Players: 1
Online Trophies: Yes, This Means War.
Online Pass Required: No, but it's needed to link to Rock Band World.
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to 100%: 15+ hours (Depending on skill)
Minimum Playthroughs: Play to your hearts content. There is no career mode.
Collectible Trophies:
Missable Trophies:
Glitched Trophies:


Rock Band Blitz is Harmonix's newest addition to the Rock Band family. Instead of using an controller peripheral, Blitz take notes from earlier Harmonix games, such as Frequency and Amplitude, and even from the popular PSP title Rock band: Unplugged. Boasting a 25 track set-list, as a player, you can export every track into your Rock Band library as well as play any legacy (previous DLC) tracks in Blitz for extra goodies.


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[top]Tips & Strategies

Rock Band Blitz isn't about playing all the notes in the song, it's about scoring high. Your goal, mainly, is to maximize your multipier of each instrument (there's an indicator on the left side of the screen), before each checkpoint. With each successful pass the multiplier ranks up giving you more points and a higher multiplier to achieve.

Things like Power-ups and Blitz Mode will greatly increase the point value of notes, phrases and abilities. Finding the winning combination of Power-Ups and gameplay is vital to scoring big, and ultimately earning five gold stars.


1) Get familiar with the setlist, play all of them without any powers to get a feel of what you might think could be the winning formula.

2) Start using different combinations of Power-Ups to increase your scores.

3) Practice!


Calibrate Good Times
Calibrate your system for the optimal Rock Band Blitz experience.

This should be your very first trophy, it's super low effort. From the title screen, select Help & Options. From there select Calibration. From there you have two options. You can set the audio and video lag using the built in Wizard, or you can fiddle with the settings manually. Either way once you've set both in some way, you can move on.

Complete both Tutorials.

Much like the trophy above, select Help & Options from the title screen and from there How to Play. There you'll fine two short lessons; Basic Tutorial & Advanced Tutorial.

Once completed, the the trophy pops, but I strongly urge you to pay close attention. The lessons may be short, but there is a lot of things that will help you score high and do well.

Three for the Taking
Increase the Level Cap by 3X at 3 Checkpoints in a single song.

Checkpoints in Blitz are places in every song where you're rewarded for not neglecting your track multipliers.

For example, let's say you have all of your tracks are at 5x. Once you cross a checkpoint you'll be rewarded with 3 additional multiplier levels. On the other hand, if you have a track that is behind, crossing the checkpoint will give you less than needed. And if you're doing horribly; rewarded none.

Trick is to keep everything going, and most importantly, do not neglect instrument tracks, and this should come naturally.

Blitz and Giggles
Stay in Blitz Mode for at least 30 seconds in a single song.

Blitz Mode kicks in once you get all your multipliers going and you're making minimal mistakes. The tracks will stretch out and appear to run faster, almost increasing the difficulty. The key here is to watch when you're switching tracks. there are plenty of windows to switch and quickly pick up the next instrument without dropping notes. However, very few mistakes can be made and you can still retain Blitz Mode, but too many will stop it.

Stay in this fast paced mode for 30 seconds, and ping!

Perfect Finish
Finish a song with all tracks at the Level Cap.

This may sound like a chore, given the multiplier can reach staggering heights, but basically you need to finish the song with all of your tracks at the same level cap. So, like stated above, the trick is to not neglect any given track, giving your band a solid lead.

Never Better
Replay a song and beat your previous high score.

Very easy, and there's two ways to approach this.

One) You can play a song doing as well as you can then come back later once your skills have improved.

Two) Half ass a song on the first try, then immediately play it again, unleashing your amazing Rock Band skills.

This Means War
Challenge someone to a Score War.

From the title screen select play. From there you should see the entire layout that is Rock Band Blitz. By going right or left look under Recommend Here it will show you all the songs that the game recommends you to play, whether it be a Blitz song or otherwise. Some of them recommend you to challenge a friend on your friends list (they must also have the game). When prompted agree to send the challenge and this will pop.

Play 100% of the notes in a Guitar solo.

Much like every other Rock Band title, guitar tracks often have solos in them, and sometimes more than one. Simply pick a familiar tune and work at it until you've ace'd that particular section.

It'll be very easy to pick out. Once the solo begins, all other tracks will be empty during it's entirety.

If you're having trouble, I recommend the first solo in Give It Away by The Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Good as Gold
Earn Gold stars on a song.

See Precious Medal.

Play a chain of 10 Flame Notes.

Flame Notes are the second Note Power-Up you unlock with your Cred level. Buy the Power-Up for a song and as you're playing, flaming purplish note will appear in any given track. When you play them, more and more notes 'catch fire' and spread all over the place and each succession will bee a bit harder to hit. Play 10 without letting the chain go by, and this ones yours.

Pinball Whiz
Keep the Pinball in play for at least 20 seconds.

