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Players: 1
Online Play: No
Online Trophies: 0
Cheat Codes: None
Cheats Affect Trophies: None
Trophy Difficulty: 7 / 10
Minimum Playthroughs: 2
Suggested Playthroughs: 2
Time to Platinum/100%: 80~120 hours


Resonance of Fate is a new take on the JRPG genre. Taking place in the post-apocalyptic world where the world has been ruined by pollution. People have taken shelter in the Tower of Basel. The story starts off by a girl getting saved by a boy when she tries to take her own life.

The game is pretty hard as it throws you right into the complex battle system from the very beginning. The trophies that come with this game are not complex. Even though have simple requirements it will still take effort and time to get them.


The trophies require 2 playthroughs. During the first one you will get familiar with the game and how everything works. During this playthrough you will do everything possible. When you finish the first playthrough you will have 2 trophies left to gather. Once you load the save game from that playthrough you can start a new game. Upon difficulty selection it is recommended to select the lowest. This will allow you to start the game on the same difficulty while all of your items, level, colorless hexes and everything carry over. This will allow you to rush trough the story missions and finish the second playthrough in about 5 to 8 hours.

Also while you get 2 Black Hexes for Neverland during this you will also get them on your first playthrough from the second to last boss. For the purpose of this guide I recommend using Escape Hex to get out and use the hexes to prevent opening all of the hexes again in your second playthrough.

[top]Tips & Strategies

General Tips:
  • When you start the game make sure to learn the tutorials at the Arena. You will need this to get a basic understanding of the complex battle system.
  • You can keep track of the progress on your trophies at the Arena. The Game Records keeps track of pretty much everything in the game.
  • The end boss of chapter 1 is the true test to see if you understand the combat. Be sure to prepare for it.
  • Uncover hexes on the world map when you plenty of Hexes available. Try to go for a level at a time unless you are making a route.
  • Always keep between 2 and 10 of each hex available for when needed later on.
  • When you feel you are to low on HP go level up the two skills you have not used much or less then your main one.
  • When you see a red zone on the map save first and then see if it is doable. If not then load your previous saved game.
  • Red zones will stay and won't vanish when moving on to the next chapter.
  • When farming for items make sure you know whether a specific body part or the main body itself will drop the item when destroyed.

Mission Tips:
  • Do the optional mission before the main story mission as this will help prepare you for them. Exceptions to this are the chapters where you do not have control over all 3 characters in your team.
  • Always keep items in your inventory. Some missions will require you to get certain components or materials.
  • You can get items with a '!' icon while not having an idea what to do with it. Save them as you will need them later on.
  • Always make sure you do every mission possible before you move on to the next chapter. There are missions that are a chain over several chapters. Failing to do so will cause others to not appear anymore or shops to close down.
  • After having accepted a mission from a client. Talk to the client again to get some more information. Most of the time they will tell you where to get the wanted item.

Combat Tips:
  • Make use of heights and objects. Hiding and preventing the enemies to attack you will make things easier.
  • Scratch Damage becomes more and more important the further you get into the game. Make sure you have a dedicated character for this.
  • You might even want to use 2 out of the 3 people as scratchers.
  • During chapter 6 the game will tell you to dual wield a handgun and a Machine Gun. This a BAD idea. The only thing you want to dual wield is 2 customized Machine Guns.
  • By charging up handguns you can have a bigger chance for a HP Gage Break. Not only will this cause to break hp bars into smaller pieces, but this effect will also stun the enemy. (Depleting broken parts will restore Bezels).
  • Make good use of Stun effects for after you have turned Scratch Damage into Direct Damage.
  • Off all the status effects, poison is the worst and will most likely be the only reason you will Rest at your base and Energy Stations. This effect will deal direct damage over time and thus turn any Scratch Damage the character has into direct damage and will temporarily lower their maximum hp.
  • Avoid Critical Condition at all times unless you can afford it with getting a Bezel back the very next turn. If you can't you are better off selecting Retry from the pause menu.
  • Having a character getting full scratch damage and losing quite a few of Bezel Shard's of your Hero Gage is not always a bad thing, if you can get the shads back quickly or continue with a smaller Hero Gage this should not affect the battle that much.
  • Enemies will never recover HP from Scratch Damage should they pick up Bezel Shards.
  • Some monsters will have a full armor that need to be removed before you can hurt their main body, for this you might want to use a Magazine with your Machine Gun user for Armor Piercing Bullets. You can get these from the Arena.
  • Smackdowns and Bonus Hits will only grant Silver and Gold Chips in addition to the damage increase.
  • Doing any other action then Hero Run on a blue line will cause you to loose 1 Resonance Point every second. Canceling a turn will also result in a loss of 1 Resonance Point.

