SBCG4AP Episode 4: Dangeresque 3: The Criminal Projective Trophy Guide


Players: 1
Online Trophies: N/A
Online Pass Required: N/A
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: None
Estimated Time to 100%: 5 Hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectible Trophies: I got a Bullet With Your Name On It, Merchandising! Merchandising! Merchandising, How to Join the Circus, No Stone Unturned
Missable Trophies: I Reach for My Nunchuk..., I Know People, Continuity Errors
Glitched Trophies: No glitches related to trophies.

[top]Tips & Strategies

  • All trophies are in XMB order!
  • If you are having trouble, you can press and go to the settings menu to turn the Hints level onto High, but you shouldn't need to do that if you follow my walkthrough below.
  • If you can't target an object with the Analog Stick, use or to cycle through nearby objects until you get the one you want.
  • There is a small glitch during the game where you won't be able to move through your map with the dpad, all you need to do to fix this is move your Analog Stick around to select where you'd like to go.
  • When you finish the game, you can access the Extended Play by loading the Autosave. This will let you get the last of the collectibles needed for the 100%.


  • Complete the game by following the walkthrough I made below. This will get you about half the stuff required for Codename: Awesome!
  • Clean up the rest of the collectible items.
  • Do the Space Circus Catastrophe minigame at the Secret Lab and get 15000 points. This should unlock Space Circus Ringleader and if you've gotten everything else, Codename: Awesome!


A Dame in Shoes
Get hired by renowned Rainforest conservationalist Sweetsey Buttons.

You will start the game off in Dangeresques Office. What you'll need to do is grab your Nunchuk gun and Trinket off of the table on the bottom left. Make sure to answer the phone as well for Awesome points you'll need later for Codename: Awesome, and also for I Know People Now you'll have to answer the door. Renaldo and Dangeresque...Too? will come in and tell you about how Renaldo is retiring. All you have to do is take the Soda and answer the door again, after a scene the trophy will pop. Don't forget to grab Cutesy Buttons potted plant near your desk before you go, and remember to hit all three of them with the Nunchuk gun for progress towards I Reach for My Nunchuk... BE SURE TO HIT DANGERESQUE...TOO? WITH YOUR NUNCHUK GUN AS THIS IS THE ONLY POINT IN THE GAME HE APPEARS.

Before you leave the room, you should have the following:
  • 3/14 Characters Nunchuked
  • 1/6 Celebrity Name Drops

Recover the Serum
Obtain the serum to save the Rainforest.

After you exit the door, you will be able to place Strongborneo on the map. Once you have arrived there, immediately use your Nunchuk gun on the sign. This will open up a small hole that you will be able to examine. When you examine it, you find you won't be able to fit your arm through there, but Renaldo will instead do it for you, and once he does a bearshark will pop out. Take out your Nunchuk gun again and cycle through or until it targets the bearshark. After the scene, you will need to press to open up your map. Place the Secret Lab on the map and travel there.

When you walk in immediately grab the Safety Scissors from the wall (and take a quick detour to the Office again and use them on Cutesy Buttons. This is needed for Continuity Errors THIS IS MISSABLE) , and then select the Formula Dust from your menu and use it on Dr. Experimento. He will write down that you need a Bubbly Drink, a Stickanee Flower, and some Yellow Hair. You already have the Bubbly Drink, which is just the diet soda. Before you leave to get the other ingredients, check out the ??? on the rocket. This is a piece of the manual you need for How to Join the Circus. You can also use your Nunchuk gun on the next person here, Dr. Experimento. Also note that the Rocket Simulator is here, and you will have to play that mini-game for Space Circus Ringleader.

Now press to open up your map and place Brainblow City, and then head on there. Head on left towards the tree, and first examine the stick itself to increase your Awesome score and more progress towards I Know People, next examine to flower to grab it. EXAMINE THE TREE BEFORE THE FLOWER OR YOU WILL MISS THE CELEBRITY NAME DROP. Head left again to the shark pond, and use the potted plant you picked up earlier on it. Now head off to the Office again

Now you're here, target the window with or and then examine it. Cutesy Buttons will be distracted and you will be able to use the Safety Scissors on her. This will be the final thing you need for the formula. Head on back to the Secret Lab.

