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Minimum Playthroughs: 2
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Time to go outside now
Simply collects all of the other trophies

This one is a given, Just earn the others one's (Must say love the trophy name)

State of Origin domination
Win a State of Origin series 3-0 in a season

All you have to do to earn this trophy is play a NRL seasons in Competition Mode, and have rep games option On, You must win the three state of Origin games in the middle of the season. I recommend you do this in Easy as Medium is a huge step up.

There is always next season
Lose the NRL or SL Grand Final

For this trophy, you have a few options! First you have decide what Competition you want to play NRL or Super League, but Picking NRL gives you a chance of Trophy Stacking (Basically meaning you can earn a few different one's in one season) Then you just have to make it the Grand final. Once there just play to Lose. (Please Note: You have to play the match, or the trophy will not unlock)

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Premiership winner
Win the NRL or SL Grand Final

For this trophy, you do everything the same as There is always next season, but instead of Losing in the Grand final you just do everything possible to win. (Playing on Easy should make it simple enough to win the game). Please Note: you must play the match for the trophy to unlock.

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Try Machine
Have a player in your team score the most tries in a season

Okay, we into the harder trophies now, For this one you need to have a player from the team you are controlling to score the most try's in the season (After completing two season, I would set the game match time to 30 minutes (I know that a lot of time, but ten minutes you can only score 20-30, for 30 minutes I have got up to 95points in a match) this way you have enough time for your players to score try's, After each got the can check the stats page to should how your going compared to the AL computer players. the trophy will pop up after the Grand Final if you have the most.

Minor Premier
Be on the top of the ladder at the end of the regular season

For this trophy, you just need to be on top of the NRL or Super League ladder after the final normal round (Round 26), this one you can cheat a little as if you have won a lot of games at the start of season you can skip a few games, but remember doing so will put other trophies in doubt.

Thatís gotta hurt
Perform 10 Impact Tackles

For this one it's a bit luck of the draw, I find it easiest to kicking the kick down field, and running after it, then push to tackle the player who picked it up. Something you get a slow mo. impact replay you need 10 of theses of you hitting someone, other times you do a high tackle instead.

Big 300
Win 300 games

Okay, there nothing hard about this one, just going to take ages to achieve. You can find out how many matches you have won via the Locker Room. (All Wins counts. Quick Match, Competition & Online)

That's my team
Win your 1st game

Simply wins ONE Match anywhere, ether Online or Offline.

That's really gotta hurt!
Perform 50 Impact Tackles

This will be the 3th last trophy achieved, as it requires luck. Your better of keeping notes on how many you think you have. Just follow That's gotta hurt!, you just need 40 more. Donít worry you will get enough sooner or later as you have to play more than 500 games to platinum anyway.

Video Ref
View your first Video Referee decision

This one will pop up without you even trying, just try and score a try. Even a No-try will unlock this.

Thanks to us
View the credits

To Unlock, Load Game, then go to Credit. Let the whole credits play though, then x and it will pop up. (Has to be the easier trophy ever)

Be The Ball
Achieve a 100% Conversion rate in a match with a minimum of five attempts

It achieve this one, Score five try's & kick the goal each time. (Best done on easy, and scoring next to or under the posts) Don't Miss or it will not unlock, once you have 5 done. just play out the game without scoring again.

City or Country
Win as either City or Country within the NRL season

To achieve this trophy all you have to do is win the City or Country match (You have to play, can't simulate). Nothing hard about this at all (this match is before the State of Origin Matches).

Offload King
Perform 1000 Offloads

For this trophy you just need 1000 offloads, Offloads are do by passing a ball will being tackled. Simply enough to do just going to take ages to get to 1000, Best to leave this one to last to work on. As it will take ages to complete.

Golden Point
Win a game with a Field Goal in golden point overtime

This one is best done in Quick Match, on easy 10 minutes. Donít score or let them score in normal time, once extra time starts, get to their 20 meter line, try and get in front of the goals. Hold plus , use your right stick to aim. Then let go of the buttons, if you make it. You win the game and get this trophy.

Perform a 40/20 kick in a match

To achieve this trophy you need to kick a ball from beside your 40 line to their 20 line, and into touch.
I found this one quite bugging, I must have tried 20 times, the tips I do have after, One play a quick match & pick a good kicking team (i.e. Storm), once you get the ball check the wind direction, if blowing out to the side line, get down to your 30 meter line and aim the kick towards the side line, (be careful they will try to tackle you will in slow mo. with lucky you manage to get it over the 20 line and the trophy will pop up after the scrum. (Sorry about video quality, but it shows what to do)

Thatís Going On Report
Perform 50 High Tackles

To unlock this one all you have to do is do 50 high tackles, very easy.. Every time you go to tackle just push , by doing this you should get maybe 2 or 3 per match, just keep playing until you get 50.

Star Player
Have a player in your team win the Dally M or Man of Steel award

To unlock this one you just need to have the best rated player of the season. (If you play every game of the season, you should unlock this pretty easy, no problem. You can check the stats page for daily m stats up until round 16.

Break Away
Score a breakaway try from behind your 10m line

To unlock this trophy you, need to catch the kick off and score with the same player, I did this running down the side line, break a few tackles and then score.. If you pass the ball it will not work! Trophy pop-up after the goal shot.

Spread the ball
Move the ball through 10 sets of hands in a single play

I unlocked this trophy, but catching a kick off. Take the first tackle, and then I just passed from one side to the other then back a few. If you managed 10 it will pop-up. I know this one is best explained in a video (Any Video's would be added to Guide); all I can say is too easy to get this trophy when the defense is all over the place.

Top Gun
Have a player in your team score the most points in a season

To unlock this one, you need to have the most points in a season, remember you need to be on near of top of both Try's scored & Goals Kicked. (I did this by completing 30 minutes games (on Easy) and scoring like crazy) you will receive this after the Grand Final. On the Saving screen.

Big 10
Win 10 online games

This on doesn't need much explaining; just win 10 ranked games online. (You can boost this one with a bit of luck)

Golden Falcon
Perform 25 Knock-Ons

This trophy is quite simple once you have worked out how to knock on, the method I use was to try and kick and be tackled at the same time resulting in a Knock on. Just do this 25 Times and ping. Trophy is now yours.

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