Hunter loot, and side missions. You can enhance your money making skills by skinning all of the animals you kill to sell their remains to the Shop Clerks. The more rare the creature the more money you will get from the sales.

Obtain Legendary rank in any Single Player Ambient Challenge

For this trophy you must max out one of the four Ambient Challenges in the game. The four Challenges are: Sharpshooter, Survivalist, Treasure Hunter and Master Hunter. When you reach the maximum level for any one of these Challenges the trophy is yours. For strategies and how to start the Challenges refer to the Redeemed trophy below. You can view your progress in each Challenge by pausing the game to bring up your menu, then go to Journal and then Challenges.

The Gunslinger
Score a headshot on any enemy using Expert targeting mode

One of the easiest trophies in the game. For this trophy pause the game with the button, head down to options, then head to config. From there change the Targeting Mode to expert. Once you have done that find enemies to battle and you can even use the Dead Eye aiming in expert to get a headshot. Once you get one headshot the trophy is yours and you can change your settings back to normal.

Man of Honor/Chivalry's Dead
Attain highest Fame rank and either highest Honor rank or lowest Honor rank

As you are playing your decisions will give you either Honor points or Dishonor points. Help someone or save someone and you will move positively, kill someone or do something devious and you will move negatively. How people interact with you is a direct connection to your honor, if you are good you will get asked for more help and people will greet you, if you are bad people will run away and avoid you. You will also get perks as you reach certain levels either good or bad here are the Honor Perks:

  • Honest Joe: All jobs pay twice as much.
  • Peacemaker: Shop prices reduced by 50% for buying and increased 50% for selling. Also unlocks Duster Outfit.
  • Hero: Lawmen and Eyewitnesses only report murders.

  • Rustler: The cost for bribing is reduced 50%
  • Road Agent: Shops in Thieves' landing give a 50% discount on purchases and 50% increase for amounts for selling. You also get a special black horse when you whistle.
  • Desperado: No eyewitness reports unless its a murder, but lawmen still report everything.

In addition to Honor you will also get a Fame Rank as you perform missions and jobs. Your Fame Rank will increase and you will get bonuses regardless of honorable or dishonorable actions. Here is the list of Fame ranks and perks:

  • Greenhorn: Ambient Challenges unlocked and people ask for help
  • Buckaroo: The cost to bribe lawmen is reduced by 50%
  • Mercenary: Increases time between Law pursuits from 24 to 48 hours.
  • Gunslinger: Never get a Wanted level from stealing a horse.
  • Legend: All bounties for crimes are halved

Once you reach Legend level status in Fame and EITHER the top or the bottom of the Honor Rank this trophy will unlock.

Gold Medal
Earn a Gold Medal Rank for a combat mission in Single Player

For this trophy you must obtain a Gold Ranking in a Combat Mission. You can view your missions by heading to the menu then Stats and then Missions. You can replay any of the missions you like. The Combat Missions will have three stats: Time Completed, Accuracy and Headshots. When you replay a mission concentrate on one aspect. The game will automatically save your stats that are better. So if you have a completion time of 3:00 and finish it in 2:30 it will save the 2:30 towards your Gold. Now let's say on your next run you finish it in four minutes and take your time to get 100% accuracy, it won't change your time to 4 minutes but it will update your Accuracy stat for the mission to 100%, so you will have 100% and a finish time of 2:30. Take your time and concentrate on each of the three stats, and when your saved mission stats are high enough the trophy is yours. The easiest mission for this is Old Swindler Blues, it's easy and only takes 2 minutes to complete. Aim for these stats for the Gold: 2:00 or less completion time, 100% Accuracy and 4 Headshots.

