Players: 1-2(Local Co-op Only)
Online Trophies: None
Online Pass Required: No
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: No Cheats
Estimated Time to 100%: 5-10 Hours (2 controllers are needed for 100%)
Minimum Playthroughs: 1 plus cleanup
Collectible Trophies: No cheats
Missable Trophies: None
Glitched Trophies: None

Videos For Statues and Secret Locations were made by WDSHD

Video for
Ultimate Revenge was made by retkaptcw

Video for
Kung Fu Legend was made by altair1590

[top]Tips & Strategies


Step 1 - Play through the game on easy since there are no difficulty related trophies. During this play through you want to focus on the Gold Statues and secret locations along with all kill/move related trophies. Use the Videos found Under All that Gitters for all locations of secret areas and golden statues. Chapter Select is available so do not worry if you miss something.

Step 2 - Start a co-op game using 2 controllers and do all 4 co-op moves for No I in Team.

Step 3 - By now you should have all trophies with the exception of Golden Smile. Just keep playing whichever levels you desire until you ave 32 golden teeth which randomly drop from enemies as you kill them.



Roll Credits
Beat the game.

Simply beat the game and the trophy is yours.


Golden Smile
Collect 32 golden teeth.

Golden teeth are randomly dropped by enemies when you kill them. You can increase your chances by getting head shots with all weapons. If you did not get 32 teeth in your first play through replay whichever levels you want once you beat the game until you have gotten all 32 teeth for the trophy.


All That Glitters...
Collect every golden statue.

There are a total of 120 statues in the game to be found. Here are some videos to show you where they are all located at.


Kung Fu Legend
Get a x20 multiplier.

The easiest way to get this trophy is with 2 controllers. Have Player 2 grab the opponent and hold them in place while you press , + until you reach 20x.
Another way this can be done is shown in the video below. The moves used in the video are , +


Marco Polo
Find every secret area.

There are 21 secret areas in the game to find. If you miss any you can use chapter select to go back and get the secret location. Refer to the Videos in All That Glitters for the location of every secret area.


Pure Dragon
Beat a whole level without picking up weapons or objects.

This is a very simple trophy easily done in the first level. Just complete the level without picking up and weapons and the trophy is yours.


Ultimate Revenge
Kill Fat Lu with a shotgun... at point blank.

There Will be a couple of guys at the bottom of the building before the building you encounter Fat Lu in. Take the shot gun and kill everything left as well as Fat Lu with kicks. Once Fat Lu is defeated go up to the body and shoot him for the trophy by pressing Below is a Video on how to do this trophy.


Finish Him
Use all 8 finishing moves in one level.

Do All of the following moves in one level for the trophy

Enemy standing in a stunned position (Grab the enemy first with before doing the finishing move)

Exploding Fist - , ,
Grasshopper Kick - , ,
Rice Sack - , ,
Dragon Fly - , ,

Enemy on the Ground

Inner Crusher - Up
Bamboo Breaker -
Fire Elbow - Down + , ,
Iron Head - Down + , ,


No 'I' in Team
Use all of the coop moves.

There are 4 co-op moves that you need to do for this trophy.

Punisher - Hold a stunned opponent(Press and hold on an opponent that is stunned in a standing positioning) while your partner finishes him off.

Ping Pong - have one player stand in front of enemy and the other stand a few steps behind the enemy. The player in front will hit to send the enemy towards the other player. The p[layer behind the enemy will hit as the enemy gets close sending him back towards the player in front. Hit the enemy a few times while hes in the air with out letting him touch the ground in order for it to count.

Power Kick - Have player 1 hold down so that they are in a crouching position and have player 2 hit so that they will jump over player on with a flying kick. Make sure you hit an enemy with the move for it to count.

Soul Transfer - Press to give health to you partner.


Nom Nom Nom
Feed an enemy to a crocodile.

This trophy is obtained in chapter 2 area 3. When jumping across the rocks on the water, knock an enemy into the water and a crocodile will come and eat him.


Home Run
Knock one rider off his scooter with a bat.

The easiest spot you can get this trophy in is chapter 1 area 2. Enemies on motor cycles will come shortly after you grab the bat. Knock an enemy off of the motorcycle with the bat for the trophy.


This Is My Broomstick
Kill 6 enemies with the same shotgun.

The easiest spot to get this trophy is chapter 1 area 3. When you come across the shotgun DO NOT PICK IT UP. Kill the guys in red 1st and then go back and grab the shotgun. You have to try and kill 2 enemies with 1 shot since the shotgun only holds 5 rounds.

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