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Players: 1-2 (only a few co-op missions)
Online Trophies: 1 (To the Galaxies )
Online Pass Required: None
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: No cheats
Estimated Time to Platinum: 25+ hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 3 (Difficulty trophies DO NOT stack, you will have to beat the game each time on Normal, Hard, and then Bronze difficulty.)
Collectible Trophies: No collectibles
Missable Trophies: None
Glitched Trophies: One small glitch, where sometimes a Big Bang Attack won't register in the Drama Theatre and you'll have to do that specific Big Bang Attack again.

[top]Tips & Strategies

  • 7th Sense is the most useful tool you have at your disposal, as it will slow down every enemy or Gold Saint and you will get time to recover or start attacking them. You can activate it for a bar of Cosmo with , and also by dodging at the last second with , but I find that the method is a lot easier to use in the first place and lasts even longer. You can even extend the 7th Sense by beating on enemies, which is very useful when you're surrounded by them on the Road stages.
  • Columns and Urns are found throughout the Road stages as well as in fights against Gold Saints. Break them when you're in a pinch as they could greatly help you from dying.
  • There are many different enemy types that you will encounter through the Road stages. They are as follows:
  1. Soldier
  2. Soldier (Sword/shield)
  3. Soldier (Spear/shield)
  4. Soldier (Spear)
  5. Soldier (Bow)
  6. Soldier (Whip)
  7. Large Soldier
  8. Large Soldier (Stone thrower)
  9. Large Soldier (Charging)
  10. Large Soldier (Iron ball)
  11. Large Soldier (Stone column)
  12. Small Soldier
  13. Small Soldier (Dagger)
And finally, Small Soldier (Torch)

The only regular soldiers to look out for are the ones with the Bows or Spear/Shield. You can't break past the shields guard with regular attacks so you'll need to use your attack to break their guard and defeat them.

All of the Large Soldiers are bad, but the first one is the worst because he can hold you and not let go until you slam the analog stick around to shake free from his grip. Unfortunately this gives other soldiers around time to beat up on you.

Next is the worst of all the small soldiers with the torches. They will spread fire across the ground that is hard to avoid and will do a lot of damage to you. Always make sure to take care of these guys first when you see them.
  • One thing I have discovered is the Easy Type control mode, which will often be useful, and other times be very annoying. Easy Type will sometimes make your character automatically block attacks or enter 7th Sense for you. It will also do auto combos, just by pressing multiple times. These auto combos can also trigger your Special Techniques, which is the annoying part. If you're trying to attack during 7th Sense and it makes you use a Special Technique then your 7th Sense will end early and could potentially screw you over.
  • There is an Easy-Type controller mode, this can automatically do combos for you just by pressing , and it can also automatically dodge and activate 7th Sense for you, so it is up to you if you want to use it or not.


  • Complete the game on Normal, this should be pretty easy and you'll get a few level ups for your characters on the way. This should only take you two and a half hours and you'll earn Battle of the 12 Gold Palaces, Aldebaran, the Golden Bull, Gemini's Palace of Illusions, Between Life and Death, Awaken, Aiolia!, The Phoenix Rises Again, The Sword of Libra, The Last Scarlet Needle, Athena Is Yours, The Forbidden Strike, Quest for Absolute Zero, Nebula Stream Explodes!, Saga's Divine Madness, Saori Rescued, and Saint of Hope
  • Complete the game on Hard. This should take the same amount of time as your Normal run, maybe less if you've figured out the bosses patterns. Once you complete this mode you'll unlock Saint of Speed. Remember not to start from stage select, or you won't earn the trophy. After you beat Hard mode, Bronze mode will unlock.
  • Start Mission Mode, there are 40 overall that you'll need to complete and get A rank on. You're allowed to use any character you have unlocked for these, but try to use the 5 main characters so they can get leveled up quite a bit and get Cosmo Points that you can put into their stats to make them even stronger. After that its time for Bronze mode.
  • This is the mode for the last difficulty trophy you'll need to unlock. It'll be a lot tougher than the other modes but with the levels you got from Mission mode you should be able to handle it. Once you beat Saga for good, you'll unlock Saint of the Goddess
  • Finish up and get A ranks on all of the other story modes. These include: Aiolos Saga, Aiolia Saga, Shaina Saga, Marin Saga, and Ikki Saga. These are all very short and can be done in about an hour and a half. You should unlock Thirteen Years Ago... when you complete Aiolos's story mode.Finish up everything else, you should have most of the trophies by this point. If you don't have all A ranks for the first story mode, use stage select and finish up the levels you need. When all that is done String of Miracles should pop up.
  • Do anything you have left over such as Big Bang Attacks for The Same Attack Never Works Twice and Axia Complete.