Manifest Destiny
Kill the last buffalo in the Great Plains in Single Player

As you first enter the Great Plains from Thieves' Landing you will notice a herd of Buffalo near the top of the hill. They are very large and almost impossible to miss. Pick a strong weapon and charge into them. As soon as you fire a shot they will scatter into smaller groups. Chase them and take out as many as you can. Continue to do this everytime you notice they have regrouped and eventually you will whittle them down to just one left. If he gets away, you will eventually see him running across the Plains with a pack of hunters chasing him. Once you have killed the final Buffalo the trophy is yours. (Way to extinct an entire species of animal). Don't forget to skin them because their horns and skin are very valuable.

On the Trail of De Vaca
Uncover every location on the map in Single Player

There are two ways to accomplish this trophy:

First, the more difficult way is to ride around and try to discover every location in the world which will then update to the map.

Second, the easier way is to head to any General Store and purchase a territory map that unlocks all the locations in that territory. There are a total of 8 maps, here are their locations and costs:
  • Hennigan's Map: Hennigan's $25
  • Cholla Springs Map: Armadillo $30
  • Rio Bravo Map: Thieves' Landing $35
  • Gaptooth Ridge Map: Armadillo $40
  • Perdido Map: Chuparosa $45
  • Diez Coronas Map: Chuparosa $50
  • Great Plains Map: Blackwater $55
  • Tall Trees Map: Manzanita $60

There are a total of 94 locations to discover. If you pause the game and head down to Stats and the General and scroll down you can view how many of each location you have unlocked. Once all 94 are unlocked the trophy is yours.

Tip From Terror: If you have purchased all your maps and you have a location missing in Mexico, check to the left of Tesoro Azul. The mines of Plata Grande, for some reason they don't unlock with the maps.
Quote Originally Posted by Compalicious
You can visit and select RDR, then connect to ps network and it will show you a map of places you have/havent been
Quote Originally Posted by Hitman1105
Once I purchased all of the maps, I had 93/94 areas discovered, but when I went to look where it was, it wasn't in Mexico (Plata Grande, as suspected), rather in New Austin. Once I looked at the in-game map and compared it to the map that comes with the game, I discovered it was "Del Lobo Rock", located right along the San Luis River, in the area south of Lake Don Julio. It is also directly South of Rio del Lobo.

Friends in High Places
Use a Pardon Letter with more than $5,000 Bounty in Single Player

For this trophy I suggest waiting till the end of the game when you have Great Weapons and a fast horse and you can get this AND Heading South on a White Bronco at the same time. You can find Pardon letters inside Treasure Chests but you will also be given one by Seth at the end of the mission "Exhuming and Other Fine Hobbies" to clear up a measly $20 bounty from stealing a horse. Make sure you have $20 on you so you can pay the fine and keep the Pardon for later. Now you need to get up your Wanted level. Here is a chart in order of Cheapest to most Expensive of the Bounty Fines.
  • Vandalism: $1
  • Vandalism to a Vehicle: $5
  • Property Destruction: $5
  • Threaten Law Enforcement: $5
  • Trespassing: $5
  • Murder an animal (a dog for example) $5
  • Assault to an animal(again a dog) $5
  • Assault to a Horse $5
  • Assault on Livestock $5
  • Property Destruction to a Vehicle $10
  • Robbery: $10
  • Arson: $20
  • Assault: $20
  • Assault on the Law: $20
  • Murder a Horse: $20
  • Murder Livestock: $20
  • Theft of a Horse: $20
  • Theft of a Vehicle: $20
  • Kidnapping: $20
  • Cheating: $25
  • Kidnapping a Law Enforcer: $30
  • Murder: $40
  • Safe Cracking: $50
  • Murder a Law Enforcer: $50

Make sure you do this trophy before maxing out your fame to legendary otherwise all your bounties are halved!!!

