Players: 1
Online Trophies: 21 Trophies
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: Yes
Estimated Time to Platinum: 150 hours
Minimum Playthroughs:
Collectible Trophies:
Missable Trophies:

[top]Tips and Strategies

You can at anytime check your progress on your trophies, during campaign mode, by pressing start, go down to statistics and then R1. Your progress is shown for each trophy. Wish all games had this type of information available.

Difficult Trophies:
Revolutionary - Still causes problems even with patch fix
A winner is you - Win 250 Online games - non-boostable
Mad Genius - Complete all hidden challenges - boostable
War Veteran - Accumulate 100000 XP - boostable

*Patch 1.01 update 8/9/09 (* marks changes)
Patch created to fix Revolutionary Trophy problem, added new mode to Wrecking Crew along with 4 new maps.
*Patch 1.04 update 8/17/09 fixed some multi-player problems.

Remember once you activate a cheat you can no longer save or earn trophies.
Cool Turrets – Guns/Turrets do not overheat.
Free Upgrades – You know longer have to collect salvage.
Max Morale – Full morale in all sectors, all the time.
Max Technology – EDF/Guerrilla/Marauders always have the best armor and weapons.
No Green Alert – Want a challenge? Constant EDF assaults, Try this on insane!!
Super Debris – All explosives and damage triple.
Super Hammer – Makes your sledgehammer super strong.
Super JetPack – Jetpack recharges 2X maximum recharge.
Super Sprinting – You run 1.5X faster.
Super Toughness – Increase the amount of damage you can take.
Unlimited Ammo – As it states.

Vehicle Repair:
To repair it, and any other vehicle, just use Guerrilla Express while inside your vehicle. Once you get there it should be around your camp and all repaired. You must be a level green before you can use Guerrilla Express. I did not think to try this with one of the walkers. I do not think it is possible, I was never a green level.
Righting a Vehicle:
You have overturned your vehicle, to turn it back over. Walk over to it press triangle and hop onto it. Keep pressing triangle and you should be able to turn your vehicle over.
Finish campaign:
unlock insane level

Unlockable: Various
Under Options, choose "Extras" and select "Enter Code." Enter the codes below for the desired effect:
MAPMAYHEM - Bonus multiplayer map pack from Gamestop - Has no effect on trophies.
HARDHITTER - Golden Sledgehammer for single-player use - Does not effect trophies, however in order to use you must start a new game and will not be able to change it bac

[top]Related Trophy Guides

Demons of the Badlands
Trophy Guide -
posted by XxBlackCat008xX


Object: Free Mars from the EDF
You are Alex Mason, you arrive on Mars to meet your brother Dan. You find out EDF has taken over Mars and Mars is under marshal law. While out collecting salvage EDF swoops in killing Dan. You become Red Faction if you wanted to or not. Red Faction asks for your help on a mission, one mission leads to another, until you free Mars. That’s the storyline short and sweet and no spoilers.
There have been a lot of complaints about being able to platinum this game. The game patch of 8/9/09 fixed all the major problems the game had. The single player campaign (in casual mode) can be done relatively quickly. To complete the all 104 guerrilla missions can be done in about 15-20 hours. The campaign consists of several aspects for trophies that will require more time.
Online has a few trophies that are very time consuming.


Red Faction: Guerrilla
Unlock all Trophies in Red Faction: Guerrilla

As it states.

Welcoming committee
Complete the tutorial mission.

Go through the tutorial and ba-bing your first trophy.

Martian Tea Party
Complete 2 campaign missions for the Red Faction

These are the liberation missions that appear with the yellow icon and fist. Liberate Parker Sector. Then this is yours.

Spread the Word
Liberate Parker Sector

You have 4 missions that you must do before you can liberate the Parker Sector do these and you earn another trophy. Your final missions to liberate this sector will be yellow icons with a fist. You also have 2 Demolition missions that are located in Parker, but are not required to liberate.