Hand him the Soda, the Blonde Hair, and the Flower. You will receive the Formula in return, and then this trophy will unlock.

Before you leave, you should have the following items if you've followed this guide perfectly.
1/4 Space Circus Manual Pages
4/14 Characters Nunchuked
2/6 Celebrity Name Drops
1/13 Out & Spit Takes

The Man with the Plan
Obtain the plans and access to Uzi Bazooka's Hideout.

Immediately head to the Office, and you'll receive a scene. You will discover that Cutesy Buttons is missing! Go ahead and examine the VCR and you will receive a recording from the mastermind who kidnapped Cutesy Buttons. Renaldo thinks you should go see your former enemy, Baron Darin Diamonocle, so open your map and select Brainblow Prison.

As you arrive, go ahead and target the small tuft of grass on the left side of the prison with or and examine it to receive a Monocle. This is your first Costume Piece, out of 7 you'll need for Look the Part. Target Diamonocle with your Nunchuk gun as well, and then talk to him. Go through every dialogue option with him (but remember to pick the evil Strong Bad icon when you get the dialogue choice for a celebrity name drop required for I Know People THIS IS MISSABLE ), and speak to Renaldo. At this point, you have the option between going to the Old Club or Venice, but for this walkthrough I will head to Venice first. One last thing before you go, head to the Stickanee Tree and use the Formula to make it sprout your first piece of Dangeresque 3 Merchandise, one out of 4 you will need for Merchandising! Merchandising! Merchandising!. Now head onto Venice

First thing's first, point your Nunchuk gun at Dadgeresque for more progress, and then talk to him. Just go through every dialogue tree and that's all you have to do here. When you open your map you'll need to place the Catacombs somewhere, but for now we'll head to the Old Club. DO NOT FORGET TO USE THE NUNCHUK GUN ON DADGERESQUE AS THIS WILL BE YOUR ONLY CHANCE TO DO THIS.

When you're there, you'll get a scene. You will instantly get a celebrity name drop for I Know People , and if you've followed the guide perfectly this should be 4 of 6. You know the drill by now, take out your Nunchuk gun and examine both of them with it. You should be at 8 of 14 now, more than half! Examine the card table and play cards with Perducci, you can't win this, so just play both cards so he'll play the Ace of Spades. Examine the card table and select the third option until you get a regular playing card at the top. Select the first option and play again, but this time you'll have the Ace of Spades. Just place that down and you've won... or so you think. He will place a rock on the table and then you'll lose again. Perducci will start talking to Killingyouguy forever until you take the rock and examine the card table again, so offer to play cards again and play the rock. You will lose again, but he has foolishly left the blueprints on the table! Take them and then finish up what you have left inside the club. Grab the Fedora on the front wall, and then use your Rock to smash the bottles and acquire another piece of Dangeresque 3 Merchandise. This trophy will unlock after the scene you get for taking the blueprints.

Before you leave, you should have the following items if you've followed this guide perfectly.
  • 2/4 Dangeresque 3 Merchandise
  • 1/4 Space Circus Manual Page
  • 3/12 Collectibles Found
  • 2/7 Costumes Snagged
  • 8/14 Characters Nunchuked
  • 4/6 Celebrity Name Drops
  • 1/13 Out & Spit Takes

Requisitionist for Hire
Recover the Rocket Parts for the scientist.

Head to the Catacombs now, and open the door all the way to the right. The next door ahead is locked, and you'll have to solve the puzzle in the middle of the wall in the back of the room to open it. Press to examine it and and to cycle between all of the tiles.

The solution is :

Upper Left: Salsa
Upper Middle: Burrito thing (This is already correct)
Upper Right: Nachos
Center Left: Hat (This is already correct)
Center Right: Pudding
Lower Left: Taco
Lower Middle: Tequila (This is already correct)
Lower Right: Pepper (This is already correct)

When you have solved the puzzle, a monster will pop out. Point your Nunchuk Gun at him for another character Nunchuked. Now use your piece of the Trinket on the Trinket in the middle of the puzzle. They will combine into a Heart which you will need to use on the monster. The Kidnapping Victim is in the next room, use your Nunchuk gun on her BUT BEFORE YOU TALK TO HER, GRAB YOUR METAL DETECTOR, INSPECT ONE OF THE MIDDLE BOXES, AND EXAMINE THE PUZZLE AGAIN FOR ANOTHER MANUAL PAGE. Once you talk to the Kidnapping Victim, you will be forced into a scene.

