Players: 1
Online Trophies: None
Online Pass Required for 100%: Nope
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: Yes, do not use them.
Estimated Time to 100%: Around 10 hours.
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectible Trophies: 1 ("Daily Grind ")
Difficulty Trophies: None
Missable Trophies: There is a level select.
Glitched Trophies: The level select and cross-save can delete your save file.

[top]Tips and Strategies

  • There are two ways to shoot. One is by holding down and he will autoshoot, or you can use the right analog stick to manually do it. Figure out which one you like best.
  • Never forget that you can cover between objects by pressing near them.
  • Jumping over bullets works fine as well.
  • Go for the shotgun. The shotgun is spreading the bullets.
  • The RPG is great for tough enemies, but you need to do it from a safe distance to not blow yourself up as well.
Escaping the Cops:
  • To escape the cops you'll probably need a fast car.
  • Cop cars will ALWAYS be faster than you (even if you're in a cop car too), so do sharp turn or turn traffic against them to shake them off.
  • Don't commit other crimes or it will automatically go the yellow section of the threat meter if you're below.
  • It's near impossible to escape if the military arrives.
  • Easy way to shake off cops: If you don't feel like doing it the actionhero way, you can shake off cars and cyclists by braking to a complete halt, wait for them to exit the vehicle, and then drive off again. This is not nearly as fun though.
  • It's really fun to just faff about in the game.
  • If you see a pipe, do the Mario and jump in it.
  • I recommend visiting the Arcade for some variation.


Get through the story mode and for the most part have fun going through it. You need to have a lookout for the few loot bags and invisible walls that needs to be gotten through certain quests.

This step will earn you:
You Broke the Law!
Tool Time

Go through all 14 main killing sprees, called slaughter sprees, afterwards. These can be a bit tough and you need to devote some effort to them.

This step will earn you:
A Winner is You!

Now go around the overworld and collect the loot bags, payphones and invisible walls to get the collectables out of the way.

This step will earn you:
Daily Grind

There is a good few misc. trophies, and while this step can be acquired at any point in time, in the endgame you have everything unlocked for you to make it easier. You may also want to use the level select to get: "Death Cam, No Death ".

This step will earn you:
Death Cam, No Death
Broken Chain
Feeling Groggy
The Cosplayer
Rocky Road Tire Crunch
8-Bit Overflow
Eco-Friendly Fire
Bike Bounce
Dance, Player Dance!
Master of Your Domain


You Broke the Law!
Raise your threat level by committing a crime that attracts police attention

There is no way you won't get this as your first trophy. You basically just need to kill a pedestrian while cops are nearby or crash your car into a police car to make the law come after you. You do not need to even try with this one, because even in the story-mode this is unavoidable.

Broken Chain
Reach a 99X chain multiplier

There are multiple multipliers this applies too, but the easiest one to get is the multiplier for killing people (or destroying cars) with a weapon without letting go of the trigger. Meaning you need to hold down the attack button the entire time. It's hard to apply this to melee weapons since they make you stand still, when holding the button, and there is not enough ammo for handheld guns. That means your best bet is to get a vehicle with guns.
There are two ways to acquire one. One way is to get in a car and drive it to a "Spray 4 Pay". You can apply weapons for it here. The good thing is that you can apply weapons to whatever car you want. The bad thing is that the cars are usually pretty weak and breaks easily.
If you want a tough vehicle, you should get yourself a tank. Tanks only appear when your threat meter is in the red. So you need to kill a lot of pedestrians to get there. Once a tank is there walk up to it and press to steal it. Now you can go rampant with it.
Whatever vehicle it is, remember that you can not let go of the button at any time. Once the meter has reached 99X (it can be seen at the upper part of the screen) you get the trophy.

Feeling Groggy
Get "sick" on "milk"

Press and select the "Map" option. Scroll through the selection of legend with the left analog stick until you see one called " "Milk" ". Go to the nearest "Milk" store and buy a "Milk" (if you've done a certain sidequest, "milk" would be free). Once you've bought you will get "sick" and the screen will begin to wave. The trophy should unlock.

