Players: 1 Singleplayer
Online Trophies: N/A
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to 100%: 10 - 15 Hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1 + Chapter select
Collectible Trophies: 25% Gold Collectibles Found - 50% Gold Collectibles Found - 100% Gold Collectibles Found - Pack Rat
Missable Trophies: N/A
Glitched Trophies: Kiss Me Deadly may seem glitched, but it isn't. Read Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits for more in-depth info about it.
Official Review: Rochard Official Review by Gauss

[top]Tips & Strategies

  • To create cover for yourself grab a box with the G-lifter and hold it up in front you and crouch to minimize the enemy's visibility of you and slowly move closer to closest enemy until the box is within firing range for a kill.
  • Don't get trigger happy with the Rock Blaster or it will end up overheating in the middle of a fire fight when you most need it.
  • To gain a lot of altitude when jumping hold to use Low-G and then grab a box with the G-lifter if one is available near you and jump up then aim it down and throw it and that will give you extra momentum upward to get to places where there is hidden trophy collectables and upgrades out of your reach.
  • Camera turrets are the easiest to get rid of, they also fire at you rapidly when they see you without stopping so it is always best to get rid of them first in an area with lots of enemies to reduce the amount of fire coming at you significantly.
  • Droids can be used as explosive after they are defeated but the widow of opportunity is very short before they explode and disappear so you have to pick them up quick with the G-lifter and throw them at another enemy.
  • Camera turrets can be used in the same manner as droids as well. But only when you get the upgrade for the G-lifter that enables you to grab the cameras out of their place which sets off an explosion timer in the same manner as droids.
  • Enemies can kill each other by accident, so enemy fire coming at you from one enemy that hits another enemy can kill them eventually if enough damage is done. That is applicable to human enemies, camera turrets and droids. But human enemies are the most likely to die of it because they are the weakest of enemies and tend to stand in the line of fire of other enemies often, camera turrets tend to be in a fixed and safe location so it unlikely for another enemy to destroy a camera by accident.
  • You are prone to your own grenades as well so always make sure there is enough distance between you and your launched grenade whether it is a frag or a remotely detonated sticky charge. Also frag grenades tend to ricochet all over the place and usually right back at you even in Low-G so make sure to set the frag properly.
  • Frag grenades detonate after a set amount of time, but the problem is that sometimes they ricochet away from the designated target before they explode. No problem! I figured out around the end of the game that hitting again with a frag out will cause it to detonate immediately.
  • Your health recharges after a set amount of time from the last hit you took, so always take the time to retreat from a fire fight and let your health replenish before taking on the bad guys again.
  • Grabbed boxes with the G-lifter are useful as a shield because they repel enemy fire and can re-direct it back at them causing them to die.
  • Enemies can be electrocuted and crushed by descending elevators, falling containers and squished between a force door and other objects so use the environment to your advantage.
  • Some levels will have exploding canisters lying around that can be detonated with a Rock Blaster shot or when thrown with the G-lifter, also enemy fire can cause them to detonate if hit, so holding a canister in front of you with the G-lifter to throw at another enemy can be deadly to you if you do not hurry up.
  • Laser cutters can be manipulated with the both the G-lifter and the Rock Blaster to aim the beam at crates and enemies to get rid of them pretty quickly, but be careful not to end up killing yourself.

[top]Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits

The Kiss Me Deadly trophy may pop randomly for some and may not for others, I do not think it is a glitch but more like the objective of the trophy being met by accident. You will get a first generation G-Lifter nicknamed Helga around the end of the game and with it you can lift Human enemies and subsequently kill them, only then can you get this trophy by firing the corpse at another human enemy. I have read of several instances where a player will melee one enemy knocking him back into the 2nd enemy standing behind him and end up getting this trophy. I had a similar situation occur to me but I did not end up getting the trophy. I am not entirely sure if I did kill the 2nd enemy with the body of the 1st, or it was something else that killed him. I grabbed a box with the G-lifter and threw it at the first enemy who died and got knocked back into the 2nd enemy standing behind him and he died as well but I didn't earn the trophy. No other cheats, glitches or exploits exist in the game that I came across or heard about.


If you are new to the game and its puzzles then earning all of the trophies in one playthrough may be a little challenging. Because of Speed Run. I suggest Playing the game first and getting familiar with the complex controls and game mechanics and getting to know how to work out some of the puzzles in the game. Also use that play through to earn all the Trophy Collectables as well as Pack Rat. If you finish the game having missed a trophy collectable or an upgrade then simply use the Chapter select feature to go back to the chapter which you missed the item. The chapter select menu will tell you which chapter have you missed collectables on.

