Rocksmith is the most recent title by Montreal based Ubisoft and it pushes the boundaries on music games of the genre. For the first time ever you're going to plug your guitar into your PS3! That's right, Ubisoft designed and created an entirely new USB cable that allows you to plug your guitar into your game console. And of course if you can plug in your guitar you have a million possibilities with the game to truly achieve greatness, if you really want to feel like a guitar player and have a glimpse on how it feels to be on stage this is your shot. The mechanics of the game are very well done and has a lot to teach so stay sharp and get ready to learn.

Reminder: This is not Guitar Hero or Rock Band, this game is much harder, instead of 5 plastic buttons you a have a total of 22 frets and 6 strings so get ready for some real guitar experience. Also if this is your first time playing guitar your fingers are going to take some real punishment. However with that punishment comes great reward.


Players: 1 - 2 . You need two Real Tone USB Cables and two guitars in order to jam with a friend because the game supports Co-op mode.
Online Trophies: N/A
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to Platinum: Depends on your guitar skill, if you already play the guitar it will take 30-50 hours. If not it will take more and depends how you level up on your skills.
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectible Trophies: Yes
Missable Trophies: N/A All trophies earned are based on your skill progression through the game.
Glitched Trophies: None

[top]Garage Session

Before you begin here are a few basic tips:

1- You won't become a Guitar God like David Gilmour, Brian May, Eric Clapton, or even the next Yngwie Malmsteen or the next Lita Ford (for all you ladies out there!) That takes years of dedication and commitment. Rocksmith is a learning tool that picks you up and gives you a starting run, it will teach the basics and more; but if you really want to become big you have to keep practicing.

2- It's all about practice, the more you practice the more you will be able to accomplish, so keep jamming and don't give up, the game adapts itself to your skills and becomes harder as you become better and pushes you to new limits.

3- The Guitarcade games will help you out in different techniques so keep doing them until you feel comfortable with that technique and it's fun.

4- The Guitar Techniques Challenges are one of the most important things in the game, if you feel that you are struggling with some technique, like Hammer Ons and Pull Offs or Bends, this will help you big time so keep doing them, even if you have the gold.
For people that never picked up guitar this can be a little frustrating so if you feel like smashing the guitar on the ground don't do it! Take a time out and then come back, take your time and don't rush things! It's better to take time and learn it the proper way rather than do it fast and don't learn anything at all.

[top]Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits

Practice It's the only cheat you're going to be able to use.

[top]Road To Guitar Heaven

Road Map

1- Follow the tutorial, it is the best way to achieve results and for that you have to put in work everyday! Take your time and don't rush things. After you play a song you will see the "Rocksmith Recommendations" each recommendation will have you practice certain sections that you didn't rock that hard. I suggest you go for the Techniques Challenges first since these will be the foundations of your guitar skills and if you want to rock really hard you really need strong and steady foundations.

2- After that you can begin your Journey in the life style of a guitar player, along the way you should get the a lot of the trophies. Play the songs, go into encores and double encores.

3- Every now and then you'll get tiered and exhausted from all those awesome gigs you've been doing, I suggest going into the Guitarcade. Believe it or not these little games will help you out on speed, endurance, technique, finger work, memory and guitar knowledge. Take a break, play them, enjoy them, laugh a bit and kill some zombies! When you're ready to go back on the road go for it.

4- Go for all the trophies that are missing and for the platinum.

5- "Wait shouldn't I've caught the platinum in the previous step?" Yes, but by now should be playing guitar fairly good and should not throw that into the waste, this step is for those who like what they have experienced and what more, if you're one them don't stop keep playing!

[top]Technique Challenges

One of the best things of Rocksmith is that a side being a revolutionary game, it's also a learning tool for everyone who has never played guitar before and it actually teaches how to play guitar.
In the game you have a total of 12 different techniques you can learn from challenges:
1- Sustains
2- Shifting
3- Hammer-ons & Pull-offs
4- Slides
5- Bends
7- Palm Mute
8- Tremolo
9- Chord
10- Double Stop
11- Power Chord
12- Barre Chord

We will go trough each one of them to help you out in anything you didn't understand on The Official Guitar Techniques Challenges Help Thread ( on the Rocksmith forum and you can also take your questions there.


