Players: 1-2. You need two Real Tone USB Cables and now you and a friend can jam both on guitar, both on bass or one in each instrument. You chose!
Online Trophies: N/A
Online Pass Required for 100%: N/A
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to 100%: It depends on your bass skill, if you've played bass before and you're good at it will take 30-50 hours. If that's not the case then it will take more and it will depend on your learning and playing skills.
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectible Trophies: Yes The Bassics, Ace Of Bass
Difficulty Trophies: It's up to you and your playing skill, it changes from player to player.
Missable Trophies: N/A All trophies earned are based on your skill progression through the game.
Glitched Trophies: N/A


Rocksmith, the ground-breaking, music game by Ubisoft makes a new improvement and with the new Bass Expansion, now bass players can also play the game and learn how to play bass Rocksmith style, soo get your bass and your fingers ready for some action and pain!

[top]Tips and Strategies

Here are some basic tips for you:

1- Rocksmith is a learning tool that yo can use to learn and play bass, you won't get to be Flea, Steve Harris or Cliff Burton by playing Rocksmith. The game will give you a running start and some more in-dept knowledge but the rest is up to you.

2- Practice, practice, practice and more practice. It's the key in learning every instrument and bass in no exception, the more you practice the better you'll get at it.

3- The Guitarcade is filled with mini-games that are fun to play and a good way to practice the different skills required to play bass.

4- The Bass Technique Challenges are a key aspect in the game and you should take your time in learning each technique and doing it the correct way. If you feel that your slides aren't sounding that good or your double finger picking isn't fast enough do The Technique Challenges and improve your skills.


Getting The Hang Of It: Begin by getting to know your bass and the fundamentals of playing it, complete the Tutorial, start playing some songs, doing some gigs and learning techniques.

Playing Like A True Bass Player: By now you should have all the techniques mastered, all songs maxed out, high scores in the mini-games and playing the hell out of your bass.

Bass Is My Life: You have become a bass player and in the process grabbed the 100% for this DLC, now go out there get a band and play some real life gigs!


Bass Camp
Play a bass arrangement

This is the first trophy you'll earn, the only thing you need to do is pick a song, chose the arrangement and play it. It's easy as that.

Play a song with emulated bass using a guitar

"Somebody stole my gear and I can't play right now!" That sucks but don't stress out. Rocksmith enables you to play bass using a guitar, so all you need to do is pick a guitar, chose the Emulated Bass option and rock out a song.

Bass Face
Beat 100,000 points in a Bass arrangement

100,000 it's not that hard, pick a song and practice it, you'll need to have all bass phrases maxed to get enough notes for the 100,000 points mark, but it isn't hard and there are some very easing songs you can play and still get this.

The Bottom Line
Complete a bass event

Your bass journey will consist on learning songs and then playing those on events (gigs) You need to pick at least 2 songs to play an event, pick them, choose a venue and go rock out! By the end of the event this one is yours.

The Bassics
Complete all Bass Technique Challenges to Bronze

See Ace Of Bass below

Ace of Bass
Complete all Bass Technique Challenges to Gold

Get ready to learn, there are total of 15 Technique Challenges each one divided into Bronze, Silver and Gold. They are:

1- Bass Basics
2- Two Finger Plucking
3- Syncopation
4- Octaves & Fifths
5- Slap & Pop
6- Shifting
7- Sustains
8- Hammer-ons & Pull-offs
9- Slides
10- Bends
11- Harmonics
12- Plam Mutes
13- Tremolos
14- Double Stops
15- Power Chords

To get this trophy you need to score Gold in all of them, the score required for gold varies from challenge to challenge. Some of them are easy and others will really test your bass skills. Every technique will have an introduction video to it and will teach you what to do, if you struggle you can always watch the video again. This is all about practice, the more you practice the better you'll get at it

All Your Bass
Collect all basses

There are a total of 10 basses to unlock:

Epiphone EB-3
Epiphone Flying V Bass
Epiphone Jack Casady Signature Bass
Epiphone Rumblekat
Epiphone Thunderbird IV Bass
Epiphone Viola

Gibson Explorer Bass
Gibson Les Paul Standard Bass Oversized
Gibson LP Junior DC Bass
Gibson RD Bass

The way to unlock these is be playing Events, soo keep playing Events and you'll unlock all of them in no time.

Bass Box
Earn a bass pedal, amp, or cabinet

For this trophy you only need to collect one of the above mentioned, as soon as you complete a song with the score required to unlock new gear, this trophy is yours.

Bass Head
Collect all bass gear

This is going to take some time, you'll need to unlock all pedals, amps and cabinets for this one. There are:

63 Pedals divided into Delay, Distortion, Dynamics, Filter and Modulation.
16 Amps
17 Cabinets

The quickest way to get them is to play all songs and reach the Tone Unlock score, which is 70,000 for all songs.
Keep playing different songs and maxing your score, once you collect them all the trophy is yours.

Reach rank 11 on Bass

This will be your last trophy, it takes some time (and it's really SOME time) to get the amount of RSP (Rocksmith Points) required to rank up all the way to rank 11.
When you play events try to chose the max number of songs each event requires soo you'll play more songs for events and get more points.
Rock really hard on those events to get Encores and earn some extra points.
Go have fun on the Guitarcade mini-games and make some points while having fun.
And finally, keep playing, as long as you keep playing and putting effort you'll get this one.
There's no easy of getting this one, the only way to get it is by putting ours into it and playing bass.

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