I suggest making a new save file for your game before you start this so you can return to your previous Honor rank after the onslaught OR you can use a bandanna to avoid losing honor rank. Make sure you are on a Hungarian Half Bred before starting this. Check your stats menu to see how many lawmen you have killed because you don't want to use the pardon before killing the marshals and Make sure you are in the U.S. and not Mexico!!! Now for the Heading South on a white Bronco trophy you need to escape the U.S. Marshals which means you will need to kill at least 20 lawmen. which will give you $1000.00 of your $5000.00 bounty you need. Head into Armadillo and I suggest just opening fire on everyone to start the bounty. Once its started head upstairs of the Saloon and out on the balcony to have a good vantage point of everything. The Lawmen will go inside the saloon but they won't come after you on the balcony. Kill the police officers that are called and continue the slaughter till everyone's dead. Once you have finished everyone off, MAKE SURE YOU SAVE YOUR GAME AND DO IT ON A DIFFERENT SAVE SLOT!!!. The last thing you want is to have to get up to $3000 in bounties and die and have to start over. When you wake up, you should be immediately in Wanted level and the U.S.Marshals will most likely be in town. Hop on your horse and finish that trophy by evading them. Now find someone to kill you and die. You will restart at your save point in Armadillo and everyone will be respawned so you can repeat the process. Once you hit $5000.00 hop onto your horse and ride out of town to lose your Wanted level. After it has gone return to Armadillo and head to the bounty wire on your map and press the to give them the Pardon to clear your fine and unlock the second trophy. After you do this simply reload your save you made from before the slaughtering, and continue your game.

Attain 100% in the Single Player Game Completion stat

For this trophy you must get a 100% completed stat for the game. If you go to your menu and then to Stats and then General you can view your completion percentage. Below is a list of what you will need to complete for the 100%
  • Main Story Missions: 57
  • Outfits: 9
  • Gang Hideouts: 7
  • Bounty Hunter Missions: 20 (8 New Austin, 8 Mexico, 4 West Elizabeth)
  • Rank 5 Challenges: 4
  • Rank 10 Challenges: 4
  • Rare Weapons: 5
  • Jobs Completed: 5 (one of each)
  • Minigames Completed(gambling): 6 (win one of each)
  • Complete Frontier Map: 1
  • Complete Mexico Map: 1
  • Complete North Map: 1
  • Stranger Tasks: 18
  • Safehouses: 13

Stranger Missions
Stranger missions will become available once you complete the mission "New Friends, Old Problems" When you get within range of the stranger a "?" icon will appear on your map. After you accept the mission the mission target area will either be a purple circle or a purple "?" icon on your map. All stranger missions are unlocked from completing main story line missions. The Stranger mission "I Know You" can only be completed BEFORE the game is over. I have read that it does not count towards your 100% but I have no confirmation of that at this time!!!!

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Survivalist Missions
This challenge will start once you pick your first Wild Feverlow. You can find various herbs and flowers throughout the game that you can sell at the general stores for various amounts. These challenges will help you in identifying them throughout your travels. When you are close to one you will see a small dot briefly appear on you in game mini map. If you are having trouble finding them you can use a Survivalists Map which will display all the plants in your area on your mini map for 10 minutes.
Level 5 Master Survivalist Perk: Survivalist Maps last 20 minutes
Level 10 Legendary Survivalist Perk: Ability to make a consumable Dead Eye aiming rejuvinating item.

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Master Hunter
This challenge will start once you kill and skin your first Coyote. Hunting is a very useful skill in the game. After you kill any animal you can skin them and then sell the spoils for hard earned money. After you kill any animal move over to them and press the button to skin them. For these specific hunts you will need to prove your skills as a Master Hunter.
Level 5 Master Hunter Perk: Buffalo Rifle
Level 10 Legendary Hunter Perk: Ability to harvest Vittles from animals for a consumable health item.

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This challenge begins once you shoot the first flying bird you see. This challenge is all about your skill with your firearms. Don't forget to use your Dead Eye aiming on the more difficult challenges.
Master Sharpshooter Level 5 Perk: More ammo at home bases and camps.
Legendary Sharpshooter Level 10 Perk: Dead Eye aiming recharges quicker from regular kills.