Rocksmith Platinum Elite
Awarded for earning all Rocksmith trophies

For this one you must connect with your guitar, you and her should become one, you will think with your heart and play with your soul only then you will have achieved this platinum... Just kidding get all the other trophies and this one is yours.

Duck Hunter
Play the Guitarcade game: Ducks

"Duck Hunter" & "Fret Fast"- It's time to go hunt some ducks, that's right, you're going to use Shifting to get around the fretboard and kill some ducks, but first what's Shifting?

Theory:Shifting is one of the basic techniques while playing the guitar, it's moving your fingers around the fretboard and knowing where you are. It involves finger work and finger memory, you should be able to stretch your fingers in a way that you're always pressing down on 4 different fret-houses in a correct way, if not you need to practice your fingers. This is one of the most fundamental techniques so practice this a lot.

Toggle Spoiler

Now that you know a bit more about Shifting let's kill some ducks.

Objective: It's simple, you have to hit the Ducks and to do so you must hold the fret house where the duck is and strum the guitar to shoot, after you hit 5 consecutive ducks you will advance to the next level, however you have a limited amount of time so to score more you need to move faster but every time you advance a level you get 10s bonus. In this game you're only using you 6 string (The Lower E string or the thickest string on your guitar).

Tips: After a few levels you will see ducks coming from everywhere, don't panic. This game was designed for you to increase your speed, know where you are on the guitar (which fret house are you in) and finger exercise, start using your other fingers it saves time so if you are in the 5th fret house and the duck is on the 7th, stretch your 3rd finger there (ring finger). After a while with practice, your coordination will get better, you will get faster and it will be a real time saver!!

Fret Fast
Beat 10,000,000 points in the Guitarcade game: Ducks

See Duck Hunter for information.

Ducks x 6
Play the Guitarcade game: Super Ducks

"Ducks x 6" & "Just Super!" - It's time for Super Ducks and we aren't playing around now instead of being only one string, it's all six strings so yes you are in trouble but we'll help you out.

Objective: Same as "Ducks" shoot the ducks and get points. Now the hard part here is that you are playing with all strings, the duck color matches the string and the correct string is highlighted, now you have to move up and down on the neck and on the strings. Hope you've been practicing!

Tips: Now you really have to start knowing your way around the neck of the guitar and which string you are on; by now you should be able to use all of your fingers on the fretboard and placing them on different frets. Here comes the hard part, picking ducks in different strings. If the ducks are on the same fret but different string you can do a "bar", imagine you have two ducks on the 5th fret but one on the 6th string and the other on the 4th string; instead of moving your finger to the other string place the entire finger on that fret from the 6th to the 4th string and you should have enough to pick the string and to count. This is the same technique used for "Bar Chords". Now if the frets and strings are different, there's not much else you can do, try to move up and down on the neck and on the strings as quick as possible and with the less amount of movements possible. Once again this is to jog your finger work memory on the location of the fretboard and speed fingering placement.

Just Super!
Beat 150,000,000 points in the Guitarcade game: Super Ducks

See Ducks x 6 for information.

Solo Foundations
Play the Guitarcade game: Scale Runner

"Solo Foundations" & "Scales Owned"- It's time for some solo techniques!!! That's right you're shredding into Scales territory.

Theory: Scales are used to play solos on the guitar, it's a group of notes with determined sequence that includes all strings, there are various scales and and they have different Keys, these means that the same scale can be played in the different fret houses. Scales are the foundation of solos and rhythms, memorizing scales can be hard but it will be a good exercise and it will come in handy in the future. In the image you have the A Minor Pentatonic scale.

Toggle Spoiler

Now that you know what scales are let's play some.

Objective: It's simple play the scale you want to the fastest you can. You will start by choosing the scale you want (The Major scale or The Minor Pentatonic scale, these are examples of scales but there are more) and then you will select the key of the scale (For example you choose The Minor Pentatonic scale and The C Key) Now let's concentrate on this scale since it's one of the easiest. If you choose The C Key it will start you at the 8 fret on the 6 string. You can see the configuration of the scale when you choose it, it's on the bottom left of the screen.

Toggle Spoiler

In the image you can see the scale. The numbers on the frets represent the finger you should use (The 1 is your indicator and 4 your pinky), in the image the top string is your thinnest string or 1 string, so your seeing the guitar like this.

