This game has an old Gran Turismo style, but with bikes instead of cars. This game is fairly easy, except for the platinum. This game is fun if you like Gran Turismo, but even if you don't, this game has a new spin on it, and is totally different. The platinum, though, is very difficult, especially because of the gold's. The gold's are pain in the butt. I will admit, as fun as I think it is, it isn't worth getting for a platinum because it takes too long.


Players: 1-2
Online Play: 2-8
Offline Trophies: 39
Online Trophies: MINIMUM of 3*
Cheat Codes: No
Cheats Affect Trophies: N/A
Minimum Playthroughs: N/A
Suggested Playthroughs: N/A
Time to Platinum/100%: 25-30 hours especially with the 3 gold's which require some extra time.
Boosting: NO Boosting Available

NOTE: You can get many trophies online, but the minimum online trophies are 3.


You are the best!
All Trophies collected!

DONE!!! But good luck because this game isn't a walk in the park.

Be a Rookie
Win your first race.

Easiest trophy in the game. Just win a race.You can put yourself in first place and the difficulty to basic, but you are going to have to win a race regardless so, you will get this eventually.

Simulation Wizard
Win a race in extreme simulation mode with opponents at Professional or Real level.

Most of these trophies are easier than they sound, but this one is one of those harder ones to get. What you need to do is 1 lap you start in first and in simulation, false starts are on so you want to wait for the light to turn green. I would say do this trophy around last because you will need some time to practice. Now, do, I would suggest a short track, and then sharply make those turns in the race but not on the grass or anything as you should know. Then, just hope!

Who needs wheels?
Win performing at least 10 seconds of wheelies and win the race.

Here, pick a long track with 10 laps, easy, do a few wheelies and then win. Easy as that.[/SIZE] And also, try for "The Prancing Pony" while you still have 10 laps. Pull back on the for a wheelie.

King of Assen
Win a race on Assen with less than a 3 second gap at Professional or Real level

Pick Assen and I personally would start from the middle and work your way up. But starting from the front makes everything easier. On pro this is a bit harder, but first things first, make sure you win. Then try for a close win and get win within a second while your are at it. Or stay in first and go along, remembering that a THREE second differential is needed to accumulate this trophy.

Tires are expensive
Win a race with tire wear activated and with a minimum waste of tires.

One of the easiest trophies in the game. Easy setting, quick race, 1 lap and remember to try NOT to slide. No need for sharp turns on easy either as an add-on note.

Back to my first love
Win a race at least at professional difficulty level using Max Biaggi and his Aprilia.

Put the difficulty on pro, laps to 50% and of course use Max Biaggi and his Aprilla. Don't forget to win.

Milestone best friend
Win a race at Misano Adriatico using Luca Scassa.

See "Italian Miracle".

Telemetry Expert
Compare two telemetries.

Go to “Engineer” then “Telemetry”. You’ll be able to view the telemetry there but what you want is “Save Telemetry”. Go back out again to the track. When you go back in and go to the “Telemetry” section again. You’ll be able to load your previous data into the 2nd slot. Scroll along them and zoom in and out and there's your trophy.

Somebody will be quite angry now
Win a race with a gap of less than 1" from second place.

I did easy and 1 lap. I trailed position 1 until it got near the end and broke out in front but at the REAL FAR end.

Despite bad luck
Win a race with a highly damaged bike.

Do an easy race with 6/7 laps. Should be enough. I did 10 though. Wheelie back too far a few times, then win, you should get this trophy. Also crashing in walls will help, wheelies work better, just remember to win.

Impossible Comeback
Win a quick race starting from last position at Professional difficulty level.

Not as hard as it looks, but it is frustrating because it is on professional. 1st of all go to your Option screen and enter the "Realism Settings"
Set the style to basic and change "Race Penalties" to OFF and "False Start" to ON.

Now go to the single player screen and enter a single race. Change the track to Monza (Which i found to be the easiest but you might find an easier track) Set the laps to 1, the opponents skill to "PROFESSIONAL" and your Start Position to 27.

Start the race and you will jump the start but not get penalized for doing so while your opponents are still left standing. By the time they start the race you should be in front, plus you can cut the chicanes without any penalty. Finish the race in 1st and there's the "IMPOSSIBLE COMEBACK" achievement for you!


What I did was: I did 10 laps like always, but 8 should be enough if you're bad, and if you're good, 3 laps. And make sure you win starting from the back, most important of course.

