Players: 1
Online Trophies: Zero
Estimated Time to 100%: 1-2 Hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1+ (for weapon kills)
Collectible Trophies: Zero
Missable Trophies: Yes (1) Untouchable There is sequence and stage selection though.
Glitched Trophies: None have been reported.

[top]Tips & Strategies

All weapons can be used in any mission within the game. If you run out of grenades or sniper rifle ammo click and exit back to the Dead End area so you can replenish your ammo by accessing the Army supply van. This will make it easier to achieve both the Eye of the Wolf and Fire in the Hole

Although there are no collectibles take your time and donít rush through any of the levels allowing you to finish the content quicker.

During the time in the sidecar keep your weapon straight so it doesn't lose position when turning or else it become difficult to handle.

Additional tips will be given during all the loading screens that pop up.

If you experience any problems with the Devil Hand's members shooting at you while driving the truck hold down to travel at your slowest pace and they will drive on and blow up in the roadblocks ahead.


Enter the Cook's Recipe for Disaster content by going to the Dead End quest board and scrolling to the left. From here just follow the four stages added into the sequence and be aware of the Superman Jump and UNTOUCHABLE trophies along the way.

Replay the Refinery for the weapon kills if unless you still have to play through the actual game first or choose to play a different sequence of your liking.


Eye of the Wolf
Kill 50 Devil's Hand with the Sniper Rifle.

$3800 - Purchasable through Tyrellís Army van located in certain stages and at the Dead End. This weapon can be used in any mission not just the Cookís DLC. The sniper rifle is used for long distance shooting, when you aim with it, it wonít have the typical crosshairs you have seen within this game. You will see a small red box where your point of impact will be and if this is in the correct destination squeeze the trigger. You donít always see the red square come up so you might need to move around a bit for it to do so. Also the sniper rifle only holds 15 rounds and it's bolt action so be aware of this as it can take some time to reload and get your sights adjusted again. It would be wise to switch your weapon after running out of ammo because you wonít get anymore until the Refinery.

The best stage to obtain sniper rifle kills is during the Refinery, however there is no way to check your progress from the statistics menu.

Fire in the Hole
Kill 50 Devil's Hand with Grenades.

$800 for 8 grenades - purchasable through Tyrellís Army van located in the Dead End and a couple stages through the main story. The grenade is great for taking out multiple enemies at once or getting them dazed, however watch out you donít daze yourself and not the enemy as it will be an easy kill. Grenades can be thrown at far or from short designated distances by holding in and throwing with . Best stage to obtain grenade kills is during the Refinery and there is no way to check your progress from the statistics menu.

The best stage to obtain sniper rifle kills is during the Refinery, however there is no way to check your progress from the statistics menu.

Spring Cleaning
Clear Old Moon Ranch of Devil's Hand.

Story related and cannot be missed.

An assault rifle would be great for this stage of the sequence, however if you do not have one the pistol works just fine until you can pick up a weapon from a dead foe. Once you have completed the previous stage of being in the sidecar for Tyrell you will get out overlooking the Old Moon Ranch. You have some distance so you can shoot from afar or run up on the 4 Devil Hands MC members. After these 4 you walk or run downhill which leads to total chaos with many enemies rushing and shooting at you. You have two options here, run up the hill or hide behind some cover pressing although not all cover is durable and leads to you getting shot anyhow. The club members are scattered all over the ranch even on the balcony down below so be aware of them. Once you have killed all enemies at the ranch the trophy will pop up.

With Great Power...
Deliver the truck back to the Army Base.

Story related and cannot be missed.

After the cutscene with Jake calling Tyrell about the A Bomb you will begin the next sequence as the driver in a big rig with the A bomb on your trailer. This is a timed stage where you donít want to run into many walls and having your position restarted. There are surprisingly no Devil Hand bikers on the road with you shooting at you so donít worry about that. Also there are just barriers and some fire towards the end so do your best not to run through all of the barriers as they will hurt your rides health before blowing up. About halfway into the stage you come across the barriers with fire being thrown on 1 side of the open pathway. You can go through the fire, but more than one time is sure to make you fail the mission and begin from your last checkpoint so sway back and forth staying out of the fire and lastly 2 police cruisers will blow up just smash through them for the completion.

Catch the decoy.

Story related and cannot be missed.

This level is great to get a Grade S powerslide or wheelie at the very beginning if you need them. Stay close to Cook by pressing up on the left analog stick and avoid being hurt or killed when facing the thugs protecting him. Shortly after powersliding under a tanker you will come to this very annoying and ludacris part of the stage where you just need to get through the pathway but you're constantly hitting the walls just trying to keep up with cook followed by a couple cranes dropping containers as you are about to pass them so be careful you donít get stopped by one. Once passing the cranes a cutscene will initiate and the trophy will be unlocked.