Toggle Spoiler

You'll start playing from the 6 string to the 1 and then you back up until the 6 string again, practice it before playing the mini game, when you feel comfortable give it a shot.
When you start the game you will see the scale on the bottom left corner, on the top of the screen you have the points bar and the time, on the bottom right corner you have the speed level, it will increase as you play faster. Now you'll have to play the scale, the little worm (that tiny thing bouncing around the screen) will move from one note to the other, the number of the fret is shown at the beginning and at the end of the big corridor and the color indicates you the string, the worm will to a jumpy run from the beginning until the end of the corridor and that's the time you have to play the note, if you don't succeed it will fall from the corridor and it will restart at the note you failed. You start by playing the scale from top to bottom like normal, but then it will change and you have to adjust, it will alternate from a string to another but not on the sequence making you play the same two notes tree or four times in a row without moving to another note. You have 100 seconds to play the scale and make points.

Tips: Rhythm is the key word, if you want to score big points you must keep the rhythm going, get a rhythm that you're comfortable with and keep doing it, you can speed up for more points but don't stop the rhythm. If you lose track on what note you are the scale configuration at the bottom left corner highlights the note you're on, keep practicing and you'll get the scale memorized in no time, this exercise is for you to learn scales but also keep the rhythm at higher speeds and of course finger work.

Scales Owned
Beat 50,000,000 points in the Guitarcade game: Scale Runner

See Solo Foundations for information

Challenge Harmonics
Play the Guitarcade game: Harmonically Challenged

"Challenge Harmonics" & "Beat Harmonics"- Get ready for some high pitch notes and delicate finger work you're going to practice your Harmonics. Let's go over some theory first so you can understand Harmonics.

Theory: Harmonics are very high pitch notes that you can't get by normal playing on the fret houses. Harmonics are the result of modifying the way a string vibrates, by doing this you're splitting the string into halves, thirds, fourths, fifths and sixths. There are various ways to get harmonics but the easiest and most common technique used to get them is the Open String Harmonics. To get these guys first you must place your finger very lightly over the fret (that metal piece that separates fret houses from each other), don't press down the string just place your finger over it and pick the string and you should ear a different sound from what normal fret house playing. Now these can be found in different frets, on the image below you have those frets.

Toggle Spoiler

Now that you know what harmonics are and how to get them, let's go over the mini-game.

Objective: You have to deactivate a bomb and to do that you have to play the correct Harmonics, it's simple and a classic "Simon Say's" game, the game will tell you what harmonic to play and you just have to play it. When you begin the bomb will start spinning and it will show you what harmonic to play, the number indicates the fret and the color indicates the string, then it will stop and it will open a small panel where you have the strings and you just have to play the correct harmonics in the exact order, if you fail the panel will short circuit a bit to let you know you fail, if you fail too many times the screen will go red and the bomb will explode. You have 45s and every 5 levels you advance the game will take 5s from the clock.

Tips: This is a simple memory game, the trick here is really to memorize the colors of the strings so you can easily play the sequence and practice how to play harmonics in a sequence so you can play this game. Besides that there's not much you can do, if you have a bad memory you can always point down in a piece of paper what are the harmonics and then just play them.

Beat Harmonics
Beat 1,000,000 points in the Guitarcade game: Harmonically Challenged

See Challenge Harmonics for information.

Batter Up
Play the Guitarcade game: Big Swing Baseball

"Batter Up" & "Giant!"- Now we're going to play some baseball, this game can be frustrating at the beginning, but when you get the hang of it it's easy. You're going to use a technique called Bending so let's take a look at it.

Theory: This is one of the most basic and widely used techniques of the modern guitarist today. It is usually achieved by playing a string, then pushing the string up with the fingers to create a pitch change. Keep in mind that you should be pushing mainly your wrist upwards to achieve the pitch change, and that putting your unfretted fingers behind the finger used to bend can give you more strength in your bend, and therefore, more accuracy. On the image you have this technique being used.

Toggle Spoiler

Now that you know what Bending is let's play some ball.

