Players: 1
Online Trophies: No
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: No Cheat Codes
Minimum Playthroughs: 1.5 Playthroughs
Collectible Trophies: No
Missable Trophies: Is This Your Card?, Soothsayer, Pret-a-teleporter, Ask Your Parents, Don't Ask Your Parents, Frequent Flier

[top]Tips & Strategies

  • Make a second save file at the start of Act II. It will make getting that last trophy a lot easier.
  • While playing through the game make sure that you are doing the following in each area: tossing Max and using Future Vision on Sam. There are several areas of the game that you cannot go back to after leaving (such as the Penal Zone) and so it is always better to do these two tasks when entering a new area.

Controls and Directions
  • - Use Max's psychic powers
  • - Open up your inventory
  • - Select an object or item
  • - Back out of a menu or conversation
  • and - Rotate through the list of examinable objects and people
  • - Move Sam around
  • - Open up Save/Load menu


We're on the Case!
Sent General Skun-ka'pe to the Penal Zone in Max's future vision.

  1. After the introduction the episode opens with Sam and Max trapped in a cage aboard General Skun-ka’pe's ship. The beginning sections of Act 1 will function more or less as a tutorial so if you are having trouble with the controls just follow the instructions. Press to bring up the menu with Max's psychic powers and choose the Teleportation. Since Stinky's Cell Phone is the only option available choose to teleport to it.
  2. While hiding from Skun-ka’pe's sight behind the throne and after some more dialogue bring up the menu with and select the Homing Beacon. While you try to place it on Skun-ka’pe Sam will be forced to duck back behind cover to avoid being seen. To find a suitable cover select the Display Case and steal from it to grant Max the power of Rhinoplasty (AKA Shapeshifting). After listening to the quick explanation from the Disembodied Alien Brain use Rhinoplasty on the Fine Art to transform Max into a plant.
  3. Crouching behind the plant have Sam sneak up to General Skun-ka’pe and plant the Homing Beacon on his back. Go back to the throne and use the Remote Control to activate it. After the portal to the Penal Zone opens up and Skun-ka’pe manages to hold on to his ship head over to the jail cells and talk to Harry Moleman who is unable to talk to you. In order to get Harry to help walk back towards the front of the ship and head to the right and steal from another display case to get the power to read minds. (Note: This is the only time you can get Is This Your Card? so make sure to read the trophy description below.)
  4. Read Harry's mind to find out his cell phone number and then use the Teleportation to teleport to the Upper Deck and talk to the alien brain, who is unable to help you. Ignoring his inability to give you a hand use Rhinoplasty on the picture of the bazooka on the wall and then have Max transform into it. Switch to Sam and make him pick up bazooka Max to end Act I.

Other trophies gathered through Act I: Is This Your Card?

The Brain Awakens
Brought the Alien Brain back to life.

