Players: 1 - 2

Online Trophies: None
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: No Cheat Codes
Estimated Time to Platinum: 10 - 15 Hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 2, One for the single player and one for the cooperative campaign
Collectible Trophies: Revolutionary Fighter
Missable Trophies: None, everything can be done via chapter select
Glitched Trophies: None



Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken takes you on a cinematic platform adventure through Albatropolis as you hunt down the Penguin's corrupt leader, Putzki. Along the way, you'll have to kill many penguins, solve puzzles, incite revolution, and maybe possibly pilot a few jetpacks. You play as Hardboiled, a Rambo-ish soldier in the fight against the penguin regime. The games also features music from New World Revolution for its soundtrack and various cut scenes which fits in well with the overall tone of the game.

Also its worth noting that while this game has a two player cooperative campaign, there is no option to play online. The cooperative campaign is local only and must be done using either two controllers yourself or with the help of a friend. If attempting to do it by yourself using two controllers there are only a few locations that provide to be a bit difficult. However, thanks to an infinite number of continues its still relatively easy.


Step 1: Play through all 15 chapters of the single player campaign working towards the following goals:
  • Kill 300 penguin or clones
  • Finding all 45 signs
  • Juggling an enemy for 10 seconds
  • Kill 6 helicopter penguins with their own missles
  • Kill all of the penguins on each of the three blimps
  • Escaping the large zeppelin with 40 seconds or more remaining
  • Kill 30 penguins as they step out of a door
  • Brainbug 30 enemies
  • Kill 20 enemies using a Brainbugged penguin
  • Brainbug at least one penguin from each of the 6 types along with Putzki
  • Kill 3 enemies with one grenade
  • Kill 6 enemies with the bazooka
  • Launch the Silo missile
  • Punch or kick 100 times
  • Kill an enemy by knocking or walking him into a laser door
  • Stack all three crates near the end of chapter 11

Doing so will unlock the following trophies:

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Step 2: Play through the cooperative campaign to unlock the Dirty Half-Dozen and Friendly Transit trophies.

Step 3: Go back and kill Brno using the knife and collect any other trophies you may have missed earlier using chapter select. Doing so will give you the Fear the Spur and Platinum Trophy.


Platinum Trophy
Collect all trophies

You all know the drill. Collect the rest of the trophies and you'll unlock the plat.

Mission Complete
Overthrow Putzki and liberate Albatropolis

This trophy is story related and cannot be missed.
You'll unlock it after finishing Chapter 15 during the single player campaign.

Dirty Half-Dozen
Complete the Cooperative game mode

This trophy is story related and cannot be missed.
You'll unlock it after finishing Chapter 10 during the cooperative campaign while killing Brno and rescuing the Generals daughter.

Hardboiled Seal
Kill 100 penguins or clones

You can unlock this trophy during either the single player or cooperative campaigns. Simply kill 100 penguins or clones and the trophy is yours.

Hardboiled Orca
Kill 300 penguins or clones

Just like the Hardboiled Seal trophy, you should eventually unlock this during the single player or cooperative campaigns. Make sure you kill every penguin you come across and you should have no problem reaching 300 kills. You should also note that if you use chapter select, you'll overwrite the kills you already have and will start back with zero.

Disgruntled Worker
Find 3 Signs

Signs can be found throughout each of the 15 different chapters. They're little red squares with a circle in the middle. Once you hit one, it will flip over reveiling a yellow sad face image. There are three signs in each of the 15 chapters for a total of 45 altogether. They appear in a specific order, so once you discover the first one in a chapter, a second one will appear somewhere else in that same chapter. If you're following the guide then you should get this trophy during the very first chapter. Please refer to the Revolutionary Fighter trophy below for the location of all 45 signs.

It is also worth noting that not all signs can be obtained by your character alone or are within jumping range. Some of them require you to shoot an enemy penguin into the sign with your machine gun while juggling them across certain gaps or distances. Therefore its recommended that you read all three sign locations for the specific chapter you're doing before killing any of the penguin guards in that chapter. Otherwise you might kill a penguin you need to reach a sign and have to restart the chapter over again.

