Players: 1
Online Trophies: None
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to 100%: 2-3 Hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectible Trophies: Lights, Camera Action
Missable Trophies: I Do My Own Stunts, First Contact, Union Buster, Lights, Camera Action, Pew! Pew! Pew!, Warrior Princess, Revenge of the Navigator
Glitched Trophies: None

[top]Tips & Strategies

  • All trophies are in XMB order.
  • Almost all trophies in the game are missable! Unlike the GenkiBowl VII DLC, this DLC sets up the missions as story missions from your cell phone. Because of this, once you finish the mission, you can't replay it to receive the trophies, so Make sure you manually save at the beginning of every mission in a separate save file! Just in case you miss something and need to replay.

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I Do My Own Stunts
Land on the Parachute Target during the rescue scene.

This trophy is missable!

This will take place at about the 1/4 mark of the first mission, Faster, More Intense. After your first rescue of Princess Kwilanna, the director will yell "CUT" and say the scene needs more sexiness. When the game fades back in, you are inside a plane preparing to parachute into the set location for filming. If you are already a veteran of the game, this should come very easy. Simple press the to jump, then follow the prompt on the screen to open your parachute. Now your goal is to aim for the purple landing zone flares on the ground. press up and down on the stick to speed up and slow down your decent so that you land somewhere in the flares. You don't have to land in the exact middle of the circle for the trophy! As long as you land inside the flares the trophy will unlock.

First Contact
Destroy all enemy spacecraft during the chase scene.

This trophy is missable!

The chase sequence takes place After you save princess Kwilanna twice during the Faster, More Intense mission. For this mission, Kwilanna will be navigating a military vehicle down the streets, while you man the minigun and try to take out all of the pursuers. After crashing the vehicle into the water and having to reshoot, you will come to a bridge that is blocked off by the military. Now comes the Alien spacecraft. Shoot down every alien space craft that comes after you. There will be about 13-14 before you get to the tunnel. Once you get to the tunnel, some smaller alien spacecrafts will chase you into the tunnel. These count towards the trophy as well! so don't ignore them. As soon as you get to 20 the trophy will unlock.

Union Buster
Kill 15 cameramen.

This trophy is missable!

This trophy can only be unlocked during the very first mission, Faster, More Intense. You will find cameramen standing about all around the set while you are saving Princess Kwilanna. As you approach for the very first time in your vehicle of choice, right after the bridge, look on the side of the road, and you can find 4-5 standing in intervals to catch the action before you even get into battle. Once you get into battle, there are 3 more near the battle , iincluding one on the platform that Kwilanna is located on, and one more on the platform directly across from her.

On the second shoot, after landing the parachute, there will be a few on the outside of the battle, and then the same three on the battle area itself. If you get them all, you will have 13/15 cameramen before taking off with Kwilanna in the helicopter. Right when you take off, another helicopter will appear next to you. There is a cameraman inside this so take it out for 14/15.

When your helicopter crashes, you will crash into a cameraman making 15/15 and an easy trophy. If for some reason you didn't get all the cameramen on the first set, there are a few during the chase scene. They are almost impossible to see as it is going so fast, but just shoot everywhere and try to blow up as many chasing vehicles as possible .

Kill Space Brutina.

This is a story based trophy

Finally after all the missable trophies, we reach a story based trophy. This will take place on the 3rd filming shoot of the Hanger 18 1/2 level. As you and Princess Kwilanna enter the room that has the Alien Spacecraft that you plan to use to escape, she will tell you that you need to deactivate the forcefield around the ship to get to it. Head down to the bottom floor, and up the stairs on the other side towards the forcefield generator and Space Brutina will appear. She falls as easy as any other Brute, just blast away at her until she falls to reap an easy trophy.

Lights! Camera! Action!
Collect all 6 hidden clapboards.

This trophy is missable!

For all that don't know, this is a movie clapboard. They are used in between takes during filming as a reference point for which scene and take number they are filming. This trophy can only be achieved during the second scene in the DLC, Hangar 18 1/2. In between filming, you will be on each scenes backlot where the actors hang out when they are not in scene. There are 6 clapboards for this trophy with 2 clapboards in each area between the scenes. They are actually quite small but there is a white beam of light that suspends them in the air from the floor making them a bit easier to find. All the locations are below, once you have found all 6 the trophy will unlock.

