Sacred 2 is a hack-'n'-slash action-RPG similar to games such as Diablo or Titan Quest. It can be played either offline or online, supports 2-players locally, and 4-players online. There are two slightly different campaigns- 'Light' and 'Shadow', and a variety of different class types.


34 | 12 | 2 | 1 | 12
Approximate Time to Platinum - 95 to 120 hours
# of Playthroughs Needed - 5
Online Trophies - 3
Offline Trophies - 45
Glitched Trophies - None


Playthrough #1: Bronze (10-15 hours)

Select one of the 6 classes that you are willing to complete 4 playthroughs of the campaign with (consult the class guide at the bottom of the page) and start on Bronze difficulty.

Throughout this first playthrough you want to go for Dedicated and Survivalist. You will obtain one of the class-related leveling trophies along the way (for example: if you're a Seraphim you will receive Blessed), and most likely will reach a total of 1,000,000 gold, giving you Millionaire.

At the end of the campaign, depending on your alignment, you will unlock either Bright Savior of Ancaria or Dark Ruler of Ancaria.

Other trophies that will be unlocked regardless of your choices include: Dragonslayer, Walker, Wanderer, Traveling Person, Adventurer, Globetrotter, Discoverer, Expedition Master, Respected.

You won't have to go far out of your way to unlock the following, and you'll probably get them just through playing the game: Beam me up!, Combologist, Combat Art Expert, Great Enhancer.

Obtaining a mount doesn't have to be done on Playthrough 1, but it will benefit you to do so- getting your mount will unlock Easy Rider, and will give you a jumpstart on progressing towards Lone Ranger

Playthrough #2: Silver (10-15 hours)

You'll most likely find that this difficulty is much easier than Bronze, assuming your character build is adequate. Go for Scrooge in this playthrough.

Once you reach level 35, you'll unlock Legendary. Ride your class mount (assuming you have one, if not then consult Easy Rider in the guide to find out how to get one) as much as possible, and you should get Lone Ranger before the end of Silver.

Other potential accumulative trophies you might unlock in this playthrough (if not, you can still get them in the following campaigns):
  • Medicine Man
  • Bookworm
  • Tomb Raider
  • Junior Cartographer
  • Slaughterer
  • Butcher
  • Dreadnought

Playthrough #3: Gold (40-50 hours)

When you start Gold, you will unlock Toughness. This will essentially be your "mop-up" playthrough. The most time-consuming trophy that you will be working for now is Extremely Diligent, which requires you to complete 200 quests. When going for this trophy, you'll also obtain Diligent.

You also want to explore as much of Ancaria as possible when questing- once you discover all temples and cities, shown by this map, you will receive Polytheist and City Guide. Find the Ascaron headquarters to get Ascaron Fan.

For Fashion Victim, you can either be given the armor set by someone online, or complete a lengthy quest that will take you around the entire world map. (The latter will grant you a lot of progress towards Master Cartographer.)

After exploring all temples, cities, and completing 200 quests, you should only have a few trophies remaining that can be unlocked in this current playthrough. If you don't already have 50% of the map revealed (which is highly likely), ride around on a mount for a few hours in dark patches of the map, which will unlock Master Cartographer.

Playthrough #4: Platinum + Start Niob (10-12 hours)

When you start Platinum difficulty, you will get Heroic Toughness. Simply rush through the campaign, ignoring all side quests and anything optional. Once you complete Platinum, start a new game on Niob to unlock Legendary Toughness.

Playthrough #5: Other Alignment (10-12 hours)

Create a new character, on a new alignment and class. (For example- if you completed difficulties Bronze through Niob with a Light campaign Shadow Warrior, you want to choose a Dark campaign character from a different class.) As with your Platinum playthrough, focus on just completing the main quest, and nothing else.

Along the way, you'll receive another class-based leveling trophy. (Ex: Living Monument)

At the end of the campaign, depending on your alignment, you will unlock either Bright Savior of Ancaria or Dark Ruler of Ancaria.

