Players: 1* (Play with other player's characters as allies)
Online Trophies: All (You must be online to play the game)
Estimated Time to 100%: 8 - 12 Hours (Dependent on skill, investment, and AP use)
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectible Trophies: 0
Missable Trophies: 0


Soul Edge, the cursed sword who continually feeds on humanity.

Soul Calibur, the spirit sword fated to destroy the cursed sword's reign of terror.

The destinies of both swords have intertwined for ages long past. And now the stage is set at the end of the 16th century...

The knight Siegfried's soul burns as he takes up the spirit sword. Nightmare brandishes the cursed sword, ready to spread terror across the land.
In their devastating duel, the swords shatter. It was thought that finally, the curtain had closed in the swords' battle. But, the shards of the cursed sword had escaped to Astral Chaos. There, it travelled across multiple worlds and timelines, hoping to spread its terror once again. The remnants of the spirit sword also followed suit, hoping to vanquish its rival. Imbuing themselves onto different weapons, they fall asleep, waiting for the next battle to arise.

And now the stage is set yet again, where the swords await their new beholders...

SOULCALIBUR: Lost Swords is a free-to-play, single player, online fighting game with in-game purchases. The player can play through quests and the story, level up their fighters, collect gear such as weapons, armor, and accessories, and fight alongside other player's characters through the ally system. Damage is based off of an elemental system with strengths and weaknesses. Doing any quest will cost Action Points (explained further below). Although this game is single player, you will need to be online to link with the servers and the ally system.

You start with the choice of 3 fighters, Sophitia, Siegfried, and Mitsurugi. This will become your main character. You can play as the other fighters later after unlocking them through events and getting their key to drop.

From there, you will go to the main menu. Here you can choose from Quests, Character, Shop, Allies, and Missions. There is also a submenu that you can view by pressing .

Here you will play the story episodes, master episodes, and event episodes.

Here you can change equipment, craft items, sell or buy gear, edit your player thumbnail, and change your character.

Here you can use money to buy items such as AP Potions, Continue Tickets, and Premium Chests. You will also go here to redeem you FPs for Premium Chests.

Here you will find (once you've recruited some allies) a list of your allies to use in quests. You will also find requests for you to be an ally here.

Here you will find a list of missions to complete within the game. They include completing chapters, episodes, event episodes, daily quests, soul crushing, etc. Once you complete a mission, you can come to this menu and select missions you've completed to receive the reward.

The submenu is for settings and item mail mostly. Remember to check your item mail often. It is where you are sent rewards for missions, events, log-in bonuses, etc.

[top]Tips & Strategies

As a standard fighting game, you have different attacks, combos to execute, blocking, and mobility. As a Soul Caliber game, you have the classic button scheme.

Horizontal Attack
Vertical Attack

+ Grab

Special Attack
Your special attack is available to use when you fill the bar at the bottom left of your screen up. Attempted hits, successful hits, grabs, blocking, and guard impacts all fill up the bar slightly. Once it's filled and says MAX, you can press to perform your weapon art's unique special move. It does great damage, usually knocks your opponent around, and usually puts them in Soul Crush.

Summon Ally
Once your pink ally bar is filled over time. You can press to summon them for a set amount of time once it's filled.

Backward and Forward on your left control stick controls moving away or towards your opponent.
You can also dash backwards and run forwards by double tapping your left control stick in the respective direction.

Up and Down on your left control stick controls side stepping accordingly as a parry move.

You can use the directional buttons to change the type of attack you are doing with horizontal, vertical, and kick attacks.

Forward + Guard Impact
A guard impact is much like a parry. If timed to block a opposing attack, it will bounce your opponent back and stagger them for a moment giving you a huge opening to attack.
This is a very useful technique on the harder episodes when the AI is much more aggressive.

You can mix attacks and direction to set up strings of attacks and get some useful combos to defeat your opponents.

Quests are the chapters you will play in each episode, master episodes, and event episodes. Each quest costs an AP amount based on it's difficulty and it's potential rewards. A quest consists of at least 3 stages where you will fight an opponent each. The quest is over after you either are defeated or defeat the opponent in the final battle. After each quest is completed, you will be taken to a results page where you will be given rank exp for your rank level, character exp for your character's level, and gold.

