In Rotastic, navigating each course is quite simple press any button to hook your rope to the nearest anchor point, spin around, gather momentum and release the button to fly from point to point. While the controls are dead-simple, Rotastic features a wide range of levels and gameplay to challenge your skills! Various goals include collecting gems, escaping deadly traps, battling other players, smashing bricks, perfecting acrobatics, smashing chickens and flying through speed-runs! The solo campaign features nearly 70 levels, offering hours of swing 'n' fling fun. Replayability is another big feature; do you have what it takes to earn a gold helmet on each course? Pit your skills against your friends around the world by competing in the leaderboard challenges!


Players: 1-4
Online Trophies: 3 The Ninja, The Butcher & The Socialite (But they can be obtained in Combat mode with AI's or a second controller)
Online Pass Required: No.
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: None.
Estimated Time to 100%:
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectible Trophies: None.
Missable Trophies: None.
Glitched Trophies: None, report to me if any.

[top]Tips & Strategies

  • Try aiming for platinum helmets or at least gold on each stage if you can since it will count towards most of the trophies.
  • The online trophies can be obtain in Combat Mode.
  • To swing on a pole hold .
  • In order to kill an enemy you have to cut their rope until they fall to their death.

[top]Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits

None, if you run into any please report it to me so I can place it here.


Focus on unlocking all 7 worlds

Play through the game and try to obtain as many helmets as you can. You'll need a total of 120 helmets in order to unlock World 7 and this will count towards Mini copper. When you obtain a platinum helmet you also obtain the other 3 helmets; bronze, silver & gold.

Gold helmets

Now focus on collecting all the gold helmets in each stage in each world to obtain This is No life!!!.

Time for multiplayer

You can do all of the multiplayer based trophies in Combat mode since the multiplayer is local only. You can play with 3 other AI enemies or you can connect your other controllers. Play 20 matches remember you don't have to win them just complete them for Socializer. While going for that you can try going for the other 2 trophies, Ninja & Butcher.


Simply Rotastic
Do the Rotastic trick

You'll end up getting this during World 1, even if your not trying to go for it.

You'll know you did a Rotastic trick once you see a figure 8. All you have to do is swing on to one of the pins then swing to the direction of another pin and grab on to it once your latched on do a partial loop around the pin and then release to swing back to the first pin and do a full spin around that completing the figure 8 which is called the Rotastic trick.

If your struggling here's a video:

Toggle Spoiler

Champion's debut
Complete five levels

This trophy will unlock while your progressing through the game. Just start the first level of World 1 and keep on playing from one level to another. This trophy will unlock once you have completed your 5th level.

The champion is revealed
Unlock access to World 3

Refer to The Champion is at his pinnacle.

The champion is confirmed
Unlock access to World 5

Refer to The Champion is at his pinnacle.

The champion is at his pinnacle
Unlock access to World 7

You'll need to have a total of 120 helmets in order to unlock World 7. If you finish a level with a platinum helmet, you'll get all the other the helmets in advance; bronze, silver & gold.

Diamond necklace
Get 5 diamond helmets

I would recommend doing this on levels that teach you new tricks, mostly every new world has a new trick to show you in the first few levels. If you don't get a diamond helmet just press to retry.

Greedy Worker
Collect 5,000 jewels

Playthrough the game and by the end of World 7 this trophy should of unlocked, pretty easy. You don't have to worry about missing a jewel since you need to collect all of them in a level to go to the next one.

Mini copper
Get all bronze helmets

You just have to complete every level from World 1 to World 7 and thats 68 levels meaning 68 bronze helmets. Throughout playing the game you should unlock a bronze helmet in each level which is fairly easy. If your struggling with a level just skip it for the time being and go back to it whenever you feel your ready.

This is No life!!!
Get all gold helmets

You'll need to get a gold helmet in each stage of each world. This will probably be the last trophy you obtain since a lot of the stages are really difficult to get a gold helmet on. Learn the tricks they show you because it will really help out during this process. Good luck with this one, it will look great in your trophy collection.

Kill 3 enemies in 4 seconds in a multiplayer game

Go into Combat mode and play with 3 AI enemies and choose the first map. In order to kill somebody you have to cut their rope so they can fall to their death. Swing from pole to pole and once you see an enemy go onto a pole swing to it and cut their rope, try getting as close as you can to them. Remember to cut the enemies ropes when their in the bottom 3 poles since they can save themselves when their on the upper poles by swinging back on to it. Good luck!

Kill 10 enemies in a row without losing a life in a multiplayer game

Go into Combat Mode, connect another controller or you can choose doing this with an AI which is a lot more harder and choose any level you want. Now what you want to do is latch onto one of the pins with your main controller and make sure that your swinging in a small circle, you can hold onto a pin by holding . With your other controller latch onto the same pin but make sure this one is swinging in a larger circle so you the main controller can cut right through the rope. You have to kill 10 enemies in a ROW meaning no dying.

Play 20 multiplayer games

Start a game in Combat mode with an AI or a second controller. Pick the map you want to play in and then set the jewels to 50. Either let your opponent win or go collecting as much jewels as you can to win because all you have to do is complete 20 matches, not win. Just start up a new match after that with the same settings, rinse and repeat until this trophy unlocks.

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