Mop-up and Online (12-15 hours)

Luckily, the online multiplayer trophies are very simple and really only take a few minutes (assuming you can get into a match). In the main menu, search for 'Quick Game' and look for a match with 3 players already in it. Try with both of your characters if you don't initially find one. Once you do, join to receive Group Hug. Trade with another player to get Hawker. Lastly, host your own multiplayer match in order to get Hospitable.

Now all that's left for platinum are the class-leveling trophies. If you have been following this outline closely, you already have 2 out of the 6 class-leveling trophies. Now do the remaining four; each one takes around 3 hours. Consult the guide for the best methods of leveling to 15 quick.

Once you finish all 4 remaining classes....! Congratulate yourself for a well-earned and time-consuming platinum.

NOTE: If you are boosted to Niob, then you won't have to complete Playthrough #4.

For tips and advice on starting the game, click here.

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Note: The trophies that say "Any Hero" in their description apply to any character and they will not stack over to other characters. [/center]


If playing through the campaign in co-op, there are several trophies that can only be obtained by the host. They include:

Toggle Spoiler

Also, it would be a good idea to backup your save often. Many people have experienced their save corrupted/glitched, and have had to start from scratch.

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Hero of Ancaria
Earn all trophies in the game to achieve the Sacred 2 Platinum Trophy “Hero of Ancaria”.

Living Monument
Your Temple Guardian reaches Level 15.

(See Blessed)

The Dreaded One
Your Inquisitor reaches Level 15.

(See Blessed)

Hero of Tyr Lysia
Your High Elf reaches Level 15.

(See Blessed)

One with Nature
Your Dryad reaches Level 15.

(See Blessed)

Hunting Presence
Your Shadow Warrior reaches Level 15.

(See Blessed)

Your Seraphim reaches Level 15.

This must be done with all six classes, and it takes approximately 3 hours of gameplay to reach level 15. The fastest way to reach 15, from my experience (no pun intended), is to progress through the main quest, fighting any enemies along the way. Then when you reach the quest in which you must slay the Gar-Colossus (the first boss in the game), continue on north and ignore the boss. You'll probably reach 15 in Nor-Plat, and I kept up a consistent rate of 2 hours and 50 minutes per class using this strategy.

Any Hero reaches Level 35.

Will be obtained during your playthroughs as your main character. The easiest way to level is side quest or kill monsters, but I recommend doing this after obtaining Dedicated in a higher difficulty campaign.

Any Hero reaches difficulty level Gold.

Unlocked when you start your campaign on Gold difficulty. Gold Difficulty is unlocked when you finish the Main Quest on Silver difficulty.

Heroic Toughness
Any Hero reaches difficulty level Platinum.

Unlocked when you start your campaign on Platinum difficulty. Platinum difficulty is unlocked by finishing the Main Quest on Gold difficulty.

Legendary Toughness
Any Hero reaches difficulty level Niob.

Unlocked when you start your campaign on Niob difficulty. Niob difficulty is unlocked when you finish the Main Quest on Platinum difficulty.

Any Hero completing a quest in the Orc Region during Campaign.

(See Expedition Master)

Any Hero completing a quest in the Dragon Realm during Campaign.

(See Expedition Master)

Traveling Person
Any Hero completing a quest in the Marshes of Hissil'Ta during Campaign.

(See Expedition Master)

Any Hero completing a quest in the Deserts of Bengaresh during Campaign.

(See Expedition Master)

Any Hero completing a quest in the Jungle region during Campaign.

(See Expedition Master)

Any Hero completing a quest in Dyr-Lain, the Isle of Dryads during Campaign.

(See Expedition Master)

Expedition Master
Any Hero completing a quest in the Wastelands during Campaign.

Will be completed throughout the course of the campaign.

Bright Savior of Ancaria
Any Hero has completed the Light campaign.

Playthrough the entirety of the Light campaign. All characters with the exception of Seraphim and Inquisitor have the choice of campaign at the start of the game.

Dark Ruler of Ancaria
Any Hero has completed Dark campaign.

Playthrough the entirety of the Dark campaign. All characters with the exception of Seraphim and Inquisitor have the choice of campaign at the start of the game.