I pwn n00bs
Perform a 360 burnout and win an on-line quick race.

This is not the Skate 2 trophy "I pwn n00bs," but I will say this: BOOST! I understand that we do not have a boosting thread, that is the only way you will find someone online. Plus, if you do see and one, and if you are facing a novice, I guarantee you will lose, well, I would because I suck at this game but, boost.

Italy rules the world
Win a race with all the Italian riders.

Easy, 1 lap and always pick Italian riders and your good to go with this trophy. I am not sure how many rider there are, but this trophy will take a few races to get.

Win a race performing at least 2 360's.

Again, I would do this one online and boost it. I know there isn't anyone to boost with, but if you need boosting, I have someone to boost with. Although you can easily get this otherwise, easier to get both trophies in one. Otherwise, do easy, 6/7 laps, of course I did 10, and you should be good.

I'm the Wizard
Win a race on Monza using Michel Fabrizio.

Pick track Monza and use the rider Fabrizio (I looked 3 times to make sure I spelled that right because his name is just so weird) and easy, 1 lap. This trophy will pop up right after you win.

Milk Shake
Damage a Team Sterilgarda bike until it is unusable.

Simply Pick Shane Byrn and Team Sterilgarda and smash the bike up by crashing. Very simple, pretty fun, and really cool trophy in my opinion. This may take a few laps so don't do 1 lap, maybe 4 or 5. That should do it, and when it is unusable, you will get the trophy shortly after, but not immediately.

Dorifuto Kingu
Win a race performing at least 10 seconds of skids.

Now this trophy takes a bit of doing. I suggest setting the laps to about 50/60% or higher, the difficulty to easy and the realism settings to advanced. You’ll find that the bike is much happier to slide about with this realism setting. If you set the laps long enough and then wheel along the straights, you should be able to get this trophy as well as the “Who Needs Wheels?” “Living on the Edge” and “Prancing pony” trophies.

Using these settings to actually get the bike skidding, simply brake hard going into the corner to get the speed and revs down, then accelerate hard and quickly coming out the other side you'll see the back wheel step out to the side skidding away from you its just a matter of controlling it from there.

The Pirate lands in America
Win a race with Biaggi at Salt Lake City.

Easy, 1 lap, Biaggi, Salt Lake City...pretty simple.

Straight out of the factory
Win a race at Imola using a Ducati Xerox.

DU...COT...TAH (from YESMAN). Easy, 1 lap, Ducati Xerox bike (Is that the sponsor or name???) at Imola...again, pretty simple.

Mr. Crocodile under the water
Win a rainy race using Troy Corser.

Get used to racing in rain before you attempt this trophy. I put 10 laps to get used to the whole rain thing, and was Troy Corser. Set it again to easy. 1 lap should do, just be used the rain and all because 10 laps is way too much.

Living on the edge
Perform 10 seconds of wheelies and 10 seconds of skids in any game mode.

A little easier this one as you could just go out in training for a little while and you will get this trophy. It says any game mode. To pull off a wheelie, pull back on the .

Out of time
Win a race with a 10 second gap or more from second place.

Put the laps at 7/8, and of course I did 10. Difficulty to easy and it should be an easy trophy as well.

The only way to make someone read them
Watch all credits.

Easy, watch all credits, or leave it running while you watch something good on television.

Transmission Wizard
Win a race using manual transmission with opponents at Professional or Real level.

For me, this was the most frustrating bronze because I can't do Manuel for my life. It makes it harder that I was on Pro. However if you practice, practice, practice, you will get this, 1 lap for me this time and, another bronze.

Win at least one race with each of the SBK™ teams.

I did this one with Pure Ruler. I did a different team and track every time with 1 lap on my favorite track and easy opponents. You will though get this eventually if you just randomly pick tracks and riders.

Mr. Superpole
Achieve at least 10 Superpoles in the same championship.

To achieve a Superpole, simply run that fastest time in BOTH qualifying sessions. Then during Superpole, run the fastest time in all 3 sessions. Get 10 of these in 1 championship and this trophy is yours.

Pure ruler, out of the box
Win on all tracks on-line.

I would boost, but in a championship with all 13 tracks. Therefore, you get it in 1 go. Again, I can help you find someone with this game if you can't, just pm me.

Italian Miracle
Win a championship with Pedercini team.