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Treasure Hunter
This challenge will begin randomly. When you see someone next to a wagon being held up by bad guys in an ambient challenge, help him to receive the first map and start the challenge. After that you can view your treasure map in the screen under Kit. You will get a vague drawing of the locations of each Treasure. I have included the locations and inside the spoilers there are maps to each location.
Master Treasure Hunter Level 5 Perk: Stagecoach rides are free.
Legendary Treasure Hunter Level 10 Perk: You can now carry more items with the Treasure Hunter's Satchel.
  • Treasure Hunter 1
    Location: Hanging Rock
    Strategy: Head to Hanging Rock and the Chest is on the right side in a nook.

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  • Treasure Hunter 2
    Location: Del Lobo Rock
    Strategy: Head to Riley's Charge and then head down the road on the right side to reach the campsite at Del Lobo Rock. Once you get there, head in between the two rocks on the path over the edge towards the water. Follow the path to the right and then drop down a little and head left and drop down a little more. If you drop all the way to the bottom you went to far down and need to go back around and climb back up.

    Toggle Spoiler

  • Treasure Hunter 3
    Location: Tumbleweed Mansion
    Strategy: Tumblweed Mansion is the mansion you must clear the gang out of in the Tumbleweed Hideout side mission. Head to the basement to find this treasure.

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  • Treasure Hunter 4
    Location: Rio Del Toro
    Strategy: This chest is located next to the wall on the water side right off the trail in Mexico.

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  • Treasure Hunter 5
    Location: Crooked Toes
    Strategy: This treasure is located at the top of the larger rock formation at Crooked Toes.

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  • Treasure Hunter 6
    Location: Ojo Del Diablo
    Strategy: This is located at Ojo Del Diablo up on the hill right next to the main road.

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  • Treasure Hunter 7
    Location: Roca De Madera
    Strategy: This is located high up on a cliff over looking the water at Roca De Madera.

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  • Treasure Hunter 8
    Location: Beechers Hope
    Strategy: This is located next to small stone wall next to the lone giant tree on the side of the road on the Plains.

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  • Treasure Hunter 9
    Location: Nekoti Rock
    Strategy: This is located inside the cave at the top of Nekoti Rock.

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Bounty Hunter Missions
The Bounty Hunter missions will appear as a skull icon on your map at one of the towns listed. Once you accept the Bounty the target will be marked with a red skull. You can finish the bounties once the game is finished just head to the towns and wait by the poster posting area for them to post the next poster. You can either kill or bring the bounty back alive. You get credit either way but you get more money if they are alive.

It appears there has been some confusion to the bounty hunter missions, so it is very important that everyone knows that you must do a certain number of missions in EACH area and not just 20 total! Here are the requirements.

New Kawmp: 8
Mexico: 8
West Elizabeth: 4

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Rare Weapons

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Night Watch: MacFarlane's, Chuparosa's and Blackwater's
Horsebreaking: Ridgewood Farm's and Chuparosa's

Spurred to Victory
Complete 20 story missions without switching to a new horse at a hitching post

This trophy is missable!!!!

This trophy is alot easier than it sounds as long as you follow these steps.
  • Take care of your horse and be careful not to ride him off cliffs that will cause him to die.
  • Most of the animals aren't a threat to your horse, BUT a cougar can kill your horse with one hit and the cougar will go straight for your horse! If you see one either engage Dead Eye right away with the , quickly press the to dismount which will save your horse or run as fast as you can because the cougars are fast!
  • Make sure you DO NOT tie a new horse to your hitching post at any of your safehouses.
  • No matter where you are if you press to whistle for your horse he will come to you. Even when you leave him behind and go on the raft to Mexico he can follow if you whistle for him when you hit land.
  • Before getting into a major battle get off your horse so he doesn't run the risk of taking a bullet
  • If you see either a man or a woman on the side of the road saying they are lost and asking for help they will appear as a blue blip for you to help. If you get to close to them OR get off your horse they will try to steal your horse, so be ready to either lasso them or shoot them off your horse. This DOES NOT count towards being wanted by the way

There are 57 story missions so there is quite a bit of room for leaway. I have found the replayed missions DO NOT count towards this so you must get this in your 57 missions or you will have to start again.