Weapon Tips:
  • Always customize your weapons to the fullest. As you will get new weapons along the game and you switch to them it is the easiest to also swap all the parts to that new gun. Rather then buy/tinker new parts.
  • Only Machine Guns are worth dual wielding and only when both are fully customized. You should have enough Weight capacity when your character for this is around character level 50.
  • End game I recommend using the Scope from the arena and attach a single part to each of the expansion slots. And for the rest of the gun try to attach as much barrels as possible.
  • You can move the location of the weapon itself on the grid when you have selected a part to attach on the weapon (which should now also be blinking on the grid while you are able to move it around) with the stick.
  • Always try to fill as much as possible on the grid. Always to try to use the expansion ports the fullest. You can for example attach barrels onto hand grips which have been attached onto magazines.
  • Weapon customization will never look realistic and will in fact look like some kind of alien configuration.
  • The most important stats are Charge Speed and Charge Acceleration. Try to find a balance for yourself to be comfortable with. In addition for Machine Guns you want a big magazine size to inflict a few extra bullets with scratch damage.

Unlimited Money Trick:
There is a small trick that can be used to get unlimited rubies. The in-game currency. This can be used from Chapter 6 on wards and will most likely only be available when you have finished 'The Sign' side mission during chapter 5.

At the tinker in Ebel City you can make Compact Scope Betas for 3.000 rubies. The components that are needed for this is 1 Glass Shard and 1 Scrap Iron. Both can bought from Traveling Merchant that is either in Waterless Bridge on level 8 or at Forsaken on level 6. They will cost 200 and 150 rubies respectively. When you made the Compact Scope Beta you can then sell it for 4.100 rubies. Which is a gain of 750 rubies. This may not be much but since you can do this a lot of times at once you should get a lot of money really fast. Within 30 min you should be able to get around 1~2 million rubies. You can stock up the required materials to 999 each.
The scope will only sell for 3.000 rubies before chapter 6.

Setting up the Perfect Level spot:

This without a doubt is the Arena. Doing this will aid you in several ways not just for the game but for the trophies as well. And help you prepare for Neverland. The hardest dungeon in the game.

For this you need to link up a few terminals to the arena. The minimum required are the 2 terminals on level 6 that can be opened when you have 2 purple L shaped hexes. They are:
  • Experience earned x1.5
  • Other Terminal Effects x2

You will also get 1 EXP Trainer accessory throughout the game and can buy more at the arena. With this the amount of experience you will get will be roughly 10x. Needless to say. Leveling will become a lot easier.

2 Other very good terminals to connect are on level 5. At the forest of Idols:
  • Rare Item drop rate x2
  • Item drop rate x2

This will allow you to also farm for items effectively. As there are many unique monsters in the arena.

To get the hexes to be able to connect I suggest farming these are Closed Roads near Crank Town. At the level below you can connect a Rare Item Drop Rate x2. From the enemies at the road you will get light blue straight colored hexes. You will also get Rare Metal Shards from Gold Mimics, Jackpot Dwellers and Treasure Dwellers that can appear at the road. These are much needed for scopes and 1 is needed for a side mission at the last chapter. You will need about 100 enemy hexes which should be farmed very easily and fast. You have to turn 5 into an Energy Station and place this somewhere so you can start laying down the other ~95 hexes you have.