The Cosplayer
Play Free Roaming Mode as one of the guest stars

There are six guest stars you can unlock. They're basically skin to your character. 3 of them is unlocked through story and 3 of them are unlocked through doing other tasks. Once you have just one of these you can quit to the start-up menu, pick "Play Free Roaming" and choose one of the unlocked characters and then the trophy will unlock.

Full list of characters:

Super Meat Boy - Unlocked by completing the arcade game "Virtual Meat Boy" (can be found in Nolan's Arcade) and collect all of the bandages.
Commander Vimeo - Unlocked by completing the arcade game "BIT.TRIP. RETRO CITY" (can be found in Nolan's Arcade) and collect all of the gold.
Sweat Bomber - Gotten through story.
Ms. Bates - Gotten through story.
Minecraft's Steve - Enter Mojang Land (you will come across this while collecting all gold)
Mr. Destructoid - Gotten through story.

Rocky Road Tire Crunch
Hit 25 pedestrians in a row with your car without stopping

This one is a bit vague on the description. What it basically means is kill 25 people with a car, without braking or turning at all. If you hit a wall or a car so that it turns, the score will automatically reset. You need two things for this. 1) A very fast car and 2) a very populous street.
So drive fast over that street without stopping or turning, hit 25 pedestrian and there you go.
In the main mission: "Doc Choc's Magic Clocks". In which you're driving an everspeeding Delorean. It's fast and awesome.
The best street I could find for this was the street south of the "NOP" building. The "NOP" building is at the northern docks, just to the east of the Subpar. It's the walkway on the east side of the road. This street is can very easily give you 25 pedestrians in a single go.

8-Bit Overflow
Kill 256 civilians within a single life

You need to kill 256 civilians without dying. This is pretty easy actually. First and foremost get a car. It makes so much easier and faster. Now find a populous street and start running them over. Of course the police will come after you, but your car should be sturdy enough for at least some bulletfire. If your car seems to break soon, jump out, because if the car gets totally broken, it explodes and you will die instantly. If you need to do that, just switch cars quickly and continue on. 256 civilians is a pretty big number, so you'll probably need to drive around for around 5-7 minutes before it unlocks.

Eco-Friendly Fire
Hit 4 people with a single shotgun blast

A shotgun fires 5 pellets spread, but with a short distance. This is best done with police people. First you need to get a shotgun, which you can gain by raising your threatmeter to be in the orange section. Then policemen with shotguns will come after you. You can also just do this in Free Roam and you'll be equipped with a shotgun automatically. Now shoot some policemen, and lure other policemen after you on foot. After 4 or more have a gathered (and they will most likely group up if they're following you), shoot them and hit 4 of them with the bullets. Note that even if all 4 get hit, it can also be because that one policeman gets knocked back into another policeman, and that will not count.
The mission: "Death Cam VHS" also has a lot of enemies and shotguns (in the third room) which you can use.

Bike Bounce
Knock someone off their bike to ricochet another off theirs

Basically you need to hit someone bicycle or motorcycle so they knock back to another cyclist, who then also falls off. The best setup for this would be to take a van or another tall car and park it in the middle of the road, and also having another car ready. Now wait for two cyclists in a row to stop behind the van (if a car comes you can just move the van (or steal the car and move it)). Once that is done, get in your reserve car. Align your car perfectly so it will hit the cyclist exactly at the back. Brake as soon as you hit the cyclist to not hit the other too. The cyclist will bounce off, ricochet off the van and hit the other cyclist. Of course this setup can also be naturally occurring.

The reason you should do it this convoluted way is because the bikes needs to be at a perfect distance from each other to work, otherwise it will either not reach or fly over the other cyclist. Doing it the described way is a safe bet.

