Players: 1
Online Trophies: N/A
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to Platinum: 70-150 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectible Trophies: N/A
Missable Trophies: Trophies 101 (If you decline an explanation and save afterwards you have to start a new playthrough.)
Glitched Trophies: N/A

[top]Tips & Strategies

Before we Begin...
When I refer to the characters I will be using the default names. Also note that pretty much every trophy is story related except for a few trophies, I think you know which ones.

How to Make Quick and Easy Starting Gold and Crafting Trophies.

Buy milk and pickled turnips at the Three Sisters Inn make hot milk in the kitchen. Sell the hot milk, buy more milk to make more hot milk, and keep selling the hot milk untill you have enough money to buy 99 pieces of iron. Use the pickles to regain RP during crafting, unless you want to pass out but I only see you doing that for Germ Factory. Use 2 iron to make Zweihander. If you dont haggle or have a star by it, the star means it is more valuable, it will sell for 160 which is the same price as 2 iron. Rinse wash repeat untill you get your forgeing to level 75.

Do all the quests that you can because they give you recipes to make more stuff, You can redo certain quests but the reward is same as the first timeand you should only do it to rise friendship levels. On the 4th thursday of every month in the marketplace at the church there is a merchant named James who sells additions to your home to craft even better items at your home than you can around town but cost a lot of gold each but if you followed to gold tip then you will have plenty. With these additions now in your home you should rise your crafting, cooking, forging skills to at least 75, mixing (medicine) to at least 50.

A How to in "Farming" Relationships with Fenith Islanders

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Restoring the Temples

First you have to at least reach the Water Temple, you don't have to even enter it. Go to the Dragon Shrine on Fenith Island and you'll see a short scene where Talynn, the arch dragon, leaves but leaves behind an egg. Now continue on to finish the Water and Wind Temples. Once this is done head back to Fenith Island and head towards the Dragon Shrine for a cutscene. Now battle the enemies and more cutscenes. Afterwards you have to go find the Cosmic Grimoire, a gold request from Joe. (NOTE: You must look at the information on the bulletin board for the quest to appear.) Once you have it you must give it to Odette. After a series of cutscenes you'll have to head back to the altars, top floors, of each temple to acquire a dragon fruit. But before you can do this you must talk to Elena about why Ymir won't move, afterwards you have to battle a golem inside Ymir. Once done gather the dragon fruit and head back to the Dragon Shrine. Fangord, the new arch dragon, will hatch. Fangord will explain to you that you must seal the Temples, just Earth, Fire, and Water, and you do this by taking a corresponding sister to each shrine.


That is all, below I'll provide videos in spoilers for more detailed info.

[top]Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits

Unfortunately there are no cheats, glitches, or exploits.


Honestly with this game there's no real roadmap to be made of it but you can try it this way:

First earn Most Popular, this helps greatly as some of the other trophies require maximum relationships with certain characters.

Next earn the crafting, fishing, Germ Factory, and Jumping for Joy trophies. These are not earned through the natural progress of the game unfortunately, expect a lot of grinding.

Now earn the rest which all can be earned through the natural progression of the game.


Rune Factory Master
Earn all trophies.

Now I know you're smart enough to know how to get this one, good luck to you and good hunting.

Island Raiser
Use the Plant Golem to raise an island out of the sea.

No effort needed, after you go to sleep on the 1st day a cutscene will trigger. Aden, oh whatever you have named him will be awoken afterwards. After some dialog you will climb onto the golum which after you enter the monster barn and exit the golom will run towards a spot in the ocean and lift up a submerged island. Bing, trophy.

Island Savior
Raise all of the islands out of the sea.

You will raise all of the islands by progressing the story, gold requests.

Beginning Salvager
Successfully salvage 10 times.

See Master Salvager

Veteran Salvager
Successfully salvage 20 times.

See Master Salvager

Master Salvager
Successfully salvage 30 times.