Platinum Trophy
You've unlocked every trophy in the game. You've mastered "Resonance of Fate”!

As simple as it can be. Just get every other trophy in the game.

First Contact
A trophy for defeating your first enemy.

Defeat your first enemy. Will not work on any target at the tutorial.

Maiden Mission
A trophy for clearing your first mission.

Finish your first mission. You will get this trophy after you killed your mark for a red mission or when you talk to the client after you got the item that he or she wanted.

Bonus Hitter
A trophy for landing your first Bonus Hit on an airborne foe.

For causing a Bonus Hit you must hit your enemy while you are on the ground. When it is the air you must again keep hitting it while you are on the ground. At times you will be allowed to have a bonus hit. The left and right side of the screen will flash black with white letter Bonus Hit. For this happen you must press at the moment the arrow is at the yellow part of the circle. After this the Gage will start charging rapidly. Simply hit again at any time you want to get your Bonus Hit and this trophy.

A trophy for using your first Tri-Attack.

This one can be slightly random as the Tri-Attack must be successfully done on an enemy where all your characters must have attacked. If all of your enemies die before finishing the Tri-Attack you will not get this trophy. Any abrupt ending of your Tri-Attack will also not give this trophy.

To start a Tri-Attack you must have at least 1 Resonance Point. You can get Resonance Points by doing Hero Actions while running between your other 2 characters. Which should be over a blue line. Press to start the Tri-Attack selection. You can use and to select your first character that will do the first attack and to select the way your characters are running and decide the order with it. When you are happy press to start the Tri-Attack. All of your characters will start charging. Press to stop the charging and attack in order. If you want you can jump by pressing before they fire or you press to fire. After charging will start again and it will repeat while time is still running.

You do not have to worry to much about getting this trophy as you will do more then enough Tri-Attacks throughout the game.

Hundred Plus Club
A trophy for raising a character's level to 100.

Leveling your character's is done by causing damage on your enemies with your handguns, machine guns and grenades. Only damaging the main body will grant experience. Your character's level is the combined of these 3. For example having 56 Handgun, 21 Machine gun and 5 Grenades will cause your character level to be 82. Bringing this over 100 will grant you this trophy.

Bullet Barrage
A trophy for landing a combo of over 500 hits.

For this trophy you have to keep on using actions that will fire bullets at your enemies. Should you take to long to decide to attack or an enemy attacks you the combo will end. You can do this through quick and fast hero run selections. But the easiest is by using a Tri-Attack which I have described below.

This is most likely possible after chapter 5~6 or so. The key is to first build up enough Resonance Points. Spread your characters out a bit and make sure your enemies will have enough HP for the entire combo. Then start the massive Tri-Attack.
During this Tri-Attack never charge up your weapons, instead press as soon as possible every time. Do not jump as this will spread the damage to all of the body parts and the main body unless fully protected by a shield. Hitting the same body part over and over with constant scratch damage is not an issue. Just landing enough hits are. Once you break the 500 hits you will be granted this trophy.

Resonance Miser
A trophy for storing over 20 Resonance Points.

This trophy can be slightly annoying and should be done very late in the game. You will get 1 Resonance Point every time you do a Hero Action with the path crossing a line between your other 2 characters. This will cost you 1 Bezel. You can have at most 14 blocks in your Hero Gage by the end of your first playthrough which means you will need to recover at least 6 during the fight.
You will regain a Bezel when you destroy a body part, or when you destroy an enemy. When the HP Bar is broken of either a body part or the main body it will also restore a Bezel when that part has been depleted of its hp.