Dance, Player Dance!
Avoid the cops at maximum threat level for 1 minute on foot, without taking damage

This is not as hard as it seems fortunately. First you need to get your threat level to maximum. You do that by committing a lot of crimes. If your threat meter is at the top and starts blinking, you know you've hit maximum. There will probably be some tanks. Get away from those. Find a parking space or a big field (preferably fenced (so cars and motorbikes does not try to run you over)) and exit the car you're driving. Now go in a big circle while constantly jumping to avoid bullet fire. 1 minute is not that long of a time, and it will probably surprise that you got it that quickly. The only threat is those bastards with the Bionic Commando arms. They run fast, but they stop when they're going to use the arm. When they stop jump away from them to avoid them. After one minute you will get this trophy.

Master of Your Domain
Dethrone GLC's high score

To get this you need a total score of around 880,000 - 885,000 (precise score is unknown) to beat GLC. This is quite easy and you do not need to worry about. You get points by doing practically everything in this game, from completing killing sprees, main missions, sidequest to just drive people over with a car. I got this trophy around 3 hours of total play.

Daily Grind
Find all hidden loot bags, payphones and invisible walls

This is the big collectible trophy. This is gotten for getting all loot bags, check out every payphone and locate all invisible walls. There are 32 loot bags, 32 payphones and 8 invisible walls, totalling a sum of 72 collectables in total.

Lootbags are small gold pickups, which can be tricky to spot. To acquire them just walk into them.
Payphones are white with a blue square with a white phone in it. To acquire these walk up to them and press .
Invisible walls are walls you can't pass through even though it looks like you can. They are acquired simply by walking into them.

Most collectables can be found in the overworld at any time, with the exception of loot bag 31, loot bag 32, invisible wall 7 and invisible wall 8.

Further below is a location of all collectables in the game. Be sure to check it out.

Death Cam, No Death
Beat Death Cam VHS without dying

This is one of two trophies that could cause you trouble. The level in question is "Death Cam VHS" in the "Rampage Retaliation" set of missions. You need to make it through the whole chapter without dying. You can either choose it from the level select after beating it once or save right before or under the mission. If you die you will need to either load the save again or exit the game to the startup menu and choose the level once more. The mission itself is quite long and it's pretty tough. Here is a rundown of it:

There are eight rooms in total you need to pass.

In the first room, there will come out a lot of brawlers and people with baseball bats. I recommend stomping on them until they die. Stomp on the pistol guy too. You then get instructed to shoot the skulls. You can only do that when they're open. First let them shoot their rockets and when shoot them. Before finish them off completely you can take advantage by the infinite respawning gunwielders to totally restock on ammo.

In the second room stomp on the brawlers and and the baseballbat-wielders. The guys with the batons, you may want to shoot since, they swing the batons pretty fast. The room will then go dark and ninjas will come out. Shoot them and shoot the ones with the swords and shields afterwards too.

In the third room you will after a bit of shooting see a shotgunner. For the next rooms, it's very important that you pick up ammo for it. It's also worth mentioning that grenades come out of the upper part of the room and therefore you should stay at lower parts of it.

In the fourth room, while it looks like grenades will come out here too, they never do, so you can mover wherever you want. You may want jump a lot to dodge the bullets, but this room should not cause that much trouble.

The fifth room is the ladies' room , although there will be anything BUT snuggling. This room is actually kind of tough. The ladies takes more damage and the shotgunners can be a pain. I suggest fighting shotguns with shotguns. Grenades also fires from the upper part of this room, though not very often. Jump around and pickup shields and just do your best to stay alive.

The sixth room is pretty easy. You should have 30-60 shotgun shots left. Use them to just kill everything. Beware of the rotating Super Mario flame thing, although it doesn't cause that much damage. There are no grenades in this room.

There are no grenades in the seventh room either, but there is something much worse. Thugs with rocket launchers. As soon as they appear kill one and pick up his RPG. Use it to kill the two new spawning RPG-guys while making down to the lower right corner. As soon as another guy appears at the right entrance shoot up and then get the other guy while trying not to stray too much away from your corner, since this will happen 3 times in total. After that a big orange guy with an RPG will spawn from the southern entrance. Spam your rockets on him, and dodge or jump over his rockets.