Objective: The objective is simple just hit the ball and go for the home run, but to hit the ball you need to do what the game wants, the more precise you are on the timing the higher is the change you have a Home Run. YEAH!
First you'll see that the game shows you what string and what fret house to play. Just above the swinger you see the fret house, imagine it's the 5th and then in the middle of the screen you see all 6 strings, the color of the number and the highlighted string gives you some help. Now below the number of the fret house you'll see 4 squares that light up as the action goes. When the 4th lights up.. swing it! Now here's the catch (as usual), sometimes the game wants you to "bend" the string, this is a guitar technique and a very famous one! When this happens you'll see the highlighted string bending and you should do so as well.

Tips: This game is for you to practice your bending technique in synch with your rhythm. If you get it right the ball should fly away. As previously mentioned, it can be frustrating in the beginning so take your time!

Beat 2,000,000 points in the Guitarcade game: Big Swing Baseball

See Batter Up! for information.

Slide Puzzle
Play the Guitarcade game: Super Slider

"Slide Puzzle" & "Slide to Victory"- It's time to play Super Slider! So get ready because this one can kill your fingers, but it's easier than it looks. You're going to use a technique called Slide.

Theory: A Slide is a guitar technique where the player sounds one note, and then moves (slides) their finger up or down the fretboard to another fret house, when done properly, the other note will also sound.
Now that you know how to Slide let's play some games.

Objective: At least one time in your life, you have played Tetris (that old game where the blocks rolled down and you have to do columns... good old days) well this game is basically Tetris but with a twist (so many twists c'mon!) to move the blocks you must slide up and down the fretboard and form columns for points, easy!
In this game you have a lot of information on the screen. First you have the play zone where the action takes place, let's call it The Wall. On top of The Wall you have the fret house numbers, from 1st to 8th fret house. On the left of The Wall you have the next three blocks and there colors. And to the right of The Wall you have the 6 strings, the one that is highlighted matches the block. The higher the level the higher the number of block combination.
Now when the game starts a block will come rolling down The Wall, to move the block from one fret to the another just slide to it, imagine the block is on the 7th fret house and you want to put it on the 3rd fret house, just slide from the 7th up to 3rd. If you want to let go the block where it is strum all strings. Just keep doing combinations to get points and to progress the levels.

Tips- This game aims on improving your slide technique as well as your ability to improvise. You have to know your location on the fretboard and your way around it.

Slide to Victory
Beat 15,000,000 points in the Guitarcade game: Super Slider

See Slide Puzzle for information.

Where Rainbows Come From
Play the Guitarcade game: Quick Pick Dash

"Where Rainbows Come From" & "Furious Plucker"- This is going to kill your picking arm! It's time for Tremolo so get ready for fast picking.

Theory:The Tremolo technique consists on playing a note with alternate picking and as fast has you can so the note seems constant. This is very common technique used in shredding, guitar solos and some times even in a fast pace rhythm guitar. It's very used in Rock and Metal, bands such has Metallica and Megadeth use this technique a lot of times, it involves precision, arm strength and endurance. Start by doing it at a steady pace and when you feel comfortable with it speed up a bit. If you listen to Metallica's "Whiplash" the hole song is based in Tremolo and it's fast has hell!

Toggle Spoiler

Now that you know what Tremolo is let's take a look at that mini-game.

Objective: This must be the easiest mini-game of all, you only have to tremolo pick as fast as you can and as you long as you can. This time you control a road runner and you're on a infinite speed track, to make the road runner run you have to tremolo pick, you have 6 tracks each of them has a color that matches a string, the highlighted track is the one you should run on, the farther you run the higher the level (you have a meter counter on the bottom right of the screen), you'll start with 40s and you'll gain some extra seconds for points and levels, the game ends when the timer runs out.

Tips: This is all about speed, endurance and precision, your arm is going to take some punishment here, you have to pick the exact string and at the beginning this can be frustrating but with practice you'll get there, don't try to pick at a speed that's to fast for you start slow and progress from there. Also I recommend doing this with a thick pick over 0.9mm, anything below that can slack of.

Furious Plucker
Beat 5,000,000 points in the Guitarcade game: Quick Pick Dash

See Where The Rainbows Come From for information.

The One With Zombies
Play the Guitarcade game: Dawn of the Chordead

"The One With Zombies" & "Guitardead"- It's time to kill some zombies with Chords, get ready for finger placement, gymnastic and memory.