For the trophy it is best to have at least 10 blocks in your Hero Gage and fight very weak enemies that have body parts to destroy. You should make short Hero Actions to ensure you have the space to keep running around while destroying or setting up enemies to be destroyed for recovering Hero Gage.

If you do anything else then a Hero Action over a blue line you will loose 1 Resonance Point per second. Canceling a turn will also cause the loss of 1 Bezel.

You could also wait till you are pretty far in your second playthrough as your Hero Gage will transfer over for the same difficulty. The maximum Bezels you can have is 20. Eliminating any need for recovering Bezels.

Hero Actor
A trophy for attacking over 1.000 times during Hero Actions.

Very easy trophy. You should get this quite early as well as you will most likely be using Hero Actions almost all the time.

You can start a Hero Action by pressing in your turn and select a path and pressing again to start the Hero Action and pressing to attack.

You can view the progress at the Game Records board at the Arena under 'Hero Action Attack Count'.

Spite Monger
A trophy for landing over 100 Bonus Hits.

For causing a Bonus Hit you must hit your enemy while you are on the ground. When it is the air you must again keep hitting it while you are on the ground. At times you will be allowed to have a bonus hit. The left and right side of the screen will flash black with white letter Bonus Hit. For this happen you must press at the moment the arrow is at the yellow part of the circle. After this the Gage will start charging rapidly. Simply hit again at any time you want to get your Bonus Hit.

Do this 100 times and you will get this trophy. This is a nice way to collect Silver Chips and Gold Chips for money. Should you want to collect them for money. This is nearly all of the time done during Tri-Attacks which is also the perfect time to do Bonus Hits. You can also do this during a Hero Action but this is a lot harder.

You can check the number of how many times you have done this at the Game Records board at the Arena under 'Bonus Hit Count'.

Extreme Spiker
A trophy for performing over 100 Smackdown Attacks.

To cause a Smackdown you must first get the enemy airborne with attacking it from the ground, after that any character can hit it from the air (while being above the airborne target) to 'slam' it back to the ground. When it hits the ground the word 'SMACKDOWN' will appear on the screen. Since it tend to bounce back into the air you can immediately hit it again from the air to cause another Smackdown. Causing Smackdown attacks will also cause you to get Silver Chips and Gold Chips for the shop.
This is almost always done during Tri-Attacks. It can be done during Hero Actions but this is a lot harder.

When this is done a 100 times the trophy is yours.

You can check the number of how many times you have done this at the Game Records board at the Arena under 'Smackdown Count'.

Professional Hunter
A trophy for defeating over 3,000 enemies.

Throughout the game you will never encounter this many enemies. However while you are either in Neverland or getting every Rank starred you should get to this number. Basically just keep on defeating enemies.

You can check the progress of how many enemies you have defeated at the Game Records board at the Arena under 'Enemies Defeated' in the list.

Material Collector
A trophy for destroying over 3,000 enemy body parts.

Over the course of the game more and more enemies will have 1 or more body parts. But most likely you will not get this trophy till you are starring the ranks in the arena or are inside Neverland. You will most likely get this before you have defeated 3,000 enemies.

You can check the progress at the Game Records board at the Arena under 'Body Parts Destroyed'.

Thousand Pitcher
A trophy for throwing over 1,000 attack items.

For this trophy you need to have used 1,000 grenades. Which ones do not matter. You will have only 1 Grenade Box for the entire game to equip on a character. Which will most likely be your weakest Hand Gun user. Grenades are not that useful during the game. There has been only 1 monsters where it was needed. Everywhere else it is just a bad imitation of a weak hand gun.

Anyway, just use this trophy to level up your Hand Grenade skill while doing arena ranks. You just need to throw 1,000 grenades at your enemies.

The easiest way is to buy 1,000 Rookie Grenades from the store for 50.000 rubies and keep throwing those at everything. Al though they are very slow in charging you might want to fuse them into Hand Grenades which are twice as fast in charging and actually deal proper damage.