Heading South on a White Bronco
Evade the U.S. Marshals while riding the Hungarian Half-Bred horse

For this trophy you will need to first find and break the Hungarian Half Bred horse. For information on his whereabouts see the Buckin' Awesome trophy above. You will need to kill 20 Law enforcement members AND be in the U.S. for the U.S. Marshals to be sent after you. You can get this trophy at the same time as the Friends in High Places trophy if you do it at the end of the game. For strategy see that trophy descrpition above.

Mowing Them Down
Kill 500 enemies with a mounted weapon in any game mode

This trophy isn't as easy to get as the other two weapon trophies because there are only a couple levels to get kills in during the SP game and the trophy is NOT cumulative between Single Player and Multiplayer, it's either or so you will most likely need to get this on MP. Get 500 kills between the Cannons and mounted Machine Guns to receive this trophy. Grab a friend and head to El Presidio on the MP game. Kill everyone inside to start a wanted level and then each of you man a cannon facing each entrance and kill everyone that comes after you. To view your progress head to your menu and then go to Stats and then Combat to see how many kills you have with each weapon.

Quote Originally Posted by Angelus253 View Post
For the "Mowing Them Down" Trophy go to El Matadero, theres a mounted weapon on ur safe house there kill everyone you see. after you get 500 kills go to el El Presidio and kill a cop with a cannon. THIS IS FOR SP IT WORKS I GOT IT DOING THIS.

In A Hail of Bullets
Kill 500 enemies with any pistol or revolver in any game mode

This is a very easy trophy to get but the trophy is NOT cumulative between Single Player and Multiplayer, it's either or. Get 500 kills between the Pistols and Revolvers on EITHER SP OR MP to receive this trophy. To view your progress head to your menu and then go to Stats and then Combat to see how many kills you have with each weapon.

Long Arm of Marston
Kill 500 enemies with any rifle, repeater, or shotgun in any game mode

This is a very easy trophy to but the trophy is NOT cumulative between Single Player and Multiplayer, it's either or. Get 500 kills between the Rifles, Sniper Rifles, and Shotguns on EITHER MP or SP to receive this trophy. To view your progress head to your menu and then go to Stats and then Combat to see how many kills you have with each weapon.

Get 250 headshots in any game mode

This is a very easy trophy to get. The 250 headshots are cumulative with every weapon that you use but the trophy is NOT cumulative between Single Player and Multiplayer, it's either or. If you are playing the SP mode you will probably unlock this sometime in Mexico or even sooner depending on how vigilante you are in missions before leaving for Act 2. Remember to use the Dead Eye aiming technique to maximize headshots.

Unnatural Selection
Kill one of every animal species in the game in any game mode

There are a total of 26 different wild animal species in the game. For this trophy you must kill one of each species in either the Single Player mode or the online Multiplayer. You can check your progress by going to the Stats in your menu and then Misc and scroll down to see what you have killed. Domestic animals are NOT required for this trophy, so even though they may be on your list they aren't part of your wild species killed counter.Here is the list of every animal and its location needed for this trophy:
  • Armadillo: You can find these in the Frontier and in Mexico.
  • Bears: You can find these in the Tall Trees area in the North.
  • Beavers: These are in the Tall Trees area in the North.
  • Bighorn: You can find this in the mountains in the Frontier and Mexico, and in abundance in the Tall Trees area of the North.
  • Boars: You can find these in Pike's Basin and the Tall Trees area.
  • Bobcats: You can find these in Mexico and the Tall Trees area.
  • Buffalo: As you first enter the Great Plains from Thieves' Landing.
  • Cougars: In the mountains and hills on the Frontier and Mexico.
  • Coyote: On the Frontier and Mexico, listen for their whiny howls.
  • Crows: All three areas, listen for their caws.
  • Deer: All three areas
  • Ducks: On the Great Plains near the edges where the water meets the land.
  • Eagles: Tall Trees and Nikoti Rock areas of the North.
  • Elk: Tall Trees area.
  • Foxes: Near Riley's Charge on the Frontier and in the Tall Trees area in the North.
  • Hawks: The Frontier and Mexico.
  • Wild Horses: Any horse roaming any map that does not have a saddle on its back.
  • Owls: All three maps, only at night.
  • Rabbits: All three maps.
  • Raccoons: All three maps.
  • Seagulls: Blackwater near the water.
  • Skunks: Around MacFarlane Ranch on the Frontier.
  • Snakes: All three maps, listen for snake hissing or rattling while you are riding then check around on the ground.
  • Songbirds: Near the twons on all three maps.
  • Vultures: All three maps, usually near death.
  • Wolves: All three maps, but in abundance in Mexico and the Tall Trees area.