Egg Timer
Reach Cook and the A-bomb.

This is a very short and easy stage. This takes place during a night run where Jake, Tyrell, and some of Tyrellís privates are chasing down Cook and the bomb. There are a lot of ramps in this stage and is the only level you can earn Super Jump Man in so watch out for Tyrellís men when they are jumping the ramps so you can achieve this trophy at the same time. A couple of times during the level you will be joined by some of the Devilís Hands goons simply take them out with your pistol or submachine gun. At the end of the level a cutscene will appear unlocking the trophy.

Kill 10 Devil's Hand from Tyrell's side-car.

After watching your first intro cutscene into the Cookís sequence you will be riding along with Tyrell in his sidecar. During this stage you just kill enemies while Tyrell does the driving and you can not move on from one location without killing all the enemies which there are more than 10. Again aim with and shoot with . From the beginning of the stage you will shoot at Devil Hand enemies before coming to a gas station where you will endure waves of enemies. Wave 1 from the left side of the gas station, wave 2 from the right side of the gas station, wave 3 from the top center of the gas station and one with a sniper rifle, wave 4 is a combination of the 3 previous waves left, right, and top center. Youíre going to have to shoot with accuracy as these enemies can can you off quickly as you are just standing in the sidecar with no protection. Before leaving the gas station you should receive your trophy, however if for some reason you donít there are about 25 more Devil Hand MC members in the stage so you can still get the trophy.

Super Jump Man
Follow two of Tyrell's men off a bike ramp.

At the very beginning of the night time stage where you're chasing down Cook and the A bomb (also this is the start of the Amp of the Unites States stage if you start from the Dead End quest board), you will see two of Tyrellís men steer to the right at the beginning and make the jump shortly after you will receive the trophy! If the game glitches and they donít make the jump for some apparent reason continue the stage run and perhaps you will earn this naturally during the stage or you could press and reload from the last checkpoint.

Fight through the Refinery without dying.

The beginning of the Refinery starts after earning Egg Timer and is very simple when you take your time through it and not rush into any madness. This is the best stage to achieve both Fire in the Hole and Eye of the Wolf . You will have to buy a full supply of grenades from an Army van before going into the stage though so you can exit and come back to it or just proceed without them as you will soon encounter a sniper rifle waiting for you. After crossing a bridge and defeating a few enemies you go up a staircase and kill 2 more enemies leading you through a couple of doors, proceed through and there will be a sniper rifle. BEWARE!!! There are snipers at the distance when they take aim at you there will be a red laser so it is easy to counter sniper. Continuing on to the next portion you will see the turret gun, if you have sniper rifle ammo do not utilize it and instead use the rifle to kill as many enemies as you can and when you're out of ammo then use whatever you wish.

You will go through multiple areas where you get locked in until you kill all the enemies. What I did was gather them up into a circle throw a grenade down and run, although I was injured I didn't get killed and I did this all the way through. Running down some staircases while being sniped you will come to blue fuse boxes in the air, you need to shoot them so the ground will no longer be electrified. Take your time through this portion of the stage as you will come across areas with lots of enemies and you donít want to run out in the open and have to start all over from the beginning. After defeating the multiple enemies in the window box you run down some stairs and have a cutscene with Cook who drives across the bridge. Run after the trailer, but just know there are 4 enemies on the bridge and you need to take them out quick to give yourself enough time to kill Cook.

Note: If you want to play the Refinery you will first have to play through the night stage when chasing Cook and the A bomb on your motorcycle along with Tyrell and his privates. To get to this from the Dead End quest board go to Cook sequence and choose the dog tag stage.

Note: Accidentally or purposely (what I did) throwing a grenade at Cook not thinking about the A bomb, the bomb will blow up and you will fail the mission having to restart from the last checkpoint finding yourself at the staircase you walk down before you encounter Cook. This DOES NOT ruin your chances at earning this trophy as you will still get it if you do not die within the stage.

The Final Countdown
Defeat Cook.

Story related and cannot be missed.

This will be a timed stage making you work a little harder. Cook will be found at the end of the Refinery sequence where you will find him standing on the A bomb tractor being as the truck is driving off to the other side of the bridge. During this time chasing him you will encounter 4 MC members you need to defeat them by any means necessary, however don't try and run past them without killing them.
There are no strengths to Cook's fighting strategy as if you shoot him he stops moving and crouches down so even a pistol will eliminate him pretty quickly. Try not to throw grenades as it will blow up the bomb and restart you from across the bridge. At the end you will see the final cutscene with the trophy.

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