Any Hero has solved 20% of all sidequests.

(See Extremely Diligent)

You completed the campaign with a Hero who never died.

Probably one of the hardest and most frustrating trophies of the game. Since the game autosaves upon death, there really isn't a way to "cheat" out of this. You could quickly exit out via the XMB when you die, but you risk corrupting your save data.

There really isn't much you can do except remain cautious and on guard, and always maintaining an ample amount of health potions. If possible, try to get this trophy in the same playthrough as Dedicated.

What I did was back up my save file to a USB flash drive every hour or so, to ensure that I wouldn't have to restart the whole campaign. Oddly enough, one thing that may in fact lead to your character's death are PSN notification messages- the reason being that when one of them pops up at the upper-right portion of the screen, it obscures your health bar, often times in the heat of battle. As such, I recommend turning off notification messages (under 'System Settings'), at the risk of your friends thinking that you're ignoring them. Trust me- you don't want to do another playthrough because your friend signed off as you were fighting the end boss.

Any Hero has finished Bronze with no more than 20% of the map being explored.

For this, I made a bee line (went straight towards) the Main quest (Gold Circle on Map). You can go off track once in a while, as I went to get my Special Mount and still got this trophy. Towns or Cities you step into are fully revealed, even if you only went to one part of the town.

Any Hero has slain five Dragons.

You're guaranteed to get this during the campaign- on the Seraphim Island, once you reach the caves, you'll have to fight your way through swarms of dragons. This is during the quest titled "Fire, Brimstone and Dragon Scale", which is in both Light and Shadow campaigns.

Any Hero has slain 10,000 opponents.

You'll most likely get this trophy without trying just by simply playing through the campaign multiple times on your main character. I got it near the beginning of the Gold campaign, after 30 hours of gameplay with my character. You can check your progress towards this by holding and pushing the left analog stick towards "Overview".

Any Hero has slain 1337 elite monsters.

Elite monsters are the ones marked on your minimap with three arrows, and they are more powerful than standard enemies. You'll most likely obtain this one throughout your several playthroughs with one character. (I unlocked this trophy during my third playthrough.)

I recorded my kill stats when I received the trophy, and calculated the percentage of elite enemies to give you an impression of how often you'll be making progress towards unlocking it.

After slaying 11,376 enemies I reached a total count of 1,337 elite enemies. Therefore, the approximate percentage of elite enemies is 12%.

Any Hero has slain 25 boss monsters.

There are 13 main-quest bosses (counting the four Nameless Guardians at the end) in the game, and a total of 17 optional bosses, so it is possible to obtain this all in one playthrough. I don't recommend doing so however, as you will obtain this regardless at the end of your second playthrough. It may take you longer if you play in co-op, as I believe the game only counts it as a kill if you yourself deliver the finish blow to the boss, and not your partner. All bosses will have a health bar at the lower portion of the screen when fighting them, so don't get them mixed up with Elite enemies.

For additional information regarding the bosses, consult this link.

Beam me up!
Any Hero has used a teleporter for the first time.

This is achieved when you use a teleporter, which are the entrance ways built by stone and have a portal in their doorway when you activate it. They are usually found outside cities or towns. Once you activate two, you can teleport by clicking next to it, and then choosing your destination. Once you do that, you got the trophy!

Lone Ranger
Any Hero rode 200 miles on his special mount.

I got this trophy halfway through my second playthrough- the best way to guarantee yourself it is to ride your mount whenever outside, and to buy one as soon as possible. (See Easy Rider for the method of obtaining a mount.)

And if you don't receive the trophy around your second playthrough, you'll most likely get it when going for Master Cartographer and Extremely Diligent.

Junior Cartographer
Any Hero has explored 30% of the map.[

(see Master Cartographer)

Master Cartographer
Any Hero has explored 50% of the map.

The best place to get more percentage on the map is the desert, and
your map will always stay the same percentage on the same character. You’ll make a lot of progress towards this when going for Extremely Diligent, Polytheist, and City Guide.

Tomb Raider
Any Hero has read 100 epitaphs (graves).