Rebellious Labourer
Find 20 Signs

If you've been following the guide, you should get this trophy after you find the second sign during Chapter 7. Please refer to the Revolutionary Fighter trophy below for the location of all 45 signs.

Revolutionary Fighter
Find all 45 Signs

Here are the locations of all 45 signs during the 15 chapters in the single player campaign. Special thanks to LizardKing_74 for discovering all 45 signs and allowing me to use his guide.

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Flight Instructor
Juggle an enemy for 10 seconds

To get this trophy all you need to do is get close to an enemy and press R1 or R2 to kick or punch an enemy into the air. Once you have an enemy trapped against the end of a scene or wall, continue to punch or kick them by pressing R1 or R2 until you unlock the trophy. I earned it near the beginning of Chapter 2 when you first come across your clones as they have more health than the regular penguins so they stay alive longer. However, its worth noting that if you press either R1 or R2 too quickly you will fire your gun instead of punch/kick. You need to time it so that you continue to punch/kick instead of firing the gun.

Quote Originally Posted by NIGHTMARE View Post
An easier way to get FLIGHT INSTRUCTOR trophy is in chapter 6 on your first enemy you see switch to your machine gun and just hold R1, the constant shooting will juggle him in the air and it doesn't matter if he dies just keep shooting till trophy pops. Make sure you have full ammo when starting this. You don't have to punch or kick em this how I got my trophy.

Own Medicine
Kill a helicopter penguin with his own missile

The first place you can earn this trophy is at the beginning of Chapter 3. After you kill the first few waves of rocket jetpack penguins, a white helicopter penguin will come out from the zeppelin who fires heat seeking missiles. Avoid his missiles and steer them back towards the penguin. They don't have to hit him directly as they will explode after a short period of time. As long as you kill the penguin by either hitting him directly or via the explosion you'll get the trophy.

Own Pharmacy
Kill 6 helicopter penguins with their own missiles

Just use the same method that you used for the Own Medicine trophy. Except this time, you now need to kill 6 in helicopter penguin soldiers in total. You should get this trophy during Chapter 8 if you've been killing all of the helicopter penguins with their own missiles. However, if you don't get it here, don't worry as you'll have another chance to earn it later in the game.

Hydrogen Run
Escape the large zeppelin with 40 seconds or more on the timer

During Chapter 8, when you have to escape from the large zeppelin, you will have to jump across and onto a series of platforms as you head towards the exit by continually heading towards the right. However, there are several penguin soldiers who will shoot at you, causing you to lose time and often results in knocking you off or below a platform. I recommend using the Shotgun to dispatch of only the soldiers in your way as it only takes a few shots to kill them and often times just one. This will also count towards the One Shot One Kill trophy if you haven't already unlocked it yet. Finally, make sure you get the Big Blimpin' trophy before exiting. If you escape before unlocking it, you'll have to replay the whole level again rather than restarting from the last checkpoint. Once you get the Big Blimpin' trophy, restart from the last checkpoint and then go for the Hydrogen Run trophy.

Door Sentry
Kill 30 Penguins as they step out of a door

The first place you can get this trophy is during Chapter 7 right after you acquire the grenades for the first time. After you pick them up, head to your right. You'll come to a dead end and will see a penguin soldier through a broken window, standing in a doorway. If you kill him, another one will appear. Just continue to kill each one with a grenade until the trophy unlocks.

Brainbug Fever
Brainbug 30 enemies

At the start of Chapter 5 while inprisoned, you will meet Bud who gives you the Brainbugs. After receiving them, go to the right and and you'll see a penguin come through a door on the other side of the cells window bars. Use L2 to toss the brainbug at the feet of the guard to gain control of him. Once you have control, switch to the suicide option and he will kill himself and a new penguin will emerge from the door. Now just do the same thing another 29 times and you'll unlock the trophy.

You should note that some people have reported that the trophy won't unlock while attempting it on an infinite spawning location like the one I mentioned in Chapter 5. However, if you find this is the case, you'll still have plenty of time to unlock it during the rest of the game.