Eternal Legend
Collect all Trophies

Battle of the 12 Gold Palaces
Complete Palace of Aries in the story mode

You cannot miss this story related trophy.

This is the first Gold Palace you'll encounter, but you won't have to go through a road stage or fight a boss this time. Aries Mu will just explain the game mechanics to you. Once he's done, you'll leave on for the next Palace and Gold Saint, Taurus. This is also a good time to get Cosmo Skills Unleashed.
See below for more info.

Aldebaran, the Golden Bull
Complete Palace of Taurus in the story mode

You cannot miss this story related trophy.

Once you get past the road to the Gold Palace of Taurus, you will be thrown into a fight with the Golden Saint, Taurus Aldebaran. He is invincible for the first part of the fight, you will just need to listen to them talk and dodge his attacks. After a bit you'll get a scene and then you'll be able to attack him when his arms are uncrossed. This is the point where the game will explain how to use your 7th sense. You'll get another scene soon after and now you fight him for real this time. The fight isn't too hard, just focus on using 7th sense and attacking him, and when his health is halfway gone he'll activate his special move and warp you to another stage. His has four special attacks, one where he makes six columns of energy erupt on the ground, one where he makes a shockwave on the ground, one where he fires an energy blast through the air, another one where he seems to create a barrier of fire around him that pushes you back and does damage to you, and Great Horn where he dashes up to you and hits you really hard. Once you finish him off and you'll have your trophy.

Gemini's Maze of Illusions
Complete Palace of Gemini in the story mode

You cannot miss this story related trophy.

After another road level, you'll arrive at the Gold Palace of Gemini, where you'll encounter its resident Gold Saint. The first part of the fight is simple, just activate your 7th Sense a lot and attack him after he's done doing his combo. When his health is low enough, there will be a scene where Seiya and Shiryu go on to the Gold Palace of Cancer, and after that you'll fight the Gemini Saint again who has restored his health. Now when you reduce him to near death, he'll activate his special attack: Another Dimension. You'll have to escape the dimension by sprinting to the Gemini Saint while avoiding the planets and hitting him. BE CAREFUL OF THIS ATTACK, IF THE PLANETS OR ESPECIALLY THE BIG PURPLE ORB HIT YOU, YOU WILL ALMOST ALWAYS GET CAUGHT IN A LOOP AND DIE. This can completely ruin your chances at The Legend Reborn and force you to start over. This attack easily makes him one of the hardest bosses in the entire game. Once you defeat him the second time, this trophy will be yours.

After this, you'll be forced to use Hyoga against Aquarius Camus. There is no trophy earned for this, and you will have to fight him again later in the story. For the first part of the fight, you'll just need to run around and wait for them to stop talking. The next part of the fight you'll actually be able to damage him, now just reduce him to zero energy and you'll be done, now onto the next Gold Palace!

Between Life and Death
Complete Palace of Cancer in the story mode

You cannot miss this story related trophy.

One very important thing to remember is that you only get three continues per stage and if you run out you will have to start over again, this is important because it's a fairly long boss battle. You first begin fighting him in the Palace of Cancer where he will mostly run around and summon lots of wisps of purple fire around him that stun you if you walk into them, along with Dark World Waves which is just a slow floating spiral that doesn't do much damage. Once he is reduced to zero energy, he'll use his Dark World Waves attack and transport you to Praesepe. Here you will need to keep defeating spirits of the dead until they're all gone, when you complete this task you will need to go into the beam of light for round 2 with Deathmask. Just knock all of his energy down to zero and the fourth part of this boss battle will begin. This part of the fight is the same as the others, just smack him around and dodge the flames, and then a fifth part of this battle! Both of you will be clothless for the duration. The only attack you will need to worry about is when he activates Dark World Waves and start attacking a lot more often. Once you've gotten your well-deserved victory, this trophy will pop.

Awaken, Aiolia!
Complete Palace of Leo in the story mode

You cannot miss this story related trophy.

After that five phase fight with Deathmask, we go back to a nice and simple boss. Leo Aiolia only has 2 parts to his fight, and both times you just need to get his energy down to zero. The only thing you need to watch out for is his deadly Lightning Plasma attack, which hits a very large area in front of him. His only other special techniques are Lightning Bolt which is a projectile attack that doesn't do that much damage and an unnamed attack that makes a column of energy erupt underneath you. Just use your 7th Sense often and attack him after he's done with his attacks and he should go down no problem, and the trophy will unlock soon after.

The Phoenix Rises Again
Complete Palace of Virgo in the story mode

You cannot miss this story related trophy.

