Players: 1-2
Online Trophies: 0
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: no
Estimated Time to 100%: 4-8 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1+ cleanup
Collectible Trophies: Brick Shooter Hoard of the Rings
Missable Trophies: none all can be earned
Glitched Trophies: none as of now
Trophy Difficulty: 3/10

[top]Tips & Strategies

Step 1: Complete The Game In Co-Op Mode
Start a game in Cooperative Mode on "Kids" difficulty and select the first planet to begin. If you don't have a second player to help you out, then just move player 2 into one of the corners and let him sit there while you work on the levels yourself. Try to make sure that both players balls are in play (if possible) so that you can help finish the levels quickly. While you are playing through the levels, make sure to aim to collect all the golden rings located in them. Also aim to achieve all the power-up related ones during this run as well. Keep progressing forward through all the different planets until you finish the final one. Once you complete everything, you should have World Cup, Helping Hand, & Co-Op Cup.

Step 2: Complete 30 Levels Without Dying
Start a single player game on "Normal Difficulty" and select whichever planet you are the best at to begin. You must complete 30 of the levels in a row without dying (having your car/bumper destroyed or losing your ball). Take your time while trying this and aim for any helpful power-ups (Safety Bumpers & Ball Catchers are your best friends here). If you end up dying, then you will have to either restart back to your first level or you can keep going and try for the next 30 levels. Once you finish 30 in a row without dying, you will get Longevity & Amazing Breath Of Life.

Step 3: Complete 10 Levels On Insane
Start a new game on "Insane" difficulty and select the planet that you are best at as you'll want to feel very comfortable on this run. Play through that entire planet and beat all 10 levels of it in one game. Use the same tips in Step 2 to keep yourself going. Once you finish all 10 levels, you will get Straight Jacket.

Step 4: Clean-Up
You should have almost all of the trophies (if not all of them) at this point, but if you are missing a trophy here, go back to that game and get them now. After you have all of them, enjoy your 100%.

[top]Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits

As of now we dont know if there is any cheats or glitches please PM me if you find one though


Ricochet HD brings a whole new world of levels and challenges to fulfill you're desires. Maintaining the basic premise of the new type of "brick-breaking" type games, Ricochet HD gives you challenging levels filled with moving blocks & objects, power-ups and even adds in a collectible aspect to the game in hidden golden rings which gives an extra challenge as you try to collect them all. The trophies for this title are very straight forward and mainly aim at finishing the game & difficulty levels, but also include a few challenging ones in the form of completing a set number of levels without dying and also collecting all the rings in the game.


Brick Shooter
Shoot 100 bricks with a laser, blaster or missile.

You should get this over time as you playthrough the game as it is accumulative. When you collect a laser, blaster or missile power-up, make sure that you destroy as many bricks as you can before it runs out. Keep destroying bricks each time you get one of the three power-ups and once you finally destroy your 100th brick using them, the trophy will pop!

Frantic Juggler
Keep at least 3 balls on the screen at the same time for more than 8 seconds.

You must first collect the multi-ball power-up in order to get more than 3 balls on the screen at one time. After you finally do, ignore trying to destroy the bricks and everything else and focus only on the balls themselves and keeping them in play. Try to keep them on the same side of the board to minimize the amount of moving you have to do to hit one ball to the next. Keep them on the screen for more than 8 seconds and the trophy will pop!

Power Rush
Earned when the player has caught 25 power-ups in the game.

You should get this over time as you playthrough the game as it is accumulative. Just play through the game and collect every power-up that you can. Once you catch your 25th one, the trophy will pop!

Power-up Zen Master
No power-ups collected for 10 levels in a row. This can carry over between planets.

Just playthrough the game and make sure that you avoid every power-up/item drop that comes down the screen at you. You cannot collect anything for a full 10 levels in a row. This is probably easiest on the first planet, but can be done over a combination of planets if desired. Once you finish the 10th level without obtaining any power-up/items, the trophy will pop!

8 levels in a row played on the same planet without dying once. Cannot be earned on Easy or Kids difficulty settings.

See "Amazing Breath of Life"

Amazing Breath of Life
30 levels in a row played without dying once. This carries over from one Planet to the next. Cannot be earned on Easy or Kids difficulty settings.

This one can be very tricky as you cannot lose a life for a long period of time, plus it has to be done on Normal or higher difficulty (although you should select Normal for the easiest time). You main goal should be to focus on the ball and keeping it airborne for as long as possible to minimize the amount of times you have to chase it and knock it back up. Also, aim for as many of the power-ups as possible without risking the chance of losing your ball (Safety Bumper & Ball Catcher power-ups are a HUGE help). If you die during this run, you can either restart from the beginning again or keep going forward and try for the next 30. I would recommend trying this on the first 3 planets or whichever ones you feel most comfortable on. Once you complete your 30th planet without dying, the trophy will pop!

Straight Jacket
Beat 10 different levels on the Insane difficulty setting in a single game on the same planet.

At the main menu, change the difficulty to Insane and select whichever planet you would like to do (the first one is the easiest I feel, but do whichever one you are best at). Complete all 10 levels in that planet and the trophy will pop right after that!

World Cup
Awarded for finishing all Ricochet HD planets.

There are 15 different planets in the game. You do not have to do anything special or have to play on any specific difficulty, you only have to finish all 15 planets. Once you complete the final one, the trophy will pop!

Helping Hand
Beat 20 levels with two players playing at the same time in any multi-player mode.

See "Co-Op Cup"

Co-op Cup
Awarded for completing all level sets in Cooperative mode.

You must play through all 150 levels (15 planets w/ 10 levels in each) in Co-Op mode. To select co-op mode, you must press at the menu to change the mode. Easiest method to do is to use 2 controllers for this and just have the second player sit there and do nothing while you play (unless you have someone else to help obviously). Once you finish all the levels, the trophy will pop!

Hoard of the Rings
Collect all 5 of the golden rings on all 10 levels of the same planet in a single game.

Every level has 5 golden rings hidden in it. You must collect every ring in each level before destroying the final "brick" or else you will advance and not be able to get the remaining rings. You MUST get all the rings in each level in a SINGLE game playthrough (not accumulative in other words). Once you finish a planet and have obtained all 50 rings (5 rings x 10 levels), the trophy will pop!

Ring Trophy
Awarded for collecting all of the gold rings in all Ricochet HD planets.

You must collect all 750 rings in the game (15 planets, 10 levels per planet, 5 rings per level). This can be done in single or co-op mode. Once you've collected all the rings in a specific level, you will get an icon of a ring on that level of the level select menu in each planet (so you can tell which ones you still need to get rings for). When you finally finish collecting all the rings, the trophy will pop!

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