Death from Above
Liberate Dust Sector

This is where the mess begins. You have a minimum of 28 missions that are available to you that you should do before you liberate the Dust Sector. These missions range from Radio Calls, House Arrests, and Guerrilla raids. If you are serious about platinum for this game read the Revolutionary Trophy thread. Look for the yellow icon with a fist to liberate. No longer a problem area has been fixed with patch 8/9/09.

Friendly Skies
Liberate The Badlands Sector

There are 14 missions available in this sector that should be finished. One bit of advice on this one. Do not liberate this sector until you receive a radio call for an interceptor in the NE Corner of the Badlands. Make sure your moral is at 100% and EDF is down to zero before the yellow icon will appear.

Don’t Tread On Me
Liberate Oasis Sector

There are 24 missions available in this sector. Look for the yellow icon with the fist to liberate.

Coup D’ιtat
Liberate EOS Sector

There are 25 missions available in this sector. This is last sector to liberate before liberating Mars.

Red Dawn
Liberate Mars

You receive this trophy by completing the last mission. Hint: If your tank strength is running low get out and run the rest of the way to the summit. If you need to stop, hide and regain your health. Once you have liberated Mars you have completed the campaign. You are free to roam and finish other missions, collect radio tags, ore, crates and/or propaganda, or whatever you have left. Insane level is now unlocked. Try it. It is insane. I think I read that 20 soldiers spawn every 5 seconds. To me it seemed like there were more than that.

Complete 5 Guerrilla Actions

There are a total of 104 missions that are considered Guerrilla missions. They include the Demolitions, Transporters, Radio Calls, House Arrests, Collateral Damage, Heavy Metal and a few Guerrilla Raids.

Once you complete a number of Guerrilla mission you unlock various upgrades at your weapon table.
Unlocks are available at:
3 – Ore Additive (increased salvage from ore)
5 – Proximity Mines
8 – Personnel Detector
12 – Grinder (weapon)
18 – Quantum Multiplier (caches yield more Singularity Bombs)
25 – Stonebreaker (improved hammer)
35 – Shattermaster (highly-improved hammer)
Complete Campaign Unlocks
Objective completed – Upgrade Table unlock
Liberate Parker – Rocket Launcher, Level 1 Armor
Liberate Dust – Nano Forge (creates Nano Rifle), Guerilla Express (safe house warp)
Liberate Badlands – Level 2 Armor
Liberate Oasis – Jetpack
Free Fire Zone crossed – Thermobaric Rocket
EOS (round one) completed – Radiation Shielding
If missions are not completed during the campaign, they may be completed after the campaign. However, much more difficult if not impossible. Read revolutionary trophy thread.[/I]No longer a problem area has been fixed with patch 8/9/09.

Complete 25 Guerrilla Actions

See above

Freedom Fighter
Complete 50 Guerrilla Actions

See Above

Complete 50 Guerrilla Actions

See Above (Total 104 I know the icon shows 100)

Clean and Righteous
Destroy 5 High Importance Targets

These targets will be highlighted with a larger light blue icon.
Take out 5 of these and the trophy is yours.

Warp Speed
Beat all Transporter Pro Times

You have to drive a car/vehicle to a specified safe house. The catch, you have to beat the pro times listed. On some of these routes the target times seem impossible. Look for short cuts. The routes designated may not be the routes needed to compete for Pro Times. There is one in EOS that you drive straight the up cliff wall right outside the safe house. If you still need help check out these:
All vidoes produced by fadertan.

Toggle Spoiler

Got any Fingers Left?
Beat all Pro times in Demolitions Master

A little ingenuity and luck are what you need here. All times are possible.
If you still need help check these out:

All vidoes produced by fadertan.

Toggle Spoiler

Locate Memories
Locate all missing radio tags

There are 30 radio tags located throughout the Red Faction Maps.

Need help finding the following items. Here is a interactive map for Radio tags, ores, crates and propaganda. This map will allow you to remove the ones you have found. Leaving just the items that you need to locate. Cumbersome to refresh all the time but worth it.

