Players: 1

Online Trophies: N/A
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to 100%: Around 5 hours if you've played the game before. 8 if you haven't played the game before. This should take 1-2 playthroughs. The first playthrough should be for all of the story trophies while the second playthrough should be for the 'A' ranking speedrun.
Minimum Playthroughs: 1-2
Collectibles Trophies: None
Missable Trophies: Duty and Humanity and From the young Lady
Glitched Trophies: None

[top]Tips & Strategies

  • Try your best to conserve ammo and out maneuver the zombies because you will need that ammunition for other enemies out there that will shit on your day!

  • Whenever you shoot a zombie and he falls down, quickly switch to your knife and start slashing away at him while he's still down. There's no need to go all trigger happy and shoot downed zombies.

  • When you get big guns like the M-100P, save them! I don't want to spoil much, but there is an encounter in the cargo hold of an airplane where the big toys will come in handy in a boss fight.

  • Some of the weaker zombies (like the ones that are grey and naked in the very beginning of the game) are weaker than other zombies and can be killed with just a knife. When they get close enough, hold down and and swipe at them with . They should be able to fall down in 1 or 2 swipes and you should be able to finish them off while they're on the ground.

  • I recommend shooting the Bandersnatches from a distance. Bandersnatches are the big yellow guys with a shriveled up left arm and a big right arm that can extend and smack Claire. Try getting far away and shooting at them with the Bowgun since there will be plenty of arrows in the beginning. The first Bandersnatch appears when you chase Alfred. Remember that their left arms are small and useless! If you want to run past a Bandersnatch, go by their left side since they can't attack you and it will try to turn around.

  • A Side Pack with 2 extra inventory slots can be found on a bench behind the ladder in the little submarine.

  • Chris can also obtain a Side Pack. The Side Pack for Chris is found on an overturned cabinet in that room where you had to get the Skeleton Painting.

  • There aren't any enemies that can poison you in the first half of the game so keep all of the Blue Herbs tucked away in an Inventory chest.

  • There are little white cases that can be mixed with Bowgun arrows to create explosive arrows. Save these for when necessary.

  • A Duralumin Case in the crematorium of the anatomists office past the guillotine contains gun parts for Claire's M93R. These parts can make Claire's M93R shoot 3 rounds at a time and can be switched back to Manual for only 1 shot.

  • If you've played older Resident Evil games before, you should know that it's vital that you search everywhere because ammo can be hidden on corpses.

  • Bats won't attack you if you equip the lighter

  • For Resident Evil n00bs:

    - Green Herbs heal a little bit.
    - Red Herbs act like an intensifier and make Green Herbs stronger if mixed.
    - Red Herbs cannot be used by themselves.
    - Blue Herbs cure poison.
    - Blue Herbs can be used by themselves
    - Take a close look at your status. 'Danger' is red, 'Caution' is yellow and 'Fine' is green. If your status say 'Caution', but is a dark orange, it means that you're closer to going in 'Danger' and that using a Green Herb by itself won't heal you all the way to 'Fine', but just clear up the dark orange 'Caution' to yellow.
    - Claire standing with both arms at her sides means that she's 'Fine'
    - Claire standing with one arm across her chest mean that she's in 'Caution'
    - Claire hunched over with one arm across her chest means she's in 'Danger'. While in 'Danger', Claire will drag her feet and move much slower even while running.
    - Herbs can be mixed GR, GG, GRB and GGG
    - GR cures all of your health.
    - GG is the same as GR.
    - GRB cures around +50% of health and cures poison.
    - GGG is as strong as a First Aid Spray but remember that you're using up 3 Green Herbs that could prove useful in the future separately


The Terror Begins
Escape from the graveyard of terror.

* This trophy will be earned while playing the story and cannot be missed.

This is the first trophy you earn. Rodrigo will come and release Claire from her prison cell. Claire then must leave the Guard Room, head down the hall and leave up the stairs since it's the only way to go. Then you must take a right past the truck that crashed through the wall. When you start walking down the graveyard a bit, the gasoline will ignite from the spark of the engine. A cutscene will begin with a flaming zombie that crawled out of the wreckage heading towards Claire! Then it will show another cutscene of zombies ripping out of their graves. When the cutscene ends, immediately turn around by pressing and (you will perform a fast 180 degree turn.)

There will be 2 zombies blocking your path. Try your best to out maneuver them since the knife takes time to put 'em down. (that's if you checked the Guard's table before leaving Rodrigo.) Then you will pass a little gate with a door right in front of you. Once you exit through the door, the trophy should pop up.

A Changed Father
Liberate the changed man.

* This trophy will be earned while playing the story and cannot be missed.

You will receive this trophy when you Claire runs towards Steve and the floor collapses. Claire will get her leg stuck under some rubble. At this point, a zombie gets up and starts making it's way toward Steve. Steve is shocked to see who it is and refuses to shoot the zombie and closes his eyes. The zombie loses interest in Steve and starts making his was towards Claire. As the zombie is about to attack Claire, Steve unloads on the zombie yelling out "FATHER!".
After that cutscene, there will be another one of Steve explaining how his father was selling off some of Umbrella's secrets, which finally explains why he ended up on Rockfort.

