Players: 1
Online Trophies:
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: None
Estimated Time to Platinum: 5 Hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectibles Trophies: 5 ( Manual of Style, ROCK ON!, Truly, Truly Outrageous! , The Hidden Tracks )
Missable Trophies: There is No Safe Word Homestar Runner: The Musical Expressions of Affection
Glitched Trophies: None.



The High Cost of Repairs
Discover a way to fund repairs to the Game Machine.

Once you're finished with everything in Strong Bad's house. Go to Bub's Stand on the map, and use the "Fun Machine" on him. A scene should play and this trophy will pop up shortly.

We're Going to Put on a Show!
Get celebrity judges and security for the Battle of the Bands.

To get this next Story related trophy, you'll have to find the Cool Car in The Fields. You'll need to find it to create the Awesome Album Cover. What you'll need to do is:
  • Light the Oil on fire
  • Give The Cheat the Fake Sword
  • Put the Poodonkis in front of the car.
  • Take the Star and put it on the car.
  • Finally, take a picture of the car with the Camera!

Once you have the perfect photo, go to Strong Bad's house and put the photo in the mailbox. After the cutscene go back to Bubs' and give him the letter from Limozeen, your trophy will pop up shortly.

Strong Bad's Got Talent
Receive filled out entry forms for the Battle of the Bands.

Another story related trophy, to get this, you must get signed entry forms from Pom Pom and Marzipan. Then you need to convince Bubs and Coach Z to get back together. Once you're done with all of that, go back to Bubs' Concession Stand and hand in all of the signed forms and your trophy will pop up shortly.

It's a Sabotage
Successfully sabotage all the other bands.

To get this story related trophy, you'll need to sabotage the other bands.

Here is what you'll need to do to sabotage the other Bands.

  • Put the Hanger that you picked up earlier inside the Whale, and then turn the Hanger towards Homestar.
  • Talk to the Whale to make Homestar talk gibberish, and then go onto the next band.

Two O Duo:
  • First, go to Strong Bad's House and go into the living room to get some of Strong Sad's Old Records.
  • Now go to the Two O Duo's Stage and go to the record box and arrange them in this order: Hugo Left Me Miserable, 3 O'Clock Twist, Left Shift-Alt-Delete, and Roll Wit' Da' Punches. If it's set up correctly, Coach Z will dance up to Bubs and punch him in the face, making him angry. He'll storm off the stage and Two O Duo will be sabotaged!

Cool Tapes:
  • First of all, make sure you have the coloring book, if you do, go to Strong Bad's house and go to his Videogame room. Go to his Teen Girl Squad Drawing table and interacting with it with the coloring book for Strong Bad to make a new Teen Girl Squad. That's the first thing you need to sabotage the Cool Tapes!
  • Now go to the Pomstar Stage, pick up the nightclub and use it on the Limozeen Cardboard Cutout. Now take a picture, this is the second thing you need to sabotage the Cool Tapes!
  • At the Two O Duo Stage, (Remember to use the Bleach bottle on the pond yourself first!), give the Bleach bottle to the Limozeen Cardboard cutout and they'll pour it into the lake! Take a picture and return to the Pomstar Stage! Give the coloring book, whale photo, and bleach photo to Marzipan for her to sing her song against Limozeen, which will cause her to get a low score!

Now they should all be sabotaged, and you should have your trophy!

D.O.I. Rocks the House
Perform the best rock show with D.O.I.

To get this trophy, you'll need to perform the best rock show, and to do that you'll have to use your special stage prop!

Here is a list on what to do to win the rock show!
  • Reach for the Helmet on the Hatstand.
  • Give the Helmet to Homsar.
  • Make Homsar rise up far enough to hit the controls of the fan.
  • Talk to the King of Town.
  • Grab the Lobster sitting in the bowl of butter.
  • Use the lobster on the Speaker Cable.
  • Grab the bowl of butter.
  • Go climb up the ladder and examine the switch at the other side.
  • Pour the butter into the Fog Machine.
  • Congratulations, you've beaten the game! Get any collectibles you're missing in Extended Play!

The Hidden Tracks
Find all 12 collectibles.

Once you get every Limozeen Mini-Glass, Band Poster, and Limozeen game manual page, this trophy will unlock. Check their respective trophies for the locations of the collectibles.

Truly, Truly Outrageous
Collect all costume items.

This is another easy collectible trophy, and I'll list them in the order you should find them.

Sloshy tshirt: Use the "Rock Out!" item near the Washer and Dryer in Strong Bad's basement. A box should appear, check the box for the tshirt.

Leopard-print Pants: Check the Couch in Strong Bad's basement.

Chain Boots: You'll find this near the White Fence in the Field. Bring out the Metal Detector to find it close by.

Leopard Headband: You'll find this in the field near the Brick Wall. Use the "Rock Out!" item and a box will appear close by.

There is no Safe Word
Find all possible ways to abuse Strong Bad.

Here is a list of the areas where you can get Strong Bad punished.

