Players: 1 Local & 2 - 4 Co-op & 2 - 8 Competitive
Online Trophies: Yes
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to 100%: 2-4 Hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1 Campaign and 1 Online Versus Match
Collectible Trophies: None
Missable Trophies: None
Glitched Trophies: None

[top]Tips & Strategies

The Prologue Mission will not unlock Trophies

1: Play the game on casual there are no Difficulty Trophies.

2: Tweed is the only character that has Trophies where you need to specially use her.

3: All the abilities you bought for the Umbrella squad will carry over to the Spec Ops squad.

[top]Cheats, Glitches & Exploits


Step 1 Complete Mission By the Trail of Our Dead and also get the Trophy Let Lounging Lickers Lie during the Mission.

Step 2 Complete Mission
I Now Know Why You Cry and also get the Trophies Leave no Dead Man Behind , Ticket to the Gun Show , and Boom Worse Than Bite during the Mission.

Step 3 Complete Mission Nothing is as it Seems and also get the Trophy Ladies Night during the Mission (if you haven't yet).

Step 4 Get the Trophy Who Needs Guns? (if you have yet) and finally head to the Online mode and get the Trophy Burning Inside to finish up.


Let Lounging Lickers Lie
Do not wake up Lickers in the Atrium encounter in By the Trail of Our Dead.

For this Trophy you must first get to the Large open room where the 3rd Bomb is located. (you should know that Lickers have great hearing) Once inside the room don't run, shoot, step on glass, or cause any explosions otherwise you will wake the Lickers up. (Thankfully the AI's stay put in this room otherwise you could bet that they would run into the Mines) Once your ready SLOWLY move towards the 3rd Bomb once you disarm it you will get your Trophy. If you mess up and Alert the Lickers just kill yourself with explosives (in the game LOL) you will then respawn just before the Lickers noticed you.

Burning Inside
Kill another player with Crucible in a Foundry Versus Match.

For this Trophy you must play the online versus mode and select the Foundry map then head to one of the multiple Crucible switches which are usually located above the Crucible (the thing you dump on the Nemesis in the I Now Know Why You Cry Mission) and wait for an Enemy Player to step on the the metal grate below the Crucible then flip the switch. This Trophy can be Boosted.

Happy Trails
Complete By the Trail of Our Dead.

Once you start this Mission you will be swarmed by a horde of zombies your first job is to put up barricades at 5 different points start with the ones closest to you to get the zombie attacks under control. After that you will have to enter city hall which is guarded by a bunch of soldiers kill the snipers above the door first then focus on the ground troops. Once inside you will see some Land Mines you can either shot them (alerting the soldiers in hiding) or if your using Tweed you can disarm the mines quietly which will allow you to disarm the 1st Bomb without fighting the soldiers once your finished disarming the 1st Bomb then head down stairs to the checkpoint where the 2nd Bomb is located but before you can disarm it you will be attacked by soldiers crashing through the ceiling deal with the first group like usually which will then trigger a second wave of soldiers which will include one that has a Red palette swap (which in the video game universe means he's magically stronger) deal with this wave then disarm the 2nd bomb. Then proceed to the next way point that contains the final bomb once you enter this room dont run, shoot, step on glass, or cause any explosions otherwise you will Alert the large swarm of Lickers in hiding. (See Let Lounging Lickers Lie) Once you disarm the Final bomb the Lickers will come out regardless of weather or not you Alerted them just run to the checkpoint. Once inside the records room you will be greeted by a few zombie after you dealt with them move to the back of the room where there are some Soldiers attempting to destroy evidence kill this last group of enemies and then examine the Blueprints of the Umbrella facility to complete this Mission.

Hot Pants
Complete I Now Know Why You Cry.