Have Gun Will Travel
Complete all Hideouts in a single public Free Roam session

Head to the Multiplayer and select Public Free Roam. For this trophy you must complete all the hideouts on the map in one sitting! The Hideouts are listed on the map as Bandit Icons. These are the hideouts you must complete for the trophy: Fort Mercer, Tumbleweed, Twin Rocks, Pike's Basin, Gaptooth Breach, Nosalida, Tesoro Azul and Solomon's Folly. Defeat the initial wave of enemies and then some reinforcements will appear. Finish them all of and a stats screen will pop up saying mission complete. You can join up with other online members to complete these and you dont have to be in the same posse or any posse, everyone gets credit when its complete. You can also finish these challenges alone, they are harder and if you die all the enemies respawn, but they are possible.

For online help with this trophy click here:

Slow On The Draw
Get 10 assists in a single Hideout in a public Free Roam session

For this trophy head to any of the Gang Hideouts with a friend or with people online. Shoot every enemy in the leg at least once with a pistol. You will get a prompt if you get an assist on each kill. If you get 10 assists on your teammates kills before the Hideout is completed the trophy is yours.

A very good for this trophy is the mines of the Gaptooth Breach Hideout. It's well lit and the enemies are close to you and can't snipe you from a distance. Head into the mines and shoot the enemies anywhere but the head with your rifle or pistol once and let your partners finish them off. You only get credit towards this trophy if you see the prompt that reads that you have assisted on the kill!! Just because you get a +2 doesn't mean you got credit for the assist, you must see the prompt.

For online help with this trophy click here:

Hit The Trail
Get from Blackwater to Escalera before sundown in a public Free Roam session

This is the easiest of the online trophies. When you start your game press the button on the D-Pad to call your horse (or your donkey if your new), go the menu and set a waypoint marker on Blackwater for your map and ride tthere. If you have a donkey I suggest you stop off in Thieves' Landing and steal a horse from the stable, but you don't have to. When you get to Blackwater check your watch in the menu. If you have a horse it should only take a few hours so as long as you start before about 3:00 you should be fine. Now set your waypoint marker for Escalara and head off. Barring any unforseen circumstance, such as a funny man in the hills sniping people (Im looking at Terror on this one) you should have no problem getting to Escalara before sundown and unlocking the trophy.

Posse Up
Create a posse and get the maximum number of members

Grab some friends and go to a Public Free Roam. Press the button to pull up the in game menu then go their names and press the on their name to invite them to a Posse. YOU have to be the one sending the invites! Once you get 8 people in your posse and you have invited them all the trophy is yours.

For online help with this trophy click here:

The Quick and Everyone Else...
Be the top scoring player in any three consecutive FFA games in public matches

For this trophy you must be the top scoring player in 3 consecutive Free For All (deathmatch) public matches. The easiest way is to grab a friend and each of you go on different sides. You can't make this a private match it has to be public, BUT if someone comes in the game you can vote to kick them out. Make sure you are the top scorer for the three matches and the trophy is yours, then switch with your partner.