Strong Bad's House:
Two of the five Strong Bad injuries can be done here.
  • Try to unplug the Lappy in Strong Bad's email room.
  • Examine the Microwave in the Kitchen

Marizapan's House:
You'll need to do this while looking for a blonde for the Awesome Cover Art. This one is missable.
  • Offer Marzipan the Fake Sword.

Two O Duo Stage:
This one is missable as well, so be sure to get this before using the Bleach.
  • Make Strong Bad use the Bleach on the Pond.

Cool Tapes Stage:
Another missable one, be sure to get this.
  • Talk to Strong Sad twice and he will taze you. It only counts the second time he tazes you.

Homestar Runner: The Musical
Witness all musical moments from the case of Homestar Runner.

Here is a list of where to experience every Musical Moment in the game.

Marzipan's House
  • Show Strong Mad the entry form to get your first musical moment.
  • Give The Cheat the entry form to get your second musical moment.
  • Give The Cheat the entry form again to get your third musical moment.
  • When Coach Z is standing outside of Marzipan's House, select the "Boom Box" option to get your fourth musical moment.
These next ones are only available during Extended Play.

Strong Bad's House
  • Talk to Strong Sad for your fifth musical moment.

Club Technochocolate
  • Use the Slide to the Right record on The Cheat's turntable for your sixth musical moment.
  • Use the Doin' the Wiggle record twice on The Cheat's turntable for your final musical moment.

Expressions of Affection
Hear all the ways the residents of Free County, USA love what they love.

Here is a list of areas and where you can get the residents of Free Country, USA to talk about what they love.

Strong Bad's House
  • Talk to Strong Sad about the Bats twice.

Bubs' Concession Stand
  • Select the Fun Machine and use it on Bubs.

The Track
  • Talk to Coach Z about Marzipan twice.
  • In Extended Play, talk to him three times.

Marzipan's House
  • Have Marzipan sign a glossy to Strong Bad.
  • Have Marzipan sign a glossy to Coach Z.
  • Have Coach Z read his poetry after you give him the glossy signed by Marzipan.

Two O Duo Stage
  • Talk to the Limozeen Cardboard Cutout about Two O Duo before you sabotage them.
  • Once Two O Duo has been sabotaged, and before you sabotage Cool Tapes, turn the "Give Hints" button to High in the settings menu. You can access this by pressing select. Now examine the Two O Duo Banner until Strong Bad makes a comment about Teen Girl Squad.

Pomstar Stage:
  • Talk to the whale twice, without inserting the hanger into him.

I Pilot the Limozeen Bus
Achieve a high score in 'Limozeen: Hot Babelian Odyssey'.

This isn't a very hard mini-game, but you'll have to wait to play this until you unlock Extended Play.
Just focus on shooting the green aliens, rescuing the girls with , and dodging the stationary flying guitars. You need to have 45,000 points to unlock this, and you will probably have over that by Level 7.

Limozeen on my Shelf
Collect all Limozeen Mini-Glasses.

Here is a list of where you can find all four of the Limozeen Mini-Glasses.

Glass #1 : You can find this by examining the Luxo Lounger in Strong Bad's Living room.

Glass #2: Use the "Rock Out!" item just outside Strong Bad's front door, a box will appear. Examine it to get Glass #2!

Glass #3: When you're just outside of Marzipan's House, use the Metal Detector to find Glass #3!

Glass #4: In the Two O Duo Stage, give the Bleach bottle to the Limozeen cardboard cutout and they'll dump it into the water. Now examine the dead fish to find the final glass!

Collect each band poster.

An easy collectible poster, if you need any help finding these, just look below.

Two O Duo: You'll find this by using the Metal Detector near Bubs' Concession Stand.

Pomstar: At the Club with Pom Pom in it, use the Microphone and a box will show up.

Cool Tapes: You'll find this in the first locker in the Tracks.

D O I: This should be the last one you get. Use the Metal Detector near the D O I banner at your stage.

Manual of Style
Collect all pages to the 'Limozeen: Hot Babelian Odyssey' manual.

Some more easy collectibles, just look at the list below for the locations of the manual locations.

Cover: Flip the Light Switch in Strong Bad's email room to receive the cover of the Manual.

Dedication : When you're in the Cool Tapes Stage, use the "Rock Out!" item to make a box appear. Examine the box to find the next Manual page.

Lyrics: When you're in the Two O Duo Stage, use the Metal Detector to find the next page of the Manual.

Back Cover: You must beat the game and start Extended Play for this manual page, go to Club Technochocolate and go to The Cheat's turntable. Use the Doin' the Wiggle record on it once to receive the final manual page.

Impossibly Rocked Out
Achieve the highest possible Awesomeness level.

This will be the last trophy you unlock for the game, and is awarded once you obtain every Game Manual Page , Band Poster, Limozeen Mini-Glass, Costume Item, Hear Every Expression of Affection, Abuse Strong Bad in every way, witness every musical moment, and get a score of 45,000 in Limozeen: Hot Babelian Odyssey.

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