1 - 4 (Offline/Online Co-Op)
Online Trophies: None
Online Pass Required:
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to 100%:
1 Hour
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectible Trophies:
Missable Trophies: None (Level Select)
Glitched Trophies: None

[top]Related Trophy Guide

Renegade Ops Trophy Guide by: dsluckay
The main game for which this DLC is for, use both guides to achieve 100% completion.

[top]Tips & Strategies

  • Tanks and other bigger enemies have weak points after shooting them a bit. These are blue bars thet pop up on the sides of the vehicle. Shoot a rocket at it and it will explode it one shot
  • You can play on Easy for this DLC and not worry about leveling up, but it is advised that you play on Normal so you can still level up and upgrade your character
  • You have only a certain number of lives (except on Easy), take your time
  • Use your character's special ability when you need it
  • The secondary weapons are great for destroying things fast
  • If you fail a mission, don't panic. Use it as experience, or better yet, experience points. Hardcore gives you more points for the things you destroy, and you can use that to level your characters up quickly
  • Always move around enemies. This prevents them from hitting you, and you need all the health you can keep
  • When you kill an enemy, they will sometimes drop green boxes which are health. This is a key factor for survival
  • When you kill an enemy, they will sometimes drop red boxes which are ammunition for your weapon. This is a key factor for killing enemies with ease
  • When you kill an enemy, they will sometimes drop blue boxes which upgrade your primary weapon . When you get 2, you will have it maxed (unless you have upgraded the amount). You will deal more damage with the more upgrades you collect.
  • Completing Secondary Objectives earn you trophies, as well as a great deal of points. Complete them for an easier way to level up as well.
  • Circle around tanks, and other rocket-shooting vehicles to make sure you don't get damaged by the rockets
  • Choose one character and stick with it. Upgrade your character to fit your needs. Choose the same character you used in the original Renegade Ops campaign
  • Throughout the levels, there are hidden lives that you can collect to add to the amount of lives you have left. They look like hearts with wings


Step 1. Beat the first campaign while sticking with one character. Use the guide and collect all of those trophies of the original game.
Step 2. Play the Coldstrike DLC now, and do the Secondary Objectives in the first 2 missions to unlock Extractor and Intelligence .
Step 3. You should now only have 1 trophy left. Complete the 3rd and final mission to unlock Pansy Worm .
Step 4. New 100% added to your collection.

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[top]Characters And Upgrades

  • Spare Parts: Chance of spawning health pick-ups from your vehicle when hit by explosive damage
  • Nitro: Double tap turbo button for nitro speed boost, also extinguishes fire if used when burning
  • Second Chance: Death is delayed by 10 seconds so you can find a health pick up to stay alive. Second chance only triggers once per life
  • Extra Life: Increases the numbers of loves you start each mission with by 1
  • Hardened Hull: Maximum health increased and health received from pick-ups increased
  • Auto Repair: Automatically regenerate health when low
  • Auto Reload: Automatically generate ammo for secondary weapon over time
  • Ammo Surplus: Secondary ammo pick-ups give more ammo than normal
  • Advanced Arms: Rocket launcher – homing rockets, Railgun – shorter charge time, Flame Thrower – Damage increased
  • Magazine Size – Basic: Secondary weapon magazine size increased
  • Magazine Size – Elite: Secondary weapon magazine size greatly increased

