Players: 1
Estimated Time to 100%: 30+hrs
Minimum Playthroughs: 2 (plus a playthrough of the Seperate Ways mini-game)
Collectibles Trophies: Yes, What are they Worth?
Missable Trophies: Yes, Do Not Shoot the Water!, A Terrifying Assassin, and What are they Worth?
Glitched Trophies: None


Leon S. Kennedy survived the zombie outbreak in Raccoon City six years ago. Now he must rescue the President's daughter from a sinister village in central Europe, and face an enemy quicker, smarter, and scarier than any zombie...

Official Review

[top]Tips & Strategies

In fights involving more than 1 enemy, look for a choke-point, preferably one with a door.

When you encounter a group, use your pistol and go for headshots (unless they’re wearing a helmet, as they do in later levels). A successful headshot will cause an enemy to stagger, opening them up for a swift kick, which will knock them and any other enemies nearby to the floor, creating an opportunity for you to knife them.

In a one-on-one situation, aim for the legs. This will cause them to drop to their knees, allowing you to suplex them, which has a high chance to instantly kill.

Always explore an area. Resident Evil 4 is a true survival horror game, meaning you will need every bit of ammo, every grenade, and every health item you can scavenge to survive. The world is also littered with valuable jewels, crystals, and similarly valuable items which can be sold to the merchant.

Green herbs restore a small amount of health. A Red herb, when combined with a green herb, will increase the potency of the green herb, restoring more health. A Yellow herb, when combined with a green herb, will increase your overall health by a small amount. Combine one of each together to completely restore your health, and increase your overall health. By the end of the game, when you should have a maxed out health bar, you can sell GRY combinations for 10,000psts.

While everyone has their own preferences, the best weapons to upgrade in my opinion are: the Blacktail pistol (modeled on the Glock), the Riot Gun (second shotgun), the TMP (with Stock), the Semi-Auto Rifle (with Scope), and the Broken Butterfly (a powerful magnum that can be found at the beginning of Chapter 4 after some back-tracking.

In areas with chickens, set your controller down for 5 minutes and get a drink. When you come back, the area will be littered with eggs, which can be used to heal, or be sold!


1. Beat the game on normal
While there is an Easy difficulty available, Professional difficulty can only be unlocked by completing the game on Normal. Try and get all the bottlecaps, though don't worry if you miss some, because you can get them in your second playthrough. This first run through will net you:
It Begins with a Ring
A Rock and a Hard Place
Secure the Ballistics
A Bloodline Severed
The Castellan Falls
The Ties that Bind
We're Going Home

2. Beat Separate Ways
Separate Ways is unlocked after completing the game on normal. Playing through it unlocks the Special Costume 2, which both grants you The "S" Stands for Stylish, and a great bonus for your Professional playthrough.

3. Beat the game on Professional:
The true challenge of this game is this difficulty. Enemy attacks deal more damage (you can die in 2 hits), and lootable items are much rarer. Use your experience from your Normal playthrough in conjunction with this guide to earn yourself A Heart of Steel.
If you haven't already done so, use this playthrough to get Do Not Shoot the Water!, A Terrifying Assassin, and What are they Worth?.


It Begins with a Ring
Ring the mysterious bell. What happens after that, is up to you.

This is a story-related trophy and cannot be missed

After surviving your first encounter with the Ganados you will come across a large door with a strange symbol blocking your path. Open it. You will find yourself in El Pueblo, a small village, and the focal point of the next few chapters. Entering the village will draw the attention of the denizens of El Pueblo, who will immediately become hostile.

To earn this trophy, you must survive the village. This can be accomplished in two ways: First, you can run around, avoiding any and all confrontations with villagers, scavenging the few available health items. If you choose this option (which I would advise strongly AGAINST), avoid the two-story house and the Bell Tower - entering the two-story house will trigger an appearance by a Chainsaw Man (a very tough Ganado with a chainsaw who will kill you in one hit, regardless of difficulty), and if you climb the Bell Tower you will be trapped (the Gandos will surround you, and then burn you out). After a long period of time, the Bell will mysteriously ring, and the town will empty.

The second (read ‘manlier’) way is to start busting heads, ASAP. According to the developers, you must kill 14 Ganados for the Bell to be rung. Doing this will obviously cost you ammunition and quite possibly some health items, but you will make an overall profit.