Your character can gain experience through quests and as they level, they will get a boost to hit points and base attack power. Each character have a unique weapon art. You can change your character once you unlock others through event episodes. Each characters stats stay with them in a change.

AP stands for action points and with most free-to-play games, it is a unit in order to play unless you plan to pay money for AP potions. As you start the game you'll start with a max AP of 30. 1 point of AP recharges every three minutes. You can raise your max AP as you rank up by gaining experience after each quest.

AP Potions
AP Potions fully refill your AP amount to the max. You can earn AP potions as a log-in bonus or buy them in the shop. You are also given one to start with. Each quest you play has an AP cost you pay to play it. You use this cost up even if you lose, so keep that in mind. Earlier and easier quests use less AP than the harder quests, master quests, and event quests.

Continue Tickets
Continue tickets are a redeemable continue within a quest. You can earn them from events, log-in bonuses, or pay for them in the shop. You are given one to start If you lose a quest, a continue menu will pop up asking you if you want to use a continue ticket. Losing a quest means losing the items gained within the quest. If you continue, you can keep progressing in the quest and keep the items you've earned.

Rank Level

Your rank level mainly determines what allies are available to recruit. Every rank level you level up adds 2 max AP to your AP stock. Also, every time you level up your rank level, your AP fills up to max.

Ally System
As part of the online aspect of the game, you and other players can be recruited when entering a quest. Your choices of recruitment are based off of your rank level. New allies to recruit are shown in red boxes, while allies you've made permanent are in blue boxes. Inside of the quest, you will have to to fill up the pink ally bar in order to summon your chosen ally. When this bar is full, you can pres to summon your ally. The pink bar starts counting down and any hits the ally receives will accelerate the countdown. Your summoned ally starts with his special bar at max. When your ally's bar is depleted, you will change back to your main character and can begin filling the bar up again. If you defeat your opponent before your allies time is up, they will not continue into the next round and the bar will start from nothing again. After you complete a quest with an ally, you can send them an ally request. If they accept, you and the ally player can use each others characters as allies. You can also receive ally requests which can be accepted from the Allies tab in the main menu.

Using a permanent ally once every 24 hour period will net you 10 friend points (or FP). These FPs can be used in the Shop menu to buy chests with random gear in them. The gear is not the best you can find, but more gear that you don't need or want is more gold in your pocket for crafting.

Items are earned from item chests, mission rewards, quest rewards, and log-in bonuses. You will mostly earn item chests from defeating an opponent in stages. You can earn an extra chest per opponent for getting soul crush on them and destroying their armor. They all come in grade A, B, and C with A being the best rank.

Weapons are your form of offense and are based on a weapon art. Characters all specialize in a weapon art so any weapon you pick up for a weapon art type is for that character only. They vary from Mitsurugi's samurai sword to Asaroth's giant sickle to Sophitia's sword and shield and so on. They also will have an element (or two) as part of them. (If it's a dual elemental weapon, horizontal attacks are one element while vertical are the other.) They determine most of your attack power and can be crafted to higher levels for a higher attack rating. Some weapons are slotted for crafting gems.

Armor is your form of defense. Any character can wear any armor piece. From top to bottom, there are armor pieces such as hats, skirts, boots, sandals, shoes, bracelets, arm guards, tops, and so on. They also have an element and determine your weaknesses because of it. You can mix and match elemental armor to round out your defense. I have found non-elemental armor as well. They determine all of your defense and can be crafted to higher levels for a higher defense rating.

Accessories are rare items you can equip to change your look. They are purely cosmetic and give no stat boosts. You will need to collect them though for Armored Soul.

Crafting is a way to level weapons and armor. As weapons level, their attack power will raise. As armor levels, their defense will rise. A piece of gear's level max is based on their grade(being A, B, or C). You can craft any weapon or armor as long as it isn't maxed out. You will get from item chests and episode rewards, crafting gems. These are graded as well and have certain properties such as horizontal attack up or resistances. They also come in fire, water, wind, dark, and light colors.

The crafting system is pretty deep and hard to understand. It's clear how to level up gear but unclear on how crafting abilities occur or even how gems are really different. Several times when crafting, I was prompted that a crafting ability may be added to the weapon but it failed every time. If and when I find more on crafting, I will add it in.

