Players: 2-6 (up to 5 private slots)
Online Trophies: yes, all trophies
Online Pass Required: no, but the DLC is (duh). North American price $3.99
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to Platinum: 1-4 hours (boosting) 6-11 hours (regular online play)
Minimum Playthroughs: if boosting, 50 matches for you, plus however many needed for the other boosters. if not boosting, uit will depend on your luck and skill at the game, so upwards from 65 matches
Collectible Trophies: no
Missable Trophies: no
Glitched Trophies: no

[top]Tips & Strategies

Predators is the 3rd DLC pack released for Resident Evil 6, and by far the easiest to 100% out of the 4 DLC packs.

Predators is basically the main characters versus player-controlled Ustanak (the big guy with the interchangeable arm attachments, from Jake's campaign). The player who gains control of Ustanak will be randomly selected by the game. Ustanak's objective is to either capture of kill all player-controlled agents (Leon, Helena, Jake, Sherry, etc.) before time runs out, while the agents' objective is to kill Ustanak before time runs out.

This game mode is pretty simple, as are the trophies.

While up to 6 players can play, I'd suggest playing with 1 other player, more specifically a booster from this site, or a friend. While it will be a bit more time consuming, it'll make the trophies unlock so much easier. If you need a boosting partner, please visit The Resident Evil 6 Boosting Thread

If you're an agent, use whatever guns and grenades are in your arsenal to take down the mighty Ustanak. There are a few environmental dangers too that you can use at your disposal. Every once in awhile, the game will give you a random weapon drop. Hurry and pick these up as they are usually insanely powerful. But be warned, whoever is controlling Ustanak can easily destroy this weapon it one blow. Also, be wary, the game may sometimes tell you that an Oko has appeared. Oko are the little bugs that fly around trying to find you, and if they do, Ustanak will be able to see where you are on the map. Avoid as best as possible, and if not able to, shoot it, dont melee it, unless you can do it undetected.

If you're Ustanak, you have a few things to do at your disposal. You have your capture attack using for a standard swipe grab or for a ranged grab, where your claw arm with extend a good length and capture an agent at a distance, your intimidation skill (press the button. pretty useless as it just makes Ustanak howl and wastes two bars of its combat gauge.), for a grenade (uses 3 bars of your combat gauge), and then hold for a tackle. For the trophies, you want to focus solely on using or

When choosing a character, be sure to have something in their arsenal that packs a good punch. Weapons like Jake's Fists require you to get in close to Ustanak, and don't really deal that much damage. Sniper rifles are good, Assualt rifles are better, shotguns are decent, pistols are good, and magnums are best. Find one that will help you succeed in the battle.

Be sure to move around a lot. Ustanak can't harm you if you're shooting at him from across the map.

Everyone will get to play as Ustanak once. So if you're in a lobby with 6 people, there will be 6 rounds.


If you're boosting, these trophies should pretty much unlock right away after your first couple matches or so. The last trophy you'll most likely get is the trophy One Is Never Enough.

1) If boosting with 1 other player using the methods I have described for each individual trophy, these 3 trophies should unlock almost immediately after your first match, maybe even during. The trophies you will get during this stage are Invincible, Easy Pickings, and Held Captive.

2) During your matches, you will be alternate between agent and Ustanak. While you are an agent, go for the Not Without A Fight. At the same time, during the other round of the match, while you are playing as Ustanak, go for captures using for the One Is Never Enough.

Similar to the roadmap above, only you will be an agent most of the time. Be sure everyone knows which trophy is being attempted.
1) Invincible
2) Held Captive
3) the trophy Easy Pickings can be obtained at any point during this roadmap, it just depends on when you get to become Ustanak.
4) Not Without A Fight
5) One Is Never Enough

Similar to the roadmap above, and again you will be playing as an agent most of the time, but the trophies will become much much much harder to unlock.
1) Held Captive
2) Invincible
3)the trophy Easy Pickings can be obtained at any point during this roadmap, it just depends on when you get to become Ustanak, how many players you're playing with, and an insane amount of luck.
4) Not Without A Fight
5) One Is Never Enough

***PLEASE NOTE*** These roadmaps are merely saying that these are the trophies you will most likely earn in this order. However, feel free to use this as a guideline or go your own trophy unlocking path.



Not without a Fight
Defeat Ustanak 20 times.

This trophy will be a lot easier with boosters, as will all of these trophies. For this easy trophy, all you have to do is defeat Ustanak 20 times. When playing a match (with rounds equaling the number of players), where players alternate between who is an agent and who is Ustanak, if you are playing with just one other person, you are an agent during 1 one the rounds (same goes for Ustanak).

How I got the trophy is with another booster from this site, and when I was an agent, he just let Ustanak stand there while I pulled off headshots. When I was Ustanak, I did the same thing as he did. This is probably the quickest method.

If you aren't playing with boosters, I would recommend playing in a lobby that can hold 6 players, to give the agents an advantage.

Do either of these methods 20 times and you have yourself a new trophy


Defeat Ustanak without anyone on your team being captured.

Again, this trophy is much easier when playing with 2 players.

This trophy is pretty self-explanitory. Don't let whoever is controlling Ustanak to successfully use his capture attack and this trophy is yours.
This will involve dodging, sprinting, and shooting, and knowing when to utilize each one.

If playing online with random people, you will most likely be sprinting the majority of the time. Know your distance between you and Ustanak, and even between you and other players, because most likely whoever is controlling Ustanak will want to go for the cluster of players first. Remember to dodge holding and moving the left stick in the desired dodge direction. Keep in mind that depending on the amount of players, this may take a good few matches to unlock.

If boosting, well, it's simple, have everyone know what's happening... and that's pretty much it.


Easy Pickings
Eliminate all players as Ustanak in less than a minute.

Again, this trophy is much much easier to unlock when playing with only 2 people.

As Ustanak, you must defeat all agents within 60 seconds. You can either use the capture attack or
I would suggest using the capture attack because it will help you going towards the trophy One Is Never Enough.

When playing with 2 players, you are Ustanak and there will be only the other player as the only agent. Take him out within the 60 second limit and the trophy is yours.
If playing with more than 2 players total, focus on your range capture attack while still utilizing your capture attack if possible. If you're having trouble finding the players, and an Oko has appeared and finds a player, go to their location.


One Is Never Enough
As Ustanak, capture a total of 50 humans.

This will most likely be the last trophy you will earn for this DLC pack as it requires the most amount of grinding time, or if playing online, the most amount of grinding time and the most amount of incredibly extreme amounts of professional gambling luck (exaggerated, but close enough).

For this one, you need to be playing as Ustanak, and when you are near an agent, whether running after him, or just watching him stand there chillin', press to activate your capture attack when close enough to the agent. Repeat 49 more times and this trophy is now yours.

Also keep in mind that unlike all the other trophies, this one is best done with as many players as possible (again, preferably boosters). Ustanak can't capture more than one agent at any time, but when you have an agent in captivity, press to throw the agent in the direction you're looking.


Held Captive
Defeat Ustanak with only one Agent remaining.

Again, this trophy is the easiest to unlock when playing with 1 other player. Since one of you has to be Ustanak, that leaves the other person to be the only agent playing. All you have to do is defeat Ustanak while you are playing as the agent and you get the trophy.

If you are playing with more than 2 players (more besides Ustanak and you), you have to have only one agent alive, which means either you have to survive until Ustanak kills/captures everyone else or you have to let yourself be killed and hope that someone will be left alive alone and will successfully defeat Ustanak.

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