I highly recommend saving your game as soon as you have control of Sam and Max after the credits roll, it will make getting one particular trophy a lot easier.
  1. After regaining control of Sam and Max switch to Max and use Future Vision on Sam to find out that something fun is in store for him in the future. After Max gets excited switch back to Sam and have him talk to Max. From the list of conversation topics choose 'Other Planets'. After Sam's double entendre remark go and talk to Skun-Ka'pe if you wish before heading inside of his ship.
  2. Once you are onboard the ship Sam and Max will notice that the Disembodied Alien Brain is dead with no easy way to revive him. In order to find out how to bring him back to life have Max use Future Vision on Sam to find out what items are needed. Before leaving the ship head to the left towards the Ominous Door and press the Personal Effects button to open the hatch with the mole man's stuff. Have Sam dig through the drawer for anything useful and then head to the Lower Deck and exit the ship.
  3. Back on the street walk to the right and head into Stinky's Diner and have Max use Future Vision on the following three objects: Sam, Flint Paper, and the Radio. After gathering all that useful information and explored the diner to your heart's content go and talk to Flint Paper and give him the Hard Hat to took from personal effects. After Flint Paper avoids death twice and he thanks you talk to him and choose the conversation topics of Power Core and then Big Case.
  4. Head outside and down into the nearby Subway. Use Future Vision on Sam and then inspect the Baby Carriage in order to hear a comment relating to a really old movie. Climb up and onto the street and walk all the way to the right until you see your DeSoto. When you examine it you will notice that the C.O.P.S. have taken up residence inside it. Talk to them if you want and then take the Jumper Cables from the backseat of the car. Once you take the jumper cables use the phone on the dashboard and call Stinky's Cell Phone and choose the conversation option 'Let's Meet.'
  5. Once Stinky leaves the diner consult the dashboard city map and travel to Bosco-Tech Labs. After arriving use Future Vision on Sam to find out something interesting and then enter the building. Once inside use Future Vision again before examining the nearby wardrobe. Down the elevator investigate the Ectoplasm on the table and trade Harry Moleman the Off-World Vacation Ticket for his Lotto Ticket. Head back to the DeSoto and travel to the Straight & Narrow.
  6. Enter Stinky's Diner and give the Lottery Ticket to Grandpa Stinky for the Demon Broth. With Grandpa Stinky gone walk around and behind the counter and press the Secret Button. Enter the Secret Passage that opens up and you will find yourself back in the Subway. Check out the nearby Pile O' Junk and take the Power Core. Head out the way you came until you are back on the street.
  7. Enter Skun-ka'pe's ship and travel to the Upper Deck. Go up to the alien brain and use the Demon Broth, Power Core, and Jumper Cables to bring it back to life. The trophy should be awarded during the cutscene.

Other trophies gathered through Act II: Ask Your Parents

Ape Escape
Tracked down General Skun-ka'pe.

  1. After reviving the alien brain head back down to the Lower Deck and talk to Agent Superball. After the initial conversation and any follow up questions you may have walk over to the nearby Display Case and steal the toy of power. With the Teleportation back in hand switch to Max and teleport to Stinky's Cell Phone. Pick it up off the sidewalk and then teleport again but this time to Sybil's. Enter Skun-ka'pe's ship.
  2. Head back to the Upper Deck and try to enter the Mole Processing Center. The alien brain will try to stop you but with some simple word tricks you manage to get into the room. After finding out it is a trap quickly toss Max up into the air and then use Teleportation to travel to Stinky's Diner. Talk to Grandpa Stinky and tell him how much you love Skunkape. When Max gets violent with Grandpa Stinky use Teleportation to travel back to Stinky's Cell Phone on the ship. Back on the Upper Deck rummage through the personal effects again to get everything that was taken from you and Grandpa Stinky.
  3. After taking everything from the Personal Effects drawer teleport to Bosco-Tech Labs to find that Skun-ka'pe had taken over the building. When Sam is thrown out of the building walk around the side and climb up the fire escape to the roof. Walk towards the bottom of the screen (you should see a flag pole) and harass the Gleaming Pigeon. When the pigoen flies away switch back to Max and teleport to Stinky's Cell Phone.
  4. With the two guards disposed of climb back down to the street using the fire escape and pick up the shiny thing on the ground that the pigeon dropped. Enter Bosco-Tech Labs and talk to Momma Bosco about the Destabilizer. Pick up the Remote Control from the nearby shelf and teleport to C.O.P.S.. Use the Scanner on the DeSoto and then choose to use the Crime-Tron. Give it Stinky's Cell Phone and the Shot Glass to locate Meesta Pizza.
  5. Outside Meesta Pizza use Future Vision on Sam and then head to the right side of the screen until you come to an alley. Approach the dumpster with the discarded pizza boxes and place Stinky's Cell Phone into one of the boxes. When the pigeon takes it onto the roof teleport to it and pick up the Old Postcard. Make your way back to the DeSoto and put the Old Postcard and Engagement Ring into the Scanner to unlock a new area.
  6. At the Pawn Shop use Future Vision on Sam and the nearby trash cans. Walk to the trash cans and pick up the Banana Peel. Head back to the manhole and vandalize it and then put the Banana Peel on the Manhole Cover. With the guard indisposed of enter the Pawn Shop to get the Paddle Ball Toy. Use the scanner with the Paddle Ball Toy and Receipt to open up the final area of the episode.
  7. Aftter the introduction to the Toy Store make sure you throw Max into the air before doing anything else. Once that is done use Future Vision on Sam to find out just how close the future actually is.