Working the Land
Locate all ore locations

Each ore location have salvage points available for you. Use your sledge hammer and busts these up or drive through them. Each location starts out with 10 salvage points. As you complete a few missions you unlock an ore upgrade. Purchase the upgrade and 12 points will be available. As you bust these ore locations up, be careful sometimes the ore nuggets get knocked away. Look around. You should get 12 points at each location. Sometimes 12 points all at once or 6 and 6. There are no ore locations in EOS or Vogel. If you need help see map above in "Locate Memories".

Free you’re Mind
Destroy all instances of Propaganda

This description is misleading. You have to destroy 50 billboards. You can take them down with a sledge hammer, nano rifle, rocket launcher or just drive through them to bring them down. If you need help see map above in "Locate Memories". I do not remember if the Jenkins missions count toward the propaganda total.

One Man Army
Complete 25 killing sprees during the Campaign.

You have to kill 3 or more with in 3 seconds 25 times. Not as hard as it sounds. Once the EDF starts attacking you, a few remote charges take care of that tally.

Disaster Area
Destroy 1 billion credits worth of EDF Property.

Have fun. Destroy everything. You should have this by the time you reach the EOS sector. If not there is plenty in the EOS sector. Once again all important EDF buildings are located by a light blue icon, this tally also includes EDF vehicles and personnel.

Broken Supply Line
Destroy 250 EDF supply crates.

These blue-gray crates are as large as your character and have an EDF icon on them. I am not sure how many are located through out each sector but more than what you need. You will receive 1 salvage point for each crate you destroy. You should have no problem finding these crates. It seems like your last mission on Vogel will destroy half of this requirement. Anyway it seems like it. If you need help see map above in "Locate Memories".

Power to the People
Raise the Moral of 3 Sectors to 100%

This is pretty much accomplished as you liberate 3 Sectors.
Each mission you complete successfully will raise moral and lower EDF control.

Tank Buster
Blow up 100 small hydrogen blue tanks.

Very easy to accomplish. These little tanks are everywhere

Best Friends Forever
Kill 100 EDF with the sledgehammer during the campaign.

100 seems like quite a few. It goes relatively quickly.

Coming Down
Destroy 50 EDF owned buildings.

Important EDF buildings are shown with a light blue icon with a star. All other EDF buildings are shown red on your maps along with the ones indicated by the light blue icons. Just be careful, when you take down an EDF building, they will come after you. Just remember where your safe houses are located.

Freed Space
Destroy 50 EDF flyers

These are hard to come by. They start appearing towards the end of the Dust mission. You have the Jenkins missions (Collateral Damage), which you should take advantage of, that a few EDF flyers come after you. Carry a Nano rifle with you 1-2 shots with this easily takes them down.

Just the Beginning
Win a Matchmaking match

Play a team match and keep playing you are bound to win one.

Start of Something Special
Play 5 Matchmaking matches

Easy, by this time I was hooked.

Doing your Part
Kill 10 enemies in a Matchmaking match.

Takes time to get the hang of it, should be pretty easy. If not set a boosting match with a friend and kill him 10 times. This does not have to be consecutive.

Destroy a Siege Target

Play the matchmaking game Siege and get credit for destroying or bring down a target. This could be a building, Comm. Tower, vents, smokestack and/or a bridge. These targets are highlighted by a reddish glow.

Reconstruct a Damage Control target

As it is stated. In the game, Damage Control reconstruct your Damage Control Target with your reconstructor. The reconstructor is shown as a wrench symbol on your inventory. Press R1 to activate.

Grab some Popcorn
Enter spectator mode and enjoy the show

Not sure how a game is played? Enter the spectator mode watch how the game is being played. Move around (press R1-L1) to different players watch their tactics. You actually get a trophy for this.

Try Anything Once
Finish a match in every mode

Basically you play every mode: Anarchy, Team Anarchy, Capture the Flag, Damage Control, Demolition and Siege. You do not have to win just finish the game in every mode.[/COLOR][/I]
[I][COLOR=black]This trophy can be achieved through custom boosting matches.