You will control the Bronze Saint Phoenix Ikki as he goes up against the next Gold Saint Virgo Shaka; also known as the One Closest to the Gods. This is another short one, only two phases, but its a bit tough. Shaka doesn't like to get hit and he'll spent a lot of the time up in the air avoiding you or using his highly damaging special techniques. Ikki is pretty strong and you should spend most of your saved up Cosmo Points to increase his Attack, Defense, and Cosmo. One thing to note is that if one of Shaka's special techniques take off your cloth, you can instantly put it back on with . When you've managed to defeat him the second time, this trophy will unlock.

The Sword of Libra
Complete Palace of Libra in the story mode

You cannot miss this story related trophy.

No Gold Saint to fight for this trophy, instead you'll get to punch Hyoga's ice coffin as much as you want until the characters are done talking, and then you'll get a scene where Shiryu frees Hyoga from the coffin and then... well... something odd. Once you get to the mission complete screen this trophy will pop.

The Last Scarlet Needle
Complete Palace of Scorpio in the story mode

You cannot miss this story related trophy.

Welcome to THE hardest and most annoying boss in the game. You will be forced to use the worst character in the whole game: Cygnus Hyoga. I recommended spending ALL of your Cosmo Points into increasing his stats so he can stand more of a chance against Scorpio Miro. You only have three continues unless you somehow have obtained the Unbending Heart skill which costs 28000 Cosmo Points. The hardest part about this fight when you only have three continues is his special attack Scarlet Needle. It is impossible to dodge unless you activate 7th Sense while you see him just about to use it, and once it hits you fifteen times, you will get an instant death. These hits from the Scarlet Needle carry over between all three parts of the fight against him and only go away if you lose all of your energy. Another thing that makes it extremely difficult is that it is completely random when he uses it. He can go from doing anything to using his attack at any moment and he does it either very rarely or he spams it over and over while he's hit you sometimes over five in a row. The only patterns I've noticed are that he tends to use Scarlet Needle a lot on the third part of his fight, and that he also uses it a lot whenever you try to use a special attack. With that said, my strategy was to just constantly use 7th Sense and hit him over and over and never give him a chance to hit me.

Once you've beaten this jerk, the trophy is yours.

Athena Is Yours
Complete Palace of Sagittarius in the story mode

You cannot miss this story related trophy.

You earn this trophy much like the one you got from the Gold Palace of Libra, just a Road and no boss fight. The only notable thing is that at the end of the road you'll fight the last of the Black Saints and earn Black Saint Extermination. Once you're inside the palace, just screw around and punch the cloth while waiting for the main characters to stop talking and you'll get a small scene. The trophy pops soon after.

The Forbidden Strike
Complete Palace of Capricorn in the story mode

You cannot miss this story related trophy.

Welcome to the next Gold Saint, Capricorn Shura. This fight is only mildly annoying compared to Scorpio Miro, and the only attacks he uses are Excalibur, where he makes a slashing motion with his arm after teleporting across the screen and sends a long wave of energy on the ground or through the air, and Jumping Stone where he counters your attack by jumping onto you and using his feet to lift you very far into the air and send you slamming down. He also has Double Excalibur, which is just as it sounds, he sends two waves of energy through the air in an x shape. As usual, the strategy for this fight is to constantly use 7th Sense and wait for an opening to attack. I wouldn't suggest using any of Shiryu's special techniques as they take quite a bit of time to charge up and that gives Shura plenty of time to hit you with Excalibur. The fight has three phases, you start with Shiryu wearing his cloth. This part isn't too hard, Shiryu can take a few hits without being too seriously injured, but phase two is where it gets tough. Once you knock down Shuras energy to zero the second phase begins and Shiryus cloth is destroyed. Now is where it gets tricky. Excalibur already hits hard and without your Cloth to defend you, you'll take even more damage. He also starts to use Jumping Stone now, so he'll randomly counter any attack you launch at him. The third phase is just like the second, only this time once he gets to half health he will change the arena and start to attack more often but that is the only change. Once he is defeated, this trophy will unlock.

Quest for Absolute Zero
Complete Palace of Aquarius in the story mode

You cannot miss this story related trophy.

After a very short Road stage, you get an equally short boss fight. Aquarius Camus is a pushover compared to last time, with only two phases to the fight. He has four moves he seems to use for the first phase of the fight. Your own Diamond Dust technique which damages you a bit and freezes you. Freezing Coffin which freezes you in place for around 15 seconds while you're forced to wait it out. Ice Rings where he sends multiple floating rings around him in a circle. These freeze you for a much shorter time, but they're hard to see and slow, so be careful to avoid these. His last attack is just an ordinary orange ball of energy that he sends towards you. Phase two of the fight is normal at first until he hits half health and transports you to another arena. You will learn the attack Aurora Execution, but be careful using it because it takes quite a bit of time to charge and he likes to send a MASSIVE ice blast towards you for an incredible amount of damage. Once you've defeated him, this trophy will unlock on the results screen.