Theory:Chords are a collection of notes that are played at the same time, they are used in almost every aspect of guitar playing. There are numerous Chords and they are the base for guitar playing, every music style is different but all of them have Chords. In the image you have some Chords so you can start understanding better these guys.

Toggle Spoiler

Now that you know what Chords are let's kill some zombies with them.

Objective: You have to kill zombies by playing the correct Chord, it's simple the game will tell you what chord and it will be represented on the left on the screen, your life bar will be on the top right corner, every time you can't play the correct Chord the zombies will jump at you at take some of your life, the graveyard is also the guitar fretboard so the Chord will also represented there, the game will end when your life bar reaches zero.

Tips: You'll have to train your memory, your finger placement and quickness, you only have a fez seconds to get the chord right, if not the zombies will get a bit of your life bar, if you have to do a tricky chord don't rush into it see how to play it and do it as quick as you can without screwing everything up if needed let the zombies hurt you that time so you can prepare the chord.

Beat 1,000,000 points in the Guitarcade game: Dawn of the Chordead

See The One With Zombies for information.

Happy Shopper
Visit the shop

Fairly simple and easy trophy. When you have time to explore the many options the game has to offer, head to the store. You can shop for guitars or songs, but you don't need to buy anything just a visit will do to obtain this trophy.

Singles Rock
Beat 100,000 points in a Single Note Arrangement

When you perform a song you have the ability to choose the arrangement, if you want only notes (without chords) choose Single Note Arrangement, if you only want chords (no notes) go for Chord Arrangement, and then you have the Combo Arrangement that has both notes and chords.
Now for this trophy you'll need 100,000 points in the Single Note Arrangement, the trick here is to find any easy and that you like and practice it until you fill good with it, then go for it. You have to really rock hard because you need a lot of notes and a big streak, try this on longer songs. The key here is to practice the song and memorize. If you keep these in mind you'll get this one in no time.

Beat 100,000 points in a Chord Arrangement

This is the same then "Singles Rock" but this time you're going for the Chord Arrangement and this one can be harder because chords are more complex than single notes. Practice a song you fill comfortable with the chords in it and try to memorize them. Once again you'll need to rock this one out and get a lot of points and a big streak. Once you hit the 100.000 points the trophy is yours.

All Rounder
Beat 100,000 points in a Combo Arrangement

This time you're going for Combo Arrangement and the 100.00 points once again but now it's both chords and single notes so it's going to be harder. Take what you have learned so far and practice (so much practice c'mon!), it's key for playing the guitar, to practice a lot. Same strategy, pick a song and go for it and you'll get this one in a rush.

The Basics
Complete Soundcheck (Reach Rank 1)

When you start the game, you'll go for your first sound check. First the the game will ask you to make noise, noise, noise and some more noise! After that you'll tune your guitar to make sure it sounds good, then the game will tell you how to play a note and finally you're going to play the intro for Rolling Stones's "I Can't Get No (Satisfaction)". After that you'll see sound check completed on the big screen and the trophy is yours.

New Act
Reach Rank 2

See Rocksmith for information.

Local Support Act
Reach Rank 3

See Rocksmith for information.

Local Headliner
Reach Rank 4

See Rocksmith for information.

National Support Act
Reach Rank 5

See Rocksmith for information.

National Headliner
Reach Rank 6

See Rocksmith for information.

International Support Act
Reach Rank 7

See Rocksmith for information.

International Headliner
Reach Rank 8

See Rocksmith for information.

Elite Guitarist
Reach Rank 9

See Rocksmith for information.

Super Elite Guitarist
Reach Rank 10

See Rocksmith for information.

Reach Rank 11

In "Rocksmith" you get RSP (Rocksmith Points) for rehearsing, playing mini-games and complete events, it tracks your progress as a guitar player, there a total of 11 ranks to achieve. If you have played guitar before "Rocksmith" you'll get this one faster, if this is your first playing guitar this is going to be one of your last trophies and depends on your learning abilities.
Complete Journey, play each song multiple times to make better scores and more points, keep playing those mini-games it will make a difference in the long run believe me. Once again practice is the key to play the guitar so practice a lot.

