Players: 1-4 (requires 4 for some trophies)
Online Play: No
Online Trophies: No
Cheat Codes: Yes
Cheats Affect Trophies: Yes
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Suggested Playthroughs: 1
Time to 100%: Depends on your skill level.

[top]Tips and Strategies

The main difficulty of earning these trophies is that there is no online play. Therefore, you need a drumset, microphone and 2 guitars in order to get 100% of the trophies. Since the original set for Rock Band only came with 1 guitar, you will need to buy another one.


Escaped Death
Complete "Killed by Death" on Expert without a band member failing

You do not need to have a full band to get this trophy but you need at least 2 instruments. If you can sing this song on expert and play a different instrument on expert you might be able to do this by yourself. Your best option if you have 2 people is to play drums and bass as those are the easiest instruments on this song. I will go over all of the instruments though.

Drums on this song are pretty easy. As long as you have a decent drummer, this shouldn't be a problem. I'm not a vocalist, but the song doesn't sound that hard to sing. Bass is also pretty easy. Your main concern in this song is the guitar part. You will need a pretty good guitarist to pass this song without failing. Remember, all of you must be playing on expert.

Full Band Chart by corporalgregg3

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The Fifth Circle
5-star "Red Devil" as a Vocalist in Solo Tour

This song is very easy to sing. Under Rock Band 2's tiering system, it is in the Warmup tier. You can play on easy if you want, you just have to be in Solo Tour. It is in the first set of songs so you don't have to progress in the game at all.

Expert Vocals Chart by alieninvader2

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Master of Master of the Universe
5 star "Master of the Universe" with any instrument on Expert

You can use any instrument for this trophy. I did it with drums because that's the instrument I'm best with. It's probably easier to do it on bass or vocals though. It is in the Warmup tier for both bass and vocals. This song is long so you can afford to screw up quite a few times.

Full Band Chart by corporalgregg3

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Transmaniacon RB
Complete "Transmaniacon MC" as a full band, with all band members on Hard or Expert

This requires a full band. Unlike Escaped Death you all don't have to play on expert, and you can fail as long as someone can save you. Each member can only fail twice before you fail the song all together. You don't have to worry about score for this trophy, you just need to pass the song.

I can't say much about guitar other than that it's in the Challenging tier. I don't play guitar that much but if you have a guitarist that can complete "Killed By Death", I'm guessing he or she can complete this song on at least hard. Drums are quite difficult. It's not impossibly hard but still difficult. You will need a semi-good drummer to be able to even pass this song on hard. This is the hardest song in the track pack to sing. It is in the Nightmare tier(one tier below impossible). You will need a good vocalist who knows the song well. Bass shouldn't give you much trouble compared to the other instruments.

Full Band Chart by corporalgregg3

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Double Crossed
Play "Screaming for Vengeance" in a Score Duel

All you need for this trophy is 2 of any instrument. Simply play the song in a score duel. You don't even have to be able to pass the song as you can't fail in a score duel.

Closer Closer
Hit 100% as a Bassist on "Closer," up-strums only

Closer is a pretty easy song on bass, and getting 100% should only take you a few tries. It doesn't specify a difficulty so you can play on easy if you have to. Remember to up-strum the entire time.

This trophy might be glitched. I have gotten 100% on this song many times, even on different difficulties, and the trophy still didn't pop up. I know i up-strummed the whole time, because that's the only way I strum on guitar/bass. If someone has gotten this please tell me how.

Expert Bass Chart by XxIronManxX2BassSH

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In the Moment
Score 100% as a Vocalist playing "Forever"

Don't let the female singer trick you into believing this song is hard to sing. It is only in the Apprentice tier. Still, it can be quite difficult to get 100%. The trophy doesn't specify a difficulty so you can play on easy. If you're having trouble you can try humming, just make sure you take many breaths as this song has long phrases. It only counts as 100% if you get an "Awesome" rank on each phrase so restart if you get a "Strong" rating on a phrase.

Expert Vocals Chart by XvXBLOODXvX

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4s and 5s
Get 4 stars or better playing "3s and 7s" with a full band

This trophy doesn't specify a difficulty and this song is easy so, as long as you have 4 instruments, this should be an easy trophy. Guitar and drums may be a problem but you shouldn't have trouble with either of them on easy. Even if a few people fail out and get saved there shouldn't be a problem getting 4 stars.

Full Band Chart by MarcKingston

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Bow Down
Finish "Thrasher" as an Expert Drummer

Is this the hardest trophy in the track pack? Probably. Ironically, this was my first trophy. I don't know if you can do this in a full band with all other members on easy but you can try. If not then you'll have to do it solo. Thankfully, the drum part is nowhere near as difficult as the guitar or bass part. Unfortunately, it is still very difficult. I can pass every on-disc song in RB2 (including Visions) and I still get in the red near the end of the song. Go into practice mode and get the main beat down(red+yellow - bass - red+yellow - bass etc). Once you get that down, try to get enough speed to hit at least most of the intro snare rolls as there are quite a few that are around the same speed in the song. When you make an attempt to get the trophy, make sure you don't activate overdrive unless your rock meter is in the red. This will cover up a lot of the harder parts of the song.

Expert Drums chart by SSblind73

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Resign Your Souls to Metal
Complete Band Tour on Medium difficulty or greater

This does not require a full band. In fact this doesn't even require more than 1 person. If you have a mic stand or some way to creatively place the microphone near your mouth than you can do this as long as you can sing and play guitar at the same time. Some of the songs are all talky parts on vocals so you don't even have to sing. Just place the mic next to your TV and play. The songs that are all talky parts are:

Blinded By Fear
Laid To Rest
Bulls On Parade

You can do this with drums but for the songs you actually have to sing it can be a bit difficult to use a mic stand and play drums at the same time.

Play "D.O.A.", "Laid to Rest," and "Hair of the Dog" in Solo Tour

This can be done on any difficulty. It is probably easiest on vocals, as D.O.A. and Laid To Rest are all talky parts, and Hair of the Dog is easy to sing. Just remember, it must be done in solo tour.

Enter the Gates
5-Star "Blinded by Fear" on any instrument... with your eyes closed

Easy! Just play on vocals. Since the song is all talky parts, all you have to do is constantly make noise and you will get 100%. You can even put the mic against the speakers of your TV. The trophy does not specify a difficulty so you can play on easy.

Full Band chart by TeamPh3nom

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