Players: 1
Online Trophies: None
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: No cheat codes
Estimated Time to 100%: 1-2 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Missable Trophies: Motivational Work Environment, Pimp Le Car Great Reaping 5000, Office Snoop

[top]Tips & Strategies

Normal Gameplay Instructions
  • : Move Sam around
  • : Interact with an object
  • : (While selecting an object) Use an item on the object
  • : Skips through conversations and closes the inventory.
  • & : Cycle through available objects
Pimp Le Car Instructions
  • : Put on/Remove the VR goggles
  • : Honk horn
  • : Shoot Sam's Gun


100% for this game can be easily obtained within one gaming session. The only things to look out for are the three missable trophies. While two of them are available for most of the time after saving the three souls, the third trophy has very specific requirements in order to get it. Here are a few tips to get all the missable trophies:
  1. Whenever you are in the main office of hell, look for the seven posters representing the seven deadly sins. They can all be found concentrated by the clock that permanently says 4:59 PM.
  2. Play through the game normally until you rescue the first soul. Before going to save the second soul, head out of the room and listen to Satan talk to the first employee. After the second and third souls, do the same thing to get the trophy.
  3. As soon as you save all three souls and Sam's soul as well, you can return to Straight Street and do the Pimp Le Car challenge for the trophy.

The rest of the trophies for the episode are story-based and cannot be missed.


Hell, LLC.
Take the Soul Train to Hell.

  1. After escaping from the spaceship, Sam and Max will find themselves on the shores of the River Styx. From the starting point, head right until you reach a ladder. Take it to return to the street that just so happens to be next to their office.
  2. Head left back from the sewers to the Maimtron that you defeated way back in Episode 1. Talk to Jimmy Two-Teeth and give him the Portable AI from your inventory after hearing about the laser light show. Once you give it to Jimmy, the Maimtron will come back to life. After the Maimtron comes back online, talk to it to find out that you can control it via a remote control in your office.
  3. If you try and walk through the front door to get to your office, Sam will comment that there is a time-travelling elevator blocking the door and that you need to find another way in. Highlight the open Office Window and use the Egg from your inventory to trade with your past self for the remote.
  4. Use the Boxing Betty Remote on the Maimtron and make him look through Boscoís Window above Boscoís Inconvenience store. The Maimtron will rummage around the room and retrieve the Soul Train Token that youíll need to enter hell.
  5. Head back to the open manhole and enter the sewers again. After listening to Harry, walk over to the Gumball Machine and use the Soul Train Token. After Harry asks how you got the token and Max starts saying how they did some things they are not proud of, Harry will call the train and the opening credits will role.

A Play of Infinite Acts
Save Bosco from his own personal hell.

  1. Once you arrive in Hell you will find yourself in a lobby with Jurgen from Episode 3 as the receptionist taking the calls for Satan. Talk to him if you want, but once you are ready head right and go through the Office Door. Before you do anything else, please see Motivational Work Environment for the first six posters needed for this trophy.
  2. Take the Key Card from Brady Cultureís cubicle (after a humorous dialogue with Max) and then head through the door in the back with the sculpture of Sam and Max over it. Explore around the area if you want but when you are done use the Key Card on the Key Card Reader to unlock the five dioramas. Enter the Theater Diorama with the naked Bosco.
  3. Inside Boscoís hell, you can talk to the various demonic representations of the characters and Max for some humorous dialogues. Walk over to the right side of the stage and examine the Nitrous Oxide Tank to pick it up. Exit the diorama and use the Nitrous Oxide on the Street Diorama to boost the efficiency of the DeSoto. Once that it done, use the card reader again and enter the Street Diorama.
  4. Once you are in the diorama, Max will notice how slow the DeSoto is going and complains about it to Max. Once you have control of the car press to use the nitrous oxide and jump off the yellow and black ramps on the left side of the street to jump into Boscoís hell and distract the demons.

*NOTE: Before moving on, head back out to the main office to see Satan berate Brady Culture and avoid missing out on one part of the Office Snoop trophy.

Toy Production Manager
Save Santa from his personal hell.

  1. After saving Bosco from his eternal torment and listening Satan back out in the main office area, head back to the dioramaís and enter the Toy Factory Diorama. Talk to the elf and eventually you will be able to ask to help with the toy. In the order that you are asked, pick ďCommando Style!Ē for the outfit, anything for the action-packed attachment, and his flaw should be ďAcid for BloodĒ. Exit the toy factory and then enter the Santaís Workshop Diorama.
  2. Once you are in Santaís Workshop, talk to Santa to find out that the demonic babies bothering him are preventing him from concentrating on recalling the toys. To solve this problem, wait until a Christmas Present in on the counter and then shoot it with Samís gun. The toy will die and its acid blood will melt a hole through the counter.
  3. The demonic babies will be scared away by the commotion and flee the room. When they try to come back through by using the toy dispenser, they will be sucked instead be sucked into a loop due to the hole in the counter until the dispenser breaks down, freeing Santa from hell.