Nebula Stream Explodes!
Complete Palace of Pisces in the story mode

You cannot miss this story related trophy.

You will be using Andromeda Shun as you take on the last very hard Gold Saint, Pisces Aphrodite. Aphrodite lives up to his reputation as the Deadliest Gold Saint, as his Demon Rose can take out all of your health in just a few seconds if you walk into it. He also has the same six columns of energy that Aldebaran had. Once you get to phase two he brings out his other two attacks. Piranha Rose is his main defense technique. Black roses surround him and will attack you if you get too close to him, and he can also send them at you from across the map. Like Demon Rose, Piranha Rose does a lot of damage so you'll definitely want to avoid this. His last technique is Bloody Rose which he uses once he is at the last 25% of his energy. This rose will follow you around the arena until it hits you, and once it does it will slowly drain your health until you die. For the first phase of the battle, I found that staying across the map and waiting for the instant he uses Demon Rose and then using Thunder Wave on him is the safest way to get past the first phase.You can't do this in phase two though, as he will attack with Piranha Rose if you attempt to use any special techniques. The only method for this part is to wait for him to use Demon Rose and quickly use 7th sense and physically attack him with your chain. Once he is reduced to half health, he will teleport you to another arena and you will unlock two new techniques. Nebula Stream and Nebula Storm are a lot more useful than your old techniques, and I suggest rushing to him and using Nebula Stream if you can. If you have the chance to use a Big Bang attack, save it for the second part of the fight. Once you've gotten past this very tough fight you will unlock this trophy. Now onto the Grand Pope!

Saga's Divine Madness
Complete the Chamber of Grand Pope in the story mode

You will have to fight Gemini Saga in the Chamber of the Grand Pope three times, once with Seiya, once with Ikki, and again with Seiya. Saga is incredibly easy and the only attack you'll really need to look out for is his Rapid fire energy attacks. His other attacks are Galaxian Explosion which causes a bunch of planets to fall all over the arena and Another Dimension which is just like the Gemini Saint fight back in the beginning of the game. There is nothing notable about the first two times you fight him, but some time during the third fight he will take you to another arena for two minutes and use a super beefed up Galaxian Explosion and you'll have to dodge the gigantic planets constantly while waiting for it to end. Once you have finally defeated him as Seiya, this trophy will unlock and then its time for the final boss!

Saori Rescued
Save Athena in the story mode (any difficulty)

The final boss of the game is Gemini Saga again, this time with blue hair. There is nothing new at all about him this fight, there is only one phase, and he doesn't have any arena changing attacks. Just like every other fight in the game, use 7th Sense constantly and he should be no problem. Just enjoy the awesome music and once you beat him the credits will roll. After the credits the results screen will pop up and the trophy will unlock.

Thirteen Years Ago...
Finish the Aiolos chapter in the story mode (any difficulty)

This story will unlock once you complete the main story mode, and you are free to play on any difficulty you want. You play as the Sagittarius Gold Saint Aiolia as you flee Sanctuary with the baby Athena. You will have to go through six levels in the reverse of how you went in the main story. You start at Rose Road and go to the Gold Palace of Pisces. Aphrodite is no trouble this time, as you have two very powerful attacks at your disposal. His techniques are the exact same as when you fought him as Shun, so you still won't want to run into them. Once you beat Aphrodite you proceed to leave the Palace and go down the Road to the Gold Palace of Pisces straight to the Gold Palace of Aquarius. Next up is Aquarius Camus, who just like Aphrodite, has no new techniques. Defeat him and move down the last Road level and onto the final boss of this story mode, Capricorn Shura. Just like the others, he has no new attacks and the only catch is that the fight has two phases. He should go down fairly fast and then this story will be complete. The trophy will unlock on the ranking screen.

End of a Legend
Finish all stories and stages in story mode (any difficulty)

There are 6 story modes in this game, and you unlock each one by completing the one before. Beating Sanctuary (The main story mode) unlocks Aiolos Saga, beating Aiolos Saga unlocks Aiolia Saga, then Shaina Saga, then Marin Saga, and finally Ikki Saga. Besides the Sanctuary Saga, these story modes are very short and I will describe what you will have to go through for each one besides Sanctuary Saga and Aiolos Saga which I have already covered above.