You now have two options:

1) Are you a brave and enterprising Hero, brimming with courage, possessed of firearm proficiency, and thirsty for loot? Run straight towards the Bell Tower, then take a left up the path to encounter two Ganados and a Chainsaw Man. Take out all three with a combination of Headshots, grenades, and your knife. The Chainsaw man will drop a Ruby, worth 10,000 pesetas. Return down the path to the village centre, and enter the two-story house on your right. This will trigger a small cutscene, an influx of villagers, and a second Chainsaw man. Barricade the doors, then charge upstairs and claim the free shotgun and flash grenade. Facing the bed, to your right there will be a window with two Ganados banging on it. Take them out, and then jump out the window onto the makeshift ‘balcony’. Turn right and follow the balcony around behind the house, and then on to the other side. Here you will find a Spinel worth 1000psts. This is also where you will make a stand. Eventually the second chainsaw man and a few Ganados will catch up with you. Use the shotgun to knock them all flat, and then throw a grenade for massive damage. Finish off your assailants for a well-earned Bronze trophy.

2) Skip the first Chainsaw Man and run straight for the two-story house. The first chainsaw man will disappear, but the second will still come. He always climbs up the ladder to the second story. Kick down the ladder to slow him down, and then continue onto the balcony, as outlined above.

Map of El Pueblo

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Do Not Shoot the Water!
Summon the master of the lake. Don't rock the boat.

This trophy can be missed

At the end of Chapter 1-3, you will come across a large lake. On the shore there is a small hut with a typewriter inside. Save your game, and then walk to the end of the pier. Take out your favourite gun and start shooting the water with gusto.

A small scene will play out, and the trophy will be unlocked.

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A Rock and a Hard Place
Outmaneuver the rampaging beast, El Gigante.

This is a story-related trophy and cannot be missed

You will earn this trophy in chapter 2-1, after you have collected the Round Insignia, and returned to the Merchant. On your way back to the Church to free Ashley you will encounter El Gigante, a huge boss that closely resembles a Cave Troll from The Lord of the Rings films. Defeating him will unlock this trophy.

Enter this fight carrying a flashbang. When you regain control of Leon, throw it at El Gigante’s feet, switch to your TMP (hopefully upgraded), and blast away, preferably at his head. If you empty your clip and he’s still coming at you, rather than reloading, switch to your shotgun and take 1-2 shots at his head. After sufficient damage, El Gigante will fall to his knees, and a large parasite will erupt from his back. Quickly reload your TMP, then charge forward and press to climb onto his back. Follow the onscreen prompt to slash at the exposed Plagas. Rinse and repeat.

After a period of time, providing that you rescued the dog from the bear-trap at the beginning of the game, the same dog will come to your aid. He will draw the attention of El Gigante, allowing you to shoot him some more, without the need for flash bangs.

Three sets of Plaga-slashing will bring the giant down. Your reward: 15,000psts and a Bronze Trophy.

Additional Tips: If you can, keep the fight away from the huts in the arena. They contain valuable items and ammunition which, if the huts are destroyed by El Gigante, will be lost to you.

Secure the Ballistics
Rescue the president's daughter, Ashley. Afterwards, the real fun begins.

This is a story-related trophy and cannot be missed

After you fight with El Gigante and the subsequent looting, continue on to the church. Towards the end of the path you will encounter a pack of Colmillos - ferocious dogs that are also infected! Use an incendiary or explosive grenade to take them out. If you don’t have either, use your TMP or shotgun.

When all of the Colmillos are dead, use the Round Insignia to open the church door. After you defeat the enemies inside, climb onto the gantry, solve the puzzles, and open the locked door. You will be united with Ashley, unlocking this bronze. Now the fun really begins…

A Bloodline Severed
Defeat the village chief in battle.

This is a story-related trophy and cannot be missed

At the end of chapter 2-3 you will have a final showdown with Bitores Mendez, the village Chief. Defeating Mendez will unlock this Bronze. Thankfully, Leon has the bright idea of leaving Ashley outside the shed where you encounter him, so you don’t have to worry about her in this fight.

Before this fight, reload all your weapons, and upgrade the firepower on your shotgun, and the firepower and capacity of your TMP. This strategy will require a small amount of bravado.