  • Special Ability: Armadillo Plating (Shield) – Extendable shield plating that causes enemy bullets to bounce back at the attackers
  • Flame Thrower Kit: Start Every life with Flame Thrower and some ammo equipped
  • Efficiency – Basic: Shield cooldown reduced
  • Efficiency – Elite: Shield cooldown greatly reduced
  • Rebound: Shield deflects enemy bullets and rockets back at the enemy for damage
  • Time Extension: Maximum Shield duration increased
  • Guarded Repair: Regenerate health over time while Shield is active
  • Ram Plate: Destroy small enemy vehicles when ramming them and no penalty when driving through buildings
  • Special Ability: EMP – Releases an electromagnetic pulse over a large area disabling all enemies within this area making them susceptible to attacks for a limited period
  • Railgun Kit: Start Every life with Railgun and some ammo equipped
  • Static Shock – Basic: EMP causes minor damage to enemies in addition to normal effects
  • Static Shock – Elite: EMP causes high damage to enemies in addition to normal effects
  • Super Charged: Increased EMP radius and enemy rockets are disabled in mid-flight when hit by EMP
  • Black Out: Duration of EMP effect on enemies increased
  • Efficiency – Basic: EMP cooldown reduced
  • Efficiency – Elite: EMP cooldown greatly reduced
  • Special Ability: Rocket Strike – Drops beacons that are hit by a rain of rockets from the sky, causing area damage
  • Rocket Launcher Kit: Start Every life with Rocket Launcher and some ammo equipped
  • Efficiency – Basic: Rocket Strike cooldown reduced
  • Efficiency – Elite: Rocket Strike cooldown greatly reduced
  • Auto Strike: Rocket Strike automatically targets and attempts to directly hit enemies in area
  • Bombardment – Basic: Rocket Strike duration and radius increased
  • Bombardment – Elite: Rocket Strike duration and radius greatly increased
  • Quick Strike: Rocket Strike hits instantly and has increased damage radius
  • Special Ability: Heavy Cannon – Extends heavy cannon that fires high velocity, armour piercing rounds causing extreme damage. Vehicle cannot move while active
  • Rocket Launcher Kit: Start Every life with Rocket Launcher and some ammo equipped
  • Efficiency – Basic: Heavy Cannon cooldown reduced
  • Efficiency – Elite: Heavy Cannon cooldown greatly reduced
  • Power Hydraulics: Increased Heavy Cannon turret rotation speed
  • Explosive Rounds: Heavy Cannon causes additional splash damage to enemies near area of impact
  • Riot Shield: A shield protects against bullets from front while Heavy Cannon is active
  • Counter Shot: Heavy Cannon shots destroy enemy rockets in mid-flight


Mission 1 - Rescue all the civilians in single player (Coldstrike DLC Required)

Mission 1: Cold War

You will start off with a Primary Objective: Bring the Prisoners to the Plane. The first one isn't far at all. You will have to fight through a few groups of trucks. Beside the prisoner is a rocket launcher. Circle around it while shooting to take it out. The second prisoner is right around the corner. One bigger group will be defending this one. Once everyone is kill, shoot the crate and pick up the second prisoner. The third prisoner is around the corner. He is defended by a very small group. Once he is picked up, bring them back to the plane to complete the objective.

Once the prisoners are rescued, your will get your second Primary Objective: Destroy the Attackers. Drive quite a ways, while destroying Mortar Trucks if you like. You will eventually get to your first tank. Circle around it to avoid it's rockets, and you can shoot your secondary weapon to make it easier. Use the same strategy on the next 2.

Now once the attackers are destroyed, you will get a Secondary Objective: Bring Civilians to the Plane. This is where you earn this trophy. Drive to the first one and shoot the crate on the wall. Collect the civilian and go to the next one. Once you have the 3, drive back to the plane. Drop them off and get the next batch. After the second one (or 5th, if you want to be technical), you will see a Golem. You will also get a new Primary Objective: Save the Pinned Down Civilian. Ignore the Primary Objective for now and collect the 6th civilian. Bring them to the plane and get the next 3. These are all around a Golem. Shoot the enemies and the Golem while collecting the civilians. By now the timer should have started. Focus on the Golem now. Keep circling around the road while shooting your secondary and it should be destroyed in no time.

Save the next 3 civilians, and you will have to destroy another Golem (Primary Objective: Save the Pinned Down Civilian). Collect the next 3 civilians and the timer should pop up again. Drop the civilians off and collect the next few. Now focus on the Golem. Using the same sort of strategy as last time, destroy it. Now go and drop off the civilians.

Drive to the next civilians, and you will have to destroy the third Golem (Primary Objective: Save the Pinned Down Civilian). Collect them and the timer should start up again. Collect the next ones and return to the Golem. Once you destroy the Golem you will collect the final civilian. Bring him back to the plane and if you have saved a total of 24 civilians, this trophy will unlock.

Mission 2 - Acquire all intel on Coldstrike’s plans in single player (Coldstrike DLC Required)

Mission 2: Frost Shock

You will start off with this Secondary Objective: Collect Intel. Complete this to earn the trophy. Now, just drive to the first intel piece. The intel are in crates that you need to shoot open. Kill the enemies around the first piece (basic enemies) and go to the next. The second one has a rocket launching truck near it. Circle around it and take it out, then collect the intel.