Elemental System
Each basic element is strong against one and weak against another. Water does extra damage to Fire, as Fire does extra damage to Wind, as Wind does extra damage to Water. Their are also the Dark and Light elements which are quite rare to find and appear in later quest levels. They do base damage to the basic elements and vice versa. They both do extra damage to each other. The same strengths and weaknesses apply to both weapons and armor. Using a element that is weak against the armor will result in blue numbers alongside normal damage numbers representing a loss of damage. Using an element that is strong against the armor will result in red numbers alongside normal damage numbers representing extra damage done.

Examples -
Water weapon Vs. Water armor = base damage (all white damage numbers)
Fire weapon Vs. Wind armor = extra damage (white + red damage numbers)
Wind weapon Vs. Fire armor = lost damage (white + blue damage numbers)

Water, Fire, Wind Vs. Light, Dark = base damage (all white damage numbers)

After some practice, you'll learn that the elemental system is very basic.

Soul Crush
Soul Crush is a feature of SOULCALIBUR: Lost Swords where after a set amount of time or damage, your opponent will fall under Soul Crush. At this time a bar of the corresponding element will appear as their health. If you deplete the bar all the way, they will be Soul Crushed and they will lose their armor making them extremely vulnerable. You will also get an extra item from this opponent. What element an opponent's Soul Crush is will be determined by the 3 little nodes under their main element (being their armor's element). Usually it is just one and the same as their armor element. Sometimes though it is different and sometimes there is more than one. This means that the opponent has to be Soul Crushed that many times for their armor to break. An opponent can only be Soul Crushed once though. If you miss depleting the Soul Crush bar all the way down, you lost your opportunity.

Determining how an opponent is Soul Crushed can be different. In my experience, after doing enough damage to where their health is at about 1/3, they will go under Soul Crush. Although, I have seen opponents automatically go under after 15 seconds into a fight. Some opponents (like in special event episodes or "bosses") go under Soul Crush immediately when the fight starts.

Tips & Strategy
  • Keeping on the offensive really got me through the first half of the game. Even after downing an opponent, you can hit them with certain low attacks. Never let up the offense until you notice a difficult defense has become the norm. It is only until later episodes that the AI starts really defending correctly and biting back hard. Some of the later AI are so aggressive, that you can't get a defense up. Prepare to use Guard Impact much more in later episodes.
  • When the difficulty does kick up, change your strategy. Waling on them endlessly won't help if they defend well. Place your attacks carefully and defend yourself as well. They can wale on you as you did to them on easier episodes, so don't let them.
  • Control the movement. Sidestep, back off, and push forward. Keep the flow in your favor.
  • If you can get your opponent up against a wall and get them slammed against it, you'll have an opportunity for an extra hit.
  • Unless you absolutely hate using all 3 of the starting characters (or just hate the one you picked), don't change your character. You'll want to invest as much time into your main character as you can purely for their level. If you switch characters, you have to level them up from the start.
  • With your main character, get one weapon of each basic element and level them up evenly. This can help if you get to an episode that has opponents weak to an element you haven't invested crafting into.
  • Remember to check your item mail.
  • Gain a variety of allies. For instance, I played Sophitia and focused on the water element. Her armor and main weapon are water. So when choosing allies, I got pure Fires and pure Winds to help any weakness I may have due to being pure Water. I also grabbed dual element allies for even more variety.


This will take two steps. The first is the brunt of the trophies and the second is grinding out just one.

Step 1
Start the game and play through the story episodes all the way to the end.
This will net you -

Vortex of Destiny
Legend Will Never Die

As you are playing through those quests, you should run out of AP and be able to use an AP Potion, get enough crafting materials to craft 3 times, finish 5 missions, fill your equipment capacity, and be defeated (unless you're completely awesome) and be able to use a Continue Ticket.
All this will net you-

Soul Still Burns
Eternally Retold
Transcending History
Forge Your Soul
Thirst For Power

Step 2
Here's where you can focus on getting the accessories you'll need. Level your character and their gear up as much as possible. Event quests have a small chance of netting you accessories. Play in Master episodes and Soul Crush opponents for the highest drop rate of accessories.
After you've collected an accessory for each slot, equip them and make sure you have one of every gear to equip as well and you'll get -

Armored Soul

Bam! 100%


Legend Will Never Die
Cleared Chapter 4 of "Epilogue Separation".

