Players: 1 to 5 (depending on number of controllers)
Online Trophies: YES - 3
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: NA
Estimated Time to 100%: 20 - 30
Minimum Playthroughs: 1 campaign
Collectible Trophies: NA
Missable Trophies: NA
Glitched Trophies: NA


[top]Tips and Strategies

While playing the game try and aim for the objective instead of going for the world, much easier and removes so much time.

An easy objective every time is the take control of an opponent capital. Sometimes there is also one objective for getting 2 opponent capitals.

Go for the extra attack and defend dice as some of the first objective to get.

If playing on a map that have the temple (Von’s Temple), a 3 territory island that allows you to convert opponent territories to yours, go for it as it certainly the best of all objective in the game.

Always check for alternative routes around the map, as these can be so important for your survival or victories, knowing that there are some ways that can be entered into a country instead of the direct way is victory.


Step 1: Complete the campaign to learn the game and get the trophies that can be obtained here. Nothing much to say here.

Step 2: Pick up the remaining trophies that can be earned offline / local. I suggest playing the offline custom match to get rest of the trophies.

Step 3: Play online to get the online trophies.


First Strike
Be the first to get an objective in a game.

While playing the games campaign you have some objective that you need to get done in order to win the game, now you need to be the first to get one of these objectives done, in order to get the trophy. To view all the objectives in a game, press and now you can view all of them and find those that are the easiest for you to get from your starting point, once a objective is complete and the round is ended for you, you get a card and that a objective to choose, take the objective that you have completed and you obtain the trophy.

Kill 100 human, cat, robot, yeti and zombie units.

You need to kill the 5 playable character 100 times, a total of 500 kills, once you have completed the campaign you will have most of the required kill for some of them, you will most likely be missing some robot and Zombie kills as you don’t fight those as much in the campaign as humans and cats and you will have no yeti kills, , as he is the last playable character that you control and doesn’t get a chance to kill any of the troops for the 100 kills, you can choose to play against them all while going for the win on all maps trophy 5 star General. You can view the kills you have in the War Records in the main menu.

Another way to get these kills is to go straight in the online and try to get the trophies that requires you to play online, getting kills meanwhile.

Faction Specialist
Complete the human, cat, robot, yeti and zombie campaigns.

This trophy is simple, complete the 5 chapters in the campaign and you will obtain this trophy. Quiet simple. The 5 chapters are:

1. All quiet on the human front. (Human campaign)
2. A bridge too fur. (Cat campaign)
3. The red badge of storage. (Robot campaign)
4. A farewell to brains. (Zombie campaign)
5. Avalanche now. (Yeti campaign)

Capitalize This
Control 5 capitals.

This trophy can only be obtain in Faction, as there are no Capitals in classic Risk. First of you need to either play custom faction, online with 5 players or the last campaign, if playing custom match you need 5 players total for this to work, I suggest that you go for this trophy while playing campaign chapter 5 as it’s the first chapter you can get it on. Now a good way to get the 5 capitals in the campaign is to go for the Von’s Temple, it’s a 3 territory island in the left side that allows you to convert am enemy territory into your along with the troops that are on the territory. This is absolute the easiest place to get the trophy, as in the online mode you wont be giving the opportunity to keep Von’s temple as the other player certainly knows what this little island can do. So either do it in campaign chapter 5 or a 5 player custom map where you can control Von’s temple.

Defend a minimum of 5 attackers with 1 defender.

This is a pure luck trophy as you can’t be sure to get 5 attackers with only one defender, but you can choose how to stand on the field and that’s important for this trophy, now if you can have a couple of territories that you have no interest in then just leave 1 trooper there and hopefully the opponent goes in to take the territory with plenty of troops, the single trooper just need to kill 5 of the attacker, doesn’t matter if you lose the territory, just as long as you kill at least 5. With the defend dice you can get from completing the objective is your best bet here to improve the chances of killing 5 attackers, also it doesn’t matter if the opponent attacks your territory with only 4 attackers and loses them and the same opponent attacks the same territory again from another territory, you still get them trophy if you manage to kill 5 attackers.

