Online Trophies: No
Time to 100%: 5 Hours
Minimum Number of Playthroughs: 1
Cheats disable Trophies: Yes

The Red Faction: Guerrilla Trophy Guide:
Red Faction: Guerrilla Trophy Guide by tripledt


Bound in Blood
Complete Rescue.

This mission is fairly easy. For the first portion of it, all you have to do is destroy the vehicle gates, the EDF will not bother you too much because of the amount of allies you have. All you really have to do is drive up to the gate and take it down with a hammer or remote charges, with the exception of the one blue gate that is only easier, all you have to do is run to the control panel and disable it. The second portion of the mission you have to stop the EDF ambush, this too is fairly easy considering there are 2 rocket turrets conveniently placed for you to take them out as they arrive.

Family Vengeance
Complete Retribution.

Before Completing this mission, I highly recommend unlocking the missile pod and arc welder, this can be done by doing marauder actions. The first part of this mission starts out pretty easy, while climbing, it is recommended not to use your hammer near any ladder, if you do, you might hit the ladder and make it no longer climbable. Once you reach the top, it gets much harder. the way I did It was I ran up to the furthest right turret and took him out and then worked my way to the left, once I got to the part where there are 2 green walls on either side of me, I bashed through the one on the right and went to the weapon box, I traded my shotgun for the arc welder and my spiker for a missile pod, after that, I took out the remaining guards and ran like hell.

A Greater Purpose
Complete Redemption.

This mission is pretty hard overall. The first part, disabling the power cores is pretty easy; once you make it there it is not much of a challenge. After that, when you have to free the prisoners is slightly harder, the trick is just getting there, you need to avoid as many vehicles as possible so you can stay in your car as long as possible, at the beginning there is a ramp on the left that lets you skip over a lot of vehicles and barriers, other than that it is pretty straight forward. After you free the prisoners from the first encampment, you have to go free Dan Mason in the second encampment. Once you cross the bridge from the prison to the other half of the first encampment, there are a few cars in a garage for you to choose from, all of them are the same car. Once again, you have to try to stay in your car for as long as possible. Once you reach the second encampment, you can jump down and rescue Dan who will tell you that Hugo Davies, the RF Commander is being held at the EDF HQ, so you have to go find the tan and drive it there. Once there you should destroy all 3 guard towers while you still have the tank, this will make your life a lot easier, make your way to the commander and free him. After that, you will man the turret of an EDF APC, that part is pretty straight forward, after that, the mission is over and you will receive your trophy.

Deliverance Defender
Complete Marauder Actions.

There are 11 missions total:
  • Heavy Metal - SW corner
  • Transporter - SW Corner
  • Transporter - Central west
  • Demolitions Master - SE corner
  • Demolitions Master - South Central
  • Demolitions Master - Just west of above
  • Demolitions Master - North Central
  • Demolitions Master - NE Corner
  • Demolitions Master - Central
  • Marauder Raid - NE Corner
  • House Arrest - South Central

Tumbling Down
Beat all Pro times in Mariner Valley Demo Masters and Transporters.

Transporter #1 - Southwest corner - 0:30.00
This one was not too hard, it really just comes down to cutting tight corners and making sure you don't hit any vehicles on the way.

Transporter# 2 - Central West - 1:20.00
This one was, in my opinion easier than #1. Once again, you need to cut corners and avoid EDF vehicles. One thing that will help you out a lot is if you destroy the barriers in your way so you don't have to avoid them.

Demolitions Master #1 - South East - 0:35.00
This one is very difficult and took me a while, the way I did it was I shot the upper pipes, 3 shots per side, which took out most of the lower pipes, then finished off what was left.

Demolitions master #2 - South Central - 1:00.00
This one is fairly easy. What I did to complete this one was I took 2 barrels from the center, and placed them against the back wall of the back building, and then I took 3 and put them in the front building, just to connect both of the chains. After that, run back towards the podium and line up 2 barrels, 1 in each building, and fire away!

Demolitions Master #3 - West of #2 - 0:20.00
This one has no change in strategy from goal time to pro time, its just doing it faster. The one tip that I can give you is to jump out right before you get to the fence on the right, then press about 1 second after jumping.

Demolitions Master #4 - North Central - 0:30.00
This one took me a while to figure out. You have to shoot the barrels in the direction of the smokestack you want to destroy. The barrels are organized to make it obvious which one you are shooting at.

Demolitions Master #5 - Northwest Corner - 0:20.00
Aim for the corners and center, one clip for each corner and one or 2 for the center should do the job.

Demolitions Master #6 - Central - 0:25.00
This one is tough, but the secret is that there are 2 explosive barrels on the top white dome of the tower near you and you have to knock them over to the other side. This will take quite a while, but what I did was I walked into the first tower then did a downward overhead swing as the tower was falling and that pushed it over to the other side and destroyed the other tower.

Mobile Bombs
Destroy 100 EDF vehicles.

I recommend you bring the missile pod, rocket launcher and remote charges to make this easier. Other than bringing those weapons, all you have to do is get a red alert level and destroy all EDF vehicles.

Structural Integrity
Destroy all Medium and High Priority Targets in Mariner Valley.

I recommend you bring lots and lots of remote charges to make this one easier on you.

Purge the Valley
Break the EDF Control of the Mariner Valley.

This can be achieved by destroying EDF property or doing marauder actions

Ares' Bloodlust
Destroy the 4 Marauder War Totems.

Use the map below to find the location of all 4 totems; they are the yellow squares with the "T".

Toggle Spoiler

The Power of One
Collect 75 Marauder Power Cells.

Use the map below to find the location of all 75 power cells, they are the blue dots.

Toggle Spoiler

Side note: Just like the EDF Supply Crates, There are Way more than 75 power cells. There are approximately 88 on the map. So if you miss one or just can't find it, skip it there's plenty around. -A12621A

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