And then there is the eighth room.... this one is just devilish. As soon as you enter fire a rocket right, then left, then right, then left, then up to completely destroy the enemies. The middle circle will then be put on fire. If you ever set yourself on fire there is a fire hydrant in the upper right corner. A shotgunner comes out, then two flamethrower guys, and after that it's just a barrage of RPG-guys. I prefer to be in one of the upper corners, because they spawn first in the upper door, and then the lower (they do it in pairs). Fire a rocket at the guy that spawns from the upper door and then try to get the lower guy without strafing too far from the upper door. After a few waves of that, two orange RPG-guys (who can take multiple hits) spawn. This is the hardest part. Avoid the fire while circling them and occasionally shoot them. You may knock them into the fire and that does help a bit. After that you're done.

The difficulty of this is really only in the last two rooms, but it will take you at least 5 minutes to get to those again. The game is luckily nice enough to supply health and shields and quite frequent too.

A final hint is that "Death Cam VHS" is one of the time trials levels. So you can go to the startup menu, and pick "Leaderboards" and then go to the "Death Cam VHS" section and then watch the replays of the people who've done it. It may give a few extra tips.

Tool Time
Collect all of the time machine parts

This is gotten through story. You will get this trophy when you've acquired all 9 parts for the time machine. This will be almost at the end of the game, so get to work on those main missions. You do basically still need to complete the game to get the last loot bags.

A Winner is You!
Get gold medal scores in all sprees

There are a total of 37 killing sprees in total, 14 slaughter sprees and 23 secondary sprees. For the trophy you only need to get gold on all of the slaughter sprees (thankfully). This is no easy task and this is one of the two hardest trophies in this game. To start these you can find the red circles with the red skulls in them to start them, but it's much easier to exit the game and go to main menu, and then select: "Play Arcade Challenges" and then just select them from there. Some of the sprees are gotten through story and some you have to do a certain action or sidequest for. Now remember that not only do you need to complete them, but you need to get gold too.

Further below is a list of all the slaughter sprees and how to unlock and beat them.


The bags in the owerworld will be described in such a fashion that the bag is close to the previous bag, for easier finding.

1) - Overworld: Behind the Subpar (Subway parody) at the northern docks.

2) - There is a manhole northwest of the Subpar. Jump in it and walk through the nearby entrance. Get to end of the segment and you will get to the walkway above. Go down the nearby ladder to see a TMNT NES game reference (underwater level). Get down to the lower right of this section to find this bag.

3) - South of the Subpar is a Reeel Cheeesears Pizza and an Urban Gouge Fine Foods. In the pathway between these two stores is a bag.

4) - West of the Subpar there is a bag behind some trees facing the dock. To get this one you can do two things. 1. Get the hoversuit and just hover to it or if you don't want to wait that far into the game you can 2. Go to the left of the nearby power-up shop and there is a railing, you can kind of pressure yourself against the trees by making a very awkward jump on the railing behind the trees.

5) - Go south and follow the waterline to see three docks. Go to the end of the rightmost dock.

6) - South of those docks there is Guy. Brush Paints shop. It's in the alley next to that shop.

7) - Go to the eastmost Hair Salon (you can find it on your map in the -menu.), and then continue southeast to get to a field. Here there is a pipe. Use it to enter Mojang Land (8-bit Minecraft). In here there should be a small island with a tree on it. On this island is the bag.

8) - From the pipe to Mojang land go north. Pass the parking lot and meet a house with an open backdoor. Trespass and you should see the bag right next to fridge.

9) - West of this house, there is this big white mansion that looks like a barnyard. The bag is next to it.

10) - If you look at the map, there is this big island northeast of where you are. On this island go down to the southwestern corner of it to find this bag.

11) - Backtrack to the eastmost hair salon, but go south instead, and Bug-Eyed Louis should be in sight. The alley next to that building has the bag.

12) - To the east of Bug-Eyed Louis is a Grave N' Goblets Pub. It's at the trees right next to the pub.

13) - Go south of here to find "Love Long Times Retirement Home". To the east of this building is a small garden where you can find this bag.

14) - Now go north again, past the pub, and you will find a "Why Sports" and a "P.J.īs Phresh Grill". The bag is right behind those buildings.

15) - Now go east to find the big "Generic Hospital". It's in the open behind the hospital.