The presents from the story mission of chapter 13 will not count towards this trophy.
You can view the progress at the Game Records board in the Arena. The entry is 'Attack Items Thrown'.

The Iron Fist
A trophy for defeating 30 enemies with no weapon equipped.

Another trophy that can annoying but won't take much time. Best to do done at either the Back Alley's or the first few ranks in the Arena.

The key is to have 1 person equip a Machine Gun and at least 1 other person nothing equipped. The third person will act as decoy.

Have the decoy run over to the monsters so that they focus on that person. Use the Machine Gun user to cause full scratch damage on the enemy. Then run over to the enemy (while being initially a bit further away from the enemy then the decoy is) and attack. The attack will only 1 or 2 damage but will also convert every scratch damage into direct damage meaning the enemy will die.

The reason for the decoy is because the attack will take a few seconds to charge and being attacked by the enemies will cancel out your attack making it very frustrating.

You can view your progress on the Game Records board at the Arena under 'Enemies Defeated Barehanded'.

Big Shot
A trophy for dealing over 2,000 damage in a single attack.

A very easy trophy. As enemies will be getting more and more life all the way to around 40,000 for a number of bosses (highest I have seen is 100.000 on a boss) making this trophy very easy to obtain. After chapter 6 you will start encountering monsters with more then 2,000 hp.

Just fully scratch an enemy for at least 2,000 points and then use any kind of direct damage attack to convert it all to direct damage. Which will most likely be with a Hand Gun user. With this you will earn the trophy.

Material Creator
A trophy for having fused and scrapped items over 200 times.

This trophy is rather easy but can be annoying as there is a small catch in it. Basically you need to dismantle at the Scrapper and/or create items at the Tinkerer 200 times.

If you fuse 200 items in 1 go it will only count once for the trophy. The same goes for dismantling. If you want to make for example 100 grenades and do this 5 grenades at a time and thus doing it 20 times in total it will count 20 times for the trophy.

The easiest way to get this trophy is to make items (1 at a time) that require basic materials that can be bought from the Traveling merchant of dismantle a lot of items 1 at a time at the end of the game. When you have more then enough.

You can view the progress of this trophy at the Game Records board at the Arena. The entries 'Scrapping Count' and 'Tinkering Count' must be counted up together to know your progress.

A trophy for spending at least 500,000 rubies on clothing and accessories.

500,000 rubies is a lot to spend on clothing. But if you use the unlimited money trick which I have explained above this should be the one of the easiest trophies in the game. The only thing you must do is make sure you do all of the side missions for Miranda. Doing so will make sure the shop stays open and that she will get new clothes for you to buy every few chapters.

You could also make a save game. Then spend 500,000 rubies on clothing for the trophy. And then load your old save game. But this should not be needed.

You can view the progress of this trophy at the Game Records board at the arena under the entry 'Rubies spend on Clothing and Accessories'.

A trophy for connecting over 10 custom parts to a firearm.

Very easy trophy. When you get to chapter 5 and are able to visit Crank Town you can make new custom parts at the Tinkerer. You can easily connect around 12~16 parts to your hand guns and/or machine guns. In fact, I would recommend doing that either way to make the new few chapters easier to progress in.

Basel's Repairman
A trophy for making over half of Basel's hexes accessible again.

Easy trophy. During the progress of games make hexes open again. When half of the world is activated again you will get this trophy. Try to match the hexes so not a single spot is wasted on your hexes. By the end of game you will have plenty regardless. Always use the one you have the most of. But try to keep a few available for later should you need those for filling up gaps.

Four-Terminal Chain
A trophy for connecting four distinct terminals.

If you followed my Perfect Level Spot at the top then this trophy should come automatically as a nice bonus. You can connect any 4 terminals you want as long as there is no Core Lift in between them as you cannot connect them trough those elevators. Only normal elevators.

Another and easier way is to connect 4 terminals at the Chandelier. Level 1 to 3. There are many terminals there so make your pick. They require less hexes but have no further use.