Enter the Torture Shed and survive the QTEs. Congratulations, you’ve pissed off a giant human/centipede mutant!
Using your TMP, target his spine and blast away. If you do enough damage before he reaches you, he will bend over backwards. Now is the time to man up. Charge at him, take out your knife, and slash away. As he starts to get up, stop what you’re doing and run in the opposite direction, but not too far. If you are too far away from him, Mendez will leap forward. Continue to fire at his spine whilst keeping your distance. Although you shouldn’t bother using grenades, there is a red barrel at one end of the shed that you can use to deal massive damage, if you can position Mendez appropriately.

After you have done enough damage, Mendez will lose his legs! Much like a wounded animal, however, he will become much more dangerous. Instead of slowly meandering around the barn, Mendez will swing from the rafters like a hellish Spider-Man. Your best course of action is to turn around and climb the ladder. Take a right and collect the Yellow and Green herbs. Stand at the end of the platform (next to where you found the green herb), then turn around and take out your shotgun. Aim up and to your left (about 9:30-10 O’clock) and wait. Mendez will swing right in front of you. When he does, blast him, preferably in the head, with your shotgun. On Normal difficulty, one shot will knock him to the floor. On Professional, only a headshot will succeed in toppling him. Stay right where you are and repeat this until he is dead.

Congratulations on another hard-fought Bronze.

A Terrifying Assassin
Turn the tables on Verdugo, the right hand of Salazar.

This trophy can be missed

You have a chance to earn this trophy towards the end of chapter 4-1. After you catch up with Salazar, he unceremoniously plunges you into a death pit. When that fails to kill you, he sends his ‘Right Hand’ after you. To earn this trophy you must kill the Right Hand of Salazar - an extremely powerful, fast, and durable enemy that you should ordinarily not even try and fight - it's just not worth the ammunition.

If you're going for this trophy though, here's how to do it:

When you regain control of Leon, loot the area around you, and then speak to the Merchant.

There are two options for this fight:

1) If you don’t have one already, use this opportunity to buy a Rocket Launcher. While you may hesitate at the cost (30,000psts), let me assure you that the reward is well worth it. Equip the Rocket Launcher, and then continue onto the next area. After passing through the sewer, follow the path straight to the end, avoiding the Right Hand’s (Verdugo) attacks, and enter the room at the far end of the corridor. In the back-right corner of the room is a switch. Pull it to activate the elevator and trap yourself in the room. Head towards the locked door. You may notice on your way to the door, or perhaps on the way in, a large tank of Liquid Nitrogen in the middle of the room. Remember its location. Attempting to open the door will trigger your encounter with Verdugo. Run past him, and head straight for the tank of Liquid Nitrogen. When he is right behind you, press to knock it over. Doing this will freeze him, and make him vulnerable to your attacks. Back up to a safe distance, take out your Rocket Launcher, quote Scarface (“say ‘hello’ to my little friend”), and blow him into a million tiny, evil pieces.

2) If you don’t have a Rocket Launcher, or the money to buy one, you’re in for a much tougher confrontation. You will need a powerful magnum (preferably with a stash of ammo), an upgraded TMP (also with a lot of ammo), and perhaps some grenades. If you don’t have these items, don’t even attempt this. Because you will need more time to kill Verdugo than the first Liquid Nitrogen tank will afford you, kite him around the room until the door unlocks, and then head straight for it. Use the map below to find the other Liquid Nitrogen Tanks, which you will need to use to create the opportunity to blast Verdugo with your magnum. Rinse and repeat until dead.

Upon his death, the locked door will open, the lift will arrive, and you will be rewarded with the Crown Jewel and this Silver Trophy.

The Castellan Falls
Defeat Salazar, and make your escape from the castle.

This is a story-related trophy and cannot be missed

At the end of chapter 4-4 you will catch up with Salazar for the last time. Defeating him will earn you this Bronze.

After chasing him through the various traps and hazards, you will reach the top of the tower. Save at the typewriter, and then speak to the merchant. If you have the money, and the attaché case space, buy a Rocket Launcher, and then equip your TMP. If you don’t have the money or the space for a Rocket Launcher, you can use a magnum. Proceed into the next area for your final encounter with Salazar.

Rocket Launcher Method:
Following the cutscene, and Salazar’s transformation into yet another abomination, target the bright orange eye with your TMP (I advise using the TMP because the eye never stops moving, and it can be hard to hit with single-shot weapons). After enough damage, the eye will recoil, and Salazar’s ‘shell’ will open. Equip your Rocket Launcher and blow him away.