Aiolia Saga: This is just one boss fight with Virgo Shaka.

Shaina Saga: You go through the Road to the Gold Palace of Leo and then have a boss battle with Aiolia.

Marin Saga: You go through a new level called Star Hill and fight Gemini Saint after that.

Ikki Saga: You go from the Gold Palace of Capricorn where you have a long talking scene with Shiryu, and then onto the Road to the Gold Palace of Aquarius. Once you reach the palace, you'll have a talk scene with Hyoga. Next up is the Road to Pisces, after the road you'll have a last talk scene with Shun and then the story will be over.

You are allowed to play these on any difficulty, so you could just play on Very Easy if you want it to be a breeze. Once you complete the Ikki Saga, this trophy will unlock.

Saint of Hope
Finish the Sanctuary arc of story mode in Normal mode (do not start from the Stage Select)


You will get this for completing the game on the standard difficulty level. If you started your first playthrough on Normal, you should unlock this trophy at the same time as Saori Rescued. See all of the above trophies for help on the Gold Saint battles.

Saint of Speed
Finish the Sanctuary arc of story mode in Hard mode (do not start from the Stage Select)


Hard mode isn't too much harder than Normal, enemies and Gold Saints hit a bit harder and take less damage but you will also earn more Cosmo Points when you complete the stages so you should be able to close that gap pretty soon. This should only take 2 to 3 hours and once you complete Hard mode, you'll unlock this trophy and Bronze Mode. I now strongly suggest moving on to Mission Mode after you complete this.

Saint of the Goddess
Finish the Sanctuary arc of story mode in Bronze mode (do not start from the Stage Select)


Here we have the final difficulty trophy, and it is more than a bit tough if you aren't prepared. If you have followed what I suggested in the roadmap, then you should be prepared. Having all five Bronze Saints' Attack and Defense more than 500 is a must, and you should also spend any unused Cosmo Points on increasing all of their Energy and Cosmo. More health never hurt, and you'll need a lot of it as Bronze difficulty Gold Saints hit very very hard. I will state again, and I cannot stress this enough, 7th SENSE IS YOUR BEST FRIEND. USE IT. You'll need every advantage you can get for these fights. I will also suggest buying the skill Watermelon, which is pretty expensive at 26000 Cosmo Points but it will immediately resurrect you when you die up to three times without using a single continue. When you have beaten the 7 Gold Saints guarding Sanctuary and Saga for the last time, the credits will roll and this trophy will pop on the results screen.

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The Legend Reborn
Play the Sanctuary arc of story mode from start to finish without using a continue (any difficulty)

I would suggest playing through the main story mode on Very Easy after you've completed at least Hard. Your characters being at a high level and having increased stats will help make Very Easy even easier, which is good because there are 13 Road levels and 14 fights with Gold Saints throughout the whole storyline. Just stick with the usual tactic of using 7th Sense constantly and nobody should have a chance to attack you. Once you've beaten Saga for the final time at the Palace of Athena without using a continue through the whole run, this trophy will unlock.

Thoughts for Shaina
Defeat Cassios

You cannot miss this story related trophy.

You will get this trophy on the second level, when you're very close to the Taurus Gold Palace. Once you take out a large batch of enemies, Cassios shows up and you have a mini boss battle with him. Just focus on dodging his and his minions attacks and you shouldn't have too many problems. Once he's down, the trophy will pop.

Praise My Beauty...
Defeat Misty

You cannot miss this story related trophy.

Another miniboss trophy, you will encounter Misty at the end of the Road to the Gold Palace of Gemini. He is a bit harder than Cassios mainly due to his tornado attack he spams. Just keep your distance and use 7th Sense and your special techniques a lot to defeat him quickly. This trophy will unlock soon after.

Black Saint Extermination
Defeat all the Black Saints

You cannot miss this story related trophy.

These characters take over as the miniboss enemies at the end of the Road levels once you beat the Gold Palace of Gemini and up until nearly the end of the game. They tend to fight in pairs of two, so you will need to be careful around them, they will not hesitate to spam their special techniques on you. The trophy unlocks when you defeat Black Eagle and Black Ophiuchus, who are the last unique Black Saints you encounter. Once they have been defeated, this trophy will unlock

Worthy of the Pope
Win 100 battles against Gold Saints

You will fight 70 battles with Gold Saints in Mission Mode alone, combine that with 15 Gold Saint battles going through the story mode once, and needing to complete the story mode at least 3 times will make sure you won't have to grind for this trophy. Once you have fought your 100th Gold Saint this trophy will unlock.