Other trophies gathered through Act III: Pret-a-teleporter, Crime-Tron

The Penal Zone
[Sent General Skun-ka'pe to the Penal Zone once and for all.

  1. Waking up and finding yourself imprisoned once again examine your cell and talk to Stinky. Say that 'Skunkape's not so bad' and then choose to say 'Spaceship'. After forcing Stinky out of her cell and onto the throne use the Teleportation to teleport Sam and Max to Stinky's Cell Phone. When you try to stop Skun-ka'pe the same was as in Act I he turns the tables and traps Sam and Max in the Penal Zone with an antimatter bomb. Before escaping the Penal Zone by teleporting make sure you toss Max into the air. No matter what destination you choose to go to you will end up teleporting to Bosco-Tech Labs.
  2. Talk to Momma Bosco and use the conversation option 'Skunkape'. Take the Rift Generator she gives you and then teleport back to Stinky's Cell Phone. Once the cutscene and conversation plays out put the Homing Beacon on Skun-ka'pe and then teleport to Sybil's. Head to the right side of the street until Skun-ka'pe appears and starts firing lasers at you. Avoid the blasts and dodge your way back towards your apartment until you reach the crack in the road. Stand on the crack until the target turns yellow to blast open a hole in the ground. Teleport to Sybil's to find yourself in the Subway.
  3. Enter the Mysterious Tunnel and then use Future Vision on Sam. Talk to the Strange Mole Man and ask him about the 'Rift Generator'. Take the Cable out of the wall to the left and plug it into the toybox. Walk over to the outlet and plug in the Rift Generator before turning it on. After the cutscene use the Boiler Controls and give the Paddle Ball Toy to Skun-ka'pe to complete the episode.

Other trophies gathered through Act IV: Frequent Flier, Soothsayer, Don't Ask Your Parents

Is This Your Card?
Read the mind of everyone aboard General Skun-ka'pe's flagship.


This trophy can only be obtained during Act I during Max's vision of the future on board General Skun-ka'pe's ship. As you progress through the area you will gain different toys of power that give you abilities such as shapeshifting and teleportation. When you get the playing cards that allow Max to read minds choose that option from his list of powers. While you only need to read Harry Moleman's mind to continue the story there are a total of five minds on the ship. Besides Harry, you need to read the minds of General Skun-ka'pe, Sam, Stinky and the Disembodied Alien Brain. For some players the trophy will not unlock while reading the brain's mind. Just keep trying on the brain until it does pop.

Saw a future vision for Sam in every possible environment.


As you travel through the areas you will be able to use Max's Future Vision to see the near future of objects and people. While in most cases it is necessary for the character's to know what to do some of the areas are optional. There are a total of 10 areas that Max can use Future Vision on Sam with 3 of them missable.
  1. Skun-ka'pes Ship
  2. Straight & Narrow
  3. Outside Bosco-Tech Labs
  4. Inside Bosco-Tech Labs
  5. Stinky's Diner
  6. Subway
  7. Pawn Shop (Missable!)
  8. Meesta Pizza (Missable!)
  9. Toy Store (Missable!)
  10. Mysterious Tunnel

To the Five Boroughs
Visited every location available in this case.

There are five different areas or 'boroughs' you visit throughout the game. Heading to each one is necessary to complete the episode so it is impossible to miss. If you follow the guide above you will get this trophy after reaching the Toy Store at the end of Act 3. The five areas are:
  1. Straight & Narrow
  2. Bosco-Tech Labs
  3. Meesta Pizza
  4. Pawn Shop
  5. Toy STore

Used all of the correct combinations of clues in the Crime-Tron.