Graves are found in graveyards (go figure) that are scattered across Ancaria. Don't worry, as there are tons more graves in the game than necessary for the trophy. One easy to find location which contains a large amount of them is the Shadow Warrior campaign starting point. Since this trophy accumulates across your playthroughs with your main character, you'll most likely obtain the trophy without trying, as when exploring the world map for Master Cartographer, and when attempting to discover all towns, temples, etc, you should come across numerous graveyards.

If you still need help, consult this map. The graveyards are marked with this icon:

Any Hero has explored all 20 Temples.

Here’s a map displaying where all the temples are. They are the red circles. To "explore" the temples, all you have to do is walk in to them(just to be sure), and make sure they appear on your map.

Toggle Spoiler

All the temples are fairly easy to find, with the exception of one. On the Dryad Island (Dyr-Laigh), there is a temple that will not be marked on your map once you discover it. To reach this, go to the location marked in the image:

Toggle Spoiler

There will be a quest-giver here, and accept his quest. It is titled "Ancestors Chambers", and it will lead you to a cave. The temple is located in the left wing of the dungeon, in a place with a garden.

Any Hero has read 33 Books.

During your explorations, you will come across “books” as drops. I would recommend keeping them in your inventory until you have 33. Once you do, you just use them like regular items and then you will obtain this trophy.

Extremely Dilligent
Any Hero has solved 40% of all sidequests.

In Sacred 2, there are 500 sidequests. That means you must complete 200 of them for this trophy, and 100 for Diligent. The sidequests are marked with silver markers and can be started at the silver question marks.

200 quests sounds daunting, but when you really get down to it, it's not all that time-consuming. The trick is to go into towns and activate every quest you can see (always keeping an eye on the mini-map to spot question marks) and do them all at once. Quests can range from 1 minute in length upwards to 20 minutes, but most tend to fall on the lower end of that spectrum.

Don't be surprised if a quest happens to glitch; be it a quest marker not appearing or something along those lines. It doesn't really make a difference, however, as there are 300 extra sidequests that aren't necessary to complete to unlock the trophy.

Ascaron Fan
Any Hero has found the secret halls of Ascaron.

To get this trophy, you must follow a few steps.
1. The first thing you must do is to go to this spot on the map. Once inside there, you must activate a switch.

Toggle Spoiler

2. Go to this place on the map, and once inside the trophy will pop up.

Toggle Spoiler

In this spoiler is a video that will guide you for this trophy. Credit goes to Shuanji and Donbear.

City Guide
Any Hero has visited all 42 towns.

Here’s a map for the locations of the towns. The squares are where they are located.

Toggle Spoiler

The one town that might be problamatic when going for this trophy is Hagelstein, located in the North-eastern part of the world map. There is a quest chain you must first complete in order to access the town- the quest is titled "The Ghost Village", and can be started in the city of Artamark's Gate. Follow this quest until you reach the gate of the town. From there, you'll be given another quest, called "Following Orders". Complete this, and you'll gain entrance to the town. Here is a map showing what to do:

Toggle Spoiler

City Guide
Any Hero fighting alongside three other heroes in multiplayer mode.

When you’re looking for multiplayer games to join, look for one that has 3/4 people inside it. Quickly join that one, and as soon as you join, you will get this trophy. If you are looking for help for this trophy, click here.

Group Hug
Any Hero fighting alongside three other heroes in multiplayer mode.

In the main menu, just create a match, and it should give you this trophy.

You hosted your first multiplayer game.

When in a multiplayer game, you must go up to a person and press . They must reply to it, and you will enter the trading screen. Just put an item up and get them to complete the trade. Once they do, you get the trophy. If you are looking for help for this trophy, click here.

You successfully traded with another user.

You unlock your class specific mount at the end of a quest line- here's a map detailing where to go, and how to activate the quest: Mount Quest Map

A list of mounts can be found here: Class Mounts

As a Level 17 Seraphim, my mount was 96,299 gold pieces. Mounts will cost more or less depending on your character's level. Here were the stats:

Sabertooth Tiger
Regeneration Time of all Combat Arts +31.7%
Regeneration Time of all Celestial Magic -33.3%
Rider's max hit points +21.7%
Defense value +3.5%

NOTE: Purchasing a mount DOES NOT disqualify you for Scrooge

Easy Rider
Any Hero rides his special mount for the first time.