Then after having done all the collectables you can start on your speed run playthrough which took me 02:45:20 to complete in one sitting. During this playthrough you will want to ignore all trophy collectables and possibly some upgrades too even though they will be helpful in order to progress through faster. The rule I set out to myself for this was that if the Upgrade is not in the direction I am heading and I would have to go out of my way and use up extra time to get it then simply ignore it. But that will not be a problem because most upgrades will be floating around right in front of you in the general direction you need to be heading and so you will find your self with a considerable amount of extra health and grenade capacity as well as Rock Blaster Heat Sink & Power Level upgrades. Which is just enough to get you through the playthrough in time.


25% Gold Collectibles Found
Collect 25% of all Gold Collectibles

Refer to 100% Gold Collectibles Found For Completion of this Trophy.

50% Gold Collectibles Found
Collect 50% of all Gold Collectibles

Refer to 100% Gold Collectibles Found For Completion of this Trophy.

100% Gold Collectibles Found
Collect 100% of all Gold Collectibles

Here is a playlist of video walkthroughs that will show you how to get the trophy collectables in the game.

Toggle Spoiler

All videos provided by ErdemoScreamo

Pack Rat
Collect all upgrades

The upgrades in the game consist of the following:
  • Health increase
  • Rock Blaster Heat Sink
  • Rock Blaster Power Level
  • Explosium capacity increase

All upgrades are hard to miss as they are put in plain sight where you can pick them up by casually achieving your current objective.

Kill an enemy with an object shot with G-Lifter

This trophy will be the first to earn in the game. You start out with the G-Lifter as your only weapon so the only way to get past enemies is to grab boxes with it and toss it at them. Aiming for the head seems to do better than aiming anywhere lower. That is because of the downward curve in the trajectory of the object thrown due to the gravity element in the game.

Kiss Me Deadly
Kill a human enemy with another enemy's body

You will be able to earn this trophy around the end of the game after getting a G-Lifter upgrade that lets you grab and throw human enemies and also has the Anti-Gravity Explosium Charge upgrade. Defeating enemies with a human body is not as easy doing so with a box, their bodies are flail and you have to be really close and aim your shot well so that it has enough momentum to defeat another enemy. Generally it is an easy trophy that you shouldn't have any problems with because there are segments around the end of the game where the Rock Blaster and Explosium grenades become useless against types of enemies protected by an orange spherical force field and so the G-Lifter is the only effective weapon to use against them.

Unfriendly Fire
Kill a human enemy with deflected bullets

This trophy should be earned around the beginning of the game when enemies are met in small hallways and are not plenty. When you first start encountering enemies they will primarily be in small places with a bunch of boxes around. Grab a box and hold it up right in front of the enemy because deflected shots can go all over the place and it may take a while for enough shots to hit the enemy and kill him. So a really close box will leave little to no space for the deflected shot to hit that is not the enemy intended.

Death from Above
Kill an enemy by falling on him

Your best chance to earn this trophy is at the very beginning of the game when the human enemies first to start to show up. You will enter a hallway which has several platforms that hold boxes above you, jump up on the platforms and wait for an enemy to walk under you and jump on him to kill him. Keep in mind that falling on him while using Low-G will not kill him because the weight isn't enough because of the Low-G effect.

Electrocute a human enemy

The first chance for you to earn this trophy will come soon after you start meeting enemies. There will be an enemy walking back and forth on a red force field and below is an electrical field. You need to snatch the fuse that powers that force field with you G-Lifter and the enemy will fall on the electricity and will get killed. There are several instances throughout the game where you can get enemies electrocuted but the is is the easiest one to pull off as it is already preset for you and all you have to do is pull the fuse.

Second Amendment
Kill 100 enemies using the Rock Blaster

You should start using the Rock Blaster as soon as you get it. It is very strong especially when upgraded with Heat Sink & Power Level upgrades. You will get the Rock Blaster a little after you start encountering human enemies as they start to shut down doors with special locks that require a Rock Blaster to bust through. When you get acquire it, it will become your primary weapon for disposing of enemies because the G-Lifter isn't strong enough or efficient in disposing of enemies. All types of enemies count for this trophy as I got it seconds after destroying a camera turret. So human enemies, camera turrets & droids are illegible targets. You will be able to get this trophy midway through the game. If not, then use chapter select to replay chapter 3 because it has the most enemies. DO NOT start a new game, that will most likely restart your kill counter. I am not sure of this but based on what I've read around from other people's experiences.