Before First Scene
  1. At the very beginning of the level, you will be in a large room with a lot of people eating. As soon as you enter the room, look directly in front of you and you will see the rear half of a destroyed plane that is being used for a prop. If you need more help, it's located directly across from the stairs you need to climb to continue. This first Clapboard is located near this plane.
  2. Now head up the stairs towards the destination. At the roof of the building, you will see a car suspended in the air as if it has crashed off the roof. The second clapboard is located right by the car so grab this before heading into the first filming area below.

    Between Scenes 1 and 2

  3. As soon as you exit the scene, there will be a bedroom set up in front of you. Head into the bedroom and this is in the doorway on the left side.
  4. Now head around the corner from the bedroom, and look on your right and you will see a wrestling ring set up. Climb up inside the ring to find the fourth clapboard in the middle.

    Between Scenes 2 and 3

  5. After exiting from Scene 2, you will see a pile of Kwilanna actresses on the left side. You can either move forward or help the real Kwilanna take out her competition first, it's your choice. When you are ready, head into the set that looks like one of your cribs. The fifth clapboard is inside the kitchen.
  6. Now head out the crib set and on the left side you will see a giant yellow robot, that resembles some type of a futuristic cargo loader. The final clapboard is located behind the robot for your trophy.

Pew! Pew! Pew!
Kill 35 Space Amazons with the Laser Pistol.

This trophy is missable!

This trophy can only be unlocked during the second mission, Hangar 18 1/2. When you enter the first filming area, you will receive the laser pistol. Now this is really only missable if you go out of your way to not get the trophy. There are an assload of Space Amazons in this mission so you have plenty of opportunity. Once you start filming simply take out 35 Amazons, which are the girls that look like Kwilanna but are against you. These are also the only enemies in the entire level so it's very easy. Now that being said, when you enter shoot 2 and 3 you will receive the Laser SMG and Laser Rifle. These don't count for the trophy! Once you pick these up, simply hold down the to bring up the weapon wheel and reselect the Laser Pistol to continue.

Warrior Princess
Kill 7 Space Amazons with melee attacks.

This trophy is missable!

This trophy can only be unlocked during the second mission, Hangar 18 1/2. Now this is really only missable if you go out of your way to not get the trophy. There are an assload of Space Amazons in this mission so you have plenty of opportunity. Once you start filming simply take out 7 Amazons, by getting near them and pressing the to perform a melee takedown. These are also the only enemies in the entire level so it's very easy. Now I have found that sometimes the count is glitched and it won't always count every amazon you melee. Fortunately there are so many in the level and this happens sporadically enough that it's really a non issue. If you see the game not counting them, just keep doing it and after a few amazons, they will count again.

Revenge of the Navigator
Destroy 10 enemy spacecraft with the Aegean while filming.

This trophy is missable!

This can only be achieved in the third final level of the DLC. You will now be the pilot in the Aegean, which is the Alien spacecraft. Now much like last two trophies, this is only missable if you try to not get this. As you are flying the spacecraft around planting viruses, you will be attacked by other Alien Spacecraft. For this trophy you only need to shoot down 10 of the Alien Spacecraft during the entire level.

Do a Barrel Roll!
Perform all vehicle stunts with the Aegean.

This is a story based trophy

This will take place during the third and final mission in the DLC. You will be asked by the director to perform three stunts during the final mission. The first two will take place after you upload the virus into the first antenna, and the final stunt will take place after you have activated the virus near the end of the mission. The stunts are as follows:
  • Fly close to the buildings: Easy enough, you simply need to fly close enough to any buildings to activate the Near Crash counter in the upper right hand side of your screen. It doesn't matter which building and if you are having trouble hold down either the or to fly on the ships side to get closer.
  • Fly Through the bridge: Not only is this one easy, but they also provide a destination marker so you know exactly which bridge and what part to fly through.
  • Fly Under the bridge: this one is a little trickier as the virus is shutting down your ships navigation systems and the ship is kinda hard to control. Again, they provide a destination marker and you simply need to fly between the bridge and the water without crashing for the easy trophy.

C-List Celebrity
Complete all missions for Gangstas in Space.

This is a story based trophy

This trophy will unlock once you have completed the third and final level for the DLC. You will also receive Princess Kwilanna, who is in your cell phone as Jenny, an available homie to call into battle .

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