Beyond the Shades
Encounter a former S.T.A.R.S. captain.

* This trophy will be earned while playing the story and cannot be missed.

This trophy will appear while on your third trip back to the Palace with the Piano Roll. As soon as Claire touched the door, Wesker will startle her by saying "Greetings!". There will be a little cutscene of Wesker smacking Claire around and revealing that Claire will act as his bait to get Chris to come to the island.

The Fallen Tyrant
Flatten an unstoppable enemy.

* This trophy will be earned while playing the story and cannot be missed.

This Tyrant is the first boss fight that you encounter in the game. You'll encounter him after you come up from that elevator that is in front of the Military Training Facility. I recommend looking through the Inventory Box in that little room you where in before you go into the elevator and selecting the Bowgun and the Explosive Arrows. (That's if you found all of the explosive gunpowder up until that point and combined them with some arrows. If you did, you should have about 30 Explosive Arrows.) The Tyrant will rip through one of the walls that is right next to that little set of stairs that leads to the Palace area. Some barrels will explode behind Claire and close off the way she came, forcing her to temporarily take down the Tyrant in order to go back to the Airport.

So start shooting the Tyrant with the Explosive Arrows. Every now and then, the Tyrant will get one one knee and wait for a few seconds. Do not try and pass him while he's crouching because he will smack you backwards! Just keep your distance and wait until the Tyrant stands up again and continue shooting him. The Tyrant will probably go to a knee 2 or 3 times, but don't worry because the 30 Explosive Arrows should eventually make him drop on his face. After this little encounter, I believe I had 11 Explosive Arrows left.

Make your way back to the Airport and leave with Steve. After a cutscene, an alarm will go off in the airplane. After the cutscene is over, make sure you save and go through that Inventory Box and pick the Grenade Launcher and the Grenade Rounds, Acid Rounds, and BOW Gas Rounds and Flame Rounds. If you haven't used the Grenade Launcher at all yet, you should probably have 26 Grenade Rounds, 6 Acid, 6 Flame and 3 BOW.(And make sure you have plenty of First Aid Spray too!) Once you're ready, enter the cargo hold and you'll see that Tyrant has somehow ripped through the cargo door and is in the plane with you! There is a button next to where Claire starts off that will launch a metal crate at the Tyrant and knock him backwards. As soon as the little cutscene ends, stay in that corner and shoot the 3 BOW rounds you have then switch to your Acid rounds. When the Tyrant is really close, hit the catapult button and the Tyrant should fly out.

not my video

The Prisoner Who Lost Everything
Defeat the nameless man and end his suffering.

* This trophy will be earned while playing the story and cannot be missed.

This trophy will be earned after defeating Nosferatu at the helipad of the Antarctic base. Since this boss fight takes place high up, The helipad is obscured by a fog so you can't see all that far with the sniper rifle. Nosferatu has a big hole in his chest that exposes his beating heart so you'll obviously want to aim there, but he unfortunately has his hands bound behind him. (he'll move around a lot since he's trying to break free.) Nosferatu has a big arm that grew out of his back that he can use to swipe at you with. He can knock you right over the side if you get to close to the edges. Nosferatu also emits this dark purple gas which is poisonous. The gas can be carried around in the wind so make sure to stay mobile. If you check the electric boxes or whatever in the corners of the helipad before trying to descend down the stairs, you'll find some items such as a First Aid Spray and some handgun bullets I believe.

You'll be able to see his heart perfectly when you're close, but shoot quickly since he will strike you down. (take note that you only have 7 rounds with the sniper rifle.) The sniper rifle actually brings you into FPS mode. In order to use it, hold down and zoom in with and you shoot with iirc. It takes about 2-3 shots in order to kill him. You'll know that you hit his heart if he takes a step back and stops for a bit.

To The Frozen Land
Begin the search for your sister.

* This trophy will be earned while playing the story and cannot be missed.

Combine Clement α and Clement Σ to form the Clement mixture which is used to dissolve the Eagle Plate. After you dissolve the plate, you should be left with the Golden Halberd which is used to open the big steel double doors next to that save room underground which. (you take an elevator behind that tank to get here.) Once open those doors, a cutscene of Chris getting into a jet and flying to Antarctica will play. The trophy will pop up once Chris gets out of the jet and onto the platform.

  • Clement α will be found on a shelf next to a bench where Chris can customize his Glock.
  • Clement Σ will be found inside of a storage cabinet in a little lab which I believe is one the same floor as Clement α. Set the temperature of the cabinet to 128 degrees and then Chris will take the chemical out.

The Green Giant
Say farewell to your fallen comrade.

* This trophy will be earned while playing the story and cannot be missed.

You'll earn this trophy after Steve dies. You'll find Steve chained down to a chair with an axe stuck to a wall pinning him back. Steve morphs into a big green mutant and rips the axe off the wall and runs after Claire. Make sure you have at least one or two GR herbs or a First Aid Spray because you will get hit by him and he'll bring your health down to a dark orange 'Caution'. Make sure you kinda run in a zig zag because Steve is pretty fast. A cutscene will start once you go under the gate.

