Players: 2-6 (up to 5 private slots)
Online Trophies: all
Online Pass Required: no, but the DLC is (duh). $3.99 for North America
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: n/a
Estimated Time to Platinum: depending on how many players you play with and if you boost or not, 5-15 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 100+ matches (unless playing with more than 1 other person. ex: if playing with 2 other people, 50+ matches. 4 other players, 25+matches, etc.)
Collectible Trophies: no
Missable Trophies: no
Glitched Trophies: no

[top]Tips & Strategies

-Choose a character that has the weapon loadout you are most comfortable with.

-If boosting, find a good place to all meet up together to save on time. An example would be at the upper walkway in the middle of the map in Urban Chaos

-Survivors is basically "Call of Duty" style Free-For-All (titled here as Deathmatch) and Team Deathmatch (titled here as Team Deathmatch, how creative). The only twist on these two game modes is the respawn twist where when you respawn for the first time you are a creature, and respawning again returns you to human form.

-If playing Team Deathmatch, find another player on your team to tag up with. This will increase your chances of survival as it takes a lot of shots to bring down one agent, and now you've got two tagging up on the opponent.

-If playing Deathmatch, camping is not the best option, unless you can find a hidden-away hole to hide in until it's only you and 1 other agent left alive.

-Player controlled creatures will have a a uniform item located on their bodies that distinct them away from AI controlled creatures. An example is player controlled J'avo will have an orange/gold skull cap on their heads, while AI controlled J'avo will have either no caps or have a blue one. Know these distinctions. Also, player controlled creatures will tend to sprint for the entire time, so look for constantly sprinting creatures.

-Just like in Call of Duty, if you fire a bullet, your location is seen by all other players, agent or creature, for a few seconds. There is no mini-map, but your PSN ID will be displayed above your head and can be seen from anywhere in the map, even through walls and such.


For this DLC trophy pack, there are two roadmaps you can follow: The Boosting route, or the Non-Boosting route. The Boosting route is a lot less time consuming and substantially easier.

Trophy Unlocking Order For The Boosting Route (suggested players 2 unless stated otherwise):
1) Kung Fu Fighting & Team Effort.
2) ***Must play with at least 4 people total for this trophy*** Staying Alive.
3) Last Man Standing--Again.
4) Take 'Em All Down.

Trophy Unlocking Order For The Non-Boosting Route (for playing online public matches with random people):
1) Staying Alive.
2) Team Effort & Kung Fu Fighting.
3) Last Man Standing--Again.
4) Take 'Em All Down.

***Note*** Both of these roadmaps are just guidelines and suggest only which trophies you are most likely to earn in which order. Each and every trophy can be earned at any point.



Last Man Standing--Again
Win five times in a row.

This is where a lot of people will have trouble if not boosting.
First off, only play in Team Deathmatch games for this trophy, as you have a better chance of winning a match than in Deathmatch games because you've got more players on your side compared to just you.

For this trophy to unlock, you have to win 5 matches in a row, not mattering whether they're 5 Team Deathmatch games or 5 Deathmatch games or a combination of the two, so feel free to pick whichever game mode you like, just keep in mind which is easier.

If playing in a Team Deathmacth game, you just need to be on the winning team, not the one with the most points.

If playing in a Deathmatch game, you need to be the last one standing, meaning ever other agent is either already a creature or just about to respawn as a creature. It doesn't matter if you don't have the most points or the most kills or if you've been killed at one point, just so long as you're the last agent standing.

For this one all I can really emphasis is BOOST BOOST BOOST BOOST BOOST!!!!!!!!! 1 other thing I can recommend is that if you boost, boost this trophy with 1 other player. It'll make the play time shorten a lot.


Take 'Em All Down
Defeat 100 agents.

And here it is, the infamous grind trophy.

For this trophy, you need to kill 100 other players while they are agents, not creatures. However, you can kill agents while you are a creature, and that counts towards the trophy. :gdt:

Best option for this one is to play Deathmatch because it will award the most kills per game.
If boosting, find as many players as you can and start a Deathmatch game, then meet up all together in a specific place, like mentioned in the Tips section above.


Kung Fu Fighting
Survive to the end only using physical attacks.

For this trophy you cannot use your guns or grenades, however, you can use weapons like Chris's knife, Jake's fists, etc (not sure about Sherry's stun rod). You can also use a gun that has a mounted bayonet, just be sure you don't fire any bullets. As the trophy states, you must survive using only physical attacks, meaning sprinting and then sliding into another player or running up to them and tapping to perform a melee strike. As long as you are the last man standing and you have only used physical attacks throughout the entire match, you have yourself a new trophy.

As a little something extra in terms of physical attack damage, go to your skill settings after selecting "Survivors" and before selecting Join/Create Match. There is a skill there that you can unlock/equip for 25,000 points, and is called "Martial Arts Master". it's skill description is 'Melee damage is increased, while gun damage is decreased.' Very helpful for this trophy when laying online with random people.

If boosting, I would recommend only playing with 1 other player. This gives you a much less chance of accidentally firing a shot, and also decreases the play time required for this trophy.


Staying Alive
Return to the game as a human character.

When you die as an agent, you have about a second or two of a delay before you have a respawn timer. You will have 7 seconds to select your spawn location and then press to spawn. The twist is, you will respawn as a creature. You will spawn as a zombie if you're playing on Urban Chaos or Mining the Depths, and as a J'avo if you're playing on Steel Beast. Whatever creature you respawn as, in order to get this trophy you must kill a living agent and then wait again for that second or two delay before respawning again, but this time as an agent.

Keep in mind you MUST be playing with 4 or more people total, and is better if you're playing on Deathmatch.

***Notice*** you must respawn as a creature, get a kill and respawn as an agent before every other agent except for one respawns as a creature. Once every agent except for one has been respawned into a creature, the match is over. Keep this in mind as you will only have a limited amount of time to get your kill and successfully respawn.

How I boosted this trophy is i played with 4 people total, and we all met up in the upper walkway in Urban Chaos. I killed one agent, then an agent killed me. I respawned and then killed one of the surviving agents. And then respawned as an agent, getting the trophy. After I respawned I then killed the other surviving agents to work towards the Take 'Em All Down trophy.


Team Effort
Win without any members of your team being killed.

This trophy is best done with 2 players, as all you need to do is defeat the other player.

If playing with more than just you and someone else, try to stick with another player and do your best to stay alive (simple enough).

Not really much else I can say for this, as the trophy description is pretty straight forward.

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