Sam & Max - Beyond Time & Space: Episode 1 - Ice Station Santa Trophy Guide


Players: 1
Online Trophies: None
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: None
Estimated Time to 100%: 1-2 Hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectible Trophies: A Range of Completely Worthless Decals
Missable Trophies: A Range of Completely Worthless Decals, Did Someone Say Birthday?
Glitched Trophies: None
Special Equipment Required: No
Online Pass Required: No

[top]Tips & Strategies

Normal Gameplay Instructions
  • : Move Sam around
  • : Interact with an object
  • : (While selecting an object) Use an item on the object
  • : Skips through conversations and closes the inventory.
  • & : Cycle through available objects

Boxing Mini-game Instructions
  • : Move this left or right to dodge punches coming from the left and right side of the screen respectively
  • : Throw a left punch
  • : Throw a right punch

Pimp Le Car Driving Challenge Instructions
  • : Steer the DeSoto left and right
  • : Slow down
  • : Speed up
  • : Return to Straight Street
  • : Put on/Remove the VR goggles
  • : Use the Big Gun

    • : Aim the Big Gun
    • : Fire the Big Gun
    • : Put away the Big Gun

  • : Honk horn


  1. On your first playthrough, you should be able to get 11/13 trophies without any problem if you follow my guide. One of the two missable trophies can be gotten anytime in the game before the fight against Santa while the other one must be obtained before a certain point in the game. There are a lot of objects in the game that are irrelevant to the plot so if you happen to get stuck, please consult the trophies below for a detailed description on how to beat the game.
  2. If you happened to miss Did Someone Say Birthday? during your first playthrough, start a second run and quickly get it.


And Another One Bites...
Stop the Maimtron 9000 from destroying the building... and quoting every song you wish you'd forgotten.

  1. Have Sam use the OFFICE DOOR
  2. Talk to the Maimtron 9000 and say the following two things (in order)
    a. I have a question
    b. Why do fools fall in love?

  3. Once the second question is asked, the Maimtron 9000 will ponder the question and stop destroying the building.
  4. Go back into SAM AND MAX’S OFFICE and take the WIND-UP KEY from the back of the Maimtron 9000, causing it to shut down and fall onto the street.

Trivia Manipulator
Win Stinky's trivia contest and obtain the Horseman of Pestilence.

Continued from I'm A Contender!
  1. Walk to the right and enter STINKY’S DINER (you may need to cycle threw the available choices)
  2. Talk to STINKY and say the following things:
    How’s business?
    Your feet hurt?
    So long.

  3. Talk to the BUG at the middle table and say, "So long."
  4. Talk to the BUG again and say, "So long." (See Did Someone Say Birthday?)
  5. Talk to the giant LINCOLN head at the far table and say:
    Let’s talk trivia.
    We think it’s C.
    So long.

  6. Walk over to the first table (nearest the exit) and use the TRIVIA PAD on it. Have Sam pick: "B. 20,000 YEARS B.C."

Pimp Le Car Driving Challenge
Complete the "Pimp Le Car Driving Challenge" and obtain the Horseman of Death.

Continued from Trivia Manipulator
  • Outside of Stinky's Diner, turn and walk to the right side of the screen and examine the GARAGE. When you are inside, ask:
    Can you pimp our car?
    We want that horseman.
    Yes, please!

  • Pimp Le Car Driving Challenge (See Instructions above)
    This challenge is actually quite easy. All you need to do is run over 30 Elmers is 60 seconds to win.

  • Once you have won the challenge, walk back to your car and examine the HORSEMAN OF DEATH on the hood of the DeSoto

My Package!
Obtain the Horseman of Famine from Bosco.

Continued from And Another One Bites...
  1. Head back outside using the OFFICE DOOR
  3. Walk over to the Christmas tree and pick up the WORLD’S SIMPLEST MAZE and BOXING BETTY right next to it.
  4. Talk to the elf right next to the tree and say the following things:
    What are you doing?
    We could make you cry.
    (Have to switch to Sam): Santa isn’t real.

  5. Pick up the WATERING CAN
  6. Turn around away from the Christmas tree and walk towards the SLIMY CRATE
  7. Examine the red COMPUTER near the red elf.
  8. Walk around the table to the side with the green COMPUTER and pick up the GIFT TAGS next to it. Once that is done, leave the workshop
  9. Once you are outside, head to the far left edge of Santa’s Workshop to find a small flowering plant named TINY TOPIARY. Use the WATERING CAN on it to create the GIANT TOPIARY and then use that.
  10. Take the PARCHMENT from near the fireplace
  11. Head to the green bookcase and pick up the CHRISTMAS RECORD and then leave Santa’s Office.
  12. Once you are back outside, head back to the office.
  13. Back in the city, enter BOSCO’S INCONVENIENCE and say the following things:
    What’s in the package?
    Your package is the bomb?
    So Long

  14. Exit the store and go back to the North Pole and enter SANTA’S WORKSHOP again.
  15. Use the green COMPUTER and select the OBSESS-O-MATIC STOPWATCH (3rd choice down). Once you have the present, use the GIFT TAGS on it and select BOSCO. Exit the workshop and return to BOSCO’S INCONVENIENCE.

I'm a Contender!
Defeat Jimmy in the boxing ring and obtain the Horseman of War.

Continued from My Package!

Exit BOSCO'S INCONVENIENCE and walk over to the remains of the Maimtron 9000 and talk to JIMMY TWO-TEETH. After talking to him, use the BOXING BETTY on the Maimtron 9000 to start the boxing mini-game.