All I can Rely On...Is My Power
Win a boss battle without using a continue (any opponent)

This trophy is a lot easier than it sounds, you should be able to do it on one of the other story modes such as the Aiolos or Aiolia Saga if you decide to play them on Very Easy. I will use Aiolos vs Aphrodite from the Aiolos Saga as an example for this trophy. All you'll need to do is use 7th Sense to keep your distance and fire your Sagittarius Arrow at him. He will take a considerable amount of damage from it and you can launch this attack very fast. If he attempts to hit you with the Piranha Rose, just use 7th Sense and dodge it, then resume firing Sagittarius Arrow at him until you've won. You should have had no trouble with this trophy now and the fight will be over in less than a minute. Once you're on the results screen, this trophy will unlock.

The True Victor
Win a boss battle without taking damage (any opponent)

I found the easiest way to get this trophy is to have the same character with around 750 or so attack you used to get Dodge the Needles and play Single Course 01 and to just use your attack on him. With 750 attack, your attack will take out half of his health even when he's guarding. Just end the fight quickly and without using 7th Sense and you'll unlock both this trophy and Senseless Mastery at the same time.

Senseless Mastery
Win a boss battle without using any 7-Sense (any opponent)

It's just like the description says, just complete a battle without using 7th Sense once to unlock this. See above to The True Victor for a very easy way to earn this trophy.

Start of the Battle
Finish 1 Single Challenge course in mission mode

There are 30 Single Challenge courses in Mission Mode, this trophy requires you to complete one. If you want a short mission to get this trophy quick just pick your favorite character and do Single Course 04, where you only need to complete Rose Road, Chamber of Grand Pope and The Palace of Athena. Once you have completed the mission, this trophy will unlock.

End of the Struggle
Finish 10 Single Challenge courses in mission mode

You will naturally get this while going for Beyond the Fight. See below for more information about the Single Challenge Courses.

Beyond the Fight
Finish all Single Challenge courses in mission mode

This is the part of String of Miracles that makes it take so long. There are 30 Single Challenge courses altogether, and an average challenge takes about 20 minutes to complete. You will easily have to spend over 5 hours on this trophy. The difficulties of the challenges vary from Easy to God, but you should have no trouble with them because of the levels you'll gain. You will gain lots of EXP from these challenges, about 4 levels per challenge. I was able to get Dragon Shiryu to level 86 by doing every challenge with just him. That is WAY more than you will ever need for this game, and I recommend splitting the challenges between the five Bronze Saints so they will be around level 30 by the time you're ready for Bronze mode. Throughout the challenges you will earn tons of Cosmo Points, which you can spend on your Saints if you're having trouble with anything.
Another thing to note is the four Online Ranking Courses, you do not have to be online for these. The game gives you the option to do them offline, you just won't be able to upload your score. Once all 30 Single Ranking Courses are complete, this trophy will unlock.

We Will Die Together, My Brother
Finish 1 Tag Challenge course in mission mode

Tag Challenge is a part of the Mission Mode where you are allowed to take another character as a partner to help you fight the Gold Saints. This trophy requires you to complete just one challenge. It doesn't matter which one you choose as they're all at the same length of 3 Gold Saint battles per challenge. The only annoying thing about this mode is that your Cosmo gauge is a lot smaller as it seems your partner takes the other half. Just use 7th Sense as much as you can and focus on physically attacking the Gold Saint you're up against. The AI for your partner is incredibly bad, they seem to follow everything you do, so if you use a special technique then the AI partner will use their special technique too. They will also die frequently because of this, so having a second player helps a lot with the entirety of this mode. Once you complete your first Tag Challenge, this trophy will unlock.

I Don't Need My Cloth!
Finish a course in mission mode with a character who's taken off his Cloth

To get this trophy, you will have to go into the Mission Mode character select screen and press until it says No Cloth. All you need to do is complete a challenge the whole way through while wearing no cloth from the start. A very good place to get this trophy is Single Course 04, which is only three stages. You can complete this mission in less than 5 minutes easily. Your options for Clothless Saints are limited though. The only characters who can have no Cloth are Pegasus Seiya, Dragon Shiryu, Cygnus Hyoga, Andromeda Shun, Phoenix Ikki, Cancer Deathmask, and Sagittarius Aiolos. Once you clear the very short mission with one of those characters, this trophy will unlock.

We're All In This Together
Unlock all characters in the mission mode character select screen

For the main story mode, you will unlock the Gold Saints after you defeat them in battle. You will 9 out of 16 total characters this way. You unlock Aiolos after completing his story, the same goes for Shaina and Marin. The only character you will not fight and be able to unlock through story mode is Aries Mu, instead you'll have to fight him through the Mission Mode. You simply have to complete the first part of Single Course 01 and he will be unlocked. Once you have everyone, the trophy will be yours.

