Players: 1 (2 in Co-Op)
Online Trophies: None (Jumped In requires you to have an internet connection, but there's no trophies for online play)
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: Unlocked Abilities do not affect trophies, codes entered on Cheats menu disable trophies.
Estimated Time to Platinum: 30 hours
Minimum Playthroughs:1 (reloading your manual save at the end of Act 1. See Road Map for details)
Collectible Trophies: Getting the Goods , Hi-Jack It , Life of the Party
Missable Trophies: Kuh, Boom. , Tower Defense , You're My Hero!
Glitched Trophies: None
Special Equipment Required: None
Online Pass Required: Yes (Only affects Co-Op play)

[top]Tips & Strategies

  • There are no difficulty related trophies, so if you're having trouble with the game, feel free to lower the difficulty to a tolerable level.
  • Have a look at the Challenges listing in Saintsbook at the beginning of the game. Since you'll have to complete all of the Challenges for the
    You're My Hero! trophy, being aware of them will save you a lot of time if you start working towards them early. Particularly Challenges that you can work towards through your normal game progression, like taunting/complimenting gang members, or destroying emus.
  • Some Challenges are impossible to complete once you finish the game, or control all hoods. If this happens to you, the only way to salvage your game is to join a Co-Op Campaign where your partner still has the requirements available. See You're My Hero! for details.
  • At the end of Act 1 you have a choice of actions that will result in getting a permanent 10% bonus to either cash or respect. Choose cash, because you'll always be unlocking things faster than you can purchase them.
  • Don't go nuts upgrading your weapons at the beginning of the game. Near the end of Act 2, you'll have the option of choosing a permanent 25% discount for weapon upgrades, making your life much simpler.
  • At the beginning of the game, you'll want to invest in stores and real estate over upgrades. Since you'll have to do so anyhow for the city takeover trophies, and the businesses you buy pay divedends permanently, the earlier you invest in them the more money you'll make. Eventually you'll be pulling down so much money that even the most expensive upgrades are within reach.
  • Don't worry about the collectibles being difficult to find. Once you reach level 20, you'll be able to purchase the Collectible Finder upgrade for $49,500, making it a snap to find everything.


Saints Row the Third is a relatively easy game, with a difficulty setting that does not affect trophies, a ton of unlockable upgrades that can make you virtually unstoppable, and a stable of homies to call on for backup. Add a pile of upgradable weapons and a sandbox full of Activities to partake in, and Saints Row the Third promises a wild ride from beginning to end. From a trophy hunter's standpoint, most of the plot related trophies are unmissable, with only one exception.

At the end of the mission "The Belgian Problem", you will have a choice that will affect which trophy you recieve. Make a manual save before starting, or during this mission, so that after you've earned this trophy you can reload your save and make the other choice in order to get both Kuh, Boom. and Tower Defense in the same playthrough.

Aside from this branching mission at the end of Act 1, the only other trophy that you should be aware of early is the You're My Hero! trophy. Composed of 41 separate Challenges, there are a few that require certain gang members or specialists to complete, which won't be possible once all districts are taken over or after the game is over. Be aware of all applicable Challenges so that you can work towards them while going through the regular game in order to minimize the amount of farming that you'll have to do at the end.

The final mission of the game offers two possible choices, but unlike the branching mission at the end of Act 1, after you've completed the first ending the game will rewind to the mission "Three Way" and provide you the other choice to play. Simply select the mission again from your phone, and at the end of the mission, the second choice will be the only one available to you to complete. This means that the trophies Mr. Fury Would Be Proud and Gangstas... in Space! are unmissable.

If you find you're having trouble with the game, feel free to lower the difficulty to a more tolerable level or invest more money into the upgrade menu to improve your character. With enough upgrades, your character can become virtually invulnerable to fire, explosions, or even bullets.


Unlock all Trophies in Saints Row: The Third.

Earn all other trophies to get the Platinum, yo.

Dead Presidents
Complete 'When Good Heists...'.

Story Related trophy, cannot be missed. You'll get this trophy after completing the tutorial mission.

The Welcome Wagon
Complete 'I'm Free - Free Falling'.

Story Related trophy, cannot be missed. Immediately after the tutorial, you'll automatically start this mission, and once completed you'll receive the trophy.

We're Takin Over
Complete 'We've Only Just Begun'.

