Players: 1
Online Play: Yes
Online Trophies: Yes
Trophy Difficulty: 2.5/10 (Only thing difficult is the online because nobody plays)
Time to Platinum: 10 hours single player (3 playthroughs) 10-20 hours online (depending on how many people are playing and how quickly you can get into games.) Total Time: 20-30 hours but probably around 25
Minimum Playthroughs: 3
Suggested Playthrough: 3


This game is a story of a Navy seal who is essentially stopping the cold war all on his own. You are basically stopping the launch of multiple missiles. The high points of this game are the kill moves. They are fun and entertaining. Also, the random curse words that are shouted out at random times also add a nice touch. That is about it as far a positives for this game.

[top]Tips & Strategies

1.) You have to play through the game on every difficulty level (3) as they don't stack.
2.) If you pay attention you should be able to get most of the trophies in the first play through.
3.) Multiplayer use the GM-94 which is basically the n00b tube as it is the easiest because the aiming sucks in the game.
Museum level
- It is located in the middle room with the big statue on both sides in between the stairs
Projects level
- It is located in front of the statue in the middle and also in the second floor of the circular concrete structure with columns in the middle across from the statue
Train level
- Located on top of the trains and then across the map the open area in the top corner between the two warehouses.
4.) Also, hip fire with the Pecheneg works very well.



Earn this by collecting all the other trophies.

The Geek
Complete the game on Recruits difficulty

Beat the below 8 levels on recruit difficulty. I tried and NO you can’t just play the last level. You have to play every single level to get this trophy. You can chapter skip as long as you beat each one once.

Complete SNAFU

Once you gain control, walk down the river and then crouch with to perform your first kill move with on the first guy you come across. Keep going and you will come up to a small concrete building.
There is 1 guy in there that you can do a kill move on. Wait till he walks up to the back window then go up behind him and press to do a kill move. You will smash his head into the wall and receive a trophy. Cross the bridge killing two guys and then make your way upstairs where you will kill a guy. Make sure you take out the electrical box at the top of the stairs because then you can pretty much kill the next guys anyway you want. After the weapon depot you will come to a door where only 1 door will open. As you make your way down the hallway, the second door on the right will burst open with a guy running out. Then make your way up the stairs and a guy will come out of the door at the top of the stairs. At the very top of the stairs you will turn right and a guy will run into a room. Clear out the two guys in that room, then there is 1 guy on the balcony that and two guys in the next room. Walk the balcony to the next room, take out the guys and as you walk straight ahead a guy will burst through the door in front of you. Keep moving along and you will walk through a broken part in the wall on your right and be facing a cracked wall. As you start to walk into the room the wall across from you will blow up and three guys will come running through. Make your way through the building until you come into a room with 1 guy to kill. Take him out and then a cut scene will come on with you grabbing some Intel. Then you will throw a grenade to kill three guys and the mission is over and trophy is yours.

Complete KISS

This level is pretty linear with no real surprises. Just follow the path but note that once you plant the bomb on the missile that you will start to face a lot of guys.

Complete GNBN

Once outside on the dock two guys will come out of a little building to the left. Once they are taken care of, go in there and look on the wall to your right for a switch to open.

Complete PFDL

After the bridge blows up, you will go through a few hallways. Kill the guys then go up the elevator. Then the first big room you come to will have an electrical box on the right wall. Take that out to make your life much easier.

Complete FUBAR

After moving through the library you will go down into a bunker. Straight ahead on the wall as you go down the stairs is an electrical box.

Complete HUMINT

Level is pretty linear with no real surprises.

Complete KATN

Level is pretty linear with no real surprises.

Complete DOY

Level is pretty linear with no real surprises.