16) - Now go east to get to the main road. Follow it south and when it turns to the east you follow it. To the south there will be this big grey unnamed building. The bag is in the southeastern corner of it.

17) - Directly from here go to the east until you hit the shore. Now go north to find this bag at some bushes.

18) - From here go a bit northwest to enter a large parking lot. It's in the open here.

19) - Go north from here to find the Art Gallery. It's in the backyard of it (behind some bushes).

20) - Go west from here. There is a patch of grass connected to four house. The bag should be easily spottable in there.

21) - Go north to find the big garden area before the Guru Temple. It's in the open here.

22) - Go northwest from here. There should be a construction site here. The bag is in the open here.

23) - Go east a lot until you reach a parking lot. Go to the east side of the big building to the right of the parking lot to find this bag at some white machines.

24) - Go north to find the trailer park. Behind the "Theftropolis Computer Products" can you find this bag.

25) - To the northwest of here is the huge yard of containers. If you go directly northwest from the exit of the trailerpark you should be able to spot the bag in front of a green container, but to actually retrieve you need to go through a whole in the fence far more west from there.

26) - Exit the containeryard from where you came and continue to the west. Pass the Destructoid Factory and enter the nearby junkyard. Get to the end and the bag should be at the house.

27) - Now look at your map and see that there is a subways station not far from you. Enter it. Ride the train and exit the subway station. Right after you get out enter it again to find this bag in the corner.

28) - Exit the subway again (don't ride the train). Head northwest to see a construction site. The bag is behind some containers.

29) - Now go northeast to enter a long and winding path. This path will eventually lead south. Go south and notice the beach-area to the east. There is a bag.

30) - Continue to follow the path inwards. At the dead end there should be a river. Jump over the river and collect the bag that is on the other side.

These next two needs to be found on the very last set of mission

31) - After making a bridge of dead bodies... yeah... after that make an awkward jump and land on the skulls to glide over to the side of the castle.

32) - In the underwater section it's right and then down of your current location.

1) - Remember the container yard from searching for bags? Yeah go back there again. At the parking lot is this phone.

2) - Go southwest to find a "Paramour" in the corner of that and "Wonder Hats" is this phone.

3) - Go northwest to find the Destructoid Factory. There is a phone here.

4) - Go south and you will find this phone at a house with a "Beer" sign.

5) - Go down south further and go through the minor marketplace with the mushroom shop. Above the shop is this phone.

6) - Continue your quest southward to find an "X.T. Pho Noodles". In that little square in front of it has this phone.

7) - Yup, go south. You'll eventually get to the "S&M Ubermarket". The phone is at the east side of the building.

8) - More south-backpacking. You'll reach Moe's Buy & Sell Motors. Go to the southwestern part of the parking lot to be able to see this one.

9) - Move west this time, and you'll reach Taxicab Concession. The phone is at the building.

10) - Move northwest to find this phone at "Milky's".

11) - Now travel a lot to the west to find "Quickie Stop" and "Excon Fuels & Lubes". The phone is in front of Excon.

12) - Now move southwest to get to an opening to a beach. Once at the water move eastwards to see this phone after the entrance to the boardwalk.

13) - Move back up to the road and you should see a hair salon. Right behind is a phone.

14) - This one is very closely to the west of the previous one (you can see both at the screen at once).

15) - Move north to find this phone in front of "Aikido & Buffet".

16) - Go a bit westwards to see an alleyway at "P.J.'s Phresh Grill". Go up that ally to see this phone in a corner.

17) - Exit the alley the same way you came and go westwards. You'll see a "Modified Meat Ingredients Industries". The phone is right in front of that building.

18) - Move northwest to find "Zack's Burger". There is a phone in front of it. Mark down this location, because we will return to it.

19) - Move to the west until you can't move to the west anymore. Move north to find a parking lot. At the northern part of this parking lot is a phone.

20) - Move to the east (and a bit north) to find a phone in front of "Taco Chime".

21) - Return to "Zack's Burger". Move to the east to find a parking house with a phone in front of it.

