Players: 1
Online Trophies: No
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to 100%: 3-6 hours
100% Difficulty: 4/10
Minimum Playthroughs: 1


[top]Tips & Strategies



Bad Cop/Sad Cop
Threaten and 'Noir' everyone you meet on the street in Act 1.

As it says, for each of the three characters in Act 1 use the "Threaten" and "Noir" dialog choices at least once. That's the Sign Spinner, Frankie the Rat, and the Tourist.

The Grand Tour
Explore the museum completely.

There is an Electronic guide device, it is near the info desk and on that device there are 1-12 buttons, press all the buttons in order and you will get your trophy.

Blimp's Eye View
Turn into the Hindenburg in the Egypt exhibit, the main hall, and Papierwaite's office.

You need use rhinoplastic ability from painting that u can transform to Hindenburg. See the rhinoplastic trophy for Hindenburg location.

Tweenage Angst
Have Sammunmak banish every possible object in Act 3.

To banish an object you need to approach the Corn-dog Pyramid in the Museum with Max as that object. The objects that he can be are a Storm Cloud, a Toaster, and a Credit Card.

Drop a Dime
Teleport to every phone in the museum.

For this trophy you need to obtain the brain from urn in the egyptian exhibit, then put the brain to max. Then you will have teleporter ability. Go to egyptian exhibit and use the phone. You get phone numbers for all phones in the museum.

Pound the Pavement
Tracked Max's brain-thieves to the Museum.

Complete Act 1

Foiled an evil alliance and recovered Max's brain.

Complete Act 2

All Hail Sammun-Mak
Infiltrated the boy-king's inner circle.

Complete Act 3

Turned into every possible object.

You must use rhinoplastic ability on these objects.

Act 2 Object List:
The Hindenburg (Hindenburg painting is right side of staircase)
A Dog Skull (skull poster is near Sal)
A Pyramid (pyramid poster is in egyptian exhibit)
A City (map is on the desk Papierwaite's office)

Act 3 Object List:
A Credit Card (it is next to Stinky's)
A Storm Cloud (newspapers in Gift Depot)
A Toaster (next to Frankie)

Reunited (And it Feels So Good)
Lobotomized the Pharaoh and got Max his brain.

Finish the entire episode.

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