You can overwrite hexes with any color you want. Even white. However to place a colored hex you will need to place it next to another hex over of the same color. If there is none available you can place an Energy Station on a Thoroughfare hex. A hex where there is no combat possible.

The following 16 trophies are all story related.
Due to Missions being able to miss I have added both the mission count and Hunter Points you should be at before moving on to the next chapter. You can view the Mission count at the Game Records board at the Arena. Under the entry 'Missions Completed'. Hunter Points can be seen from your menu.
Some story missions will have several missions, one for going to the client, another for completing and possible another one for delivering. Making the count going up more and seemingly incorrect.

Prologue Complete
A trophy for completing the prologue.

Complete the Prologue of the story. There are 4 side missions to do.
5/90 Missions
41/999 Hunter Points.

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Chapter 1 Complete
A trophy for completing the first chapter.

Complete the first chapter of the story. There are only 2 side missions this time.
9/90 Missions
74/999 Hunter Points.

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Chapter 2 Complete
A trophy for completing the second chapter.

Complete the second chapter of the game. 3 Side Missions this one.
13/90 Missions
114/999 Hunter Points.

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Chapter 3 Complete
A trophy for completing the third chapter.

Complete the third chapter of the game. This chapter also has 3 side missions.
18/90 Missions
163/999 Hunter Points

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Chapter 4 Complete
A trophy for completing the fourth chapter.

Complete the fourth chapter of the game. Again 3 side missions.
23/90 Missions
216/999 Hunter Points

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Chapter 5 Complete
A trophy for completing the fifth chapter.

Complete the fifth chapter of the game. There are 6 side missions for this chapter.
32/90 Missions
300/999 Hunter Points

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Chapter 6 Complete
A trophy for completing the sixth chapter.

Complete the sixth chapter of the game. There are 5 side missions.
38/90 Missions
371/999 Hunter Points

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Chapter 7 Complete
A trophy for completing the seventh chapter.

Complete the seventh chapter of the game. There are 5 side missions.
44/90 Missions
442/999 Hunter Points

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Chapter 8 Complete
A trophy for completing the eighth chapter.

Complete the eighth chapter of the game. There are 4 side missions in this chapter.
49/90 Missions
493/999 Hunter Points

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Chapter 9 Complete
A trophy for completing the ninth chapter.

Complete the ninth chapter of the game. There are 5 side missions.
56/90 Missions
557/999 Hunter Points

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Chapter 10 Complete
A trophy for completing the tenth chapter.

Complete the tenth chapter of the game. There are 5 side missions.
62/90 Missions
603/999 Hunter Points

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Chapter 11 Complete
A trophy for completing the eleventh chapter.

Complete the eleventh chapter of the game. There are 4 side missions.
67/90 Missions
671/999 Hunter Points

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Chapter 12 Complete
A trophy for completing the twelfth chapter.

Complete the twelfth chapter of the game. There are 4 side missions.
72/90 Missions
741/999 Hunter Points

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Chapter 13 Complete
A trophy for completing the thirteenth chapter.

Complete the thirteenth chapter of the game. There are 4 side missions.
78/90 Missions
809/999 Hunter Points

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Chapter 14 Complete
A trophy for completing the fourteenth chapter.

Complete the fourteenth chapter of the game. Only 3 side missions this time.
82/90 Missions
887/999 Hunter Points

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Chapter 15 Complete
A trophy for completing the fifteenth chapter.

Complete the second to last chapter of the game. There are 3 side missions.
86/90 Missions
952/999 Hunter Points

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Game Complete
A trophy for beating the game. Congratulations!

Complete the final chapter of the game. There are 3 side missions to do here. The last of them. They will give a lot of Hunter Points however.
90/90 Missions (89/90 before you finish the last boss of the story)
999/999 Hunter Points

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A New Beginning
A trophy for beginning a second playthrough.