Check you Map
Finish a match on every map on multiplayer

There are 21 maps to play on they are listed below:
All modes except Siege:
Crash Site
Dead Zone
Fall Factor
Sand Pit
Siege only:
This trophy can be achieved through custom boosting matches.

Tools of the Trade
Score a kill with every weapon in multiplayer

There are 18 weapons that you need to use they are listed below:
Arc Welder
Assault Rifle
Guass Rifle
Nano Rifle
Proximity Mines
Rail Driver
Remote Charges
Rocket Launcher
Singularity Bomb
Sniper rifle
Thermobaric rocket
This trophy can be achieved through custom boosting matches.

Field Tested
Earn 1000 XP in multiplayer

As it states. You can earn these by just playing or boosting with your friends

Battle Scarred
Earn 10000 XP in multiplayer

As above.

War Veteran
Earn 100000 XP in Multiplayer

The big daddy, the most time consuming trophy of the whole bunch. Set your goals for this one and everything else will be obtainable along the way. I think my average XP/game was pretty low at 150XP. Games last around 10 mins. or less. Which means it took me approximately 110 hours to cross that goal.

A Winner is You
Win 250 matchmaking games.

As stated. Can easily be obtained along the journey of 100000 XP.
This trophy can not be achieved through custom matches.

Topher would be Proud
Play 250 matchmaking games

Just play 250 matches.

Courier of Pain
Score 5000 kill in multiplayer

Can easily be done by the time you reach 100000 XP
This trophy can be achieved through custom boosting matches.

Complete 4 Hidden Challenges

Complete any of the four hidden challenges. As you play and gain XP you have certain bonuses and challenges unlocked. You can watch your progress under statistics.
Here is the list of Hidden challenges:
Lifetime Challenges (Accumulative, meaning everything adds up)
5000 XP with any weapon
100 XP each with every weapon
1000 kills with any weapon
10 kills with every weapon
5000 XP while wearing any backpack
100 XP while wearing every backpack
500 XP of any bonus type
5 XP of every bonus type (this is the difficult one, this can be boosted in groups)
100 wins total
10 wins in each mode (see Try Anything Once above)
Single Life Challenges, must be done without dying (these may seem difficult, but all can be boosted)
10 kills in a row with the same weapon
Kills with 5 different weapons
5 XP or more with 5 different backpacks
50 XP total for one life (total XP points)
25 XP bonus total ( bonus XP’s only. Need to have unlocked to obtain.
15 different bonuses (this one you have to keep going until you see the bonus appear. I thought I had this one a couple of times and only had 14.
Once again you can keep track of your hidden challenges on your stats page. Some you may have not unlocked yet. Last bonus unlock happens at 56000 XP.
This trophy can be achieved through custom boosting matches.

Complete 8 Hidden Challenges

See list above

Complete 8 Hidden Challenges

Mad Genius
Complete all hidden challenges

See experimenter above for list.

Jack of all Trades
Score 10 kills while wearing each backpack

Backpacks are:
Pretty much explains itself. You can follow your progress online under statistics. Cycle through them by pressing R1- L1
This trophy can be achieved through custom boosting matches.

The High and the Mighty
Kill a flying opponent using a remote charge stuck to them

Throw a remote charge at someone so that it sticks. Wait till they jump and/or fly off and detonate.
This trophy can be achieved through custom boosting matches.

Party Time
Play all wrecking crew modes once

They are:
Barrel Dash
Total Choas
Challenge, added 8/9/09 patch update

Can’t Get Enough
Play every mode on every map in wrecking crew.

Maps listed below:
Scrap Heap
Transmission, added 8/9/09 patch update

Wrecking Ball
Score 25 million points worth of destruction in Wrecking Crew.

This is an accumulative total of all players. Doesn’t take long to accomplish this. Invite 3 friends and pass the controller.
Complex is the best map to do this on. You can average 120-130000 per turn.

Red Faction Member
Play online with another member who has completed the campaign.

This seems to confuse a few players. You have to finish a game with someone who has finished the campaign. Which means you have to have finished the campaign also.

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