Players: 1-2
Total Trophies: 5
Online Trophies: 0*
Online Play: Yes
Cheat Codes: N/A
Cheats Affect Trophies: N/A
Minimum Playthroughs: 1 (2 recommended)
Trophy Difficulty: 5/10
Time to 100%: 5-10 Hours Max


Resident Evil 5: Lost In Nightmares is the latest DLC released by Capcom for Resident Evil: 5. For a cheap price you get to play the "Lost In Nightmares" mission which lets you play the Highly Anticipated Mission including Chris and Jill and letting you find out what really happened in the Top-Secret mission set a few years before the Resident Evil 5 game and finding out how Chris lost his Partner Jill in the raid of Spencer's Mansion. Here is the Trailer, Enjoy!

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[top]Tips & Strategies

  • *There are no online trophies in this game, however, it does make the trophies much easier. Completing it on Professional isn't that tough, if you're no stranger to Resident Evil 5's Professional difficulty, then it's on a similar level. However, it may prove to be a challenge for some, so I advise you to get an Online Partner and play through it co-op style.
Use The Official Resident Evil 5 Boosting Thread and make sure to post that it is the DLC you're after.


Must've Got Lost
Complete ''Lost In Nightmares'' on any difficulty

Pretty Self-Explanatory, complete it and you will get the trophy when the End of the level results are being shown. This took me a whopping 43 minutes to complete on my first go, I didnt know what the hell I was doing for the most of it. However I would say for somebody that knows what they are doing, it could roughly take you around 25-30 Minutes. Full Walkthrough in Spoiler:

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It's Just A Bad Dream!
Complete ''Lost In Nightmares'' with an S rank

To get an S Rank you have to combine 4 things. Accuracy, Enemies Routed, Deaths and Clear Time. In total you need to get over 70% Accuracy to achieve an S Rank with No Deaths. Once you die your Ranking for Deaths goes from an S to an A. I would advise you to go for this trophy on Amateur where there are less enemies. I would also say that you will most likely need to use the Handgun and the Shotgun the most, dont be spraying bullets all over the place with an Automatic. Lastly, you don't actually need to get an S in all four categories. You can combine your score like follows:
  • S-S-S-S
  • S-S-S-A
  • S-S-A-A
  • S-S-S-B

Night Terrors
Complete ''Lost In Nightmares'' on Professional

This trophy can take some work depending on your skill. First of all, before you take this lightly, you cannot use Infinite Ammo or any weapon you want like you could on the Original part of the game. Luckily, theres only 2 kinds of enemies in this DLC, the Axe Monsters and those that lie on the floor and grab you. The axe guys can easily be dealt with, a simple flee, at the start of the mansion, you can just run away from those you encounter. You only have to kill any Axe guys when your at the very end and you have to trap them.

Unluckily you don't get to use your GPS Map either, so don't run around everywhere or you will encounter one of them. After that it's Wesker, which is a mixed opinion, some people think it is the hardest part of the difficulty, some find it easy. All you have to do is run around, shoot a couple of bullets into him triggering the attack and press the on screen buttons a couple of times. Make sure you have good tactics if your playing with a friend, my advise is to both have a job, one of you sets traps up and the other lures them, thats all thats too it.

Kung Fu Fighting
Inflict a set amount of damage to Wesker in ''Lost In Nightmares.''

This trophy can be fairly annoying on a high difficulty and an easy difficulty, so, you can either, play on Amateur, however you get less time to do the trophy or play on a higher difficulty. That does take some work to actually get to the part, and even then you get a bit more time but your health is more easily lost. You don't have to do it on co-op but it does make it easier. All you have to do for this Trophy is Uppercut Wesker a few times. If you play it on a Higher difficulty it can take more Uppercuts.

To uppercut Wesker, simply shoot at him and and he will start to charge at you. Once this happens get ready for him and keep pressing the on screen buttons to dodge (On Amateur the buttons that appear will always be ) and then quickly approach him and press the on screen buttons again to Uppercut him. Simply repeat this process a couple of times and you will get the Trophy. Again it takes more Uppercuts on a higher difficulty. Note that it is easier to do this on co-op because sometimes Jill gets in the way on Single Player and Wesker attacks her instead. If you do this Online with a Partner, only one of you has to inflict the damage to Wesker, both of you will get the Trophy regardless of who inflicts the damage.

Quote Originally Posted by jcagni View Post
If Wesker attacks Jill instead, just let him hit her, stand behind him, and wait until the circle prompt changes to a square, press it and you'll score a hit on him.
Quote Originally Posted by fishto View Post
To get the hit on Wesker, you can stack attacks, if Chris and Jill both press square at the same time, you can both hit him. Also, Jill sometimes gets the triple attack, where she somersaults and hits him three times.

Wish Upon A Star
Destroy all 18 of the score stats found throughout ''Lost In Nightmares.''

In this DLC the Score Stats are basically just the exact same thing as the BSAA Emblems in the Original part of the game. Only difference is the Score Stats just look a little bit different. Below is a video showing you the location of all 18:

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