After you finish the game you can save the game. When you load this game you will be able to select the difficulty, Once you have selected the difficulty and started the game again you will be given this trophy.

You cannot get this trophy from selecting 'New Game' at the main menu for a second time.

Unison Assault
A trophy for defeating two or more enemies in a single attack.

This trophy can be slightly tricky to achieve. You have to defeat two enemies or more in one attack.

The easiest way to do this trophy is hitting an Oil Drum next to 2 enemies that will die from it. Chapter 3 story mission dungeon offers plenty of opportunities for this.

The second way to achieve is tricky but very doable. First you want 2 enemies fully scratched together. Then use a Hero Run and when both enemies are in a straight line fire the bullets away. You will get this trophy if both enemies died in this single attack.

An Unfortunate Accident
A trophy for taking out your party member in an explosion.

The most trickiest trophy of all. First thing you have to do is get in Critical Condition, Then place a character with very low health either next to an enemy or a Drum Oil. If it is an enemy then use a grenade on the enemy and kill your own party member right next to it. You can use a hand gun on a drum oil if it is next to the almost-dead character.

In order to get into critical condition either let the enemies hit you hard or waste Bezels by performing short and useless hero actions. After that to get low health either let the enemies once again hit your hard or fight monsters that inflict poison.

Chapter 1 Boss is also a great place to get this trophy. The 2 extra enemies each carry an Oil Drum and the boss itself has a Oil Tank that explodes with a lot of damage. Using the boss to get into Critical Condition should be easy as he hits rather hard.

A Trophy for loading over a terabit of data from the disc.

A vague description. Basically this trophy will be earned while you are progressing trough the story assuming you do everything possible. This will happen between chapter 9 and chapter 13 most likely and should be ignored.

Basically you have to load 128 gigabyte of data from the disk according to the description. This means everything you load such as graphics, enemy data, video's, arena's, conversations, weapons, battles, pretty much everything will be counted towards this amount.

Note: Having the game data installed on the hard disk will not affect this trophy in any kind of way! It does not matter where it is loaded from.

Disrespect Your Elders
A trophy for defeating the Elderly Man. He's with the stars now!

During chapter 16 there is a side mission where you are asked to stop the leader of the rebellion at the Rainy Bridge. will fight along with 2 other enemies at the hex that is the furthest away. Winning this fight will grant you this trophy.

All other Rebellion related missions prior to this chapter are required for this one.

Basel's Liberator
A trophy for making all of Basel's hexes accessible again. Are you even human?!

Same as well Basel's Repairman trophy but instead you have to make all of the hexes accessible again. Over the course of the game you should get plenty of hexes to be able to do this.

The earliest that this trophy is possible is at chapter 16. After you have defeated the first 2 bosses at the Basilica you have to either run out or use an Escape Hex so you can make Neverland accessible again. This is needed for the trophy. If you are at your second playthrough you will get these 2 hexes right from the start but you still have to wait till you are far enough in the story to be able to make all hexes available again which is at chapter 15 (when you can open up Outer Wall on level 1).

Challenge Conqueror
A trophy for defeating the top-ranked team, the Last Line. Amazing!

At there arena there is a Ranking board. Last Line is at 50-3. You have to defeat the first 2 bosses at the Basilica before rank 46 ~ rank 50 are available at the Arena.

If you are decently leveled then this boss should not be that hard. You face 2 Mad Goliath type monsters. Just focus on 1 at a time and they should fall very quickly. A Hero Jump with a dual wielding Machine Gun user should be able to almost scratch one of them completely.

Once you have won the fight this trophy will be granted to you.

Kings of Neverland
A trophy for clearing Neverland.

Tri-Ace always makes a dungeon named Neverland in their games. This game is no exception. Neverland is the hardest dungeon in the game. And only accessible after you have gotten 2 black hexes. You get these from the first 2 bosses in the Basilica or when you start your second playthrough on any difficulty.