Pinball Notes are the third unlockable Power-Up in the Note Power-Up category. Once in play, the pinball will race toward the top of the screen and zoom back down. It will zig and zag, changing tracks, it's up to you to switch around to bounce it back up in the track field with your Strike Area. Keep it up for 20 seconds and enjoy the show!

Rocket Scientist
Clear 20 notes with a single Bottle Rocket.

Bottle Rocket is the 4th Overdrive Power-Up you unlock with your cred level. To activate you must have a good supply of Overdrive from successfully hitting a series of white glowing notes. Once your power is high enough, you can launch a giant rocket on to on coming notes. The beast will take a chunk out of all of the instrument tracks at once.

Finding a place where there are a large group of notes isn't too tough. I recommend the later parts in the song Shine.

That Dozen Count
Play 12 of the songs included with Rock Band Blitz.

See Blitzed Out.

Blitzed Out
Play every song included with Rock Band Blitz.

Rock Band Blitz boasts a 25 track setlist with songs from all kinds of genres. This is one that you'll pick up naturally because you'll want to play through every song at least once anyway to flesh out a number of the other trophies.

See the Setlist in the Introduction.

Stellar Performance
Earn 5 stars on every song included with Rock Band Blitz.

See Precious Medal.

Precious Medal
Earn Gold stars on every song included with Rock Band Blitz.

This may very well be the hardest trophy in Rock band Blitz. Like every other Rock band title, your reward for doing extremely well is Five Gold Stars. The harder the difficulty, the harder it'll be to achieve that song status.

The trick is to balance gameplay with the various Power-Ups made available once unlocked. Some songs are are heavier in one or two instruments than others. Trying different combinations along with trying your best to hit notes is where you'll find yourself in working toward this.

The formulas below are what worked for myself, and in some cases may take some time to get just right. Don't be shy to stray from the chart below. This game is all about experimentation and most importantly practice when it comes to scoring big.

Song Approximate GS Score Power-Up Load Out
A Little Less Sixteen Candles,
A Little More "Touch Me
161,000 Road Rage, Blast Notes, Super Guitar
Always 266,500 Road Rage, Blast Notes, Super Guitar
Bang Your Head (Metal Health) 400,000 Jackpot, Blast Notes, Super Guitar
Cult of Personality 367,000 Jackpot, Blast Notes, Super Guitar
Death on Two Legs
(Dedicated to...)
236,000 Road Rage, Blast Notes, Super Guitar
Diamond Eyes (Boom-Lay Boom-Lay Boom) 432,000 Road Rage, Blast Notes, Super Guitar
Give It Away 280,000 Road Rage, Blast Notes, Super Vocals
I'm Still Standing 235,000 Road Rage, Blast Notes, Super Vocals
Jessie's Girl 160,000 Road Rage, Blast Notes, Super Guitar
Jungle Boogie 130,000 Road Rage, Blast Notes, Super Guitar
Kids in the Street 323,000 Road Rage, Blast Notes, Super Drums
Moves Like Jagger 205,000 Road Rage, Blast Notes, Super Guitar
Once Bitten Twice Shy 380,000 Road Rage, Blast Notes, Super Guitar
One Week 115,000 Road Rage, Blast Notes, Super Vocals
Pumped Up Kicks 196,000 Band Mate, Blast Notes, Super Vocals
Raise Your Glass 143,600 Road Rage, Blast Notes, Super Vocals
Shine 295,000 Road Rage, Blast Notes, Super Guitar
Shout 489,000 Jackpot, Blast Notes, Super Guitar
Sing 300,100 Road Rage, Blast Notes, Super Drums
So Far Away 298,000 Road Rage, Blast Notes, Synchrony
Spoonman 325,000 Road Rage, Blast Notes, Super Bass
Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You) 190,000 Road Rage, Blast Notes, Super Guitar
These Days 330,000 Road Rage, Blast Notes, Super Guitar
The Wicker Man 395,000 Road Rage, Blast Notes, Super Guitar
We Are Young 195,000 Road Rage, Blast Notes, Super Drums

More Power to You
Unlock every Power-up in Rock Band Blitz.

During your play time, you'll gain Cred. Cred can be earned from all kinds of song performance stats, such as; percentage, instrument score, song type, number of stars earned, etc. As your Cred count grows higher, you'll be able to unlock more and more Power-Ups,and they fall into the three categories below;

Overdrive Power-Ups
Point Doubler
Band Mate
Bottle Rocket
Road Rage

Note Power-Ups
Blast Notes
Flame Notes
Pinball Notes
Runaway Notes

Track Power-Ups
Super Drums
Super Bass
Super Guitar
Super Vocals
Super Keys

Big Spender
Spend 10,000 coins.

Along with Cred, you'll be earning the game's currency Coins, and like Cred, the better you do in your performance the more coins you earn. You can complete challenges, friend competitions, even linking your game to Rack Band World for more ways to generate your income if needed. With Power-Up prices starting at 200 and up, you'll pick this up through natural play in an hour or two.

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