Magnum Method:
Since the magnum does nowhere near the amount of damage that a Rocket Launcher can do, this method will take a bit longer. Use the TMP to shoot the eye as above, and then shoot at Salazar’s head with your magnum. This first attack will be simple, but do not relax. After you’ve shot him, the two tentacles on either side will begin thrashing around. The giant eye also has a giant mouth, and if you’re not careful it will eat you. Target one of the side tentacles and shoot at it until it shrivels away. DO NOT SHOOT BOTH. Now that one side is safe (for now), resume shooting at the eye and targeting Salazar until he dies.

His death will net you 50,000psts and this Bronze trophy.

The Ties that Bind
Defeat Krauser, your former partner, in battle.

This is a story-related trophy and cannot be missed

This is definitely one of the more difficult trophies in this game. You earn it after defeating Krauser for the second time. I once took 7 hours to beat this guy on my PS2. Hopefully, with the help of this guide, you won’t have the same trouble!

Hopefully as you’ve played through Resident Evil 4 you have gained a level of competency with your trusty knife, because you’ll be relying on it in this fight.

1) Upon entering the sandstone arena, Krauser will challenge you. After the cutscene, take cover behind the rock wall on your immediate right. He’ll toss some explosives your way, which you can dodge via the onscreen prompts. Run up the stairs in front of you and open the door. Ignoring the items on the table, climb up the ladder. Back yourself into a corner, and then ready your knife. When Krauser appears he will run straight at you with his knife. As soon as he is in range, slash him with your knife. Doing this a few times will cause him to bail, once he’s blinded you with a flashbang. Collect the items on the roof, then the items downstairs, and head through the next door.

2) Krauser will be hiding behind one of the four walls in front of you. When you are close enough he will pop out and, depending on the range, attack you with his knife, throw grenades at you, or shoot at you with his TMP. Avoid his attacks and move closer, forcing him to attack you with his knife. When he does, slash him in the same way as you did previously until he flees. Continue on, and when your path presents two directions, head right.

3) Equip your Semi-Auto Rifle and hide behind the closest pillar. Krauser should be on the roof of a nearby structure, shooting at you with his TMP. Wait till he finishes, hides, and then pops back up, and then shoot him (it doesn’t have to be in the head). One or two shots will cause him to drop to ground-level. He will then charge straight at you, occasionally darting to the side. Line him up, and shoot him before he reaches you. Flash. Next.

4) Jump inside the building that Krauser was standing on to retrieve some ammo and a first-aid spray. There is also a grenade on the roof. Exit the building and continue onwards. Climb the stairs and trigger your next fight with Krauser. After some B-movie dialogue, Krauser will engage. Hide under the balcony until he stops throwing grenades. When he jumps down he is vulnerable for a few seconds. Rush him, and stab him. When he recovers, he will resume is usual attack-and-roll strategy, or will jump back onto the balcony and shower you with grenades. Keep slashing him until he flees. Solve the puzzle, claim your prize (the first Piece of the Holy Beast) and leave.

5) Go through the door you just unlocked and jump down into a new area. In this area there are about 8 cute little homicidal robots. A single shot from a pistol or your TMP is sufficient to neutralise these little buggers. After engaging Krauser in some more witty banter, and eliminating two more bots, proceed into the base of the tower, and climb the ladder. Walk out onto the ledge and pick up the second Piece of the Holy Beast. This triggers the final showdown.

6) If done right, this part of the fight will be over in less than 30 seconds. Avoid Krauser’s QTE attack, and ready your knife. Slash at him each time he charges you, and dodge any other QTE attacks. After just a few hits, Krauser will fall.

The alternative method is to get some distance between you and Krauser. Shooting his feet will cause him to stagger onto one knee, giving you an opening to shoot him with your magnum, or whichever weapon you prefer. This method will take longer, and places you at significantly more risk, so I strongly advise using your knife.

Killing Krauser will earn you the last Piece of the Beast and this Bronze Trophy.

Map of the Fortress Ruins

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We're Going Home
Defeat Saddler in battle, and escape from the nightmare.

This is a story-related trophy and cannot be missed

Ah, Saddler. We meet again.

This Bronze (really Capcom, a Bronze?) trophy is earned for defeating Saddler, the last boss of this game.
This is certainly a lengthy boss fight, much like your encounter with Krauser. While there are a number of ways to vanquish Saddler, the method in this guide is fool-proof and tested.