There are some other objectives to also helps you with this trophy, and they are:

Defence dice - Gives you an extra dice to defend with.
Airfield - All territories that have borders to the territory the airfield is placed, adds a extra number to the rolled dice.
Controlling 3 barracks - Gives control of the missile that gives a extra dice when defending and attacking for all territories that have water as the border next to the missile.

Demon Child
Achieve 10 super overkills.

Then second trophy that are pure luck, now to make super overkills you need to roll 3 6’s while the opponent doesn’t roll a 6, this is just like anything else with dice, it all about luck and nothing to do with skills, just cross your finger and hope for 3 6’s. There are some light at the end of the tunnel as you can on some levels get an attack dice and this increases the chance you getting 3 6’s with 4 dice, but still hard to roll all 6. Now you can get super overkills in the game while choosing to fast attack, this way you don’t need to roll yourself, the fight goes forward faster.

There are some other objectives to also helps you with this trophy, and they are:

Attack dice - This objective is like the defense dice just an attack dice instead and gives an extra one when attacking.
Airfield - All territories that have borders to the territory the airfield is placed, adds a extra number to the rolled dice.
Controlling 3 barracks - Gives control of the missile that gives a extra dice when defending and attacking for all territories that have water as the border next to the missile.

Star Command
Earn 10 stars and trade them for 30 troops.

Getting cards in the game is not that hard, you get them when you take over territories, now you need to earn 10 stars in order to get 30 troops, when you do get a card you can get either 1 or 2 stars on that card, every time you start your round be sure to choose to save the cards you have, done by pressing and waiting until you have 10 stars, this can easily be done on chapter 4 in the campaign as you have plenty of territories to get cards on, just remember if the CPU get 3 objectives before you can cash in your 10 stars for 30 troops you lose the chapter and wont be able to get the trophy that time. Once you turn 10 stars to get 30 troops you obtain the trophy.

Also if you eliminate an opponent you get that players cards. You can view the number of cards your opponents have by pressing and choosing the opponent, now you see a screen that shows you the number of troops this player, cards and ect ect.

5 Star General
Win a game on each map.

Win on every map isn’t that hard, sadly completing the campaign doesn't towards this, go to either custom match and win on them all, if you win on a map that is under 2 player and 3 player you will have a win in both so for easier completion do the map with the lowest possible option and win the world map Classic and Faction, win on the following maps that are listed below under the custom match, faction. Once all 11 maps have a star showing and you have win in both Classic and faction world map you obtain the trophy.

Big Ice
Dead central
Down Range
Proving ground

Play 5 games on PlayStation®Network.

This is the most simple online trophy in the game, noting hard here, as you just need to play 5 matches under Playstation®Network. It doesn’t even matter if you win or lose, just as long as you haven’t quit the game, while not defeated, you are allowed to quit the game after you been defeated but not while you have at least one soldier left. Once the 5 matches have been played you obtain the trophy.

Master & Commander
Win a 5 player ranked Command Room game on PlayStation®Network.

For this trophy you need to play under faction, ranked, command room and a map that allows 5 players. Now there are tow way to get this. First you can get the 3 objectives to win the match, these are viewed by pressing and finding those that suits you or you can just go for world domination. The only problem is that you need at least one player that doesn't leave before you won. So for the safe route go for the 3 objective completion. This trophy can be boosted with friends online, you need 4 others to get it, or just have 1 friend that destroys the other players and you can get the objective you need. if a player have an objective or more and you kill that person you get his or hers objective with the perk following them.

Glory Hunter
Win 10 ranked games on PlayStation®Network.

For this trophy you can boost it with a friend on player maps, just make sure that you complete the objective or eliminate him or her, you can not start a map, have your friend quit and even though it says you won, it doesn't count so you need either to get the 3 objective or eliminate the player. if you are playing against randoms I highly recommend you play factions, command room so you have a lesser chance of your opponents leave before you have the entire world, because if you play classic risk you need to have the entire world before you win.

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