During Act 3 while you are attempting to track down General Skun-ka'pe before he finds the toys of power you will come across various items that are either in an incomplete state or are only part of a clue. In order to figure out where Skun-ka'pe went you need to use the Crime-Tron and Scanner in the back of the Desoto. While there are many combinations you can use that will not impact the story only three of them are valid and will unlock new locations for you to investigate. For the location of the items needed for the three combinations follow my guide above.
  1. Stinky's Cell Phone & Shot Glass unlocks Meesta Pizza
  2. Old Postcard & Engagement Ring unlocks Pawn Shop
  3. Paddle Ball Toy & Receipt unlocks Toy Store

Teleported to every available phone in the case.


There are six different telephones that Max can teleport to throughout the episode. Some of them you will need to use to complete the story but others are optional and not required.
  1. Stinky's Cell Phone - Can't miss. At the start of the game inside the jail cell use Max's teleportation power to teleport Sam and Max to Stinky.
  2. Harry's Cell Phone - Can't miss. After seeing Harry Moleman semiconscious in the cage and unable to help you use Max's mind reading power to find out his cell phone number and teleport to it.
  3. Stinky's Diner - After talking to Grandpa Stinky and saved Flint Paper this should be unlocked.
  4. Sybil's - Teleports you to outside your apartment building on the street. You will most likely use this number when you find Stinky's Cell Phone on the street.
  5. C.O.P.S. - Brings you back to your car. Can only be used after examining your DeSoto on the Straight & Narrow and talking to the C.O.P.S.
  6. Bosco-Tech Labs - Can only be used after you go to Bosco-Tech Labs in the game and talk to Momma Bosco.

Ask Your Parents
Heard 7 references no one under the age of 30 will understand.


There will always be references out there that some people will never understand unless they are of a certain age. As you travel through the episode you will come across scenes or places where Sam and Max will comment on something that most young players will not get.
  1. Rosemary’s Baby - Head to the Subway next to Stinky’s Diner and examine the Baby Carriage near the bottom of the screen.
    Sam: "Rosemary keeps wandering off and leaving this thing behind."

  2. Scanners - Travel through the secret passage in Stinky’s Diner and examine the Pile o’ Junk at the dead end.
    Sam: "Some secret passage. It's just a bunch of junk, like this old scanner."
    Max: "Oh boy! Whose head do we explode first?"

  3. Planet of the Apes – You will get this automatically near the beginning of Act 1 of the episode while playing through Max’s Future Vision on Skun-ka'pe’s ship.
    Max: "I can't wait to get my stinking paws on that damn dirty ape!"

  4. Flash Gordon – You will get this automatically once you revive the alien brain in Act 3 using all the ingredients. Skun-ka'pe will walk in surprised and say it.
    Skun-ka'pe: "Gordon's ALIVE?"

  5. Scarface – You will get this automatically towards the end of Act 1 when you use the Max bazooka to knock Skun-ka'pe into the Penal Zone.
    Sam: "Hey, Skunkape! Say hello to my little buddy!”

  6. Glen Miller's “It Must be Jelly” – Inside of Bosco-Tech Labs take the elevator downstairs and examine the green stain on the table.
    Max: "That must be ectoplasmic jelly, 'cause ectoplasmic jam don't shake like that!"

  7. The Chronicles of Narnia/The Phantom Tollbooth – Inside of Bosco-Tech Labs examine the wardrobe at the top of the elevator.
    Max: "Don't open it, Sam! It probably leads to a fantastic land of wonder and thinly-disguised religious allegory."
    Sam: "Good call, Max. We already wasted enough time poking around that tollbooth."

Don't Ask Your Parents
Heard 10 double entendres.

  1. At the beginning of Act 1 on Skun-ka'pe’s ship when you are being introduced to Max’s teleportation powers.
    Disembodied Alien Brain: "Well done, my friends. Now select a phone number that Max has memorized, to teleport himself and his furry longtime companion to that location. And also Sam."