The Same Attack Never Works Twice
Use all Big Bang Attacks from all characters

The best way to get this trophy is to go to Single Challenge Online Course 2 and constantly attack Milo while he is guarding in the hopes of the Big Bang Energy orb to light up in the corner of the screen, but also making sure to let him attack you without guarding. Your goal here is to get Big Bang Energy orbs as fast as you can to get through every characters Big Bang Attack as soon as possible. Using this method will take you about an hour and a half to do every single characters Big Bang Attack, even faster if you have already used Big Bang Attacks while going through story mode. You have to finish the fight for the Big Bang to register that you've done it.
Every character usually has 2-3 Big Bang Attacks, with the exception of Shun who has 4. I will list every characters attacks here.

Pegasus Seiya: Pegasus Meteor Fist, Pegasus Comet Fist, Pegasus Rolling Crush

Dragon Shiryu: Rozan Rising Dragon, Rozan Dragon light, Ascending Dragon

Cygnus Hyoga: Diamond Dust, Aurora Thunder Attack, Aurora Execution

Andromeda Shun: Nebula Chain, Thunder Wave, Nebula Stream, Nebula Storm

Phoenix Ikki: Phoenix Flaming Wings, Phoenix Phantom Fist

Eagle Marin: Meteor Fist, Eagle Toe Flash

Ophiuchus Shaina: Thunder Claw

Aries Mu: Crystal Wall, Stardust Revolution, Starlight Extinction

Taurus Aldebaran: Great Horn, Great Horn (Charge)

Gemini Saint: Another Dimension

Gemini Saga: Galaxian Explosion, Another Dimension

Cancer Deathmask: Dark World Waves

Leo Aiolia: Lightning Plasma, Lightning Bolt

Virgo Shaka: Transmigration, Heaven-Dancing Ring, Demon Hunter

Scorpio Miro: Scarlet Needle, Antares Needle

Sagittarius Aiolos: Atomic Thunderbolt, Sagittarius Arrow

Capricorn Shura: Excalibur, Jumping Stone

Aquarius Camus: Aurora Execution, Diamond Dust, Freezing Coffin

Pisces Aphrodite: Bloody Rose, Royal Demon Rose, Piranha Rose

Once you have done a Big Bang Attack with all of these, the trophy will unlock. Another thing to know is that these are required to unlock Axia Complete as they count towards your Drama Theatre.

The Unwavering Warrior
Earn A rankings in 10 stages or courses

You will get this on the way to String of Miracles. See below for more info

String of Miracles
Earn A rankings in all stages and courses

This is the most time consuming trophy in the game, as you'll need to get an A rank in every level in the story modes and Single and Tag Challenge Modes for a total of 88 A Ranks. Getting an A Rank isn't very hard for the most part, you just need to complete the level(s) as fast as you possible can while taking minimal damage. The easiest way to do these is to do Mission Mode with your favorite character, as the more missions they do, the stronger they get and can complete the challenges faster. Once you've completed all of the challenge mode A Ranks, you can spend your hoarded Cosmo Points on the Bronze Saints to buff them up and get an A rank on every Road and Gold Saint fight with ease. You will also have to complete the Survival Courses, these are all easy to get an A Rank on except for the Online Course Survival stage, which is on God difficulty. My only advice is to play your strongest character and spam your special techniques over and over against the enemies. You will have to last more than three minutes, and the bosses take very little damage, so it might take more than a few tries. You can't just run around for 10 minutes either, as you have to kill enemies to increase your score. Good luck, and once you have completed the 88th A Rank, this trophy will pop!

Cosmo Skills Unleashed
Use all Burst actions while in Cosmo Burst mode

This trophy is very simple to achieve, it can even be done in the first level. When Aries Mu explains Cosmo Burst to you, you have to hold and press another button at the same time. The combinations are as follows


Once you do all of these combinations, the trophy should pop.

Big Bang Unleashed
Use a Big Bang Attack for the first time

You'll know when you're able to use a Big Bang Attack when a big orb of light shows up in the corner of your screen. You can get these orbs by either randomly attacking the enemy or by Athena who gives them out when she shows up after death. When you have one, use one of your special attacks while holding and make sure it CONNECTS. It will give you a small movie scene where the character uses the special attack you used, only doing a lot more damage this time. You will have to earn this trophy on the way to The Same Attack Never Works Twice.