Boxing Mini-game Instructions
: Move this left or right to dodge punches coming from the left and right side of the screen respectively
: Throw a left punch
: Throw a right punch
This mini-game takes place over three rounds. In the first round, your opponent will have three lives. In the second round he will have four lives and in the final round, Jimmy Two-Teeth will have five lives. As is fairly obvious, you have to knock out your opponent before they knock you out. However you cannot just go and punch them quickly, you have to wait for them to throw a punch at you and then dodge and counter it.

Once Jimmy Two-Teeth is beaten and is forced to give up his trophy AKA "The Horsemen of War" and is on the ledge, have Sam say “So long.”

The Power of Christmas
Complete the Exorcism using the My Little Demon Playset on the unfortunately possessed.

Continued from Pimp Le Car Driving Challenge
  • Head back to the North Pole and enter Santa’s Workshop
  • Walk over to the rotating NORTH POLE and use all four Horsemen
  • Use the SATANIC RECORD on the RECORD PLAYER right next to the NORTH POLE and say the following things
    Like gelatinous goo!
    In Lower Manitoba!
    Like Mimesweeper!
    Hey, Shambling Corporate Presence!

After you exorcise the demon and Santa leaves the workshop, this trophy is yours.

The Spirit of Christmas Past
Satisfy the Spirit of Christmas Past by making amends to Jimmy.

Continued from The Spirit of Christmas Present
  • Enter the PORTAL TO FUTURE next to Santa's sleigh and after seeing the desolate wasteland, return to the present.
  • Take your car back to the office. Go up to JIMMY TWO-TEETH on the ledge and use MARY TWO-TEETH on him
  • Go over to STINKY’S DINER and take STINKY’S SOCK from on the counter. Once you have done so, leave and return to the North Pole.
  • Go back to the past and give the BOXING GLOVE to Jimmy

The Spirit of Christmas Present
Satisfy the Spirit of Christmas Present by helping the bug and his family communication issues.

Continued from The Power of Christmas
  • Use the green computer to order FOOT BATH AND PIRANHA AQUARIUM.
  • Use GIFT TAGS with the CHRISTMAS PRESENT and give it to STINKY.
  • Enter Santa’s Room and open SANTA’S SAFE to release the Christmas spirits. Once you have done so, head outside and enter PORTAL TO PAST.
  • Walk over and use the WORLD’S SIMPLEST MAZE on the RAT HOLE. Then use the TELEVISION and enter the PORTAL TO PRESENT.
  • Back at the North Pole, take the PORTAL TO PRESENT in front of Santa's Workshop.
  • After the cutscene, retake the PORTAL TO PRESENT back to Santa’s Workshop and examine YELLOW SNOW RECLAMATION. Then go and take the PORTAL TO PRESENT again.
  • Walk up to the BUG FAMILY and use the RECLAIMED SNOWBALL on them.

The Spirit of Christmas Future
Satisfy the Spirit of Christmas Future by saving your future selves in a dynamic act of foreshadowing.

Continued from The Spirit of Christmas Past
  • Take the tree back up to Santa’s Room and walk over to by where Santa was standing.
  • Use STINKY’S SOCK on the STOCKING STUFFER (the green machine) to fill it with coal and then exit back outside either way.
  • Head over to the sleigh and use the SOCK FULL OF COAL with the BOILER on it.
  • Once you head through the PORTAL TO FUTURE and save your future selves (cliffhanger or prediction?) this trophy will be awarded to you.

A Sinful Dessert
Get the Christmas Spirits to take care of that pesky demon.

Once you have saved Christmas in the past, present, and future, head over to the SHAMBLING CORPORATE PRESENCE and use the SPIRIT BOTTLE on it. The three spirits will vanquish the demon and the trophy will be yours.

Ice Station Santa
Help Sam & Max save Christmas!

After saving Christmas Santa will turn evil and try to kill you, forcing you to hide inside his workshop. When you have control of Sam & Max, do the following steps:
  • Use the green computer near Sam to cause the machine to create a present.
  • Use the BIG GUN on the switch near the exit so that the TOY BOMBER stops above the TRAMPOLINE (have to time it correctly)
  • Shoot the CANNON so that the cannonball bounces off the present onto the trampoline and into the toy bomber. Then the switch twice so that the TOY BOMBER stops right above Santa.

A Range of Completely Worthless Decals
Earn all available DeSoto decals.


There are seven DeSoto decals available in the episode. In order to get this, you must have first gotten Pimp Le Car Challenge. Once you have that, click on the DeSoto again and choose to go and run over some more toys. Once you start the challenge, there are seven decals that can be won, four of them can be found by shooting/running over special items on the road while the last three can only be won by running over a certain number of Elmer dolls in 60 seconds.
  1. Bronze Elmer: Run over 40 dolls in 60 seconds
  2. Silver Elmer: Run over 50 dolls in 60 seconds
  3. Gold Elmer: Run over 60 dolls in 60 seconds
  4. Cheese Wheel: You will see a red cheese wheel start rolling from the left side of the road, either shoot it or run over it with the DeSoto.
  5. Piano on a rope: On the right side of the screen, you will eventually see a piano being lowered on a rope. Shoot at it when it is close enough and it will fall
  6. Blimp: You will see a blue blimp float on screen, shoot it to get this decal
  7. Bowling Pins: Aim the center of the car over the white stripes. If that doesn’t work, drive on the left/right side of the road and when you see the pins coming up, swerve into them to get the strike.

Did Someone Say Birthday?
Celebrate the Bug's birthday before his family arrives.


*Please see Trivia Manipulator for the walkthrough up this trophy.

When you are in Stinky's Diner, you will see a BUG on the middle table next to a sub and a menu. Talk to the BUG and say, "So long." Talk to the BUG again and he will mention his family and how it is his birthday. Reply again with "So long." to get this trophy.

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