Story Related trophy, cannot be missed. After completing a few missions, you'll get access to the mission "We've Only Just Begun". The mission is just a cinematic sequence, but it signals the next to last mission before the end of Act 1. (See the Road Map, Tower Defense , or Kuh, Boom. for details.)

Tower Defense
Complete Act 1 in one way.

Missable. At the end of the mission "The Belgian Problem", you will have a choice that will affect which trophy you recieve. Make a manual save before starting, or during this mission, so that after you've earned this trophy you can reload your save and make the other choice for Kuh, Boom.

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Kuh, Boom.
Complete Act 1 in another way.

Missable. At the end of the mission "The Belgian Problem", you will have a choice that will affect which trophy you recieve. Make a manual save before starting, or during this mission, so that after you've earned this trophy you can reload your save and make the other choice for Tower Defense

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Gotta Break Em In
Complete 'The Ho Boat'.

Story Related trophy, cannot be missed. You'll receive this trophy at the end of the mission. Not much to worry about on this mission other than a couple of random brutes popping out of crates.

I Heart Nyte Blayde
Complete 'STAG Party'.

Story Related trophy, cannot be missed. There are several crates with respawing ammo on them in the area when you get low. There's a lot of chaos in the streets, and you'll be directed from objective to objective. When you have to defend Pierce, make tanks a priority then eliminate any remaining vehicles as quickly as possible. At the end of the mission you'll get your choice of rewards, and you'll get the trophy no matter which you choose.

Complete 'http://deckers.die'.

Story Related trophy, cannot be missed. The last mission in the Deckers plotline, but not terribly difficult.

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Titanic Effort
Complete Act 2.

Story Related trophy, cannot be missed. You will get this trophy at the completion of the mission "My Name is Cyrus Temple".

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Once Bitten...Braaaaaaains
Complete 'Zombie Attack'.

Story Related trophy, cannot be missed. An epic meeting with the Mayor of Steelport.

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Murderbrawl 31
Complete 'Murderbrawl XXXI'.

Story Related trophy, cannot be missed. The main event against Killbane!

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Mr. Fury Would Be Proud
Complete Act 3 in one way.

Story Related trophy, cannot be missed. The two Act 3 trophies are decided based on your choice at the end of the mission "Three Way". Choose to meet with Angel at the end of the mission in order to activate the final mission "Stag Film".

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Gangstas... In Space!
Complete Act 3 in another way.

Story Related trophy, cannot be missed. The two Act 3 trophies are decided based on your choice at the end of the mission "Three Way". Choose to meet with Shaundi and Viola at the end of the mission in order to activate the final mission "Gangstas in Space".

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Hanging With Mr. Pierce
Complete all City Takeover gameplay in the Downtown district.

See Bright Lights, Big City for details.

Mourning Stars
Complete All City Takeover gameplay in the New Colvin district.

See Bright Lights, Big City for details.

Hack The Planet
Complete all City Takeover gameplay in the Stanfield district.

See Bright Lights, Big City for details.

You're the Best...
Complete all City Takeover gameplay in the Carver Island district.

See Bright Lights, Big City for details.

Bright Lights, Big City
Complete all City Takeover gameplay in the entire city of Steelport.

The City Takeover system is your primary source of income in Saints Row the Third, requiring you to complete everything in each district. This includes purchasing all businesses and real estate, completing all activities, eliminating all Gang Operations, and owning all Cribs. As you take over each area in the district, it will fill in with Saints purple to indicate your control. If you want a numerical indicator of your progress, go into your Map and move the cursor over the district you're trying to take over. You'll see a list of how many Activities, Stores, Properties, Cribs and Gang Operations are completed in each area. If you're having trouble completing a district, and there are areas still in gray that you're not sure how to control, check your list to see what type of action is left for you to do. Chances are it will be one of two things:

First, Gang Operations won't appear on your map until you've actually spotted the members gathering in the area. Cruise through the area and see if you can trigger the icon's appearance. If you're flying over, remember that you'll have to fly fairly low to trigger the icon, so hit the deck. The second reason an icon might not appear immediately is that you haven't triggered the activity for that area yet. Activities are unlocked through progressing through the plot missions. After you perform the first instance of that Activity, they will start appearing on the map. Also, completing an instance of an Activity will cause the next instance of that Activity to appear somewhere else in Steelport, so the area you're waiting for could be tied to a series of Activities you haven't completed yet.