22) - Continue eastwards to find another phone in front of "Hard Pies".

23) - Move northeast to find a phone next to a "Taco del Nacho".

24) - Move southeast to find a phone in front of a "Skate N' Buy".

25) - Move north to find this phone in front of "Go Go Busters".

26) - Go northeast to find a phone in front of a very ugly yellow-coloured building with a lot of windows.

27) - Go northwest to find this phone in front of a "Urban Gouge Fine Foods".

28) - Continue northwest to the corner of the upper shores. There will be a phone close to some benches and bushes.

29) - Go to the subway station and take the train to the small island. Exit the subway station and immediately go back in to find this phone.

30) - Go out of the subway station again (do not take the train). Go westward to see a big fenced off parking lot for "Vanilla Ice Cream". The phone is in the front of the building.

31) - From here go northeast for an entrance to longer path. Follow the path eastward until you get to a small wooden bridge. The phone is north of it, next to a vending machine.

32) - Follow the path and it will eventually lead westwards. Look out for the "Okie Doki Zone Restroom" and it should be right next to it.

1) - Overworld: At the east of the city there is a school called: "Greenshore High". Enter it and try to walk to the left of the school.

2) - At the east of the city there is a school called: "Greenshore High". Enter it and try going up the stairs.

3) - At the east of the city there is a school called: "Greenshore High". Enter it and try going to the right of the school.

4) - Inside the "Zack's Burger", which is to the northeast of the school, you can find this wall at the bottom.

5) - Take the subway train to the small island, and try drive through the tunnel west of station.

6) - Northeast of the tunnel you can see MacScrooge Bank (It has a big dollar sign on it, and it references Scrooge MacDuck). Next to it is a parking space. Enter it and try to walk south.

The next two can be found in certain missions only.

7) - In the Biffman's house in the Biffman sidemissions. Try walking up the stairs.

8) - In the "Death Cam VHS" mission. In the very first room, try to walk south.

[top]Slaughter Sprees

Unlocks at: Beginning of the game.
Objective: Score 20000 points armed with a rocketlauncher and the power of invincibility.
How to: This is the easiest of the sprees. Go for vehicles mostly, especially police cars gives good points, unless there is a big group of people. Do not let go of the button.

Unlocks at: Beginning of the game.
Objective: You're on fire! No, you're literally on fire! Now set fire to 60 people AND reach to distinguish yourself with a nearby firehydrant.
How to: This one is annoying. I suggest moving up and down at the alley, you're at trying to get people fast. Do not necessarily go for cops, since they don't count extra. Now also note that you actually need to extinguish yourself. When there is around 8 seconds left on the clock you should be looking for a fire hydrant. The game is nice enough to pinpoint you to the nearest hydrant when there is 15 seconds left. The reason you need to do it early is because it takes a few second to get there and beat it up, plus you're bound to meet a lot of people on the way.

Unlocks at: Beginning of the game.
Objective: Use your speedshoes to kill 500 people (multiplier activated).
How to: This one is breeze. Run along the walkways, and your shoes should speed up. The multiplier counts upwards and gives you kills rather quickly. I got over double the amount of points needed, so this should not cause trouble.

Unlocks at: Beginning of the game.
Objective: So get this. You have a rocket launcher, and when you shoot random things and standing close to it you fly in the air. You need to acquire a total of 18 seconds. You're also invincible.
How to: This one is fun. Now you would think vehicles would give you the biggest boost, and you would be right, but due to them actually driving, it's much easier to get close to a person, and the closer you are the bigger you fly. Remember to try to ricochet, meaning blow something up, you land somewhere and can immediately blow something else up. This one is a bit luckbased and you may have to do it a few times.

Unlocks at: By doing the "Circle of Death" sidequest.
Objective: Use the scythe to kill 50 or more people.
How to: This one can be quite tricky. You run a bit faster than usual, and nothing can hurt you or knock you back. Cops takes two hits, but they follow you, but normally going for pedestrians, and when a group of police is following you attack them. There is a lot of practice and luck involved with this, so good luck with this one.