*NOTE: Before moving on, head back out to the main office to see Satan yell at Hugh Bliss and avoid missing out on one part of the Office Snoop trophy.

Broadcast TV Executive
Save Grandpa Stinky from his own personal hell.

  1. After saving Santa's soul and seeing Satan mock his second employee, head back to the dioramas and enter the last one labeled Cooking Show Diorama. Inside you will find Old Stinky being forced to work for Demon Stinky. Since you cannot do anything in here at this time, leave the diorama.
  2. Once you get back outside, you will see Harry leave the back room while forgetting to close up one of the file cabinets. Look inside the Drawer to find the file on Jimmy Two-Teeth. After viewing the file, head all the way back to the world of the living through the doors near Jurgen and enter Sybilís.
  3. Inside Sybilís, talk to the monster from Episode 3 sitting next to Sybil enough times and he will politely ask you to kill him. Once Sam shoots him, Harry will enter the store and become confused on how to reap a monsterís soul. With Harry inside Sybilís, head to the garage on the right side of the screen and switch out Timmyís file with the file on Jimmy that you stole from hell. If you are too slow, Harry will return and you will have to go back and shoot the monster again.
  4. Once you make the switch, Timmy will go on a swear-filled rant before dying. Once Harry takes his soul, go all the way back to hell via the train in the sewers and enter the Cooking Show Diorama again. Back inside the diorama, talk to Timmy and his swearing will cause Hugh Bliss to come to the show and cancel it. You will get the trophy after leaving the diorama

*NOTE: After saving Stinky, head back out to the main office to see Satan talk to the Shambling Corporate Presence for the third part of the Office Snoop trophy.

Office Snoop
Spy on Satan berating the staff each time the efficiency drops.

*This trophy is Missable!

This trophy can only be achieved during the first part of the game when Sam and Max are trying to rescue their pals' souls from their individual hells. After rescuing each of them, you will have to exit the back room and go back into the main office to see Satan critique one of his employees. After doing this three times, the trophy will pop up.
  1. After rescuing Bosco, head back out to see Satan berate Brady Culture.
  2. Once you free Santa and the elf, go out to see Satan mock Hugh Bliss
  3. The last one is after freeing Grandpa Stinky. Leave the back room to see Satan question the Shambling Corporate Presence.

Say My Name
Stop the conception of a new hellspawn.

  1. After Sam is tricked into giving away his soul in exchange for all of the other souls, you will take control of him back in a mock of his office. Walk over to the red couch on the right side of the screen and the camera will change so you can see Maxís giant eye looking in at you through the hole in the wall. Use the Key Card and Max will enter Samís personal hell. After Max beat the tar out of Demon Peepers, you will find yourself back out in the main office.
  2. After meeting Satanís bosses, use up all available dialogue options with them to move on. Afterwards, head back to Straight Street. Back on the surface, you will notice Satan is now homeless. Rummage through his box of stuff. After taking Satanís grocery list, run to the far left side of the screen and talk to Timmy Two-Teeth on top of a cheese wheel. After debating with Max about who is the Soda Popperís biggest fan, pick the option of asking what is Peeperís real name. After realizing that Peeperís name is censored, head all the way back to hell and exchange the list of swear words on Hugh Blissís cubicle with Satanís grocery list.
  3. Head back to Timmy and ask for Peepers' name once again now that it is not being censored by Hugh Bliss. Once you have the name, go into Sybilís and talk to Peepers who is making a move on Sybil (who is falling in love with him). After talking to Max and determining that his dementia has not kicked in yet, have Sam go over and talk to Peepers. After interrupting the romantic scene with Peepersí embarrassing real name, the spell over Sybil is broken and the trophy will pop.

*NOTE: After getting this trophy you should go and get the missable trophy Pimp Le Car Great Reaping 5000

Chiptune Rockstar
Help Chippy prevent Hell from owning his soul.