High Treason
Brainbug the penguin above the star in Chapter 6 (Single Player)

After you get to the small building with two doors just a few screens past the bunker, in the next screen on your right you will see two tall guard towers. Move a little to the right and use a brainbug on the penguin in the tower closest to you and you'll unlock this trophy. However, be careful not to move too far to the right, otherwise the penguin will jump down and you'll get ambushed by three other penguins.

Kill 20 enemies while brainbugging

You should unlock this trophy sometime throughout the single player campaign if you continually use your Brainbugs. I tried to unlock it during Chapter 8 by using a Brainbug on the black Elite penguin soldier in the helm of the zeppelin and used him to kill the white bazooka penguin in the doorway. Once you kill the white bazooka penguin, another one appears. However, the trophy wouldn't unlock even after I killed well over 20 soldiers. Therefore you should note that this trophy doesn't work on the few locations where there are infinite respawning penguins.

I finally got the trophy towards the end of Chapter 10 when you're ambushed by Putzki and his bodyguard Brno. I Brain-bugged one of the penguins in the wave and used him to kill the other penguins for that wave. Then I killed him and did the same thing again during the next wave etc... However, if you're continually using the Brainbugs throughout the chapters you should have no problem unlocking it.

Bird Brained
Brainbug at least one penguin from each of the 7 penguin ranks, including Putzki

There are six different penguin classes throughout the game besides Putzki and you'll find them in specific chapters. Also, you should note that in order to unlock this trophy, you have to Brainbug them all in one sitting which can be achieved by playing from chapter 8 through 15.

1. Regular Penguin - They are most common enemy in the game and they wear green uniforms. Found throughout various chapters.

2. Elite Penguins - They wear black or blue uniforms along with matching hats and have an armband. Found throughout various chapters.

3. Red/Rocket Jetpack Penguins - They wear red uniforms with matching hats and are often seen wearing a jetpack.

4. Shield Penguin - They are a lot bigger/fatter than the normal penguins and wield a baton and bullet proof shield which has an image of a star on it. The first place you will come across them is during chapter 10.

5. Elite Shield Penguin - There is only one of these penguins in the single player campaign. He is found near the end of chapter 12 after you get the upgraded shotgun and call down the elevator. He will be on the left side of the elevator along with an elite penguin who'll be on the right side of the elevator. Stay on the right side of the elevator and neither of them will see you, making it easy to use your Brainbugs and take control of him.

6. Bazooka Wielding Penguin - They wear white uniforms and wield the bazookas. The first place you encounter them is during chapter 8.

7. Putzki - He is seen throughout different chapters of the game. However, the only time you get an oppertunity to Brainbug him is at the end of chapter 15.

If you miss this trophy after finishing the game you can go back to chapter 8 and replay from there through chapter 15 and earn it in one go taking about an hour or two.

During chapter 8 you'll bug the Bazooka Wielding Penguin (#1), the Red/Rocket Jetpack Penguin (#2), and the Elite Penguin (#3). During chapter 9, you'll bug the Regular Penguin (#4). During chapter 10, you'll bug the Shield Penguin (#5). During chapter 12, you'll bug the Elite Shield Penguin (#6). Finally, during chapter 15, you'll bug Putzki (#7) and the trophy will unlock.

Fear the Spur
Kill Brno with the knife

You unlock the Knife after discovering all 45 signs. Once you have the Knife, use chapter select and pick Chapter 15 to fight Brno again. After you kill him with the Knife you'll unlock the trophy. You can use any weapon you want while fighting Brno. However, the killing blow must come from the knife for the trophy to unlock. I stuck with the knife from the start however because it negates Brno's shield while doing a lot of damage at the same time.

Two Birds One Stone
Kill 2 enemies with one grenade

An easy place to get this is at the start of Chapter 9. As soon as you begin the Chapter, there will be a normal penguin guard below you to the left. Just wait until another penguin walks over to him and then throw your gernade and the trophy will unlock.

Too Many Too Soon
Kill 3 enemies with one grenade

I unlocked this trophy during Chapter 10. Towards the end of the level you get ambushed by Putzki and Brno who send several waves of enemies at you. Just wait for a wave with three or more enemies and throw a grenade and you should unlock the trophy.