In order to achieve this trophy, you'll need to complete each episode and all of it's chapters until you complete the last chapter on the last episode, Epilogue - Separation.

This is the whole list of episodes on the normal run.

- Introduction - Lost Woods(Earn Vortex of Destiny for completing chapter 1)
- L'escadre des Eperviers
- Chasing the War
- Mock Battle
- Rumors of Monsters
- Observation of Celestial Bodies
- Posthumous Work of Titian
- Eighty Years War
- Epilogue - Separation(Earn Legend Will Never Die for completing chapter 4)

After completing the story, a new game + sort of thing happens and the episodes get harder and change their names. You only need to worry about completing all the story quests one time. After defeating the final opponent on the last chapter of Epilogue - Separation, the trophy will unlock.

Soul Still Burns
Use a Continue Ticket.

In order to achieve this trophy, you'll need to lose a quest and use a continue ticket. You're given one when you start the game for the first time, so you don't have to worry about earning one. After you have been defeated, your character will act out a losing sequence and a menu will come up asking you if you want to use a continue ticket. This menu will appear whether you have a continue ticket or not after every defeat. Just choose "YES" to use your continue ticket, keep your earned items safe, continue the chapter, and unlock this trophy.

I would save this for harder quests in the story, a master quest, or an event quest as you'll make good use out of your continue ticket.

Eternally Retold
Use an AP Potion.

In order to achieve this trophy, you'll need to use your AP to the point where you can't afford to play a quest. You're given one when you start the game for the first time, so you don't have to worry about earning one. When you try to play the quest, a prompt will come up stating that you do not have enough AP to play the quest. You will have an option to use an AP potion and after using it, your AP will be filled to the max and the trophy will unlock.

Vortex of Destiny
Cleared Chapter 1 of "Prologue The Lost Forest".

In order to achieve this trophy, you'll need to complete the first chapter (quest) in the prologue episode The Lost Forest. Their are 3 chapters for this episode, but all you need to do is complete the first one for the trophy to unlock.

Also see Legend Will Never Die for a full episode overview.

Armored Soul
Have every type of equipment on, including accessories.

In order to achieve this trophy, you'll need to equip one of each type of gear and accessory. You should get plenty of gear while playing the game, so that won't be an issue. Accessories are much harder to obtain. You are given underwear in the beginning of the game. DON'T sell this as you may need it for that accessory slot. You can get accessories from log-in bonuses, friend point chest (very rare chance), master quests, and event quests. Unfortunately it is very random, so you'll have to grind out some quests to find them. I recommend leveling up your character and leveling up their gear enough to do well in master quests as these have the highest chance of dropping accessories. The chapters in master are a little more difficult than those in the epilogue. You'll have to Soul Crush and get the item from it in these quests to get accessory drops.

You'll need one of each of these accessories -


After acquiring all of these types of accessories, go into the Character menu and put them all on. Make sure you have every type of gear on too and the trophy should unlock.

Transcending History
Clear 5 missions.

In order to achieve this trophy, you'll need to complete 5 missions. All of the missions can be viewed in the missions tab on the main menu. The missions include completing chapters, episodes, event episodes, daily quests, soul crushing, etc.

Forge Your Soul
Craft 3 times in one play session.

In order to achieve this trophy, you'll need to craft 3 separate times within one play session. If you close the game, the counter will restart. I found this easiest when first playing the game as you're able to beat the easier quests quickly and get the crafting materials in order to achieve this trophy. When you craft for the 3rd time in one session, the trophy will unlock.

Thirst for Power
Fill your Equipment Box to capacity.

In order to achieve this trophy, you will have to fill up all 50 spaces in your item inventory. Once you do that, you will be unable to quest as you always get items at the end of a quest. If you go into your character menu and into the sell items tab, you'll be asked if you want to expand your equipment spaces. You DO NOT need to upgrade your equipment slots, just confirm you're all full by getting that message and going into the sell items tab in the character menu.

Toggle Spoiler

I suggest ignoring your items (besides equipping better items on your character) until you fill all the spaces. I say this because a main source of gold used for crafting can be gained from selling your items earned. Plus, once you do unlock the trophy, you could potentially have 10K gold to craft with.


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