Unlocks at: Unlocked when you complete the main mission: "Mayor Lee in Need of Help".
Objective: Use your claw to push at least 15 people in the water.
How to: First of all stay on the dock at all times. There are pros and cons of them forming a group. When you grapple up a group you can get more than one person in the water in one swoop, unfortunately the other will run away and often into the water and those do not count. Police are a safe bet since they don't go into the water, so therefore you need to focus pedestrians, because there just isn't enough police force to reach this requirement alone. It's also worth noting that they fly in the opposite direction of the way you faced them when grabbing them. The dock is not very broad and therefore they should be grabbed by you facing vertically.

Unlocks at: Unlocks after completing the main mission: "The Guest Star".
Objective: You have the hoverpack. Buttstomp everything, specifically 20 things.
How to: What's important to note is that this is measured in succesful buttstomps. Policemen can take two hits and therefore you get two points by killing a policeman because you hit him twice. You also get point by hitting fire hydrants, mailboxes and other random stuff on the street. You don't get points for hitting vehicles, since they're too sturdy. This mission requires precision. Don't button mash. That will make you move around very slowly.

Unlocks at: After completing the "The Real Go Go-Busters" mission, go back to Paramour and buy a "milk" from the bartender to unlock this spree.
Objective: You're "sick" on "milk" and you need to clubber 10 people (it says 20, but each kill counts for 2)
How to: This one is hard and annoying. You need to kill 10 people, but the pedestrians keep running away, and they need to be hit twice for it to work. Therefore having police after you is a massive help, and that's what I mostly recommend to do, although you do need to kill a few citizens to reach the quota. This one is very luckbased, so it will take a couple of tries.

Unlocks at: At any point in the game, you can go to the northwestern docks and find a "Grog2Go" shop. Buy some grog to unlock this.
Objective You're drunk and driving a car... that's all you need to know. You need to get a score of 250 (kills with multiplier).
How to: This one is not too bad. First you need to get another car, since the default is extremely slow. If you drive westward you will get to some cars. Enter a fast car and use the walkways to the south to farm the kills. I recommend just going up and down that street will be your best bet to complete this mission.

Unlocks at: After the "Biff! Pow! Holy Cow!" main missions.
Objective: As the one and only Biffman, you must kick some major assage by running over a lot of people. Property damage does nothing.
How to: This one is pretty easy. Acquiring 650 points is quite easy using the Biffmobile. Drive in straight lines to speed up and getting the multiplier up. The car is quite fast and can go a bit out of control.

Unlocks at: Beginning of the game.
Objective: You're in a tank! Case closed!
How to: The score is calculated in damage done. I do not know what things gives what amount of points. The main point is to never let off the button (of the reasons explained in "Broken Chain "). This gives an amazing points boost. Basically just shoot everything you see and this will be over quickly. This one is pretty easy.

Unlocks at: Beginning of the game.
Objective: You're steering a drum-vehicle. You need to drive over 50 citizens in 35 seconds (the 50 in 50 only describes the bronze award).
How to: This one suck. I have a driving route, but it is really luckbased (but so is every route in this spree). First drive out of the fenced area and keep going north, driving people over on the big sidewalk. At the end go west and turn into the little alley there. Drive down the alley, and continue over the road through another alley. After that make a u-turn on the sidewalk to the east of the alley and drive over the sidewalk moving north until the timer stops. It's the best route I know, but it still requires a few tries.

Unlocks at: Completing the "Sweat Bomber" main missions (You can't skip the first part of the main mission).
Objective: You're sweatbomber, and you need to destroy 50 vehicles.
How to: This one isn't too bad. Always go for the oncoming traffic, since they obviously comes faster. Police can knock you back with their bikes and cars avoid them and bomb them too. You may want to go to the main roads as a first priority.

Unlocks at: Unlocks after the prologue missions. Should be ready when you first access these sprees.
Objective: Same thing as spree #1, except that you now have speed shoes. Rocketlaunch away!
How to: This one is quite easy. First make an effort getting to the streets, since the container yard helps none. Target cars (especially cop cars) and fire away at everything that moves, to hopefully get this quickly.

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