Getting Your Gun Off
Kill at least one enemy with every weapon in the game. (Single Player)

These weapons are found in mission 1 SNAFU
SAP 9 - Starting weapon
Sm5 - Starting weapon
Knife - Kill move
Dragonuv- Found by fast rope to the right of the window
AK-47 – Gun that your enemies use. This gun is used by the enemies throughout most of the game
OTS – 02 – Found in an ammo depot set up for you after the courtyard. This gun can be found through most of the ammo depots through out the game.
Type 97-1 Found on first ammo depot. Also found in most ammo depots in the game
Pecheneg – Found on first ammo depot. Also found in most ammo depots in the game.

Mission 3 GNBN
SPAS12 – found in a weapon cache
A4 - Once you get to the dock, enemies will run out of a building to your left. Kill them and inside in a locker is this gun
GM-94 - First found on the dock

Mission 5 FUBAR
TT33 - In the beginning of the mission when moving through the outside area you will go through a circular concrete structure. It is in this building to the right of the exit door.

Frag Out!
Kill 20 enemies using grenades (Single Player)

For this trophy the AI doesn’t always make sense in this game. I found it easiest to throw grenades at guys who are in or behind cover. The majority of the time they will not notice you threw the grenade and you will kill them easily. Most of the time if you throw a grenade at an enemy standing out in the open, then he will run for cover. You should be able to get this in your first playthrough as you start every level with 4 grenades and you can pick up 2-6 at every weapon cache. Keep tossing those grenades until the trophy shows up.

Never Knew What Hit Them
Kill 50 unalerted enemies (Single Player)

The unalerted enemies are the ones that show up as the green dots on your radar. Unlike most games if you alert the enemies in this game then there is no going back. Once they are red or yellow there is no amount of waiting that well make them go back to green. Kill moves from behind work very well for this. The start of most levels you can usually get any where from 4-10 kill moves right off the bat. In your first playthrough just work on sneaking up behind every guy you can and this trophy will be yours.

Kill 20 enemies using explosive objects (Single Player)

In the environments look for yellow and red barrels to shoot as well as the gas containers. Also, there are hydrogen tanks that you can shoot the tops of that will explode as well as some of the crates that are on the forklifts through out the game will explode. They are all over the place especially in the warehouses, docks and subpen. Keep an eye out for these and shoot them whenever an enemy is close. You should get this trophy about mission 7 or 8 if you are looking out for explosive objects to shoot

Suppressing Fire
Kill 20 enemies using blindfire (Single Player)

Blind Fire is when you are in cover and just hit R1 to fire without aiming. The easiest way to do this is on recruits or regular difficulty. Simply run up to the other side of the wall or crate and go into cover on the other side of your enemy. As soon as they pop out, just hit R1 to kill them and that will count towards a blind fire kill for you.

Health and Safety
Blow up 20 fire extinguishers (Single Player)

The nice thing about this trophy is that YOU DO NOT have to blow up 20 DIFFERENT Fire Extinguishers. The first six shown below are very close to each other. What I did was blew up all 6, then got killed and repeated 3.5 times until I got the trophy, but there are more through out the game. To blow up the fire extinguisher just shoot it.

Fire Extinguisher 1 – In the second mission you will get a new objective to blow something up. You will be on a catwalk where you will come to a guy with his back turned standing over the fast rope. Kill move him or shoot him in the head with your pistol. Then look down and there is a guy working directly in front of you. Shoot him in the head with your pistol. Then once you use the fast rope go to your left and on one of the pillars is the fire extinguisher. Shoot it.

Fire Extinguisher 2 – The far right pillar in the middle of the room. Same room as fire extinguisher 1 above.

Fire Extinguisher 3 – If you are standing where you planted the bomb. Then just around the corner to the right on the pillar that is backing up to the missile is another fire extinguisher.

Fire Extinguisher 4 – After planting the bomb in mission 2 a gate will open up and you will have to take out two guys. In the next room there are 3 guys and another gate will open up. This third room is much bigger but as you walk in there is a fire extinguisher on the pillar on the right.

Fire Extinguisher 5 – Look at 4, because after you get the one on the pillar on the right, then there is one directly across from it or your left.