Kill 6 enemies with the bazooka

The first place you can get this trophy is during Chapter 8. Once you enter the first blimp which is the smaller one by taking the elevator down, go to your left and toss a brainbug over the door through the vents to gain control of a bazooka wielding penguin. Once you have control of him, go to your left and kill all of the other penguins and the trophy will unlock.

Friendly Transit
Carry the other cooperative player for 500 meters in the same chapter without dying

During the cooperative campaign, you can jump on your teamate or vice versa and carry them around. If you're doing the coop by yourself using both controllers you'll more than likely unlock it normally as you progress through the campaign. However, if you want to get it out of the way early just walk back and forth during the first level until the trophy pops.

For What Reason?
Launch the silo missile

You will get this trophy not very far into Chapter 1. After you use the red security card to get through the door, jump down from the ledge and press triangle on the red button. This will launch the missle and unlock the trophy.

Personal Space
Punch or kick 100 times

In order to punch or kick, you need to get close to an enemy and press either the R1 or R2 buttons. If you're close enough, you will punch/kick them instead of shooting them using your gun. Try to get an enemy against the end or beginning of a wall or screen and continue to punch/kick them until they die. You might have to do this to several enemies before you get the trophy. However, you'll probably end up getting it while working towards the Flight Instructor trophy.

One Shot One Kill
Kill 10 enemies, each with one gunshot

The easiest way to get this trophy is to use the Shotgun whenever you have it. Run towards the penguin soldiers and roll before getting to them so that you're close enough to kill them with one shot using the Shotgun. If you do, you should unlock this trophy during Chapter 7. However, there are plenty of other chapters to earn the trophy later in the game.

Laser Assist
Kill an enemy by knocking him into a laser door

The first place you can get this trophy is about mid way through Chapter 6. Right after you go down the vent inside the bunker, you will see a guard whose complaining about having to guard the sewer. Toss a brainbug up at his feet to gain control of him and then move him to the right. In the next screen, there is a laser door. Simply run into the lasers and he will die and the trophy will unlock.

Excessive Stacking
Stack all 3 crates near the end of Chapter 11 (Single Player)

You need to stack all 3 crates at the beginning of the level to acess the vent. As you progress through the level, continue to push the crates towards the end. Whenever you get to an elevator, put one crare on it and lower it. Then jump off it and push another crate down onto the one already on the elevator. Do this one more time until you have all three stacked up at the end and where the penguin comes through the door and the trophy is yours.

Kill all penguins stationed on the zeppelin in Chapter 3 (Single Player)

After you kill the rocket backback and helicopter penguins outside the zepplin, you'll be able to use the elevator to enter the blimp. Once you ride the elevator to the bottom, head right, killing every penguin you see until you get to the dead end and have to jump up onto the roof. However, before you do, go back to your left to make sure you killed every penguin. After that, go back to the right and jump onto the roof and go left. Underneath the roof, you will see a number of normal and red penguin soldiers. Count them as you go across and make sure you kill them all before finally exiting the blimp before it explodes.

Kill all penguins stationed on the small zeppelin in Chapter 8 (Single Player)

This trophy is the same as the Hindenburger one except you have to kill all of the penguins in the small blimp during Chapter 8. However, this trophy is a lot easier to earn because you can kill all of the penguin soldiers before setting off the self destruct alarm. The trophy should unlock after killing the white bazooka and the black elite penguins in the helm or stearing room of the blimp provided you used the bazooka penguin earlier to kill the rest of the penguins before unlocking the door.

Big Blimpin'
Kill all penguins stationed on the big zeppelin in Chapter 8 (Single Player)

Just like the Hindenburger and Dirigibully trophies, you have to kill all of the penguins before exiting the zepplin before it explodes. However, I recommend unlocking this trophy before you attempt to unlock the Hydrogen Run trophy because once you kill all of the penguins, the trophy will unlock before exiting the blimp. If you're going for the Hydrogen Run trophy and don't have this one yet, you'll have to replay the entire chapter again, rather than reload from the checkpoint due to the trophhy not unlocking until after you escape which causes the game to create a new checkpoint.

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