Players: 1
Online Trophies: N/A
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: NONE
Estimated Time to 100%: 2-4 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 2
Collectible Trophies: 11
Missable Trophies: 1
Glitched Trophies: None or Unknown

[top]Tips & Strategies

This is a rather fun point and click game with Quick Time Events that might hurt your first playthrough if you're going for the max 11 trophies in one go. Since they are completely random button presses I recmmoned going for the Amateur Peeping Tom trophy so you'll enjoy the full breadth of the game. On your second playthrough you'll go for the Director's Cut trophy or vice versa depending on your skill/patience level.

[top]Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits

There aren't any cheats or glitches, least that I'm aware of but a good exploit is going to the Main Menu after failing any QTE/Conversation instead of continuing in order to better your score.


Playthrough 1
Finish the game using the guide getting yourself the First Step and Itís working trophy, which are unmissable. If youíre having a hard time with a certain puzzle, you can buy clues for $100 each from Sau and fail every QTE before winning them, for the Amateur Peeping Tom trophy.

Tip: Win the Carlos's window puzzle in less than 20 goes for the Hot! Roast chestnutsÖ trophy.

At the end of this playthrough you will automatically get the Obstacle course, Itís a Wrap and A Real Detective trophies. Soon as the walkthrough is done, you will also get the A Case Closed, I'm A Legend, and One Shot!. If you didn't, you will more than likely get it on your second playthrough, because of the Express Delivery trophy.

You can always buy clue's from Saul or a hint from the 'Objectives' tab if you get stuck, but I never did. Hints from the objectives tab don't affect any trophy. However, the hints from Saul affect the I'm a Legend trophy if you're going for it on your second playthrough.

Playthrough 2
Now time for the cleanup playthrough.This time you should focus on winning all the conversations, puzzles and QTEís in 1 go for the Directorís Cut trophy. Completing all of these in 1 go will also give you the :silver Iím a Legend trophy if you didn't get it the first time as well as the A Case Closed. You should also do everything as quick as possible and skip every conversation you can skip to save up some time for the Express Delivery trophy. With luck you'll get this just under the 2 hour mark.

For the I'm a Legend, Directors Cutand One Shot! trophies especially before and or directly after a puzzle or getting into a Conversation/QTE, save the game. If you fail, the scorecard will show up. Don't continue, else it will auto-save. Instead, go to Main Menu and you'll begin on your last save and restart.


Express delivery
Finish the game with a 100% completion rate as fast as you can!

To get this one you will need to get 100% completion rate AND do it all under 2 hours. Its fairly easy. Once I finish the game guide on it I'll go into detail in the walkthrough on how exactly to do it.

A closed case
Finish the game with a 100% completion rate

To see the completion rate press Select and L1 and you will see how on course you are. Objectives will read 33/34 when you're ready to do the Indictment Process. This will be the last 1 completing the 34. The indictment process will also have to be 100% correct. This trophy can go hand in hand with Express Delivery if you want to stack them.

I'm a legend
Finish the game with rank A

You will need to pass all Conversations, QTEs and Puzzles with an A with maybe 2 or 3 Bs but not a single C. Stackable with Express Delivery and A Closed Case

Director's cut
Win all the QTEs in one go

This one will probably be the most aggravating trophy of all. The QTEs will start off with the screen going black and white. This will be your warning that it's about to begin. The button prompts and control movement occur at the bottom of the screen and you have 1-2 seconds before you will lose because of time, or lose because of a wrong button press. Also, it's completely random so there isn;t a definitive guide of which buttions to press or shift the motion controller. Look at the It's a wrap trophy to see how many prompts will happen with each QTEs.

One shot
Win all the puzzles in one go

Not as difficult as you'd think. As long as you don't back out of the puzzle and continue on with it you'll eventually get all the puzzles done. Game guide will come soon.

A real detective
Finish the game

Self explanitory. Finish the game, get the trophy.

Hot! Roast chestnutsÖ
Cut the alarm in less than 20 goes

Attempting the puzzle on your own will take way longer than 20 goes the first time. So I will provide you with a guide.

Tiles: RIGHT Stick, Cursor: LEFT Stick.

Tiles: Down, Right
Cursors: Right, Down, Down, Down
Slide: Right
Cursors: Right, Right
Tiles: Down, Left
Cursors: Left, Left, Left
Tiles: Right, Up
Cursors: Up, Right
Tiles: Down, Right
Cursors: Right, Right, Up, Up
Tiles: Left
Cursors: Left
Tile: Down
Cursors: Down, Down, Down
Tiles: Left
Cursors: Right
Tiles: Up
Cursors: Left, Left
Tiles: Up
Cursors: Right, Right, Up
Tiles: Left
Cursors: Left, Left
Tiles: Down

It's a wrap
Win all QTEs

In order to beat the game at all, you're going to have to pass all the QTEs. This can go hand in hand with 2 other trophies, Director's Cut and Amateur Peeping Tom.

Here's a list of QTEs and amount of actions to help you out.

SAUL - 3





Obstacle course
Win all puzzles

Impossible to miss. In order to finish the game you will have to pass each and every puzzle no matter how long it takes. If you're stuck, ask Saul for help when he's available. NOTE: Asking Saul for help will negate the One shot and I'm a Legend from popping.

Amateur Peeping Tom
See all the failure QTEs

The only annoying trophy on the list.
Once a QTE starts donít press any button. This will result in a failed QTE and you end up getting beaten down. However, thatís not it. You need to see ALL the failure QTE. Meaning, if a QTE consists of 3 actions, you will have to fail all of those actions, to see every outcome, hence, best saved for the 2nd walkthrpugh. Look at the It's a wrap trophy for a list of QTEs and respective amount of actions.

It's working
Win the first QTE

To beat the game you will eventually have to do the Quick Time Events, winning them in order to progress in the game. The first one will be against Saul with 3 actions after you touch the power box under the bridge. You can either go for the Directors Cut or Amateur Peeping Tom starting now.

First step
Finish the first puzzle

This will probably be your first trophy and it's really easy. Soon as you come to the eletrcial box in the underside of Drowned Mans Bridge, look on the side for the code. If you're too lazy, the code is '3975'. The switches go in the follwoing order: Down, Up, Up, Down, Down; Pull lever

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