Fire Extinguisher 6 – After the room above where you found 4 and 5. You will go upstairs and into another room below that has 4 red tanks in the middle. Clear this room out and go through the small concrete building to proceed. Before going into the next room there is a fire extinguisher on the wall to the right of the doorway.

Fire Extinguisher 7 and 8 – In the next room about ¾ of the way through the room there will be a fire extinguisher on a pillar to the left and the right.

Fire Extinguisher 9 – Mission 3, when you get out onto the dock you will clear 1 area and have to go in a small building and activate a gate. Clear the next area but about half way through the next area there is a fire Extinguisher on the wall to the left from where you entered this area. It is to the right of a set of double doors mid way through

Fire Extinguisher 10 – Mission 6, down in the parking garage there is one of the first pillar in the middle of the room.

Also, there are a bunch in Chapter 7.

Military Budget
Kill 5 enemies with an assault rifle without reloading or changing weapons (Single Player)

This can be done anywhere, but the easiest place that I found was in the first level. After you move through the first building and the courtyard, you will walk into another building with a cache of weapons sitting right there. Pick up one of the assault rifles and kill the first 5 guys you come across in the hallway. You may want to do this on recruit or regular difficulty so that you can take some damage. You need to be somewhat precise in your shots to make sure that you don’t use too many bullets on any 1 enemy. Also, use a burst fire strategy to conserve ammo.

Come Get Some
Kill 5 enemies with a shotgun without reloading or changing weapons (Single Player)

This can be done anywhere, but the easiest place I thought was in the first level just like for the assault rifle challenge above. Grab the Shotgun, but you have to be really precise here because it only has 5 shots. A somewhat close shot to the chest should do the trick for you. I like this hallway because you are never fighting more than 1 or 2 guys at the same time and there isn’t much room for them to move around on you.

Ninja Perform
3 kill moves in a row (Single Player)

This can be done on the first three enemies when you start the game. Just make sure that you walk slow and sneak up behind your enemies by pushing and you will have no problems. An easy spot for this is the first three enemies in the game in mission 1.

Perform 5 finishing moves (Single Player)

This one is a little more difficult, and it should take you till about half way through your third playthrough to get this trophy. It seems easy but it isn’t. What you need to do here is when you shooting guys, they will occasionally go into last stand. When that happens you need to run up and hit when you are prompted to do so. The prompt will say finishing move instead of kill move. Then a sequence will occur much like the kill moves.

Here is what makes the trophy so difficult. There is no pattern or anything that I could find to get guys to go into last stand. It just happens 100% randomly and you only get about 3-4 shots at this a game. A couple of those will be guys that you shot from a distance so by the time you get to them they will have already died. I tried everything from shooting them only in the legs to thinking it was only a certain enemy who would go into last stand. All my theories were wrong so all I can tell you is to keep your eyes open and if it happens, sprint towards the guy and look for the X prompt.

Destroy 10 vehicles (Single Player)

Chapter 1 – After you move through the first building you will come to an alleyway where a truck will pull up and guys will jump out. Take out the guys and then there is the truck and two cars you can blow up.

Chapter 2 - There are two vehicles in the beginning of . Then towards the end on the docks two more trucks will ride in with guys on them. You can shoot the small gas tanks on the sides just behind the cab or just shoot the engine and it will catch on fire and blow up after about 1 assault rifle clip

Chapter 3 – Walk around the first corner and there is a guy working on a truck, you may want to clear the area of guys and then come back to blow this truck up. Then around the corner from the 1st truck are two more trucks. When you enter the first building in the first room there is a truck you can blow up. Then there are two more trucks that drive in near the end of the mission.