In your character’s skill menu, there are 4 black symbols at the bottom of the screen. Pick one, and slot it on your skill hotkeys. At this point, it will ask you what skills you want in this combo. Pick any 2 and proceed. Once you have the combo slotted, find some enemies to use it on and then the trophy will appear.

Any Hero has executed his first combination.

When you level up, you will get certain skill upgraders. Go into your character’s skill menu and you will see 3 slots under each skill picture and a number for each types of skills on the right. To get this trophy, you must invest 3 slots into a single skill. It doesn’t matter which skill you invest in, as long as those 3 slots get filled up.

Any Hero owning 1,000,000 gold.

When going for Scrooge, make sure to sell all the armor and weapons you acquire through drops that you don’t need, and you are sure to acquire a million gold near the end of the Bronze Campaign.

Fashion Victim
Any Hero wearing a complete armor set for the first time.

There are several methods to obtain a complete set of armor:
  1. Obtain it through luck
  2. Complete the 'Epic Office Quest'
  3. Have someone who has a full set of armor trade it with you

You most likely will not stumble upon all pieces of a set just by simply playing through the game- it is possible, however. One thing that can improve your chances of doing so is equipping armor or items that have the following:

Chance to find valuables +

Enchanced Perception does raise your percentage to find valuables, but it only becomes a visible skill attribute once you master it (when it's at level 75). It will still increase your chance to find valuables before this though, it's simply a hidden attribute.

The second method is a guaranteed way to obtain the trophy, but it is quite tedious. In the same location you get Ascaron Fan, you can activate the quest titled 'Epic Office Quest'. The quest giver is right at the entrance.

The quest involves you talking to 89 NPC's scattered across the world map. It is quite a daunting task, but doing so will help you towards obtaining Master Cartographer and Lone Ranger.

Here is a map showing the locations of all NPC's (they are marked by exclamation points): Map of Ancaria

The final method is by far the easiest of the three, but requires help from someone else. If you meet the level requirement, another player can join you in an online match, activate trade (see Hawker), and give you a complete armor set, which you can then equip to get the trophy.


If you attempt to duplicate items through co-op, and save the game before restoring your backup data, it will disqualify you from trading items. By duplicating items via co-op, I am referring to the following process:

Toggle Spoiler

Once you duplicate, the only way to trade again is by making a new save file; simply making a new character will not fix this.

Keep in mind that it's still possible to duplicate items if Player 1 does not save before quitting out and restoring the back up data. I don't recommend doing it though, just to be on the safe side.

Great Enhancer
Any Hero has forged something into an item for the first time.

When you visit a Blacksmith, you will be offered to make your weapons stronger as long as you have a "socketed" item. These are usually found from enemies and merchants. Once you have the item, go improve the weapon and you will get the trophy. Blacksmiths are labeled as the "Anvil" on your minimap. NOTE: Forging weapons/armor WILL NOT affect Scrooge

Medicine Man
Any Hero has consumed 1,000 healing potions.

You will get this eventually after 4 playthroughs with the same character. If you want it faster, you can always buy the potions and just sit there using them. NOTE: Buying potions WILL affect the Scrooge trophy and you WILL NOT be able to get it in that difficulty. You can always buy them in a different campaign difficulty and it will not affect Scrooge

Any Hero has completed the main quest without buying anything.

Attempt this one whilst going for Dedicated. You can still buy mounts, horses, and use blacksmiths and rune-masters. Just make sure not to buy anything from merchants (you CAN still sell to them, however).

Any Hero reaches Level 5.

Really easy, just play the game. You should have this within your first hour or so. You’re definitely “respected” if you get this easy trophy.

Note: This trophy guide was made for and you must ask me to post it on a different website. If I catch you stealing my guide, I'll kick your arse.

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