Sacred Citadel is an intense side-scrolling arcade brawler for up to three players. Set in the realm of the RPG saga, the game reinvents the familiar arcade feel of classic hack-and-slash brawlers with sophisticated game design, complex RPG elements and luscious graphics. The once peaceful land of Ancaria is in grave danger. Lord Zane's evil Ashen Empire empire has enslaved its population and is using the orc-like Grimmoc to wipe out the Seraphim, who swore to protect it. Three warriors set forth to battle this evil -- only when these heroes unite and use their skills to support each other they will stand a chance! Prove yourself as a warrior by riding terrifying mounts, acquiring earth shattering skills and looting powerful weapons and valuable treasures. So grab your friends and join the resistance!


Players: 1 (Up to 2 other players in multiplayer)
Online Trophies: Yes. Mutual Benefit Can be done locally!
Online Pass Required for 100%: No.
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: No cheat codes.
Estimated Time to 100%: 10-12 hrs
Minimum Playthroughs: 2
Collectible Trophies: None.
Difficulty Trophies: None.
Missable Trophies: None, you'll be able to use level select.
Glitched Trophies: N/A

[top]Tips and Strategies

  • Dodge attacks whenever needed by using
  • As your playing the game try to get as many environmental or trap kills as you can as it would count towards Close Hands
  • Block by holding
  • When you reach level 40 and going for all the gold medals most enemies in Acts 1-3 will die from 1-3 hits.
  • Rank up all your characters to level 22 to unlock all the combo finishers and do them all for each character.


Go to main menu, in the "How to play" section, read every page for at least 4 seconds to get Bookworm so you can get this out of the way and so you can know the basics of the game.

Complete the game with a partner(s) in co-op locally or multiplayer which will unlock Mutual benefit

After completing the game now its time to raise you hero up to level 40.

Now go back and complete each stage again this time aiming for a gold medal in each level of every act.

After you do all that now go back and mop up all the trophies you've missed. Now you'll have an over powered hero which will make every a LOT easier.


The Bigger They Are
Defeat the boss in Act 1

You'll get this trophy right after defeating Mossback. Mossback will be smashing his hands on the platform in the beginning until you knock them out. After you have knocked out his hands you will then have to knockout Mossback by hitting him when he gets tired and drops.

Vengeance is Mine
Defeat the boss in Act 2

You'll get this trophy right after defeating Grimmoc Mama. In the beginning of the battle Grimmoc Mama will jump into the platform. When she's there you have the to fight her and get her health as low as you can. After a few hits she will jump back to the stand in the background and start striking lightning at you. You can dodge the lightning with .

Defeat the boss in Act 3

You'll unlock this trophy once you defeat Queen Digestya. You will have to jump up to attack her so you can get her to fall down and then when she's down give her as much damage as you can. While you are doing that enemies will be thrown in and she will also do some other attacks using acid.

You and What Army?
Defeat the boss in Act 4

You'll unlock this trophy once you defeat Gatebreaker. This last boss has 3 phases. After you fall down through the ground, he will keep calling two orbs that will heal him. These orbs must be destroyed. After just keep on damaging him to try hitting him off the cliff.

Legendary Hero
Reach the max level

The maximum level is 40. When you beat the game you'll probably be in the mid 20s. Replay levels with a lot of enemies especially the ones with a boss since you will get a high amount of XP. Doing this will also give you some good gears that will help you speed up the process of doing this. If you have the Jungle Hunt DLC you'll most likely get this faster.

If you need a partner ask here: The Official Sacred Citadel Boosting Thread

Gotta Learn Them All
Perform all the different combo finishers

In order to perform the different combo finishers you have to reach level 22 with all the characters. You can view all the different combos by pressing and going to the combo list. You have to perform each and every combo in that list for each of the 4 characters.

Gold Medalist
Earn gold medals on all levels

You have to get a gold medal in each level of the 4 acts. You'll know that you have gotten a gold medal on a level when you finish the level. When you finish the level, statistics will pop up and if you look below you'll see something that looks like a feather and that is the medal which are bronze,silver, or gold. You need to unlock a gold medal on each level.

Clean Hands
Kill 100 enemies using the environment or traps

You'll come across a bunch of traps and environmental hazards while playing the game. In order for the this trophy to unlock the enemies must actually must die by the traps or environmental hazards, which is pretty difficult to do. One of the easiest ways to do this is to find the swinging traps as it just keeps swinging causing a lot of damage to the enemy and try not to get in its way! Keep replaying the level with the trap until this trophy unlocks.

Quote Originally Posted by Helyx View Post
For Clean Hands, I used one of the maps in Act 4 that had two of the stone weights that smash downward. + will dash them underneath if timed properly for an instant kill.

Mutual Benefit
Complete all levels in multiplayer

You must complete all of the levels in multiplayer,you can do this either online or local co-op with another controller. There are a total of 4 Acts followed with with 5 levels in each totaling 20 levels.

If you need a partner try asking here: The Official Sacred Citadel Boosting Thread

Spend at least 4 seconds on each page of the 'how to play' section

When your in the main menu go into "Help & Options" > "How To Play". There you will see different categories. When you click one of them some may have multiple pages and you have to press to go to the next page. Stay on these pages for 4 seconds or more, make sure to keep track by either counting out loud or taking your time reading each page. Make sure to do this in each category! If you don't unlock this trophy its because you didn't last 4 seconds or more on a page which means you'll probably have no idea on which one it was and will have to start over.

Complete a level without taking any damage from enemies

Leveling up to level 40 will make this a lot easier than it sounds but another easier way you can do it is with a partner. Replay the first level in Act 1 with a partner and let him kill everyone while you block/dodge every attack.

If you need a partner try asking here: The Official Sacred Citadel Boosting Thread

Pesky Carts
Avoid the minecarts in the Mine Level

In Act 1-2 (The Mine) as you progress through the level you'll end up running into a mine rail. Once you get on the mine rail enemies will start coming and mine carts will start passing by. In order to unlock this trophy you have to avoid these mine carts. There are exclamation signs before every cart telling you which railing they are coming from, so if you will pay close attention, this should not be a problem. You can avoid these mine carts by dodge rolling and you can do this by using . The trophy should unlock after you complete the level.

Here's a video you can refer to if your struggling:

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