Players: 2-6 (Up to 5 private slots)
Online Trophies: All trophies in this DLC are online trophies
Estimated Time to 100%: If boosting, 5-20 hours (depending on number of boosters; more boosters, less time, and vice versa). If not boosting, 20-40 hours (depending on luck, skill and number of players)
Minimum Playthroughs: This DLC is made up of matches. If boosting, the minimum is 100 (2 rounds per match). If not boosting, it really depends on your skill level, as well as your luck of the draw with opponents, and timers/enemies you can get.
Collectible Trophies: None, unless you count getting wins and kills as collectibles
Missable Trophies: None, as you can play multiple matches.

[top]Tips & Strategies

This game mode is all about surviving as long as you can. In some cases, you actually may be able to survive the entire match. Below are some suggestions to both keeping you as an Agent and keeping the AI BSAA Agent alive, and making you as a creature the ultimate killing machine.

Tips for while playing as an Agent:
Alright, so your objective is to keep the AI-controlled BSAA Agent alive. His title is a rookie, and he's certainly as smart as one. I've played a few matches where every time he shot his pistol, he'd be shooting at the floor, or off the map, basically shooting at everything but the creatures. Keep this in mind as you will be doing most of the slaughtering while trying to keep him alive.

-At the character select screen, you can see which weapons each character has as well as what ammo counts and medicine they start out with. You want to make sure that you choose a character with a powerful weapon, but also one that has ammo to start with, because you don't want to be out of ammo as soon as you get surrounded.

-Items such as herbs/medicine and ammo can be found around each map, as well as dropped by a killed enemy. Be on the look out for these items, because they might come in handy and turn the tides when you're about to lose.

-As soon as the match starts, the creatures will start coming. At first there will only be a couple of them, but as more are killed and time goes on, more and more enemies will spawn at one time, as well as bigger ones too.

-In the game, you can give commands to the AI-controlled BSAA Agent. If you see him being swarmed, you can command him to come to you. If you're getting swarmed with the BSAA Agent near you, you can command him to take cover elsewhere. Keep an eye out for where all the enemies are.

-On the left side of your screen there will be a big circle with a percentage number in it. This is the AI BSAA Agent's health bar. keep an eye on this as well. If you are fortunate enough to find a First Aid Spray, save it for when either you really need it or when he really needs it, and get right up next to him so you both can benefit from the spray.

-Sometimes, around the map, a timer bonus will spawn. These things decrease the timer, which will end the round a bit sooner. This is a very good thing. The point of the game here is to survive, and the less time on the clock, the less time you need to survive. You need to run over to these, shoot the barrier around it and then run into it in order to grab. Be quick though! They're only there for a very short amount of time.

Tips for while playing as a creature:
- Be wary that you only start off with a knife as a J'avo creature, and as a zombie you only have your bite attack. Both attacks are very very short ranged, meaning you must get super up close and personal with enemy Agents. This may be kind of difficult at first to get a grip on, but the more matches you play the easier it gets to get that close to attack. If you're really having trouble with this, you can read farther on in this section for a tip on unlocking B.O.W.s, or you can look at the following tip below this one.

-If you're struggling with getting close enough to an Agent to attack them with your knife/bite, then try this: Wait until the AI creatures are surrounding the Agent, or wait until they're reloading. While you're waiting, remain either kinda far away or around a corner with your camera turned to see the Agent. In both cases you are going to be either invisible, or visible but unable to be damaged, even with a ranged weapon such as an Assault Rifle. If you can wait until the Agent is surrounded with enemies, you can sneak in and strike a blow yourself in the massive attack. When the Agent is reloading, again they might get surrounded, so it's kind of the same as before. Also, you can try and sneak up behind the Agent, as there are numerous pathways across the map.

-If even after trying the above tip, you're still having difficulties dealing damage to the Agents, you can also wait until the map is kind enough to spawn a massive B.O.W. for your creature team. These B.O.W.s can range from Whopper's to flying creatures to B.O.W.s with the hard shells on them that let them take no damage from the front. These things are massive, they're powerful, they can take huge amounts of damage before being killed, and they deal huge amounts of damage to Agents. If you can hold out until one of these bad boys spawn (which need to be picked up just like the timers mentioned in the Tips for while playing as an Agent section), AND can grab them in time (because don't forget another creature-player on your team can grab these as well), then you can become a force to be reckoned with.

-As a creature, you can take more damage before you die than an Agent can, which is an advantage. However keep in mind that Agents have ranged weapons, which limit your chances as a creature to successfully land a hit on them.

-I personally found that playing on maps where the creatures are J'avo instead of zombies easier to deal damage to Agents because as a J'avo, your knife has a slightly larger range of attack, and you also can move faster.

-Going back to the timers that Agents can pick up to decrease the round time, now. If you, as a creature can get to these timers before an Agent can, you can break the barrier and destroy the timer, making it go away. This can be very useful if you're struggling to land blows against the Agents, as this will allow you to take more time which gives you more chances at striking.

General tips for playing on either side:
-Use mics if possible, especially when boosting. That way you can communicate to your team mates any strategies, any paths your taking, any moves you're taking, so they can plan their own attacks accordingly.