Remember that eliminating gangs by taking over their entire district makes some of the Challenges harder to complete, so ensure you have all the Specialist kills you need before taking over an entire district.

Co-Op Notes: In co-op, each player will have to purchase each property themselves. They can still do it in a co-op game, but one player's purchases will not count for both players.

Complete all instances of Insurance Fraud.

Insurance Fraud is a fun Activity, even if you're having your bones shattered like peanut brittle. Run in front of traffic and hit the or button to go limp, then rack up the money from the impact. From your regular hits you won't get a lot of money, but you'll build up the Adrenaline meter which is where you earn the real money. For extra Adrenaline move to the marked zones on the map to get hit, building up your meter faster. Once Adrenaline Mode is triggered, all hits will cause you to fly further and faster. You'll also be able to steer your flight slightly to pick your target for landing. To rack up cash quickly bounce off multiple different cars, the faster they are travelling, the more money you'll earn from the impact. Your Adrenaline meter will drain between hits, so if you are waiting for another vehicle to reach you, save your Adrenaline by just going limp with or repeatedly until you have a good target. The Adrenaline zones will only last so long, so if one expires quickly move to one of the others to continue racking up the Adrenaline.

Co-Op Notes: The injury total is doubled, but the Activity is otherwise identical.

Tune In, Drop Off
Complete all instances of Trafficking.

Trafficking Activities involve you being driven around by Pierce while defending him against continuous attack. While driving, either shoot the drivers of the cars chasing you or use grenades to blow them up. After you arrive at the stops, be prepared to jump out and continue the fight on foot. As your notoriety increases, expect brutes to join the fight as well, adding to the chaos. To mix it up, sometimes Pierce's contact turns out to be a police sting operation, which you'll have to pull him out of. Sometimes the buyer runs without paying, making it up to you to gun them down for their T-Shirt money. Once the meet is completed, quickly jump into your vehicle and leave the area as quickly as possible. Always make it a point to get in on the passenger side, because it sometimes causes issues with Pierce if you enter on the driver's side. You might slide over into the passenger side, but Pierce will sometimes just stand there doing nothing until you get out and reenter the vehicle. If your car blows up, steal one of the less damaged gang vehicles in the area and keep going.

Co-Op Notes: Unlike in single player where Zimos drives, in co-op one of the players will be driving the car, and the other shooting from the back seat. Zimos will be just a passenger until he reaches the meet, where he will act as normal.

And Boom Goes the Dynamite
Complete all instances of Heli Assault.

Heli Assault involves protecting Kinzie on the ground from wave after wave of gang vehicles. Use your missiles when possible, or your miniguns when the target is too close to Kinzie's vehicle. Depending on which instance of the Activity you're on, you may be piloting a Tornado or Vulture, which will affect whether or not your missiles will home or will be fire and forget. Take this into account when firing volleys of missiles just in case Kinzie wanders into your field of fire, since you may not be able to stop them from hitting her. Keep an eye on your minimap to see where incoming vehicles are coming from, and also to spot helicopters before they launch missiles at either you or Kinzie.

Co-Op Notes: Each player will have their own helicopter, but the number of cars remains the same.

Fence Killa 2011
Complete all instances of Mayhem.

In Mayhem, you're provided a few destructive weapons in infinite number, usually grenades. Destroying anything in the game provides a cash towards your destruction target total, and adds to your combo counter. As your combo counter builds you are awarded additional cash for each object you destroy, and the speed at which the counter degrades increases. Since exploiting the cash multiplier you get with a high combo counter is the only way you'll reach your target, what you're destroying is less important than how quickly you destroy objects. Don't bother looking around for high value items to destroy, just put out a steady stream of rockets or grenades to maintain your combo counter as long as possible. In fact, seemingly inexpensive items like trash dumpsters or stacks of palettes are going to be your saving grace, simply because each object counts separately towards your destruction total as well as your combo counter. Cars and people count as well, so when the cops or S.T.A.G. show up, shoot their vehicle with them inside for a quick boost.