The Arrogant Queen
Put an end to the Queen's reign.

* This trophy will be earned while playing the story and cannot be missed.

The first time you encounter Alexia in her altered form will be in the mansion's lobby with Wesker. Wesker will run away leaving you to face Alexia by yourself. I surprisingly enough took her down with just 2 or 3 shots from the Grenade Launcher with normal Grenade rounds. You'll then leave the room and find Claire locked in the room where Steve died. Claire slides the security card needed to set off the self destruct system under the door. You'll set off the self destruct system which will also unlock all doors, setting Claire free. There will be a cutscene where Claire meets up with you only to be interrupted by Alexia ripping through the floor. I hit Alexia with one Acid round which caused her to drop and start transforming again. Chris and Claire will unlock the Linear Launcher and Chris will tell Claire leave.

Alexia tranforms into this huge blob which takes up half of the room. You are left to take down Alexia in her blob form as the Linear Launcher begins to charge. I recommend using the Grenade Launcher with normal Grenade rounds because when shot, it will burst out a big explosion. The Grenade rounds are ideal for this fight because Alexia shoots out from her body these little creatures that whip. (These guys will do the most damage in the fight so make sure to take them down asap.) If you kill those creatures, she'll eventually send out more, but just make sure to keep shooting her. It's important to stay mobile too because at the base of the blob, she has these 3 openings that will have a big tentacle randomly come out and whip you.

After you defeat her blob form, Alexia will detach from the blob and begin to fly around the room. At this part of the boss fight, the Linear Launcher will be fully charged and ready to use. The Linear Launcher operates like the sniper rifle where you have to aim with and shoot with . Alexia will keep moving around and attack you by puking on you. Just make sure to follow her with the scope of the Linear Launcher and shoot her when she stays still to puke on you. It only takes one shot for her to blow up. After she dies, Chris will barely make his way to the jet and escape with Claire as the Antarctic base explodes in the background. Congratulations!

Duty and Humanity
Deliver some medicine to a man in need.

*Missable trophy

This trophy could be missed and I believe that you could still progress through the game without a Lockpick. The item you're looking for is called 'Hemostatic' and is a small white bottle with a yellow cap that resembles the one Rodrigo threw to the ground. The 'Hemostatic' is located on a couch around a desk in a Save Room. The 'Hemostatic' is small, but it glimmers a big white flash (like most items in old Capcom games) and cannot be missed. You will find this Save Room after you chase Alfred Ashford up the stairs and down the hall. You'll know you're there when a steel shutter closes behind you and Alfred begins speaking to Claire through a speaker that's above a blue soda machine with a cardboard box on top.

After you finally get through the Facility, head all the way back to the Guard Room where you started the game. Rodrigo is surprised to see that Claire came back for him with the 'Hemostatic'. Claire offers to leave him with Chris's lighter and Rodrigo thanks her by giving a Lockpick to her. (The Lockpick will take the upper right slot like the lighter and won't take space of your regular inventory so don't worry.) The Lockpick can be used for all sorts of useful things. You can open those white Duralumin cases, locked drawers, locked cabinets etc.. You'll be able unlock some goodies such as M93R parts and a little box of Bowgun explosives from 2 separate Duralumin cases, Acid Rounds from a cabinet in the B1 of the Training Facility... just a little motivation for you to get the lockpick!!

Weapon Crazy
Get the Rocket Launcher.

You must complete the game with an 'A' ranking in order to get the Rocket Launcher. You will get an 'A' ranking if you complete the game without using First Aid Spray, without dying, without saving and under 4 hours and 30 minutes You must also save Steve quickly from the Luger room and give medicine to Rodrigo. For the Luger trap, quickly select the 2 revolvers which are pictures 'C' and 'E'. Take a look at the description for 'Duty and Humanity' for Rodrigo's medicine. GOOD LUCK!

Battle Master
Get the Linear Launcher from Battle Game.

In order to unlock this, you must get an A ranking with Steve, Wesker, Chris, Claire and Alternate Claire in 'Battle Game'. The Rocket Launcher will be made available in your inventory once you play the 'Battle Game' again. 'Battle Game' is unlocked after completing the game once. Wesker is unlocked after you complete 'Battle Game' with Chris. Alternate Claire is unlocked after you beat 'Battle Game' with Claire. Steve is unlocked when you keep the Gold Luger replica inside the Inventory Box for the entire game. I'm not 100% positive on this, but I heard that these are the records you have to beat to get an 'A' rank.

Claire - 6:00
Alternate Claire - 7:30
Chris - 6:30
Steve - 10:00
Wesker - 30:00

I believe using health items will bring your rank down because I beat 'Battle Game' with Claire and I was only a minute over the record and I got a 'D' iirc.

From the Young Lady
Receive encouragement from a young lady.

*Missable trophy

In the beginning of the game when you briefly play as Steve in the B1 of the Military Training Facility, go back the way you came and talk to Claire. Claire will give Steve some encouraging words and this trophy will pop up.

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