Players: 2-5
Online Trophies: none
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: n/a
Estimated Time to Platinum: 2-5 hrs
Minimum Playthroughs: 1 for some levels, 2 for others
Collectible Trophies: Primitive Discoveries, Collect-a-saurus, Collect-a-saurus Rex
Missable Trophies: none
Glitches Trophies: none

[top]Tips & Strategies

If you are playing alone, hold the right side controller like this (left side is normal, I needed a hand to take the picture):

Toggle Spoiler

Since you will only need the and for most of the game, this allows you to access those while also allowing you to get to the T button. If you ever need to hit , you can use your middle finger.

[top]Cheats, Glitches & Exploits



Primitive Discoveries
Collect 5 special bubbles.

See Collect-a-saurus Rex

Hotfoot It
Complete the race on Hot Stepping with at least 2800 Points left on the clock.

This one is fairly difficult, you can get a small head start by spawning the first three platforms before the timer starts. also, grab the first wheel, it will save you a few seconds.

In the Move Groove
Complete the race on Learning to Move with at least 1000 Points left on the clock.

If you collect the bubbles, this shouldn't be too hard, it will likely take more than one try but once you get the hang of it, it should be no problem.

Ace Prehistoric Paradise
Ace Prehistoric Paradise.

The only parts that could give you any trouble that are also deadly would be the two black-pit-skull-hop-crossings, and the end with the meteor shower. In the beginning of the meteor shower, grab the "umbrella" and move the controller all the way to the left of the screen, the camera angle could cause you do die if you don't.

Ace Cro-Magnon City
Ace Cro-Magnon City.

Once you get past the rain on the cro-magnons and the flaming-stones bridge crossing, this level becomes very easy, fortunately, those parts are early in the level so just keep trying until you get it.

Ace Fossil Fight
Ace Fossil Fight.

He has two stages, the first meteors shower down on you and you have to use the springs to jump and grab onto his tail. When jumping, aim for his head, then jump to his tail. When the meteors shower down on you, stand in one spot and hit to ones over your head. His second stage is much easier, just make sure you are going back towards the center when you hit his "brain" so you don't fall to your death.

Pterodactyl Terror
Achieve a score of 4500 in the Primordial Shoot Survival Challenge.

Move sackboy to the far left on the right dinosaur and only shoot the baskets that aren't on fire. Occasionally one that is on fire will get stuck and open without warning which will kill sackboy, if this happens just try again and hope it doesn't happen next time. You can try to jump over the flaming logs but that also might be too much to focus on. Also, don't give up when you hit 4500, because you lose points when you die.

The Hiccups
Achieve a score of 4500 in the Acid Reflux Survival Challenge.

Hold the move controller in your right hand, and put your left thumb on the analog stick and your left index finger , that should make it a whole lot easier. Also, don't give up when you hit 4500, because you lose points when you die.

High Flyer
Achieve a score of 5500 in the Pterodactyl Toss Survival Challenge.

VERY DIFFICULT, if you can get a second person to help you out, get them. otherwise this is an endurance round. Try to keep a steady hand and get the bubbles as quickly as you possibly can to get a multiplier.

Molten Master
Achieve a score of 3500 in the Pyroclastic Flow Survival Challenge.

Take your time with this one, get to the top, then shower yourself with bubbles, go from top to bottom with the platforms to get more bubbles on you at once, this increasing your multiplier.

Destroy the T-Rex boss.

See Ace Fossil Fight

Collect 15 special bubbles.

See Collect-a-saurus Rex

Ace Inside Big Rex with 5 players.

If you don have 4 controllers, forget about this one. If you do, take your time, or get some friends. Definitely pause the game when switching between controllers as well.

Collect-a-saurus Rex
Collect all 25 special bubbles.

Learning to Move

1) Top right corner when you get to the 2nd tutorial screen, use the pink blocks to make steps to get up there.

2) After you get to those 3 blocks, the first two of which you have to pull up, the last one you have to pull down, you will come to a slide, at the end of the slide, you will have to jump to get this bubble. If you miss it, you have to restart the level.

3) After getting to the gate, it is under the 1st lift.

4) After getting to the gate, it is above the 2nd lift.

5) After getting to the gate, you will come across a block that shoots you up when you press the pink part, after the first one, there are 2 lifts, it is behind the 2nd. Get in the 1st, lift it, transfer to the 2nd, let the 1st fall, transfer to the top of the 1st, lift the 2nd, and jump across the gap.

Prehistoric Paradise

6) After you get to the first spine jump (2 white bones on either side and a ink one in the middle), use it to get up, after getting there, you will see a skull with a tongue on the left, and an open skull on the right, pass through the open skull to find this bubble.

7) After jumping across two dinosaur skulls over a pit of black gas, you will come to a spine jump, use it, it will take you to another spine jump, go the the right to find this bubble.

8) After nearly getting eaten by a triceratops skull, you will come across some dinosaur eggs, pass the first one and you will see some orange glass-like material with a bug stuck inside, just to the left of that, you can get to the back plane, to there and head right to find the next bubble.

9) Note: you can not get this one and ace the level in attempt. This one is above the 2nd skull in the 2nd black-pit-skull-hop-crossing (the 1st is referenced in #7), the only problem is it will only come down when the button is activated and the first skull is up. When the first skull is all of the way up, sacrifice a sackboy and get this one.

10) After getting #9, fall down that chute and you will come to some more egg-jumps. Use the first one to go left instead of right to got this bubble.

Inside Big Rex

11) On the way down Big Rex's throat, can't miss it.

12) After the "heartworms", carry a light bug over to the next screen and scare that worm, walk past it for this bubble.

13) In the area where you touch the pink circles to move white blocks, there will be a white block that looks like an upside down "L", stand on the end of that and touch the pink block to shoot yourself up to this bubble.

14) Not to far after #13, really can't miss it.

15) After going up the second grab elevator, you will go to a place that gets dark, at the top of the grab elevator, there is a green thing and two lights, go behind the lights and behind the green thing for this bubble.

Cro-Magnon City

16) After the flaming stones- bridge crossing, there will be a pink touch pad that links to a spring that sends you flying, it is to the right of that,

17) Not too far after 16, between where the first and second steam platforms at the very top, it may take a few tries.

18) You will come to three sponge-circles that you will have to grab onto and two of those you have to drag a dinosaur head to spin. It is after the second, you don't have to do any spin tricks, you just need a good jump.

19) Not too far after 18, you will have to grab a sponge ball and use a gear to rise up to the next level, it is to the right and way up, you need a good swing and a good elevation speed to get to it, it may take a few tries.

20) While riding the second dinosaur, you will see pink rocks you will have to break to get bubbles, it is in the last one.

Hot stepping

21) Behind the dinosaur head you have to pull out in the beginning, pull it out then jump to the third plane to get to this one.

22) At the first point where you have to extend dinosaur heads upwards, use the heads to spring yourself up. Don't expect to get this one and ace the level.

23) After the gate, you will have to use the wheel to get to it.

24) Not too far after 23, where you have to grab one wheel after another, there is a grab and swing spawn and a platform spawn that you will have to use to get to this bubble.

25) Almost immediately after 24, use the spine jump and go right instead of left.

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