As the trophy name implies, fences are going to be your jackpot item to exploit. In Saints Row 2, walking down entire rows of fences in the University area was the only surefire way of achieving the much higher totals you needed in that game. Similarly in Saints Row the Third, and time you see a chainlink fence, you're going to want to make sure to wipe out every section along its entire length. Each section in the chain link fence counts separately towards your total, and usually a single explosion will wipe out at least three sections. In addition, there's usually random garbage or boxes stacked along their length which only makes your job simpler. As long as you keep your combo meter running (and you keep throwing/firing at all times), you shouldn't have too much difficulty with this trophy, as they usually give you a substantial amount of time to hit relatively low target numbers.

Co-Op Notes: The target destruction total is doubled for the same time limit, but it seems that you share a combo counter, which only makes your job easier.

Your Backseat Smells Funny
Complete all instances of escort.

In this Activity, you drive around one of your "escorts" and avoid paparazzi vans who attempt to photograph the client. While the client is in your car, the escort will be pleasuring him/her, causing the pleasure meter to rise slowly. If you are in the range of the paparazzi however, the pleasure meter will stop increasing and the footage meter will begin to rise. If the pleasure meter fills before the footage meter, you'll succeed in the Activity. If you hit anything, the pleasure meter will stop for a moment, so navigate carefully. This makes the paparazzi vans doubly dangerous, since they are faster than you and have no problems with ramming you to get their story. Use their speed against them and make sharp turns around corners to stay ahead of their cameras. If no side streets are available, you can even pull a handbrake 180 and go right past them in the other direction. They'll get some footage, but its a lot harder for them to turn around, particularly if there are more than one following you.

Occasionally the client will make a special request such as do a certain number of points of damage to other vehicles, travel at a certain speed, drive in an oncoming lane or go to a particular location. When these requests come up, the pleasure meter will stop rising until the request is done, so it is critical to fulfill the requirements as quickly as possible. At the end, the client will have you drop them off and you'll be done. If at any point however you wreck your vehicle, you'll automatically fail the Activity.

Co-Op Notes: Interesting twist here. Instead of you driving a prostitute around, you'll be driving the other player around while they service the client. They'll have to use the right stick to find the right spot, then hold it there while matching the up, down, left and right motions on the screen with the left stick. The better they do, the faster the pleasure meter will rise.

Tiger Escort Notes: For two of the Escort missions, you will instead be driving around a giant Bengal Tiger who is draped over the passenger seat, ready to maul you if you agitate him. The same general strategy applies, though. Avoid hitting anything and evade the paparazzi (who has now been joined by animal control). Occasionally you'll get a prompt to perform a certain action to sooth the beast's rage, such as powersliding for a certain amount of time. Be sure that you do so as soon as possible, as the tiger's attack will cause you to swerve violently, making it even harder to avoid angering it further. In Co-Op the second player will be in the back seat with the tiger, and will have to scratch its back to keep it happy.

Double Dose of Pimping
Complete all instances of Snatch.

The Snatch Activity has you picking up people, usually prostitutes, and bringing them back to a drop off area while dodging increasingly hostile waves of gang and police activity. The target people are marked on your minimap, and usually there are 2-3 at each point. There are always a couple extra in case one of them were to die, but the big enemy is the clock. Travel to the marked locations and press to call to the target people. Usually you will have to deal with hostiles in the area before the target people will respond to you, so be ready to extract them forcibly if you have to. The longer you are in each location, the more waves of reinforcements that will be sent to deal with you, so try to move as quickly as possible. Sometimes the target people are inside a moving vehicle, forcing you to get them to stop without destroying the vehicle and killing its passengers. Some gunfire through the driver's window will work, as long as you're careful not to hit anyone else. If some of the target people die, and you can't get the minimum number of people, you will automatically fail the Activity.

Once you bring them back to the drop off area they will automatically get out of your car, leaving you to pick up the next batch. Usually your target number is 4-6 people, which means that you'll always have to make two trips. In case your starting vehicle is destroyed, make sure to steal one that has at least four doors so that you can carry more than one passenger at a time.

Co-Op Notes: You will have the same target number and time, but you can steal a second car and split up, giving you more than enough time to spare.

Porkchop Sandwiches
Complete all instances of Trail Blazing.