Before pursuing Saddler, you have the chance to save at a typewriter, and visit the Merchant for the last time. Sell everything in your case except for your TMP, a Rocket Launcher if you have it, Frag Grenades and Health items. This may seem drastic, but unless you plan on playing a New Game Plus, you won’t need anything but the above items. Use the large amount of money you now have to buy the Mine Thrower, and to upgrade it and all your weapons to their maximum (if you have explored each area and killed enough sub-bosses you should have more than enough). Don’t bother with the Mine Thrower Scope.

Save your game before proceeding so you don’t have to do all that buying and selling again on the rare chance that you die. Equip your TMP.
Ride the elevator up, and meet Saddler.

During this fight, your goal is to gain enough distance between Saddler and yourself for you to ready your Mine Thrower, Fire it, and then back away. If you bought the Mine Thrower’s Exclusive upgrade your shots will home in on their target and deal massive damage, so it would take something special for you to miss. The explosion from the Mine will always cause Saddler to collapse, and then once he’s down, run up and stab him in the eye. You will need to do this a lot. Always allow him to resume his normal posture before firing at him again.

If you follow this strategy, this fight will be quite easy. There are, however, a few hazards:
  1. Saddler will occasionally throw girders at you, which can be dodged by running out of the way, or by following the on-screen button prompts.
  2. Saddler will occasionally leap into the air and crash down on, or just in front of you. Watch out for this attack.
  3. Saddler has some nasty bladed tentacle things on his back that are constantly flailing. Do NOT try to run through his legs like you might with El Gigante. His blades will hit you, and you will take damage, repeatedly. If you need to get past him, run around him, not through him.

The Fight:
After the cutscene, ready your TMP and immediately target the glowing orange eye on Saddler’s front-left leg (on your right). One bullet is enough to cause Saddler to collapse in pain. Switch to your Mine Thrower, then charge at Saddler and press SQUARE to stab him in the eye. When you hop off, run past him, spin around and, once he is up and moving again, shoot him with the Mine Thrower. Make sure to keep your distance so you aren’t caught in the explosion. Saddler will collapse again, opening him up for another eye exam. Repeat this process until help arrives…

If you weren’t able to fully upgrade the Mine Thrower, or you somehow run out of ammo before your ally appears, you can go back to shooting at the Eyes on his legs with your TMP to down him. Grenades will also work, as will explosive barrels (there are two in the area). Finally, at opposite ends of the map (the map is split in half, with time-delayed bridges connecting the two halves), there are switches which, when pulled, will cause a crane laden with girders to swing in front of the switch. These can be used to knock Saddler down (I actually killed him with one of these on one of my playthroughs).

When enough damage is done, Ada will pop up with a Special Rocket Launcher, presenting you with two options.
  1. You can pick it up, knock Saddler down, and then fire it at his eye, killing him.
  2. You can ignore it, knock Saddler down, fire your own regular Rocket Launcher at his eye, kill him, and then collect the Special Rocket Launcher as loot; it sells for quite a bit at the Merchant if you’re interested in a NG+.

Congratulations, Saddler has been defeated, and you’ve earned a thoroughly undervalued trophy!

Now, leg it…
Map of the Construction Platform

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A Heart of Steel
Clear the game on the highest difficulty.

Professional difficulty is unlocked after completing a playthrough on Normal, and this trophy is earned for completing the game on Professional. It is quite a step up from Normal, so I would suggest attempting it right after you finish your first playthrough so that your feel for the controls and your memories of enemy positions and map layouts are fresh.

The only differences are fewer item drops and greater damage taken - you still have access to all the save points and treasures.

General Tips for Professional:

1) Headshots. Headshots. Headshots. You’ll do greater damage, and create opportunities for melee attacks.

2) Don’t be afraid to use your knife. Ammo is scarce, so only use it when you have to.

3) Survival is the aim, so there is no shame in legging it when you have to. If you’re struggling with an area, low on health, or have very limited ammunition, avoid enemies instead of engaging them. Most can be kited or avoided with ease.

4) Decide what weapons you want from the start, and make every effort to upgrade them as quickly as possible. See the Tips and Strategies section for a list of recommended weapons.

5) Use rocket launchers in major boss fights. More often than not the reward will outweigh the 30,000psts cost.

6) Use the Special Costume 2. Leon will receive a 30% damage resistance bonus, and Ashley will become invincible. She cannot be carried off by Ganados, she cannot be blown up with grenades, and she can’t be squashed into jelly by El Gigante.