This dungeon requires some preparation;
  • One of your characters has to be very close to level 100 machine gun skill. Preferable being level 100. This is for the Full-Scratch rate 100% and Stun rate 100%.
  • Protective gear. Hi-Polymer (30% phys damage reduction) being the best if you can get the Rare Metal Shards and Crystal Cores. You can also get these from dismantling status effects preventing gear such as Heat Protector. Otherwise Elemental Protector (20% damage reduction) is good enough. Almost all of the damage is physical.
  • Characters being at least level 100 or close to it. The higher the better for more HP.
  • Having Armor-Piercing Bullets will help you kill certain monsters faster as quite a few have a thick armor you must destroy first to be able to hit the main body. You can get these from the Arena.

Neverland consists of 3 area's. Each area has a gate in between them. You must do the East, West and Central hexes before you can move on to the next area past the gate. Each hex has 1 fighting area. Almost all of them will hold treasures. Special costumes, accessories and Golden Guns which you really want. The area's are named Primary, Secondary and Tertiary. The gate consists out of 3 hexes. The middle is a shield which will be gone if you have done all of the hexes in the area. The other 2 will be fights.

There are bosses at the Secondary Gate and the final area Gate of Heaven. Bosses in this dungeon are not that hard since you can keep them continually stunned. Aside from the final fight which actually features 2 bosses.


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The Legendary Hunter
A trophy for completing every mission in the game. The legend will never die!

There are 90 missions in the entire game and you need to do all of them. This includes the main story line missions. There are between 2 and 6 side missions every chapter so be sure to check the Guild Board often. There will always be maximum 3 missions on the board. Clearing them will make space for the new side missions. Some of the side missions are part of a chain over several chapters so you better not miss any. Also skipping and/or finishing missions will affect npc's, stores and other things.

When you head to the Base and asked if you are want to advance to the next chapter it will display a warning should you not have finished all of the missions. This warning will also come even if your own list is empty but with still missions on the Guild Board.

For chapter 16 it is important to do the 3 side missions first as once you defeat the final boss for the main mission you cannot return at all.

To keep track of the missions the story trophies above have the mission count and the Hunter Points listed that you should have at the end of the chapter. The spoilers will also provide help for hard or vague missions. Most of them are easy though. However, those that are, are not listed in the spoilers.

You can check the Hunter Points in your menu. And you can see the amount of missions you have completed at the Game Records board at the Arena.

Stardust Hunters
A trophy for getting a ☆ in every rank!

A lengthy trophy. At the arena there are 50 ranks. You start at rank 1 and have to fight it 3 times to unlock the next rank. You have to keep doing this this 48 more times to unlock the last rank 50. To star every rank you have to fight each of these rank an additional 7 times. Meaning you have to do 500 fights at the arena to earn this trophy.

This trophy will take a lot of time. At the same time you can work on other trophies and level up in preparation for Neverland. Arena progress does carry over to your next playthrough but only if you choose the same difficulty.. To make this trophy slightly harder you have to do a one time boss fight every 5 ranks. The only one worth noting is the boss from Rank 45. 2 Helicopters under the name of 'Airforce Two'. This will be hardest boss fight of all most likely. They deal a lot of damage and fast. Try to get one down with Full Scratch Damage as soon as possible and then focus on the other one while keeping it stunned.

This trophy can only be done after you have done the first 2 boss fights at the Basilica in the last chapter where Rank 46 ~ 50 will unlock.

Lap Two Complete
A trophy for finishing your second playthrough. Congratulations, and thank you!

If you have done every single other trophy in the game when you start your second playthrough on any difficulty you can just rush trough the story and get this trophy done. It only requires you to finish chapter 16 in a new game loaded from your cleared game save data. Difficulty does not matter but as long as you pick the same as the one you have finished you will keep your levels and items and will make it a lot easier.

This will most likely be the last trophy for your platinum!

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