Salvaging includes all main islands and unnamed islands. Unfortunately you have to salvage 30 individual islands, sorry no salvaging the same island 30 times.

Rock Hard Riddle
Get to the bottom of why Sprout Island turned to stone.

After you raise Spring Island go back and talk to Maerwen and she'll explain what must have happened to the island.

Monster Battler
Defeat 100 monsters.

See That Which Monsters Flee

Monster Masher
Defeat 500 monsters.

See That Which Monsters Flee

Monster Destroyer
Defeat 1500 monsters.

See That Which Monsters Flee

That Which Monsters Fear
Defeat 3000 monsters.

See That Which Monsters Flee

That Which Monsters Flee
Defeat 5000 monsters.

Easy enough but will take a while to earn. Luckily you can revisit monster inhabited islands and dungeons as many times as you please and slay monsters anytime. Once you reach 5,000 you're done! A good place to battle monsters are dungeons, like the Earth Temple for example.

TIP: Monsters will keep respawning until a monster gate is destroyed.

Giant Battler
Defeat 10 giant monsters.

See Giant Destroyer

Giant Slayer
Defeat 20 giant monsters.

See Giant Destroyer

Giant Destroyer
Defeat 30 giant monsters.

You encounter Giant Monsters when raising islands and clearing rocks. Remember to block their attacks and attack when their defense is down. They are around islands that you can raise so before raising an island walk around to encounter the monster and then defeat it. You should reach 30 before the end of the game.

TIP:When using the waypoint navigation, press on the D-Pad, walk around the ocean. When Sonja says "What's that" it means that there is a giant monster in the area. They generally appear as you're trying to raise an island but will sometimes appear without warning. Also in the Waypoint Navigation mode when walking around you'll notice red exclamation marks, these indicate unnamed islands that can be raised so look here for giant monsters.

Golem Repairman
Find out what's wrong with the Plant Golem and get him working again.

After you acquire the Cosmic Grimoire Ymir will become unusable. Talk to Elena to have her check on him and then continue the day as normal and then sleep. After the cutscenes talk to Elena again and she'll explain how to fix Ymir, you have to enter Ymir and destroy a golem that is inside him. Once done the trophy will unlock.

Water Temple Cleared
Lift the stone curse from the Water Temple.

Refer to the "Restoring the Temples" section for the info leading up to this point.

Once you've done everything you must do to reach this point you must talk to Violet and then bring her to the altar at the Water Temple. She'll Restore the Water Orb and that's it.

Fire Temple Cleared
Lift the stone curse from the Fire Temple.

Refer to the "Restoring the Temples" section for the info leading up to this point.

Once you've done everything you must do to reach this point you must talk to Odette and then bring her to the altar at the Fire Temple. She'll Restore the Fire Orb and that's it.

Earth Temple Cleared
Lift the stone curse from the Earth Temple.

Refer to the "Restoring the Temples" section for the info leading up to this point.

Once you've done everything you must do to reach this point you must talk to Lily and then bring her to the altar at the Earth Temple. She'll Restore the Earth Orb and that's it.

Legendary Golem Defeated
Defeat the Legendary Golem.

The Legendary Golem is just before the last boss in the game, you fight it while controlling Ymir. Just block when necessary and punch when it let's it's guard down. Once defeated the trophy will unlock.

Masked Man Revealed
See the true face of the man in the mask.

The Masked Man is essentially the antagonist of the game. You'll find out his true identity during the final boss battle, after you have defeated the Legendary Golem.

Beginning Crafter
Successfully craft an item.

See Master Crafter

Veteran Crafter
Successfully craft 300 items.

See Master Crafter

Professional Crafter
Successfully craft 800 items.

See Master Crafter

Master Crafter
Successfully craft 1500 items.