You will then get a new Primary Objective: Sabotage the Jamming Stations. Go to the next intel and pick it up. The next one is really close by and guarded by another rocket launching truck. Follow the path of the Secondary Objectives while doing the Primary Objective. The next 3 intel pieces require you to branch away from the Primary Objective path. Collect them and follow the arrows now. A tank will come out of no where. Take it down and you will see a rocket launching truck in the way. Destroy that and continue.

Next intel is on the roof of the building after defeating the rocket launching truck. There are quite a few troops on the roof so just circle around and kill them. You will now get one level higher on the roof, and there are 2 trucks that launch rockets. There will also be another intel piece in this part. You should then see a really odd looking thing that spawns minions, circle around it and use your secondary weapon to take it down with ease.

The next intel piece and Primary Objective are around the corner. Enter the objective and mash until the bar fills up. Collect the intel piece and head to the next one. Backtrack while following the arrows and you will run into a Golem. Shoot it until the weak points come out (blue bars on the sites) and shoot the secondary weapon (preferably rockets, to take it down in one rocket). Continue following the arrows and you will find a small group of enemies with a helicopter. Take them out and continue while shooting any more enemies that you find.

This next few pieces of intel are in a small base on the path of the Primary Objective. There is a Jamming Station within the base. Once outside the base, another Jamming Station is close. Destroy it to open the wall that is blocking the path. You will enter another really small base with 2 intel crates inside. Keep following the arrows while destroying the turrets that land.

Destroy the next few enemies and pick up the intel. You may have a timer by now. Collect more intel and you should have popped the trophy when you get "Objective Complete" for the Secondary Objective.

Pansy Worm
Mission 3 - Defeat the Panzer Wyrm (Coldstrike DLC required)

Mission 3: Lady Winter

You will start off with a Primary Objective: Get inside the Base. You will soon be greeted by some turrets. Take them out and continue following the arrow. Shoot the objective to freeze the water and continue. You will be welcomed by more turrets for you to destroy. Again, just keep following the arrow and you will come to a wall. Shoot the turrets on the sides while avoiding rockets, and then shoot the middle to lower the wall.

You will then get a new Primary Objective: Get to the Launch Facility. Kill the groups of enemies near and continue the path. You will see another enemy that deploys round bombs. Shoot the secondary weapon to destroy it quickly. Once outside the base, be sure to dodge the mortars, as they destroy the ice. You will come to another thing you need to shoot to freeze the water around it. Do that another 3 times with more that block your path.

A wall now stands in your way, and like last time, shoot the turrets and then the weak point in the middle to lower it. Then a tank will appear. Shoot it to reveal the blue weak point and launch a rocket at it. Get the key card and use it on the bridge close to you. Kill the next batch of enemies and freeze some more water. Continue to follow the arrow and you will come to a Golem. Now, hopefully you picked up a Red Box, if you don't have any rockets, to fill your secondary weapons with ammo. Shoot the Golem until the blue weak point appears and launch the rocket at it to blow it up.

Continue to follow the arrow, while dodging the mortars and killing the enemies. You will come to a tank that has a key card. You may get a timer around this point. Pick up the key card and use to to continue and the objective will be complete.

A new Primary Objective: Sabotage the Launch. Continue the path, and enter where the ramp is and mash to destroy a building. At the next one, a tank will be near. Kill it first, by targeting the weak point, and destroy the next objective. Continue and you will eventually get to another objective to destroy. A little further comes a tank that blocks the bridge. Circle around it, and destroy the weak point to continue. You will need to kill a lot of turrets and another bomb-spawning enemy. Then enter the next objective and destroy it. This is the last one you need to destroy.

New Primary Objective: Plant the Bomb. Another tank is in the way. Circle around and use the same tactics you always use to take it down. Another Golem will be in the way. Once you take it down, enter the next ramp area and sabotage the rocket.

Now here is where this trophy will come in to play. New Primary Objective: Defeat Coldstrike. Go off the ramp to the left and you will face the Panzer Wyrm, which is actually a worm. If you lose sight of it, you will be able to see the headlights on the front, so dodge the worm to not lose health. The Panzer Wyrm will open, and you will get an arrow. Unload your weapons on the opening, and the Wyrm spawns drones. Take them out to save health, and pickup their health drops. The worm will open up a few times. Just shoot your rockets or whatever you have as a secondary weapon to take it down quickly. Dodge the rockets it shoots as well. Now, once the health bar depletes, the Panzer Wyrm and Coldstrike will be dead and you will pop this trophy.

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