Once you start this Mission you will be attacked by a large swarm of zombies back up to the starter point where the soldiers are to prevent yourself from being surrounded Grenades will work very well here. Once you deal with the first wave a lone zombie will break down the barricade revealing a fresh group of zombies once again Grenades will work very well here. After your done here a cutscene will play then a soldier will fire a rocket destroying the 2nd barricade once it's open you will be attacked by another swarm of zombies AGAIN (this game is really repetitive) deal with this wave the same way you dealt with the first 2 waves proceed up the steps where you'll once again be attacked by surprise!!! Zombies deal with this small group then head to the checkpoint in the Church. After you open the door you will be attacked by the Nemesis there are 2 ways to proceed the first is if your using Tweed you can pick up the C4 next to the Unlimited Ammo box then place it on the gate to open it the 2nd way is to make the Nemesis fire his RPG at the gate a few times to open it. Once you destroy the first gate head into the park (See Leave no Dead Man Behind) where you will be attacked by a swarmed by zombies your goal here is to destroy the sewer gate just as you did with the first gate this time the C4 is located by the Crashed helicopter. After you destroy the sewer gate you will be launched inside where you will be greeted by Zombies, Lickers, and 2 Bomb Dogs (See Boom Worse Than Bite) there is a Weapon Crate on the left side of the tunnel that contains a Grenade Launcher which is very effective against the Bomb Dogs once you pass through the tunnel you will enter a room with a bunch of zombies having a slumber party that will attack you once the Nemesis's roar wakes them up when you finish with are sleeping pals follow the stairs down into the Train - Storage room where you will find a small group of zombies after you dealt with are rotting friends (If your using Tweed you can place a C4 on the Weapons Storage Gate if you have one to collect the goodies) (See Ticket to the Gun Show) when your ready turn on the power (the switch is lite up by a red light) then open the gate which will reveal a large group of both soldiers and zombies throw a Grenade into the horde of the then shoot the soldiers around you (you can find another C4 on the ground to your right) next head down the stairs to find more soldiers once you dealt with them head up the stair case where you will find a small group of soldiers when your finished dealing with them open the gate where you will find a few soldiers once they are dead press the switch on the back wall then proceed through the door that opens where you will be attacked by soldiers that will throw a Flare at you which will cause a group of Crimson Heads to swarm you kill the Crimson Heads first then head up stairs and kill the soldiers watch out as one of them uses a Rocket Launcher after you dealt with them press the switch on the wall this will cause the Nemesis to stop by and say hi (with his RPG) once he appears flip the switch to the Crucible (Which is located next to the other switch you just pressed) then shoot at the Nemesis until he moves under the Crucible then keep shooting him until he gets stunned he will then receive a Burning Hot Iron shower after he recovers head to the next checkpoint and flip the switch then head down stair and lure the Nemesis below the 2nd Crucible and stun him again (don't worry if the Crucible empties before you stun the Nemesis below it the Crucible will refill automatically) when he's taking his 2nd shower you will be attacked by zombies try to deal with as many as you can before the Nemesis Recovers next head to the Final Crucible switch (where you will be swarmed by a large group of Zombies) and press it then lure the Nemesis below the Final Crucible (you would think he would learn not to stand under a giant burn pot) and stun him to complete this Mission.

Oh Yeah!!!
Complete Nothing is as it Seems.

Once you start this Mission head down the stairs and kill the few soldiers you find in the sewer tunnel then continue down the tunnel until you see William Birkin put the beat down on a bunch of soldiers once he's finished having fun continue down the tunnel and grab the Flares on the ground just before the door once your ready open the door to enter a pitch black tunnel throw some of your newly obtained Flares to lightin up the tunnel to reveal a bunch of zombies munching on some poor sap kill them and continue down the tunnel and throw some Flares every 10-20 feet and kill any zombies that you run into until you reach the end of the tunnel then head through the door and continue door the tunnel until you run into a cutscene that features Claire Redfield once the cutscene is over follow Claire until she enters a tunnel that contains a huge group of fleeing Parasites throw a Grenade into the front of the horde so that by the time it blows up it will take a huge chunk of them out otherwise you are going to have to deal with a bunch of Zombie Parasites after you deal with the Zombies continue down the tunnel until you encounter a 2nd group of parasite use your grenades here also to take out a good chunk of them once you kill the remaining Zombies proceed down the tunnel until you get attacked by Will shoot at him to protect Claire once she is in the clear (pun intended) retreat down the hall shoot Will in the eye to stun him you can also use the barrels and the oil on the ground to stun him use a Flare to ignite the oil if you don't have any Grenades continue to stun him and retreat until you make it to the next room once inside use this room to regroup there's Green Herb's and Ammo around once your ready head follow the path until you are attacked by a group of Lickers and Crimson Heads kill them then head into the next room where Sherry is located you need to protect her from Zombies as she crosses the walkway the thing is she won't move unless you throw Flares to light up the path way thankfully there are bundles of Flare stashed on the path you must follow so what you need to do is throw a Flare at each checkpoint located next to Sherry to get her moving unfortunately she moves incredibly slow so once she's moving to the next checkpoint you'll need to cover her from Zombies continue throwing Flares at the next checkpoints until she reaches the end of the walkway then you must enter the center room and flip a switch then head outside and continue to guide Sherry down the path until your reach the end of the walkway press the switch to lower the bridge for Sherry once you do she will be swarmed by Zombies so you must protect her again continue to cover her until she opens the door to the next room for you once inside you can grab a Grenade Launcher from the Weapons Crate then head down stairs to the next checkpoint where you will be greeted by a lone Red Hunter once you reduce his health to half he will retreat and you will be attacked by 3 Hunters once you kill them the Red Hunter will return (he will still be damaged) once you finish him return to Sherry and Follow her until you are attacked by a group of Zombies from behind once the coast is cleared Sherry will continue her SLOW walk into the next room where you'll be attacked by Zombies from all sides after you deal with this wave Sherry will walk on ahead where you will be attacked by one final wave of Zombies once you Dealt with them Sherry will open the Door Run down the tunnel until Will appears. Run from Will by stunning him like usual until you enter the room at the End of the tunnel once inside lure Will to the center of the room then press one of the switches at either side of the room to burn him when the fire disappears Will begins his attack again now you must stall for time until the Fire Switch reactivates shoot him in his Eye to stun him you can also use the barrels in the corner of the room to stun him once the switch is ready it will make a sound before you press it make sure Will is in the center of the room after you burn him a 2nd time repeat the process to burn him a 3rd time to complete this Mission.