Trail Blazing has you in a fireproof suit on a flaming quad bombing down the streets of Steelport, generally causing destruction and chaos. You'll have a very small time limit to hit each checkpoint along your route, where you'll get a time bonus based on the number of people and cars you set on fire and/or blow up. Hit whatever pops up along your way, but don't go too far off track or you'll end up burning more time than you earn. Cars will blow up on contact, so don't be afraid to steer into oncoming traffic, because they won't even slow you down. Occasionally you'll see flaming patches on the street that you can hit to trigger explosions along your path and get a bit of a speed boost, so try to hit them whenever they appear. Keep an eye out for shortcuts, because the suggested path on the mini-map isn't necessarily the shortest route. You can sometimes skip large sections of the route, saving you valuable seconds on your way to the finish.

Co-Op Notes: When playing Co-Op one player will drive the quad while the second will be a passenger riding on the back, armed with molotov cocktails to rain down on cars and pedestrians alike.

Go Into the Light
Complete all instances of Guardian Angel.

There are only two instances of Guardian Angel, one of which is a story mission. You will spend half of your time shooting rockets out the door of a flying helicopter, the other half sniping while hanging off the side of the building, all the while protecting your ally from attacks. The process is essentially the same as Heli Assault, except you won't be flying. While firing rockets at gang vehicles, choose your shots carefully to make sure your ally vehicle isn't caught in the blast. You'll be less likely to hit them if you ensure that you've upgraded your rocket launcher to level 4 so that you can direct your rockets after they have been fired. When long stretches of straight road, make sure to hit gang vehicles the second they come into view, as they will fire rockets from a huge distance that will almost always hit their mark.

Co-Op Notes: No change in the gameplay. Both players will be firing rockets and sniping.

Tank You Very Much
Complete all instances of Tank Mayhem.

Much the same as the Mayhem Activity, except instead of weapons they give you a tank. The time limit in this Activity is essentially irrelevant. You'll be doing enough damage in the tank to hit your target destruction total with ease. Follow the same strategy as you did for
Fence Killa 2011 and you should have no trouble.

Co-Op Notes: What's better than having a tank? Having two tanks.

Have a Reality Climax
Complete all instances of Professor Genki's Super Ethical Reality Climax.

My personal favorite, Professor Genki's Super Ethical Reality Climax is like a combination of MXC and the Running Man. Run through fire and electrical traps, shooting the gun toting mascots before they shoot you, and make your way through the gauntlet before time expires. You have a certain cash total to meet before you can activate the exit, which you can expedite by maintaining your combo meter and shooting for the head or groin for extra points. Also in the maze are pop up targets that you can hit for bonus money, extra time or health. That's right, health. Because whie you're in Professor Genki's Super Ethical Reality Climax, your health does not regenerate. This is key, particularly late in the Activity when you start encountering Brutes, the only healing available will be through shooting the health targets. There are also Ethical and Unethical targets which give you a money and time bonus or penalty, respectively. It is a substantial penalty, and there usually isn't much time to spare, so check your fire. In most cases, once you trigger the exit, it is best to avoid combat and try to make a run for it. Don't get hung up on wave after wave of hunter, just go like a bat out of hell.

Co-Op Notes: No change in the gameplay. You share a timer, so any bonus or penalty affects both players.

Everything is Permitted
Kill all of the hitman Assassination targets.

There are a total of 36 Assassination missions available through Saintsbook. You will only have a small fraction of this number at first, with the rest unlocking as you progress through the game, or complete other Assassination missions. When you are in the Assassination list in Saintsbook, click to read the description of the target, then make sure to hit again to indicate your active target and provide a waypoint for you. This is critical, because some conditions cannot be met unless you're actively tracking your target in this way. Each target is in a particular area, and most require a special action or condition to cause their appearance. At times, a rival hitman may be competing with you for the same contract, adding an extra speed factor to the mission. You'll always get a warning on the screen when this happens, so it won't take you by surprise. In all cases, having a VTOL or attack helicopter available can take a lot of the work out of the job. If the target manages to escape, or you die while on the mission, you can activate the target again in Saintsbook and retry.

Check the notes below for additional details.

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Hi-Jack It
Steal and deliver all Vehicle Theft targets.

There are 30 Vehicle Theft missions available in Saintsbook. They won't all appear at once, instead becoming available as you complete each theft. Unlike Saints Row 2, the vehicles are quite easy to find, giving you first the district to search then marking them out on your minimap as you get close. Some vehicles don't specify a location, such as for the Lockdown or N-Forcer, which means that any car of that type from any location will work, even ones from your garage.