My 1st Gig
Play an Event

In order to finish this event and obtain the trophy, you first need to qualify. This will happen for every event you wish to play after. The score beside each song title is the score you need to reach or achieve higher. When you reach the goal the score will change to "QUALIFY" when every song in this set shows "Qualify" can then proceed to play the event. When you start the event after the guitar is checked to see if its tuned. You will play your songs.. the higher the score..and the better the crowd reaction..the higher your chance to obtain an encore. When you have finished your set, the trophy will pop up.

My 1st Encore
Qualify for an Encore

This is all about just how good you play. The higher your score and better crowd reaction during your first event, the better chance you have of playing your first encore. If you keep your percentage over 95% on all of the songs of your set and a high score you will get this one. When you finish the set if you're good enough the game will make you play another song and there you have it your first encore.

Better Than An Encore?
Qualify for a Double Encore

Now this is what being a rock star is all about, if you play good enough on your encore, the crowd will want more and you'll have your shoot at the double encore, this may seem a hard trophy but it's not. Keep your percentage over the 95% once again and do a high score. If everything is done correctly you'll play your double encore. Well Done.

The Rocksmith Method
Earn all Bronze Technique Medals

See Tutorials My Axe for information.

Tutorials My Axe
Earn all Gold Technique Medals

When you're on the main menu, you'll see a an option called Techniques. Here you'll practice some of the most famous guitar techniques, it will improve your skills a lot and it's very helpful. You have a total of 12 Technique Challenges and each of them has 3 medals to be earned: a bronze, a silver and a gold. You'll need to get gold on all of them for this trophy.
The challenges are:
1- Sustains
2- Shifting
3- Hammer-ons & Pull-offs
4- Slides
5- Bends
7- Palm Mute
8- Tremolo
9- Chord
10- Double Stop
11- Power Chord
12- Barre Chord
The game teaches you with a video tutorial on how every one of these techniques works so you shouldn't have any problem. Some of them may be a bit harder but if you keep practicing those techniques you should have this one in no time.

Tone is My Avatar
Create and save a custom tone

One of the most impressive and unique aspects about "Rocksmith" and the one that caught my eye in the first place (since I'm a musician myself) is the Amp Mode. Here you can customize your guitar setup with pedals, amps, mics and a bunch of other stuff and there are a thousands of possibilities, this is one of the main points of the game. As you progress in the game you'll unlock new guitars, amps, pedals and some more stuff to customize your tone. When you feel like it, pay a visit to the Amp Mode, customize your tone with some pedals and few settings modifications, save it and this one is yours.

Hear Me Now
Use the Amp

When you enter the Amp Mode, you have to choose a slot to customize your tone, after that go to the Amps option and rock out some amps, when you do it you should get this one.

Use the Tuner to tune to Drop-D

If you haven't played one song that requires you to tune the guitar in Drop-D, when walking around the main menu, you'll see that the last option is Tuner, here you'll have both options: E Standard and Drop-D tuning, tune your guitar in Drop-D and this trophy is yours.

Beat a 100-note streak

This may seem hard but it's not, choose an easy song and that you know well, put it on Single Note Arrangement (so you don't kill your streak with some tricky chords) and go for it and should have it in no time.

Just Awesome
Beat a 750-note streak

Now we're talking! This one may take some time and it's hard I won't lie to you. First to get the 750 notes you need to have a higher difficulty so you get more notes and like that isn't enough you have to take it to a 750 streak, this going to take some time, my advice is Queens Of Stone Age's "Go With The Flow", this song as a lot of notes and it's easy to learn, just 3 Power Chords and a very easy Chord. If you're having trouble with this one, find one you play better and go for it just make sure it has enough notes and don't miss.

Beat a 5-chord streak

5 Chords in a row, c'mon it can't be that hard? And it's not, if you're having trouble with this one my advice is simple, practice more! 5 Chords it's not that hard believe me.

No Dischord
Beat a 25-chord streak

Now this is going it be harder and tricky, my advice is: Go to the Techniques Challenges and do the Chords, Power Chords and Barre Chords challenges, then go wipe some zombies, after that play a song in Chord Arrangement and you should have this one.

Beat a 500-note streak

You will get this one when going for the 750 notes in a row, if you're having trouble see Just Awesome for more information.