You will be at the Hideout now and have to do a gunfight. Aim at Uzi, Killingyouguy, The Cheat, and then finally Uzi again. Now you will have to be in a car chase.

Talk to your Autopilot and select the Sawblade icon, and then target it with or to acquire it for your inventory. Now tell your Autopilot to do the Oil Slick, and use the Hubcaps on Killingyouguy. Talk to the Autopilot and select the Hatch option to open it, and then examine the front of the car to slow it down. Now go onto the Roof and then the Hatch to escape. We need to go to the Secret Lab now.

Once you're here, grab the Large Knife from the wall. Done, now off to Cutesy's Place.

When you're there, keep running around in front of her until she calls you Strong Bad. This will be another Out & Spit take needed for Continuity Errors Now talk to her and select the disk option to learn that Perducci is in Venice. Now its time to leave for Venice.

You will see the Informant here, go through all of his dialogue options and then use the Rock and the Blueprints on him. This will open up Tokyo and Ireland on your map. Wherever you go first, the Painting will appear under the bridge there. Once you have it, talk to the Informant and select all of the dialogue options (Don't forget to pull your Nunchuk gun on him for more progress towards I Reach for My Nunchuk). You will need to do this for every Informant, and speaking to the ones in Tokyo and Ireland will unlock Paris and Cairo. Once you have had all of them examine the painting, Dangeresque will realize one of them is lying. Head to Tokyo and pull your Nunchuk gun on the Informant there. Just select the Temple icon and he will reveal he is actually Perducci. You will obtain the Launch codes disk, and you're supposed to head for the Stickanee Tree, but before we do that let's get some collectibles here in Tokyo and Ireland.

Tokyo, In front of the mountain side of the river. You will obtain a bullet required for I Got a Bullet With Your Name On It

Ireland, examine the Podium and then select the Podium icon when talking to the Informant. This is an Out & Spit Take required for Continuity Errors
First thing we should do here is get the collectibles, so head left and use the Rock and then your Nunchuk gun on the Whale to make a box fall down at the Wardrobe. Examine the box for a Top Hat. Now keep heading left with your Metal Detector out and go to the car for a bullet.
Now that you've done all that, use the Large Knife on the Stickanee Tree, and pick up the branch. We will have to head to Cutsey's Place again.

Place the Branch in the Enhanced Garden to receive the Flower you'll need to attract Sultry Buttons.

Head to Paris and place the Flower on the Podium, then open up your map and travel to Paris again. Sultry Buttons will be waiting near the Podium. THIS IS YOUR ONLY CHANCE TO USE YOUR NUNCHUK GUN ON SULTRY BUTTONS, USE IT ON HER BEFORE TALKING TO HER. Talk to her and you will receive the Ruby and Diamond.

Head to the Secret Lab, and use the Ruby on Dr. Experimento. You will receive a Celebrity Name Drop and the Rocket will be fixed. You will also need to hand him the Launch Codes, but before you do that, use the photo in your inventory on the computer for a Game Manual page needed for How to Join the Circus. Once he has received the Launch Codes and the Ruby, this trophy will unlock for you.

Before you leave, you should have the following items if you've followed this guide perfectly.
  • 2/4 Dangeresque 3 Merchandise
  • 3/4 Space Circus Manual Page
  • 2/4 Personalized Bullets
  • 3/12 Collectibles Found
  • 4/7 Costumes Snagged
  • 12/14 Characters Nunchuked
  • 4/6 Celebrity Name Drops
  • 3/13 Out & Spit Takes

Stick it to the Man!
Find out who the real villain is and stop him!

You will have to play the Space Circus Catastrophe minigame to go to the Sun, but it is very simple. If an asteroid is coming at you from the right, use your Analog Stick to go left, if an asteroid is coming at you from above, use your Analog Stick to go down and Vice Versa. You also use to shoot bubbles to save the innocent people, and to shoot the clowns.