7) Finding yourself constantly low on ammo? Next time you empty your clip, instead of reloading, use a different weapon until you reach the Merchant, and then buy a Capacity upgrade. Doing so will completely replenish that weapon’s magazine. This is especially useful for Magnums (because ammo is ultra-rare), the TMP (what’s not to love about 200 free rounds), and the Striker (exclusive upgrade is a 100-slug magazine!).

8) When you find valuable items, don’t sell them immediately. Instead, hold onto them - you may be able to combine them with other items for a greatly increased value.

Advanced Tips and Strategies
Regenerators and Iron Maidens are, without a doubt, the creepiest and most difficult enemies you will encounter in Resident Evil 4. They take upwards of 10 magnum rounds and a dozen shotgun shells to put down if you’re not properly equipped. Thankfully, the game provides you with an Infrared Scope which can be used with your Semi-Auto Rifle, allowing you to target the Plagas inside its body with precision. On Professional, however, Regenerators and Iron Maidens have a hidden parasite on their back which you cannot easily see. Alternatively, you may find yourself without any Rifle ammo. However will you deal with these mouth-breathing, limb-growing, creepy-ass monsters? With your knife.

No, seriously.
  • Step 1, equip your shotgun.
  • Step 2, shoot out the Regenerator or Iron Maiden’s legs. This should take one shot.
  • Step 3, the bastard will start twitching, and if he gets close enough, he’ll try to rip your throat out. Back away, and let him leap forward twice.
  • Step 4, after it’s done trying to eat your face, it’ll start regenerating. Run up to it and, standing over it, start slashing. It will take roughly seventy slashes to kill these guys, but you’ve saved yourself a whole heap of ammo, and you’ve made one of the scarier creatures in this game your bitch!

2) Use Ashley (in the Special Costume 2) as bait. She can’t be harmed, but that won’t stop all your enemies, including bosses, from trying. Use the time she buys you to line up headshots, or to perform melee attacks.

What are they Worth?
Acquire all of the bottle caps in the game.

This trophy can be missed

Bottle caps are your reward for reaching certain goals in the Shooting Gallery, and there are 24 bottle caps to collect: 4 target sets in the Shooting Gallery, and 6 bottle caps per target set.

At first, only set A is available, but as you progress, B, C and D become available. Each time you encounter a Shooting Gallery, make sure to pop your head in and see if a new set is available. The galleries can be found in the following chapters:

A - Chapter 3-1 (Observation Hall - Once Ashley triggers a trap and is abducted, locate this one under the staircase on the left side of the room)
B - Chapter 4-1 (Castle - Found after collecting the Lion, Goat and Serpent pieces, solving the puzzle, and riding the rail)
C - Chapter 4-2 (Mine Entrance Mine - Right after you defeat/escape Verdugo)
D - Chapter 5-1 (Armory - Found shortly after you see Ashley on the security monitors)

You have two weapon sets available to you: Rapid Fire (Shotgun, TMP and a Grenade), and Sniping (a Rifle, a Pistol, and a Grenade). My preference is for the Rapid Fire set. As long as you hit every target, you don’t hit Ashley, and occasionally pick up the Salazar bonus target, earning the 6 bottle caps will be a cinch. Take your time with each shot, but don’t worry about headshots – as long as you hit every target, and the occasional bonus target, your score will be plenty to earn all the rewards.

The "S" Stands for Stylish
Acquire all of the costumes in the game.

There are two unlockable costumes in Resident Evil 4. The first set is Leon’s Raccoon City Police Department uniform, and Ashley’s… urgh… I don’t know, Brittany Spears costume? Whatever it is, it’s a travesty. This set is unlocked after beating the game on any difficulty.

The second costume set is unlocked after completing the mini game Separate Ways; a set of five missions that follow the exploits of Ada Wong that take place behind the scenes of the main events of Leon’s story. These missions are quite fun, and the cross-overs can be quite interesting. You should be able to finish Separate Ways in less than 5 hours (30-45 minutes per mission).

Completing Separate Ways unlocks Special Costume set 2: Leon’s [Badass] Gangster outfit, and Ashley’s Medieval Armour. This set is extremely useful for your Professional playthrough.

Completing both of these short stories will unlock the aforementioned costumes, as well as this Bronze trophy.

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