Boom Worse Than Bite
13 Bomb Dogs Detonated.

For this Trophy you must blow up 13 Bomb Dogs they only appear on the I Now Know Why Cry Mission so play the stage normally until the Nemesis (or you) destorys the sewer gate and sends you flying inside the Sewer Tunnel then proceed down the tunnel until you see the Weapons Crate (on the left side of the tunnel) shoot the locks of it and grab the Grenade Launcher then head down the rest of the Tunnel and shoot the 2 Dogs that spawn then kill yourself before you get to the next checkpoint once you respawn grab the Grenade Launcher again and Repeat the process until you get the Trophy.

Ticket to the Gun Show
As Tweed, use C4 to open door in Foundry.

For this Trophy you must select the I Now Know Why You Cry Mission while playing as Tweed (there are three C4's in this stage) continue playing the stage until you run into the Nemesis the first time this is your first chance to grab a C4 it is located next to the unlimited ammo box you can either hold on to this C4 and let the Nemesis blow up the gate or use your C4 to blow it up yourself after the gate is destroyed you can grab a second C4 next to the crashed Helicopter in the park just like the first gate you or the Nemesis can destroy the Sewer Gate. Once you get through the Sewer tunnel you'll arrive in the room that has a Locked gate that contains a bunch of guns and ammo (if you have a C4 from before blow up the gate for your Trophy) If for some reason you don't have a C4 open the gate to the next area once inside you will be attack by zombies and soldiers look to your right and kill the lone soldier once he's dead he will drop a C4. Take the C4 and return to the previous room then place it on the Weapon's Stash gate.

Ladies Night
Beat an Echo Six Expansion Pack mission with the 3 female characters in your party.

For this trophy you will need to select Party Girl, Tweed, and Willow as squad members before starting a mission (you don't need to use them just make sure there part of your squad) and then simply finish a mission.

Who needs guns?
Complete an Echo Six Expansion mission without killing anything with a gun.

For this trophy you won't be able to use any of your Guns but Grenades are fine to use so i highly recommend using Tweed and select her TIMED STICKY EXPLOSIVE active ability also the difficulty doesn't matter so before you start set it to casual and finally make sure you select a stage without a boss or to many soldiers (i suggest the By the Trail of Our Dead Mission ). You can tackle this Trophy a few different ways the first being simply play online with other players and have them shoot the zombies and soldiers for you while you stay back and revive any fallen squad members or play single player (I don't recommend this way because the AI's in this game are terrible) have your AI partners deal with most of the zombies and soldiers while you use CQC and Grenades to kill anyone that gets close to you if this way is taking to long as soon as a checkpoint opens up go to it. It doesn't matter if you die a few times as long as you keep pressing forward to the next checkpoint.

Leave no Dead Man Behind
Kill every zombie in the Park before leaving.

For this Trophy select the I Now Know Why You Cry Mission then proceed through the stage until you run into the Nemesis for the first time once either you or the Nemesis destroy's the gate near the Clock tower enter the next area this will bring you to the park once inside kill every zombie around before the Nemesis destorys the sewer gate.

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