-The more matches you play, the more accustomed you become to them, which will help you plan your attacks and routes better. While playing with randoms, take mental notes on where players usually hunker down for the fight, and learn the sneaky ways to get to them.


If you're boosting, the trophies you earn should pop in this order:

If you're not boosting these trophies, the amount of matches it will take to earn the trophies will be considerably larger, and the order you most likely will earn these trophies might look similar to this:

**NOTE: Trophies in the above Roadmaps that are separated by a "/" symbol are interchangeable in terms of which order their most likely to be obtained.


Everybody Dies
Defeat 100 player-controlled agents and 100 player-controlled creatures.

This trophy, like the others, is best done while boosting.
If going the boosting route for this trophy, I would recommend playing with the maximum number of players, 6. That way you can kill more player-controlled agents/creatures in one match, ultimately leading to having to play less matches and spend less time doing them.

While playing as a creature, you must defeat 100 player-controlled BSAA Agents, which means that you must kill 100 players while playing as a creature, and it also means that killing the AI BSAA Agent will NOT count towards this trophy.

The other part of this trophy is to kill 100 player-controlled creatures. This part will be easier than killing 100 player-controlled agents because as an Agent you get weapons of range, with which you can attack from a safe distance. Be warned though, Agents take more damage per hit than creatures do, which sort-of negates the Agents' weapons advantage.

**NOTE: I have heard rumors from numerous places and even a boosting friend, that while playing as an Agent, you can kill AI-controlled creatures and those will count as well towards this trophy. As I am still working towards getting this trophy, I do not want to say for certain that this exploit is true or not. If so, it would obviously make the grind a bit easier. If anyone can officially confirm or deny this rumor, please let me know

Civilian Casualties
Defeat the BSAA 100 times.

This trophy, like the others, is best done while boosting.
If going the boosting route for this trophy, I would recommend playing with 1 other player.

Just as the trophy says, all you have to do, as a creature, is make sure the AI BSAA Agent is killed. You do not have to do it faster than the opponent team does, just so long as he is killed while you're playing as a creature. To make this trophy a bit easier to handle, it does NOT have to be you that either puts the AI BSAA Agent in the Dying state, nor does it have to be you to deal the final blow to him while he is downed. While you are playing as a creature, there will be AI creatures on your team as well, and if any of them put the BSAA Agent in the dying state, or if they deal the final blow, or if they do both, it will still get counted towards this trophy.

Murder Spree
Defeat the BSAA as a creature without dying once.

This trophy, like the others, is best done while boosting.
If going the boosting route for this trophy, I would recommend playing with only 1 other player.

When the match puts you in the role of the creature, all you have to do is deal enough damage to the AI BSAA Agent, enough to put him in the "Dying" state (which is basically "bleeding out"), AND you must deal the final blow to the BSAA Agent while he is in that Dying state. If you let him bleed out, or if an AI creature on your team deals the final blow, you will NOT get this trophy, however both situations will earn you a +1 towards the trophy CIVILIAN CASUALTIES

Two Sides of the Same Coin
Win 10 times.

This trophy, like the others, is best done while boosting.
If going the boosting route for this trophy, I would recommend boosting with only 1 other player

For this trophy, all you need to do is win the overall match 10 times. They way you win the match is to either
A) Defeat the BSAA Agent faster than the opponent team does, or defeat the BSAA Agent and not let the opponent team defeat the BSAA Agent after sides switch.
**NOTE: The first part of Situation A is more likely to occur than the second part.

B) If neither side defeats the AI BSAA Agent, then the winner will be determined by whichever team dealt the most damage to him. Keep in mind that if a player has a first aid spray and uses it on the AI BSAA Agent, you can end up dealing a larger total damage to the Agent than if the first aid spray was not used.
**NOTE: Situation B, where neither team defeats the Agent, is less likely to occur than either part of Situation A.

Protect and Serve
Protect the BSAA without any of them getting hurt.

This trophy, like the others, is best done while boosting.

Even though the trophy description says "Without any of them getting hurt," it really means without you going down and without the AI BSAA Agent getting damaged at all. This sounds daunting, but I got it in my first boosting match. On the left side of your screen, while playing as the BSAA, you will see a circle with an outline of a guy next to it, and a big percentage number in there. It will always start at 100%. That is the AI BSAA Agent's health bar.

For this trophy, while you and your team mates are playing as the BSAA and are protecting the AI BSAA Agent, you ALL must never be downed, while being sure the BSAA Agent never gets hurt. If anyone goes down (where they lose all their health and are "bleeding out"), the trophy will not unlock. Also, the BSAA Agent's health must never drop below 100%, so keep an eye out for that health percentage on the left side.

**NOTE: While I am not sure myself if you as the player going don negates the trophy even if the AI BSAA Agent's health does not drop below 100%, I have been told by 6 different people that they or a team mate went down while playing legitimately and the AI BSAA Agent's health never dropped, yet they did not get the trophy. That is why I have included in the trophy guide description that you cannot go down yourself, nor can any of your team mates. if anyone achieves this trophy under these circumstances, please let me know.

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