: If you use a car from your garage to complete a Vehicle Theft mission, it will be permanently removed from your inventory. Any money you've spent on customization will be lost.

To start a Vehicle Theft mission, all you have to do is go into Saintsbook and select Vehicle Thefts, then press on any of the vehicles in the list to get the details. While in the details screen, press again to mark the vehicle as your active target (you won't be able to turn the vehicle in to complete the mission unless you do), then go steal it. Once you've stolen the vehicle, don't waste any time getting to the drop off point. You will always earn either gang or Police Notoriety, and their attacks can damage or destroy the vehicle forcing you to start from scratch. If you're having trouble getting your vehicle to the drop off in once piece, the upgrades for Police or Gang Forgiveness (or Mayor's Favor if you've received it) can really be a lifesaver. Once in the vehicle, make the call and your Notoriety will drop to nothing, making rest of your drive a lot simpler.

All of the thefts are straightforward, with the possible exception of the Woodpecker theft for Rigg. This mission forces you to bring a Woodpecker in for landing in an impossibly small area. Don't worry, the mission will end once you're at the drop off point, sparing you the firey death that you'd expect under normal circumstances. There's also an easier way to get the Lockdown if you've unlocked the SWAT Team homies in your phone. When you call them they'll pull up in a Lockdown, providing a much safer alternative solution than having to earn high Police Notoriety.

Finally, if you've completed the game before completing the N-Forcer theft from BJ Barnes, you're not out of luck. Any N-Forcer you have stored in your garage will work, including the one that is awarded as an unlockable for completing the mission "Three Way". Remember though, any vehicle from your garage will be permanently removed if you turn it in, even those that are awarded as unlockables.

Getting the Goods
Find 25% of all Collectibles.

See Life of the Party .

Life of the Party
Find 100% of all Collectibles.

There are four types of collectibles: 19 Drug Packages, 18 Money Palettes, 19 Photo Ops, and 20 Sex Dolls. You'll find them scattered all over the map, but there really aren't that many of them in total. After Level 20, you can purchase the Collectible Finder in your Upgrades menu for $49,500. Towards the end of the game, you'll have more money than you know what to do with, so this is a sound investment. It will keep track of all the collectibles that are still on the map, eliminating as you pick them up. By pressing on the Map, you can scroll down to the "Collectibles" choice to eliminate all other icons on the map to make them easy to find. Only a few of the collectibles along the cliffs are marginally difficult, requiring you to drop down to a cave below you in the cliffside.

Shake and Bake
Complete your first Challenge.

See You're My Hero! .

You're My Hero!
Complete ALL Challenges.

Missable. On the menu, the third and final menu under Saintsbook is the Challenges menu, and this is easily the trophy you'll be spending the most time on over the course of this game. Due to this, I'd advise everyone to review the Challenges before starting the game so that you can start working towards them over the course of normal play. Of particular note is the fact that one of the Challenges can only be done at a certain point in the game, and cannot be accomplished at all once the final mission has been completed. If this Challenge is missed, you will have to either find someone who has not yet beaten the game to play Co-Op with, or start your entire Challenges progress over again on a new character.

See all Challenge descriptions below:

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Ow My Balls!
Do your first nutshot AND testicle assault.

To perform a nut shot you simply shoot the target in the balls, and to perform a testicular assault simply approach your target and click to hit them in the pills. For an attack to count as a nutshot or testicular assault, the hit to the stones has to be the shot that kills the target, so you may have to soften them up a bit before you hoof them in the cojones.

Gender Equality
Play for at least 2 hours as a male character AND 2 hours as a female character.

After you're done with your primary character, make another character of the opposite sex and play for a couple hours until the trophy pops. Alternately, you can also go to Image As Designed and get a sex change during your normal playthrough and just keep going!

Hijack 50 vehicles - Dukes style.

Hold to sprint, then as you approach a vehicle with a driver press to smash through the window or windshield and knock the driver onto the ground. Note that even though you can enter an empty car in this way, it only counts as a "Bo-Duke-En" if there is a driver to kick.

Love/Hate Relationship
Taunt AND/OR Compliment 50 gang members.