Death on Delivery
Kill 100 enemies using objects shot or dropped with G-Lifter

Another easy trophy that you should get in a single playthrough along with Second Amendment. After getting the Rock Blaster chances are that it will be the only weapon you use to defeat enemies. Maybe Explosium grenades too because of their effectiveness, but bottom line is, if you only use Explosium grenades and the Rock Blaster then you will not be able to get this trophy in a single playthrough and may need to farm it later using Chapter select. Eventually the human enemies will have this orange force field around them that protects them against Rock Blaster shots and Explosium grenades and so the only way to kill them is through thrown objects via the G-Lifter. There are certain areas where droids will infinitely spawn and so those can be used to farm kills for this trophy if need be.

Say Hello to My Little Friend
Kill 2 or more enemies with a single exploding mechanical enemy

Chapter 4: Back to the Temple - Level 1: Aligning Stars

There are two really good areas in this chapter and level where you can earn this trophy and they come one after the next.

(1) First will be after you cross a hallway and use a large container to get across to a door and then then go straight where you will come across a droid, shoot the droid until it goes into critical condition and quickly use your Helga G-Lifter and grab it and go down a level and hold the droid up to that human enemy standing under a camera turret and when the droid explodes it should take out the camera turret and the human enemy and you should get this trophy.

(2) Second area is a little after the one mentioned in (1) You will go down a ladder and go through a door into a room divided up between an upper level where you walked in that has a turret starring staring at you fixed in the corner. A droid hovering around, then below your feet is a small room with a camera turret fixed there as well. Then at the last most bottom level will be a third camera and a second droid hovering around. You need to destroy the first camera and one of the droids pretty quickly. then wait for your health to regenerate if need be. Next you need to use the G-Lifter to snatch the second droid and stick him into that small room with the camera turret below your feet. Then snatch the camera at the bottom level which will send it into critical meltdown and quickly throw it at the camera turret and droid in that little room and when it explodes it should take out the other two enemies and give you the trophy.

Overall this is a trial and error trophy. The locations I specified may work for some and may not work for others. Suggestions and extra key possible good locations mentions in the discussions tab are always appreciated and could end up in the guide if tested and approved for validity.

Game Completed
Defeat Maximillian

This trophy pretty much kills the game for those who just picked it up. Anyway, to defeat Maximillian you have to use your Explosium frag grenades on the four statues stationed around the temple room. Two in the top, one in the left corner and one in the right corner and an Explosium refill station in the center. Two at the bottom but not the very bottom, also spread out one on the left side and one on the right side. After all four are destroyed you need to pick up the disc located in the very center of the room and install it in the Helga G-Lifter. Switch to the Rock Blaster and start firing those charged shots at Maximillian and he will be defeated pretty quickly. Don't forget to take cover when low on health and to defeat the droids he summons because they are bothersome. You will get this trophy after the cut-scene.

Speed Run
Complete the game in 3 hours or less

Probably the most annoying trophy in the game because it completely sucks the fun out of it and keeps you very anxious because it pushes you to hurry up through the game and possibly cause you to die a lot if you are not careful enough around areas filled with enemies and environmental hazards. But primarily the things to keep in mind inn order to be able to get this trophy in one try is:
  • Don't go looking for trophy collectables. They are useless to you in the game and can be obtained via chapter select.
  • Do not backtrack for any reason unless it is objective specific. The game is very linear and progresses through story.
  • If you see a G-Lifter upgrade then get it. G-Lifter upgrades will give you the upper hand in combat so you will be able to clear areas of enemies with ease.
  • Upgrade your max health capacity. Most health capacity upgrades are stationed in plain sight and only take a few seconds to use and only a few are hidden.
  • When in doubt...Explosium grenades! The Explosium grenades are very effective and can clean out areas pretty quickly. So if the Rock Blaster and G-Beam isn't doing the job, Explosium will surely do.

These are the things that I kept in mind while doing my speed run and I got the trophy on my first try. It's not that I am good at things like speed runs because I am definitely not! I finished with a time of 02:45:20 and I died around 25 times (give or take)

And on my collectables playthrough + Chapter select I had 07:07:31 which was also my first playthrough, so I was new to the game's concept and puzzles and their respective solutions.

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