Chapter 4 – One will drive in near the end with guys

Chapter 5- Before you go into the building there will be 3 right outside

Chapter 6 – 10 Cars in the parking garage

Over the Top
Throw an enemy over a ledge (Single Player)

Also, can be done in the first level, After you shoot out the electrical box to turn the lights out you will kill two enemies and walk down a wallway and into a room with some cubicles. At the end of this room to the left there will be a guy looking out the window. Simply sneak up behind him and press to perform the kill move and he will toss the guy out the window and and there is a trophy.

Another good place for this trophy is in mission 4 when you are trying to sabotage the bridge. There is a guy near the first place where you need to plant the charges that will be looking over the side. Run up behind him and do the kill move.

Not the Face
Smash an enemy's face into a wall (Single Player)

This can be done on the second guy in the game. After you kill the very first enemy in the game, you will continue to walk along the river. Then go up some stairs into a small concrete building where the guy in there will patrol around but he will look out some blinds with his back to you. Sneak up behind him and push for the kill move and you will receive this trophy.

Wait till this enemy walks up to the blinds because I didn't find any other places as easy as this to get this trophy.

Shark Man of the Delta
Complete the game on Regulars difficulty

Play and beat all 8 missions on regulars difficulty. Once again YOU CAN NOT JUST PLAY THE FINAL LEVEL TO GET THIS TROPHY. You have to beat every level on regulars difficulty.

Double Tap
Complete an entire level using only the pistol (Single Player)

I would suggest doing this on the first level and doing it on recruits difficulty. Also, the first level is easiest for this because there is very few explosive objects in the environment. ALL I repeat ALL kills must be done with the pistol. This means that you can’t use any other weapons, NO KILL MOVES and NO GRENADES. Also, if you get screwed like I did and you shoot a guy who is about to throw a grenade but don’t kill him before he goes back into cover. Then he kills himself with the grenade, you will not get this trophy.

Now THIS is a Knife
Kill 30 enemies using kill moves (Single Player)

The start of most levels will allow you to get 4-10 kill moves in a row. Whenever you can sneak up behind the enemies and press to do the kill moves. You should get this in your first play through.

Guns Don't Kill People, SEALS do
Kill 30 enemies using sniper rifles(Single Player)

Use the sniper rifle Dragonuv through out the game and kill 30 people for this trophy to show up.

This gun can be first found in the first level right before you do the fast rope part. It is sitting to the right of the window

Are These Guys For Real?
Kill 50 Speztnaz (Single Player)

These are the more advanced looking enemies with the helmets and flak jackets and upgraded armor. You will get this trophy close to the end of Chapter 7 or in Chapter 8.

Migraine Breaker
Kill 50 enemies with head shots (Single Player)

These like all the trophies carry over in difficulty. If you did mostly kill moves in your first play through for the kill move trophy, then after getting that trophy when you sneak up behind people. Use your silenced pistol and shoot the guys in the back of the head. You should be able to get this by the end of the game with some other head shots with other guns.

Gang Bang
Kill a group of four enemies with a grenade (Single Player)

I found the easiest spot to be in the last level. Clear out the area around the third missile before you plant the charge. After you plant the third charge a gate will open on the far side. Run towards that gate and throw a grenade in the middle as the gate is opening. This way it will explode by the time the gate opens and you should kill all 4 guys. IF you don’t then let the survivor kill you and try again because the checkpoint is right before this area.

Dick Would Be Proud
Complete a mission without dying (Single Player)

Easiest if done on the first level on recruit so that you don’t have to be as careful.

Demo Dick
Complete the game on Elites difficulty

Beat the game on elites difficulty. ONCE AGAIN YOU CAN NOT JUST BEAT THE LAST LEVEL. You have to beat all 8 levels on elites difficulty.

Fresh off the boat
Play online once (Multiplayer)

Sign in and play an online game. This can be a ranked match or just a custom game with a friend.

Spec Warrior
Kill 3 people in a row online (Multiplayer)

Get 3 kills in a row in a ranked match or in a custom game

SEAL Team Six
Play a Team Deathmatch to completion with at least 3 friends on your team

This trophy is a little more difficult because it is hard to get 8 people into a team deathmatch game. I suggest you find people to play with or invite everyone you see online in this game to be your friend. You don't have to be the host but the other 3 people MUST be on your friends list. This also can be done in a ranked or custom game.