This easiest level to play for this is Gold Rush. From the menu go down to Free For All and press At the end of each match make sure everyone in the group knows to press the button on the D-pad to replay the level. Gold Rush will only take about 5 minutes per match whereas any type of shootout will take at least 10 minutes per match.

For online help with this trophy click here:

How The West Was Won
Reach the top rank for multiplayer experience

The top rank in the game is rank 50. You will need 337,110 exp to get to this level. The good thing is you get experience for doing pretty much everything online. Easiest way to amass exp is to complete Gang Hideouts. You can do them over and over again and rack up the points. You will also get bonus experience for getting kill mulitpliers in a row which will be represented by a green icon on your screen.

The quickest way to get this trophy is to keep repeating Solomon's Folly over and over again. Use the strongest pistol you have and change the Online Targeting to Casual on your options. Once you get the hideout enemies locations memorized you will be able to finish this mission in 1:30 to 2:00 consistently with an average of 1500-2500 exp per run. At the end of the mission in the stats screen press the button on the D-pad to replay the mission which will give you your exp and restart the mission with you just outside the hideout.

IMPORTANT TIP FROM KAOLLA_SU!!!! Patch 1.02 will change the amount of EXP you can earn from Hideouts online to a third of their original values! If you are working on the Online portion of the game, DO NOT download the patch! Play the game on an online LAN Game that no one else can enter to get to your level 50 rank then download the patch to get the other online trophies with other players.

For online help with this trophy click here:

Go Team
Be on the winning team for four consecutive victories in any team based game in public matches

For this trophy you should grab together some friends and head to a Gang Match (Team Deathmatch). Now make sure that it is a Public game and then make sure the side you are on wins four in a row. If anyone comes in that isn't on board you can vote to kick the player. Once your side wins four switch and let the other side win four so everyone playing with you gets the trophy.

This easiest level to play for this is Gold Rush. From the menu go down to Gang Wars and press At the end of each match make sure everyone in the group knows to press the button on the D-pad to replay the level. Gold Rush will only take about 5 minutes per match whereas any type of shootout will take at least 10 minutes per match.

For online help with this trophy click here:

Most Wanted
Maintain a max wanted level for 10 minutes and escape alive in a public Free Roam session

For this trophy you must become a Public Enemy, which happens once you hit $1000 in bounty. Head into a twon and start killing people to raise your bounty. Once you hit that point you need to stay in it for 10 minutes, then escape the wanted level.

Any easy area to do this in is MacFarlane's Ranch. The Law enforcement there seems to be very low ranking without to many powerful weapons. Once you get to Public Enemy status, hideout in the stables and shoot them as they come into the field. If you have a friend that can protect you it's even better. Once ten minutes are up call for your horse and ride straight accross the field, over the fence, and up into the hills.

Quote Originally Posted by Terror
The most important thing about this trophy is do it in a free roam that has 1 or 2 players so that way they don't kill you during the 10 mins. Go to armadillo and go in the saloon. At the top of the stairs you can take cover and watch both front entrances and the rear entrance will be under you so its impossible for anyone to get behind you. Start killing everyone until you hear that your public enemy, Thats when the countdown starts. Stay in your spot for the next 10 mins if you see your mini map wanted area turn gray run to the balcony and shoot a lawmen it will refresh your wanted level. Once you hit 10 mins head downstairs and thru the back door kill the lawmen and whistle for your horse. Once you get on your horse rid north towards hanging rock. If your being closely followed kill them so you get more of an open area. You should lose them pretty easily with a normal speed horse.

For online help with thistrophy click here:

Read Dead Rockstar
Kill a Rockstar or someone with this trophy in a public multiplayer match

For this trophy you only need to kill someone that has either killed someone from Rockstar Games, OR kill someone from Rockstar Games yourself. This trophy doesn't have to be in a FFA or Gang Match it can be done in Free Roam . My advice kill everyone you see at least once to increase your chances.

For online help with this trophy click here:

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