Select Scassa and you will pick up "Milestone Best Friend" and I got the "Milestone Best Friend" Trophy by accident so that's why I say that. Then win a championship.

The SBK™ Kamikaze
Win at least one race with all the Japanese riders.

Self-explanatory. Use all Japanese riders to win at the minimum 1 race. This is just like the "Italy rules the world" trophy, except now with Japanese riders.

The Prancing Pony
Perform 60 seconds of wheelies and finish at least fourth.

Again, put on 10 laps. Although, I will say this may be needed. Finishing 4th makes it a little bit easier but...Anyways, difficulty easy, and you know how I like that Ducati. Also, it is 60 seconds put together, not all in one so, that makes it even more easier.

I'm the Star
Win a championship using the team Suzuki Alstare.

Use team Suzuki Alstare to win a championship, again, most of these trophies are self-explanatory, I am just here to help you through it it goes... Easy difficulty!!!

Bronze Medal
Win at least a bronze medal in all Scenarios.

See "Gold Medal"

Silver Medal
Win at least a silver medal in all Scenarios.

See "Gold Metal"

Tight Rope Walker
Finish 10 races in a row without falling.

Here, take your time, I have a hard time with racing games because I want to go as fast as possible uncaring what lies ahead. So easy difficulty and 1 lap and make sure to take your time.

The championship is on the line
Win an on-line Championship.

If you took my advice for "Pure Ruler, Out of the Box" then you will get this trophy. Otherwise, I would again suggest boosting here.

Winning Streak
Win at least 10 races in a row.

I picked this up going for "Tight Rope Walker" although this is much easier. I did it in a championship so there is 1 option, or quick race, whichever. Also to make "Pure Ruler" easier, select different tracks, unless you have a preference and your extremely great at that track of course.

Pure ruler
Win on all tracks.

You will get this trophy playing, but set the difficulty easy again, and laps to 1, this is faster than you may think. And also going after "Pure Ruler, ou of the box" will get you this trophy because it doesn't need to be offline.

Win at least 5 races at Donington.

Very straight forward as most of them are. Set the laps down to 1, and easy difficulty, and just keep going in and winning there. Also doing this and "Winning Streak" will make that trophy easier.

How cool are my trophies?
Complete the CUPS board.

Win on all the tracks in championship mode to achieve all the individual track cups and the championship cup. Break all the track lap records to achieve the Training Cup. Finally achieve ALL platinum medals in challenge mode to unlock the Challenges Cup, this includes Time Trials and Specials.

I imagine that most people are struggling with the “Riding in the rain” scenario. The only advice I can give is the last two hairpins cut in over the grass very close to the walls, the chicane before them cut across as tight as you can to try get across the grass and straight back onto the straight. Also a couple of corners before the long straight down to the Dunlop bridge cut them too. By the start of the second lap you want to be about 5th/6th and on the second to last hairpin when you come out the other side you want to be in 3rd position for platinum.

Gold Medal
Win at least a gold medal in all Scenarios.

GOOD LUCK!!! I have not gotten this one, but it is easier than platinum (of course). Not much help here, but again, self-explanatory. The scenarios take quite a while, but the "Riding in the Rain" Scenario is probably the hardest and the only one that wil give you so much trouble. Here is what you should do:

I imagine that most people are struggling with the “Riding in the rain” scenario. The only advice I can give is the last two hairpins cut in over the grass very close to the walls, the chicane before them cut across as tight as you can to try get across the grass and straight back onto the straight. Also a couple of corners before the long straight down to the Dunlop bridge cut them too. By the start of the second lap you want to be about 5th/6th and on the second to last hairpin when you come out the other side you want to be in 3rd position for platinum.

Rainbow decks
Win all the cards of the game decks.

Again, hard, but self-explanatory. I would help, but I can't help you. Keep playing the game and you will keep receiving cards. GOOD LUCK!!! Here is what you must do:

Win both races in Weekend Mode on each track, break all the track records in Time Trial Mode, get Platinum on all Challenges, the win 3 Championships. There are 26 cards in Weekend Mode, 13 in Time Trial Mode, 20 in challenges, and 6 in championships, which gives you the total of all 65 cards.

With having to win 3 championships, do the "I'm a Star" and "Italian Miracle" trophies which takes care of 2 championships, then you have one left over for your own choice, preferably one you are good at.

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