Friendship is for suckers...
Kill someone on your friends list (Multiplayer)

Do this in a custom game and have your friend allow you to kill them. Look at the trophy "Keep your friends close" below.

Keep your friends close...
Perform a kill move on a friend (Multiplayer)

Same as above, go into custom game and have a friend stand there while you do a kill move. If you do this first then you will get both trophies.

Decorated Veteran
Play 50 games online (Multiplayer)

This consists of ranked games and custom matches. I suggest keeping track of this yourself because the leaderboards only keep track of ranked games but the leaderboards don't update very well.

Update: If you don't have anyone to play with or boost with and don't want to wait for a game. This works also.

For decorated veteran u can host a match on ur own and wait till the 5min expires.That counts as a match for this trophy.(that's how I got it so it's tested)

***Thanks to POT1414 for the suggestion

From Beyond the Grave
An enemy dies from your grenade...after you have been killed (Multiplayer)

Throw a grenade and then be killed and hope that your grenade kills someone. This can be boosted by going into a custom match with a friend. Stand a little bit away from each other. Throw your grenade at your friend, as soon as it is thrown have them shoot and kill you and then your grenade will kill them and boom trophy.

Host a custom game to completion (Multiplayer)

Go into player game, then host a custom game. Then invite a friend and put the score limit to 100 and kill your friend until you get to 100. kill moves give you 15 points and as soon as the game ends, the trophy will be yours.

Place first in a Ranked Deathmatch game (Multiplayer)

Play a RANKED DEATCHMATCH game and come in first. Tips on how to boost this located below in "Smack The Rogue." This can't be done in a custom match

Smack The Rogue
Come first in 10 ranked Deathmatch games (Multiplayer)

You can boost this or you have to be pretty good. The easy and quick way to do this is to boost it. To do this you will need at least 2 people. The game has to start with 4 players so if there are only 2 of you then you will need to wait for 2 more players. You can't be in a party but if both of you go to find a ranked deathmatch game around the same time then you should get in the same room. There are probably only a couple of rooms going at the same time because not many people play online.

How to boost you ask? Once you and your partner learn the levels, pick a place in the middle of the level to meet. For example there is player A and player B. If you decide it is player A's turn to win then Player A and B meet in the middle of the map. Player A does a kill move to player B. Repeat this process. Player A and B should still watch out for the other players but usually there is only 1 or 2 other players. You can rack up kills on other players but if you follow this method then you should win every time. The kill move gives you 15 points as opposed to 10 points which will add up quickly. Once Player A gets a big league then you can start to play fair so that it doesn't look like you are cheating.

Place first in a Ranked Team Deathmatch (Multiplayer)

Play a Ranked Team Deathmatch and have the highest score.

Special Warfare Group One
Be on the winning team for 10 TDM games (Multiplayer)

Win 10 team deathmatches and these do not have to be ranked. Only the trophy above has to be ranked. The rest of the wins can be done in custom match. Make a custom match, choose team deathmatch and it will show you and your friend on the same team. You can choose the option to switch teams. Then set the score limit to 100 and map to projects because it is the smallest. Then you can boost this by allowing each other to win until you get the trophy.

One Man Army
Kill 200 enemies (Multiplayer)

You will get this easily before you play the 50 games and get the rest of the trophies, so don't worry about this trophy.

Legion of merit
Finish each map in 1st place (Multiplayer)

This can be done in custom matches. Get a friend and go to start a custom match. You can do deathmatch or team deathmatch (could give you more wins toward the other trophies). Set the score limit to 100 on each map and change the map after each win. There are 6 maps total. Do this with a friend and have the friend let you win and then go through the 6 maps this way and then switch and allow your partner to play and win.

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