Approach a gang member (not a member of the Saints) and press to taunt or to compliment. They will react to let you know that the taunt or compliment has been registered. Perform either action fifty times and you will get the trophy. Note that there is a challenge called "Compliments Paid" that requires you to compliment 50 people, so you might as well kill two birds with one stone.

Two things to remember. First, you have to compliment or taunt fifty different gang members, so once you've interacted with them move on and find another target. Second, you can't compliment or taunt a gang member in the middle of a special animation like smoking or talking on a phone, and definitely not while they're in combat. Since taunting causes combat to be initiated, this is one more reason to compliment instead. (There's also a challenge for insulting gang members, in case you decide to live dangerously.

Gellin' Like Magellan
Explore every hood in Steelport.

There are 18 hoods to explore, and you'll spend time in all of them over the course of the game so you won't have to farm this. Just keep playing and you'll earn this in no time.

Who Loves Ya Baby
Kill 50 brutes.

You will get most of the way to this trophy while completing the "Kill Brutes" Challenge where you'll have to kill 30. Continue to provoke gangs to high Notoriety levels and Brutes will arrive on the backs of trucks every third or fourth truck, and you'll have this trophy in no time. This is better left for your higher levels, when you have an upgraded Rocket Launcher and some solid defenses.

A Better Person
Buy your first Upgrade from the Upgrade Store.

Press to bring up your IllWireless phone and select the Upgrades menu. Each upgrade requires a certain level to be made available for purchase, and a monetary cost to unlock. Buy any upgrade and you'll receive this trophy.

Haters Gonna Hate
Kill 1000 Gang Members.

Kill 1000 Morningstars, Lucadores, or Deckers over the course of the game and you'll unlock this trophy. It will not take you long at all to reach 1000 kills through normal play.

Cowboy Up
Fully upgrade one Weapon in each slot.

There are a total of eight weapon slots and four grenade slots. In the melee/taser slot, upgrade the Baseball Bat to level 2 which is its maximum. Upgrade one weapon in each of the other eleven weapon and grenade slots up to Level 4. You don't have to have the weapon equipped for it to count, as long as it's in your Weapons Cache. This is less expensive for you once you complete the Decker plotline if you choose the result that offers a 25% discount on weapon upgrades.

Thanks to gashead4lyf for the Baseball Bat adjustment.

Pimped Out Pad
Upgrade one Stronghold to its full glory.

There are three Strongholds that you can upgrade, the Three Count Casino, the Burns Hill Reactor and the Safeword. Each Stronghold can be upgraded twice before it hits maximum. Even though each upgrade is expensive, it's well worth it for the districtwide cash bonus per hour and respect bonus. Two upgrades to any one of the Strongholds will earn you the trophy.

Flash the Pan
Destroy all Gang Operations in Steelport.

See Bright Lights, Big City for details.

Third and 30
Spend over 30 hours in Steelport.

Thirty hours playing Saints Row the Third flies by quickly. Enjoy it!

Jumped In
Create and share a character online.

After completing "When Good Heists Go Bad", you'll have an opportunity to create your character. When the character selection screen appears, hit to customize your character. Once you've adjusted them to your tastes, choose Character Gallery, then Upload Character. Once your Saint is uploaded to the SR3 website, you'll receive your trophy.

Note that creating a character with the Saints Row the Third Initiation Station does not count towards this trophy. You can however download it, then upload it again, and you will then get this trophy.

Opulence, You Has It
Complete 'Party Time'.

Story Related trophy, cannot be missed. Party Time is an iconic mission in Saints Row the Third which captures all the best elements of the game: over the top action, brutal violence, and an awesome soundtrack.

Stay Classy Steelport
Kill 25 Gang Members each with 'the Penetrator' AND Fart in a Jar.

You may want to wait until you can afford the unlock for Infinite Grenade Ammo before trying for this one, to save you some effort. The "Fart in a Jar" is the Level 4 upgrade of the Flashbang. Simply incapacitate the gang member with the FIAJ, then bludgeon them to death with the Penetrator. Remember that only gang member kills will count for this trophy, not police or civilians.

The American Dream
Customize 10 vehicles.

Take any vehicle to a Rim Jobs location and customize it. This can be as simple as painting your vehicle, however remember that there is a Challenge for spending $20,000 on vehicle customizations so you might as well kill two birds with one stone.

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