  1. Head back to Straight Street. Using the Paper Clip Chain you took from Satanís box, walk over to Sam and Maxís Office and examine the crack in the sidewalk between their building and Boscoís. Use the Paper Clip Chain on the crack to get the Mimesweeper Cartridge while Max tries to get Sam to drop it back down.
  2. Once you have the Mimesweeper Cartridge, head on over to the far right and revisit the Pimp Le Car garage. Talk to Chippy to find out that Specs is trying to win the soul of a computer with a music contest. After Sam and Max manage to trick Specs into giving Chippy infinite do-overs with a made-up clause in the soul contract, use the Mimesweeper Cartridge on Chippy to have him win the contest and get you this trophy.

Forbidden Brew
Prevent Stinky's from carrying Fruit of Knowledge Cider on tap.

  1. Enter Stinkyís Diner on Straight Street. Inside the diner, you will see Whizzer trying to sell Stinky a beverage made out of the forbidden fruit of knowledge. Once you have control of Sam, go and talk to Grandpa Stinky who will mention that the only way to have Stinky resist Whizzer is to find her baby book.
  2. Head back down to hell to the room with the dioramas and enter the Cooking Show Diorama. Examine the bookshelf on the left side of the show to find a copy of Stinkyís Baby Book. Exit the diorama and enter the Office Diorama and take the Bone Saw off of Maxís desk. Head out of hell and back to Stinkyís Diner. Once there, give the book to Grandpa Stinky who will promptly turn Stinky into a chocolate cake.
  3. Immediately regretting his choice, Grandpa Stinky will ask you to find a rib. Before leaving the diner, steal out of the cider bottles from on top of the counter. After viewing the show, examine the cooler next to the monster and use the Apple Cider to bring everyone down. After depressing everyone, use the Bone Saw on the monster to get a rib. Head back to Stinkyís Diner and use the rib on the cake to change Stinky back to normal and stop Whizzer.

The Three Lords of Hell
Thwart the Lords of Hell's plan for world domination.

You will get this trophy after stopping all three of the soda poppers' plans for world domination.

What's New, Beelzebub?
Complete Episode 5: What's New, Beelzebub?

  1. After regaining control of Sam and Max and viewing all seven posters, head over to the ice cream truck and shoot the bell on top with Samís gun. Once the Shambling Corporate Presence opens up the truck, get some of the vanilla ice cream from the back and then head over to its desk and take the coffee cup.
  2. Run over to where the poppers are fighting with Satan and take the red ritual candle from the snow bank. Head over to the break room and throw the tar cake sample, coffee cup and ice cream into the water cooler. After magically turning the ingredients into a delicious cake, put the candle in the cake. Walk over to the poppers and give them the cake to end their reign and beat the episode.

Motivational Work Environment
View all the seven motivational posters in the Hell, LLC offices.

*This trophy is Missable!

Past the lobby of Hell there are seven posters to look at, with each one representing a deadly sin. You can find the first six after entering Hell but can only get the seventh after defeating the three soda poppers.
  1. Greed: Looking at the clock that is stuck on 4:59 PM, it is on the top right.
  2. Lust: In the middle on the right
  3. Wrath: Bottom right from the clock
  4. Pride: Top left from the clock
  5. Sloth: On the left above the Shambling Corporate Presence
  6. Envy: This one is on the wall of Brady Cultureís cubicle.
  7. Gluttony: You can only get this poster after escaping from the pit of lava at the end of the episode. It is right in front of you when you regain control of Sam and Max.

Pimp Le Car Great Reaping 5000
Receive all DeSoto decals in this episode by completing all levels in "Pimp Le Car Great Reaping 5000" and gather all bonus decals.

*This trophy is Missable!

Once you have freed the three souls from hell and rescued Samís soul as well, head over to the garage and talk to the COPS and ask if they have any new VR games Like the Pimp Le Car challenges from the previous four episodes you will have three timed challenges along with shooting four objects that randomly spawn on the course with the VR goggles off.

The three rat shooting challenges can be a tad more annoying than the challenges in the earlier episodes because the DeSoto is possessed and will move on its own to run over the rats. This can throw off your aim as you try and shoot the small burning rats.
  1. Soccer Ball: A giant soccer ball will come bouncing out of the right side of the screen. It can be rather hard to hit with the DeSoto moving randomly.
  2. Rubber Duck: A giant yellow rubber duck that is impossible to miss will spawn on the left side of the screen.
  3. Flying Car: You will notice a red flying car spawn near the top center of the screen and fly down the middle of the road.
  4. Donut: Like the soccer ball, the giant donut will roll out from the right side of the screen.
  5. Bronze Rat: Shoot 25 rats in 60 seconds
  6. Silver Rat: Shoot 35 rats in 60 seconds
  7. Gold Rat: Shoot 45 rats in 60 seconds

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