You'll now be at the Sun, and the first thing you should do is aim your Nunchuk gun at the right tube hanging on the ceiling for a pair of Briefs. Now just go through the door and shoot at Uzi Bazooka. Shoot at him again after the scene for more progress towards I Reach for My Nunchuk. Examine the Orbital Controls and turn the place right with or and then attach the Diamond onto the Drill. Send the orbit left again to finish off Uzi Bazooka. Go through the door and aim your Nunchuk gun at Craig, then just talk to him.

Congratulations! The game is complete! The trophy will unlock shortly, and you will be able to get the rest of the collectibles through the Extended Play!

Before you begin Extended Play, you should have the following items if you've followed this guide perfectly.
  • 2/4 Dangeresque 3 Merchandise
  • 3/4 Space Circus Manual Page
  • 2/4 Personalized Bullets
  • 3/12 Collectibles Found
  • 5/7 Costumes Snagged
  • 14/14 Characters Nunchuked
  • 4/6 Celebrity Name Drops
  • 3/13 Out & Spit Takes

No Stone Unturned
Find all 12 collectibles.

This trophy refers to the Dangeresque 3 Merchandise, Space Circus Manual Pages, and Personalized Bullets items.

See How to Join the Circus, Merchandising, Merchandising, Merchandising! , and I Got a Bullet With Your Name On It below for more information on how to obtain these.

Look the Part
Find all costume pieces.

Costume Piece #1 - Brainblow City Prison. Target the small tuft of grass on the left side to receive a Monocle.

Costume Piece #2 - The Old Club. The Fedora is on the wall at front of the Club.

Costume Piece #3 - Catacombs. After the Monster appears and you take care of him, examine the small middle box to receive the Brown Boots

Costume Piece #4 - Brainblow City. After you have obtained the Rock from the Old Club, go to the Whale and use your Rock and then Nunchuk gun on him. This will trigger a box to fall down near the Wardrobe. Examine it to receive a Top Hat

Costume Piece #5 - The Sun. Shoot the tube on the right hanging from the ceiling to receive some Briefs.

Costume Piece #6 - Venice, Extended Play. Target the mustache to take it from the Informant.

Costume Piece #7 -Your Office, Extended Play. Examine the chair to go to Your Office at night, and examine the Phone. Exit through the door and you'll be at your regular Office. Select the painting on the right to receive the final Costume Piece.

I Reach for My Nunchuk...
Nunchuk all possible characters.

You will get this trophy at the end of the game if you follow my walkthrough, but if you miss any you can see their original locations here.
If you miss Dangeresque...Too?, Dadgeresque, Sultry Buttons, Killingyouguy, or Uzi Bazooka YOU WILL HAVE TO REPLAY THE WHOLE GAME.

Dangeresque...Too? - Your Office (This will be your only chance in the game to use your Nunchuk on him.)

Renaldo - Multiple locations (Your Office at the beginning of the game and The Sun in Extended Play.)

Cutesy Buttons - Multiple locations (Your office and Cutesy's Place.)

Dr. Experimento - Secret Lab

Baron Darin Diamonocle - Brainblow City Prison (You can travel to this location in Extended Play by heading right when you enter Brainblow City)

Perducci - At the Old Club


Informant - Venice, Tokyo, Cairo, Paris, and Ireland. (Only Venice will be available in Extended Play)


Monster - The Catacombs


Sultry Buttons - In Paris, you will have to leave the Stickanee Flower on the Podium and open up your map with and travel there again. (YOU MUST USE YOUR NUNCHUK GUN ON HER BEFORE TALKING TO HER AS THIS IS YOUR ONLY CHANCE)

Uzi Bazooka - The Sun (I am pretty sure you only have one chance at this, so aim your Nunchuk gun at him before you destroy him with the drill.)

Craig - The Sun

I Know People
Give not-so-subtle hints to who you know (of).

Celebrity Name Drop #1 - Your Office. Just use your Phone at the beginning of the game to get this.


Celebrity Name Drop #3 - Brainblow City Prison. Select the evil Strong Bad option when talking to Baron Darin Diamonocle to receive this Celebrity Name Drop. YOU CAN MISS THIS

Celebrity Name Drop #4 - The Old Club. You will receive this automatically just from walking in.