Crafting involves Cooking, Accessory Crafting, Medicinal Crafting, and Forging. James will build a Kitchen, Medicine Station, Accessory Station, and a Forge, he's at the marketplace at the church on Thursday's and Holidays. If you can not build any of those items yet there is a Forge at Daedalus Blacksmith, a Medicine Station at the church, an Accessory Station in the De-Sainte Coquille Mansion, and a Kitchen in the Three Sister's Inn. All shops on Fenith Island sell all basic ingredients but for more advanced ingredients such as Bronze and Wind Crystals out on the field. To successfully craft an item you must press in the blue areas. You must be quick because if the craft line goes from left to right once then you fail but you don't lose the items so you can try again.

Failed Chef
Fail at cooking one time.

Very easy. First buy Rice from the General Store and head across the street to the Three Sisters Inn's kitchen. From there select the rightmost pot and make Rice Porridge. You can either press in the red area or not press anything, you're choice. If you don't want to waste money save before buying the rice and just reload the data after the trophy.

TIP: You can reload the data by going back to the house and going to your journal. (REMEMBER: twice sends you to back to your house.)

Stay awake until you collapse at 5AM.

Very easy just sit there and wait till 5:00 A.M. till Aden, or what ever name you gave him. collapses.

Most Popular
Earn the goodwill of many residents on Fenith Island.

For this trophy you have to max your relationship level to the maximum level for every resident, level 6 is the maximum friendship level for everyone. Quests and gifts are the fastest ways to raise relationships as well as simply talking to them each day. Do note that when a resident's level bar is full you must talk to them to level up your relationship.

Beginning Angler
Successfully land a fish.

See Master Angler

Veteran Angler
Successfully land 300 fish.

See Master Angler

Professional Angler
Successfully land 1000 fish.

See Master Angler

Master Angler
Successfully land 2000 fish.

You can fish in ponds and the beach on Fenith Island. You can get a free fishing pole on the 20th of Spring in the first year during the Fishing Festival. You just simple have to keep fishing till you reach 2000 catches.

TIP: Fish are used for food, cooking ingredients, or to sell. It's best to keep them so you can use them towards Master Crafter

Consume 100 recovery drinks.

Easy BUT it cost's gold to get recovery drinks, unless found in treasure chests. Don't just consume recovery drinks on a whim because you may regret wasting them later on in a dungeon.

NOTE: Recovery drinks look exactly the same as the trophy image.

Germ Factory
Catch a cold 100 times.

You catch colds by either staying up till 5 AM or passing out from exhaustion. You'll know you're sick when a blue snowflake is displayed below you're health meter and smoke surrounds your body.

NOTE: There is a Cold Resistance skill so as you get closer to 100 colds you'll have a harder time catching a cold.

Jumping for Joy
Perform a double-jump 500 times.

Easy, keep pressing twice to double jump. 500 double jumps is equivalent to Jumping Skill level 10-11.

TIP: Double jump while running. If you stand while double jumping it will take longer as Aden has a 1 second delay between jumping while standing.

Win a battle in the colloseum.

First you must complete the main story. Next you must raise Jocelyn's Friendship to Level 6 (Max), she's the woman who visits the island on Thursdays and Holidays and appraises those small treasure chests you find during gameplay. Once that happens keep checking the bulletin board for a request from her, not sure the exact name of the request. After you are in the Colosseum you must win all of the initial dragon statues, 10 in all. You can only beat all 10 AFTER you beat the main story so don't worry about this trophy until then.

NOTE: It may be possible to skip this part all together, the location is B-4 on the sea chart. I will update once I have more info.

Achieve repeat victories in the colloseum.

This trophy will unlock after you defeat the golem gladiator a second time.

Trophies 101
Listen to Maerwen's explanation about trophies.

Maerwen is noticeably different from everyone else on the island, she's a dark elf, has green hair, has pointed ears and lives at the mansion. Talk to her and give her gifts until her friendship level is at level 2. Once that's done keep talking to her till she starts discussing trophies with you and done.

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