Pull off a Real 7-Sense move 7 times

The real 7th Sense is not activated by pressing the button. You have to dodge an attack with at the exact moment the attack is going to hit you to activate the real 7th sense. You can easily get this on a Road stage on any difficulty. The grunts are very obvious when they're about to attack and you should be able to time it perfectly. Once you have used it 7 times, this trophy will unlock.

I'll Remove It Now!
Remove your Cloth as Shiryu

The earliest you play as Shiryu in Story mode is on the road to the Gold Palace of Cancer, and all you need to do is press and Shiryu will remove his armor. Simple as that.

I Knew You'd Come For Me!
Have Ikki appear when continuing as Shun

This trophy is a bit luck based, as it is completely random if Ikki will show up when you die as Shun. My suggestion is to go to a very hard mission, such as Single Course 20 while playing as Shun. The mission is God difficulty so you will die very fast, giving you a chance to have Ikki appear quicker. If you're having trouble with having Ikki appear, you could also try buying the skill Bonds, which only costs 2000 Cosmo Points and allows less common characters to show up when you continue. Once Ikki finally appears, the trophy will unlock.

A True Phoenix
Remove your Cloth as Ikki

Same as Shiryu's trophy, only this time you need to put your cloth back on once you take it off by pressing . The earliest you'll be able to unlock this in story mode is the Road to the Gold Palace of Virgo.

A 1000-Day War
Use a Gold Saint to defeat another Gold Saint

This is easily obtained in Mission Mode. All you have to do is unlock a Gold Saint by beating one in the story mode and then select that saint and fight another Gold Saint through a mission. If you want it really fast just select a Gold Saint on the very first mission. It starts on a fight with a Gold Saint and you won't have to go through the hassle of completing a Road level. You can also do this on the Aiolos or Aiolia story modes. After the fight this trophy will unlock.

Pulverizing to Atoms
Destroy 100 breakable objects

The only breakable objects in the game are the stone columns and urns scattered throughout the Road stages. These columns can only be broken by your characters special techniques and the urns can be broken with regular punches. They will often drop powerup items that can increase or restore your Cosmo, restore your health, and raise your attack. These items make spending the Cosmo to use a special technique worth it, as it can restore most of your health in a pinch and there are always a few columns in the battles against Gold Saints. If you make sure to be very thorough and destroy everything you see throughout the main story mode, you will unlock this sometime in the middle of the Road to the Palace of Cancer as Dragon Shiryu.

Dodge the Needles
Defeat Scorpio Miro without getting hit by Scarlet Needle

This trophy is a very annoying one to get, even though it sounds very simple. All you have to do is defeat Miro without getting hit, but Miro loves to spam this move when you least expect it. My method was to pump all of my spare Cosmo Points into Dragon Shiryu's Attack and Cosmo stats, and also level his Rozan Dragon Flight technique. Once you have around 750 Attack on your character of choice, Go to the Online Ranking Course for Single Challenge and start up Online Course 02. What you'll want to do is spam 7th Sense and keep attacking him with physical attacks and special techniques. If he hits you with Scarlet Needle, just pause and hit retry until you get it. Once you have defeated him without getting hit by Scarlet Needle, this trophy will unlock on the results screen.

Rend the Skies, Destroy the Earth
Use Cosmo Points to raise your abilities

Once you complete the tutorial with Aries Mu, you will go to the Character Status screen. Just go to Status and increase one of your attributes, they should only cost 30 Cosmo Points at this point. Once it has been increased this trophy will pop soon after.

To the Galaxies
Upload mission mode data to the online ranking

There are nine Online Ranking courses, four Single Challenge and five Tag Challenge. All you need to do to get this trophy is just complete one of these missions, and it'll upload your data automatically at the end. If you want to get the trophy fast, you can do Tag Course (Online) 04 or 05, which are just two bosses each. The trophy unlocks once your record is done uploading.

Blood-Stopping Master
Use Shinoten to save friends 10 times in Tag Challenge courses

This trophy can only be earned through Tag Challenge through Mission Mode, and it is earned simply enough. All you need to do is revive your partner when they run out of energy by getting close to them and pressing . The trick I used for this was to select Type A at the start of the mission and hitting my partner with special attacks and then reviving them when they go down, doing this should only take 8 minutes at most.

Axia Complete
Complete your gallery collection

This trophy requires you to have the Toy Collection, Drama Theatre, and Model Viewer 100% complete. You will get about 90% of the gallery complete by going through every story mode and unlocking every character, the last 10% is done by doing every characters Big Bang Attacks, which unlocks the short clips in your Drama Theatre. See more about Big Bang Attacks above with The Same Attack Never Works Twice. Once you have slowly slogged through the Big Bang Attacks, your gallery will be 100% complete and this trophy will be unlocked.

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