  2. At the beginning of Act 2 talk to Max on the Straight & Narrow and choose the conversation option ‘Other Planets.’
    Sam: "I don't need to go to another planet for a methane-rich environment, as long as I've got you, pal."

  3. Inspect the DeSoto and pick up the Jumper Cables in the back seat.
    Max: "It's simple, Sam: the RED cable goes on the RIGHT nipple, the BLACK cable clamps to the...."

  4. After reviving the alien brain head to the Lower Deck and you will notice that Agent Superball has made his way onto the ship. Talk to him and the double entendre should occur through the conversation.
    Sam: "Don't worry, Superball! We'll hit that gorilla where it hurts the most!"
    Max: "Right in the Penal Zone!"
    Superball: "Yes, I get it sir."

  5. Head to the alley to the right of Meesta Pizza and walk up to the dumpster. Put Stinky’s Cell Phone in one of the empty pizza boxes for a pigeon to take.
    Max: "Not since we accidentally wandered into that theater on Times Square."

  6. At the beginning of Act 4 on Skun-ka'pe’s ship when Sam and Max are trying to stop him once again.
    Sam: "...The Penal Zone!"
    Max: "Tee hee."

  7. When General Skun-Ka’pe manages to turn the tables on Sam and Max and trap them in the Penal Zone with a bomb.
    Sam: "He just wanted to rub our noses in the Penal Zone. So to speak."

  8. After teleporting out of the Penal Zone in Act 4 and coming up with a Plan B. Get back onto Skun-ka'pe’s ship by teleporting to Stinky’s Cell Phone.
    Skun-ka'pe: "Did you see that, my Queen? Not only did I defeat Sam & Max, but I took care of the Penal Zone in one stroke!"
    Max: "Unfortunate word choice."

  9. In Act 4 after talking to the disembodied alien brain and managing to plant the Homing Beacon on Skun-ka'pe’s back.
    Sam: "Now we just use the remote control Momma Bosco gave us, and Skunkape gets sucked right in the Penal Zone!"
    Max: "So to speak."

  10. While avoiding Skun-ka'pe’s laser blasts in Act 4 teleport to Sybil’s and you will find yourself in the Subway near a Mysterious Passage. Take the passage and talk to the Strange Mole Man in the next room about the Rift Generator.
    Sam: "I gotta turn on this machine to stop a gorilla."
    Strange Mole Man: "Down the tunnel, first door to your right."

Frequent Flier
Smacked Max out of the way in every environment.


As in other Sam and Max games you can toss Max into the air whenever Sam walks into him. Unlike other games this time you need to do so in order to get the trophy. A rule of thumb for this trophy is that whenever you reach a new area is to immediately throw Max into the air. Since there are no timed areas you should have no need to rush through areas.
  1. Straight & Narrow
  2. Stinky's Diner
  3. Skun-ka'pe's Ship
  4. Mole Processing Center (Missable!)
  5. Penal Zone (Missable!)
  6. Subway
  7. Mysterious Passage
  8. Outside Bosco-Tech Labs
  9. Roof of Bosco-Tech Labs
  10. Inside Bosco-Tech Labs
  11. Meesta Pizza (Missable!)
  12. Pawn Shop (Missable!)
  13. Toy Store (Missable!)
  14. The sideway where you find Stinky's Cell Phone (Missable!)

Part of a Nutritious Breakfast
Used the Nutrition Specs to reveal a secret object.

This trophy can only be obtained after the end of the game. After finally sending General Skun-ka'pe to the Penal Zone and the credits roll a message will appear stating that you have unlocked a new area to explore in the city. If you had followed my directions above and created a second save file at the start of Act II then this torphy will take less than five minutes to get.
  1. After loading back into Act II head left to the DeSoto and travel to the new secret location Mysterious Alley. When you arrive make Max dive into the dumpster to find the Nutrispecs. With the new power in hand travel back to the Straight & Narrow and make your way to the Subway. Underground again, head to the left until you see a Lincoln Sculpture. Use the Nutrispecs on the statue and then manhandle it for the trophy.

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