Celebrity Name Drop #5 - The Secret Lab. You will receive this automatically for giving Dr. Experimento the Ruby.

Celebrity Name Drop #6 - Brainblow City, Extended Play. Examine the car to receive the final Celebrity Name Drop

Continuity Errors
Find all bad takes in 'Dangeresque 3: The Criminal Projective'.

Out & Spit Take #1 - Your Office. You must try to take her hair with the Safety Scissors before you put her Potted Plant in the Shark Pond. THIS IS MISSABLE!!

Out & Spit Take #2 - Cutesy's Place. Screw around and wait for Cutesy Buttons to call you Strong Bad. This will count for the Out & Spit Takes.

Out & Spit Take #3 - Ireland. Examine the Podium, and then talk to the Informant. Select the Podium option. THIS IS MISSABLE!!

Out & Spit Take #4,5,6,7 - The Secret Lab, Extended Play. Examine Dr. Experimento 3 times, and then use or to target the rocket itself. Examine it and receive another Out & Spit Take.

Out & Spit Take #8,9,10 - Your Office, Extended Play. Examine the Paintings 3 times for 3 Out & Spit Takes.

Out & Spit Take #11,12,13 - The Sun, Extended Play. Talk to Craig, Renaldo, and Uzi Bazookas body for the final 3 Out & Spit Takes.

Space Circus Ringleader
Obtain a high score of 900 points in 'Space Circus Catastrophe!'.


You can find this game in the Secret Lab, you can't miss it.

The only advice I can give is that if an asteroid is coming at you from the right, use your Analog Stick to go left, if an asteroid is coming at you from above, use your Analog Stick to go down and Vice Versa. to shoot a bubble to save the other people, and to shoot the clowns. The game will get faster as you go on, so keep sharp and try not to use on the clowns. DO NOT PRESS UNTIL YOU GET YOUR 15000 POINTS OR YOU WILL HAVE TO START OVER.

When you have your 15000 points, exit the game and the trophy will unlock.

How to Join the Circus
Collect all pages to the 'Space Circus Catastrophe!' manual.

Manual Page #1 - The Secret Lab. Use or to target the piece of paper saying ??? to receive a Space Circus Manual Page.

Manual Page #2 - Catacombs. After you have solved the puzzle and defeated the monster, inspect the puzzle again for this page.

Manual Page #3 - The Secret Lab. Use the Photo you got from picking up the Large Knife on the Computer.

Manual Page #4 - Strongborneo. Use the Large Knife on the Plant to receive the final page.

Merchandising! Merchandising! Merchandising!
Obtain all pieces of Dangeresque 3 Merchandise.

Merchandise Item #1 - The Stickanee Tree. Use the Formula on it, and it will sprout this piece of merchandise.

Merchandise Item #2 - The Old Club. Take the Rock you recently acquired and use it on the Bottles in the back of the building.

Merchandise Item #3 - Brainblow City Prison. Head right to the City Limits sign and use your Nunchuk gun on it.

Merchandise Item #4 - Venice, Extended Play. Acquire another Branch from the Stickanee Tree by using your Large Knife on it, and then head to Venice. Go to the right side and use the Branch on the River.

I Got a Bullet With Your Name On It
Obtain all bullets with names on them.

Bullet #1 - Tokyo. You will find this near the middle of the mountain side of the river.

Bullet #2 - Cutesy's Place. On the right side of the Flowers.

Bullet #3 - Brainblow City. Search near the left side of the Car

Bullet #4 - Strongborneo. On the left side of the box.

Codename: Awesome!
Achieve the highest possible Awesomeness level.

This is the last trophy you will unlock in the game. What you need for the highest possible Awesomeness level is: 15,000 points in Space Circus Catastrophe, All Dangeresque 3 Merchandise, all Space Circus Manual Pages, every Personalized Bullet, all Out & Spit Takes, all Celebrity Name Drops, used the Nunchuk gun on every character, and found all Costume Pieces.

When you have obtained the last item or the points you need in Space Circus Catastrophe you need for your Awesomeness level, this trophy will unlock. Congratulations on the 100%

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