Art + Functionality
Collect all guitars

On Amp Mode, besides customizing your tone, you can also choose the guitar to be on stage with. There are a total of 48 guitars to collect and to do that you must reach maximum RSP level and complete all events. It's going to take some time but you'll get there.
Here's a list of all the guitars in the game:

Epiphone 1956 Les Paul Gold Top
Epiphone 1958 Korina Flying-V
Epiphone 1965 Casino
Epiphone Dot Royale
Epiphone Emperor II
Epiphone Emperor Regent
Epiphone Emperor Swingster
Epiphone Explorer GT
Epiphone G-310 (Black)
Epiphone G-310 (Vintage White)
Epiphone Les Paul Junior
Epiphone Les Paul Plus Top PRO/FX
Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plustop
Epiphone Limited Edition Wilshire
Epiphone Prophecy EM2 Custom EX
Epiphone Wildkat
Epiphone Wilshire with Tremolo

Gibson Dusk Tiger
Gibson ES-175D
Gibson ES-295 Gold Top
Gibson ES-335 Dot
Gibson ES-335 with Vibrato
Gibson ES-339
Gibson Firebird-V with Maestro Tremolo
Gibson Les Paul Doublecut Pro
Ginson Les Paul Florentine
Gibson Les Paul Junior Doublecut
Gibson Les Paul Studio
Gibson Les Paul Ultima
Gibson Les Paul Voodoo
Gibson Nighthawk
Gibson Reverse Explorer
Gibson SG Standard
Gibson Shark Fin


Vintage 1952 Gibson Les Paul Gold Top
Vintage 1967 Gibson Flying-V
Vintage 1977 Gibson Les Paul Artisan
Vintage Epiphone 1964 Casino
Vintage Epiphone 1967 Flying-V
Vintage Gibson ES-175D
Vintage Gibson Firebird I
Vintage Gibson L-5 CES
Vintage Gibson Les Paul Junior
Vintage Gibson Les Paul Recording
Vintage Gibson Les Paul Standard
Vintage Gibson Melody Maker D
Vintage Gibson SG Junior

The Log

Tone Peddler
Collect 50 effects pedals

On the Amp Mode, you can customize your tone and one of the great things about this game is the amount of pedals you have at your disposal. You have a total of 63 pedals:
9 Delay Pedals
16 Distortion Pedals
5 Dynamic Pedals
9 Filter Pedals
24 Modulation Pedals

You only need 50 for this trophy but to get them you have to play events and get some RSP so starting rocking!

OK, I Learned
Beat 200,000 points in Master Mode

"What's Master Mode?" Master Mode can be unlocked after you max out all guitar phrases and scored over 100.000 on a song, when you play a song in Master Mode you have to play it all by memory (Yes you DON'T get the notes on the fretboard). While you select the song you'll have the Rehearse, Perform and then (after you unlock it) Master Mode. You need to have over 200.000 points, it may seem him hard and it is, but the difficulty is not getting enough notes for the score, it's getting the all song memorized. Pick a song you like, memorize it, rehearse it a lot and the go for it.

Stage Ready
Complete a Master Event

To do a Master Event you need all songs on the set list max out (Master Badge) then play the event on Master level! If not you can always manage an event and switch songs you haven't got Master Mode and trade them from the ones you have and then you just have to finish the event. Yes it's hard, so chose easy songs and that you know entirely.

Beneficial Friends
Play multiplayer with 2 guitars

Get ready to rock with a friend! Invite your guitar friend to your studio (your friend MUST have their own guitar and their own Real Tone USB Cable) Set up a multiplayer game, you both will have to do sound check and chose the arrangement. After that get ready to rock!

Just Singing?
Using a mic, sing along and achieve Nice Singing

Think you have what it takes to play and sing at the same time?! If not just ask a friend to sing while you play. If you think you can handle the challenge here are some tips:
1- Get a mic stand, you can't hold the mic while playing guitar at the same time. (You can always ask if someone can hold the mic for you)
2- Choose a song you like, it's fundamental, you need to memorize both the lyrics and notes so you do this easily.
3- I have been playing the guitar and singing at the same time for 2 now and I must say it's one of the hardest things I ever done. It sounds easy but it's not.
Best of lucks for you and hope you make it.

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